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Plunge in the Past logo
PLUNGE in Past NewBeterCover
Developer(s) Nintendo, Great Games, Inc.
Publisher(s) Sam Station Inc.™, Great Games, Inc.
Platform(s) SamStation, Nintendo 3DS, FES
Release Date(s)
*Japan: December 28, 2013
  • Europe and America: January 4, 2014
  • Oceania: January 21, 2014
1 player


Age Rating(s)
ERating3RatingA CERO cero50px ACB G svg converted
Genre(s) Party
Series Plunge in the Past
Successor Plunge in the Past 2 - Nintendo Edition
Plunge in the Past (also know as PitP, in Japan: 過去に急落) is a party Mario game, produced by Sam Station Inc.™ and Great Games, Inc., and developed by Nintendo. As the name of the game suggests, the game homages past games in the Mario series. PitP features demos of old games aswell for a story mode and a multitude of mini-games based on them. The game earned a sequel titled Plunge in the Past 2 - Nintendo Edition.

Plunge in the Past is Sam Station Inc.™'s best selling game with one millions copies sold.

Playable Characters

Character Select PITP

Default characters (screenshot by Yoshifraga97 (tbc)

  • Mario: the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, this time ready to save the entire world! Obviously not without the help of his friends.
  • Luigi: people call him a coward, but that couldn't be farther from the truth! Despite being always overshadowed by his older brother, he never hesitates to joing him in his crazy adventures.
  • Peach: the pretty princess of the Mushroom Kingdom this time is not going to be kidnapped, she must act fast and save her people from Bowser's latest evil plan.
  • Yoshi: he's a likeable, peaceful and cute little dinosaur living in a far off island, but when somebody needs his help, he's ready to jump to action.
  • Daisy: she's the tomboy and sporty princess of Sarasaland eager to join any adventure at the drop of an hat for her kingdom's sake.
  • Wario: he's Mario's greedy nemesis, but this time he's willing to bury the hatchet and join Mario and his gang, hoping to receive some coins as a reward.
  • Waluigi: he's Wario's sleazy stooge. He's mysterious, sometimes romantic, but he always a no good cheater. He'll do whatever he can do achieve victory.
  • Toad: he's Princess Peach's loyal guardian, ready to join his mission and protect (or at last trying) from perils the princess.
  • Donkey Kong*: the peaceful but accident prone ape that came way from his his jungle to join his humans friends. Donkey Kong is avaiable as a playable character in the fifth chapter.
  • Bowser*/**: the evil King Koopa, this time he cooked up a brilliant new plan to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom and the intire universe. Will his plan succeed? Bowser is avaiable as a playable character once the Story Mode is completed.
  • 'Mii**
* = unlockable
** = not playable in the story mode


  • Story Mode: Bowser created a time machine so he can travel back to 1985 and prevent the Mario brothers from saving Princess Peach for the first time and as a result become the king of the Mushroom Kingdom
  • Party Mode:Play with your friends!
  • Wi-Fi Connection: Play with your friends around the world!
  • Minigame Rush: Play all the minigames you want any time you want.
  • Records
  • Settings
  • Plunge in the Past: Play demos of classic Mario Games.
  • Mario Quiz: Put at the test your knowledge about Mario and his friends and challenge yourself against a friend or against a CPU.
  • Shop: With the coins earned playing Party, Quiz and Minigame mode you can buy demos, costumes for your Miis, new game modes and DLCs.

Story Mode

1-2 players Bowser, after his latest failed plan to kidnap Princess Peach, is planning with the help of Kamek's magic to conquer the intire Mushroom Kingdom with the creation of a reality-bending time traveling ray to send him back in 1985 and defeat the Mario Bros. the first time around. Luckily for our heroes, Princess Peach's loyal guardian Toad and Mario's faithfull dinosaur Yoshi menaged to sneak in Bowser Castle and discover King Koopa's evil scheme. Once Mario and his friends are informed about Bowser's plan they all rush to his lair. After a quick fight between our hero Mario and the evil king, our friends are accidentely sent back in time by Kamek's time traveling ray disrupting the original plan. 0ur heroes are stuck back in time and must find their way to the present, while Bowser sets for them a series of traps through time with help of his past selves.


