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Super Mario: Remote Future, codenamed Remote Future, is an upcoming game under development by Ninkancho for the Display. It was initially announced during the Fantendo 9th Anniversary Showcase presentations. The title is confirmed to be a more experimental 2D Super Mario platformer. Super Mario: Remote Future will be set in a futuristic Mushroom Kingdom, rife with technology and items to be controlled via the right control pad and touchscreen.



  1. Mushroom Metropolis
  2. Rainy Ruins
  3. Grassland Gorge
  4. Amusement Area
  5. Yummy Yachts
  6. Igloo Icing
  7. Soda Summit
  8. Uranic Utopia



Super Mario: Remote Future is more like a collectathon than any previous Super Mario title. Mario and company can collect many different items, each serving different purposes.

  • Silver Coins are small coins that serve no real purpose. They are most often found in clusters.
  • Coins provide an extra life whenever 100 are collected, and can also be cashed in to buy clothing and more.
  • Star Coins are roughly analagous to the Yoshi series' Red Coins. They are slightly larger than typical coins, and each level has ten. Collecting them all will spawn a spare Power Star.
  • Power Stars are the game's most important collectible. Three can be found in each level on the way to the Goal Pole, and certain levels can be unlocked with a certain number of stars.
  • Sprouts are plucked out of the ground in and across certain levels to make different types of power-ups start appearing. For instance, the first level contains eight Mushroom Sprouts; plucking them all will make Super Mushrooms appear in certain Question and Brick Blocks like in other games.
  • Goal Poles end the level upon being grabbed. They are used as a metric in certain completion-based measurements and calculations.

There is also one special collectible type in each world, which can be used for specific purposes in its respective world and sometimes beyond.


Right-pad items

Certain items will be usable by moving and clicking DisplayRP.


Super Mario: Remote Future is the first main-series game to include equippable clothing. Players can change their characters' hat, shirt, gloves, and shoes for added stat and ability boosts. The game also introduces the concept of "chocolate" clothing, which looks tasty but doesn't do anything gameplay-wise.

Clothing can be bought from certain shops and Toad Houses. In addition, players can get new hats from defeated Bobarios, which occasionally appear in the place of regular Bob-ombs.

HatsNoneCapFire CapIce CapWing CapPropeller HelmetJet HatBuzzy Beetle ShellmetSpiny ShellmetChocolate Cap
ShirtsShirt and OverallsT-Shirt and OverallsT-ShirtChocolate Shirt and Overalls
GlovesNoneGlovesSpiked GlovesBoxing GlovesChocolate Gloves
ShoesSocksFlip-FlopsBootsSuper BootsUltra BootsSpring BootsCleatsAnti-Gravity SneakersChocolate Boots


Common enemies

Buzzy BeetleSpinyHammer Bro.
Piranha PlantShy GuyPokeyMonty Mole
Bullet BillChain ChompThwompWhomp
BooDry BonesPeepaWiggler



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