Every chapter sees our heroes sent in a past Mario game. They must jump game to game and reach the original 1985 Super Mario Bros. to the defeat the past Bowser before the present Bowser is able to build enough energy and sent himself to the past with his Time Traveling ray so he can team-up with his past self. While on their journey, Mario and his friends must deal with a series of obstacles set by Bowser by sending his minions back in time. The player must complete every minigame to procede with the story. Every chapter is an open space world resembling the game it takes place in. For example the Chapter 1 takes place on Delfino Island while Chapter 4 takes place on a Mario Kart racetrack. In every chapter, the players move freely by different means: in chapter 1 player use F.L.U.D.Ds, in chapter 4 they use karts while in chapter 3 they must move around on a game board by throwing a dice; other chapters function as 3D and 2D platformers. Over the course of the journey, the players come across obstacles under the form of minigames that they must complete in order to proceed with the game. Each minigame won earn the player one or more stickers; in order to unlock the next chapter of the game the player must collect a fixed amount of stickers, the amount changes from chapter to chapter.

Story mode Chapters

  • Chapter 1: Super Mario Sunshine
  • Chapter 2: Luigi's Mansion
  • Chapter 3: Mario Party
  • Chapter 4: Mario Kart
  • Chapter 5: Super Mario 64
  • Chapter 6: Super Mario World
  • Chapter 7: Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Chapter 8: Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Chapter 9: Super Mario Bros. 1

Unlockable chapters

Unlocked once the story mode is completed

  • Chapter 10: Mario Bros.
  • Chapter 11: Donkey Kong

Bonus chapters

Available in Party Mode

  • Bonus Chapter 1: Yoshi Island
  • Bonus Chapter 2: Donkey Kong Country
  • Bonus Chapter 3: Super Mario Land
  • Bonus Chapter 4: Wario Woods

Downloadable Chapters

Downloadable in the game's Shop

  • DLC Chapter 1: Super Mario Galaxy
  • DLC Chapter 2: Super Smash Bros.

Boss battles

Every chapter features anywhere between 2 or 6 bosses. Unlike regular minigames, boss battles must be won in order to proceed with the game.

Party mode

1-4 players

Players are allowed to freely play the chapters unlocked in Story Mode and four Party-mode exclusive chapters.

Minigame Rush

Minigames List

Photo Name Description Prize Game
Race Againts the Koopa

Bowser has sent one of his minions back in time to stop you! Finish five laps on Donuts Plains 1 versus Koopa Troopa to win the game!

Super Mario Kart
Tanooki vs Goomba

Stomp 40 Goombas while using the Tanooki suit before the time runs out!

(Time Limit: 50 seconds)

Super Mario Bros 3
Dolphin Seafood Dinner

Riding a Yoshi you must eat as many [[Cheep Cheep]s jumping out of the water as you can! But watch out: dodge the dolphin trying to get their meal too!  (Time Limit: 45 seconds)

X2 Dolphin Stickers


Super Mario World
Retro Court Ball at the Crab TBA

X2 Crab Sticker


Mario Power Tennis / Mario Bros.
CookieLandIcon-MKDD Love for Cookies The player's characters are in GCN Cookieland in a Mario Kart Double dash kart. Each player must collect more cookies how they can. The winner is the player who has collected the major number of cookies at the end of the time (1 minute).

X2 Cookies Sticker


Mario Kart Double Dash / Yoshi's Cookie
LakitusavingMario S.O.S Lakitu

Each player's character inadvertently fall off the race track and into the water. You most take control of a Lakitu  retrieve your character with a fishing road before your friends. Be careful not catch the Urchins that will slow down your recovery and the current taking away your characer

(Time limit: 60 seconds)

X2 Lakitu the Recover Sticker


Super Mario Kart
180px-Paratroopa Paratroopa's Candies You have to jump for catch the candy suspended from the Paratroopas then you will need to give the candy to a Baby Yoshi that corresponds to each character. The player who within 1 minute give the highest number of candies to his/her Baby Yoshi, wins the minigame.

X2 Candy Sticker SpeedCandyFaitingu3

Yoshi's Cookies
MarioGoomba3DLand Shells and Goombas

You have three Shells, with that shells you must hit 30 Goombas in 60 seconds. If you hit a Buzzy Beetle, you will lose a Shell. If you lose all the three shells you lose the minigame. The Green Shells hit 1 Goomba, the red one hits 2 Goombas

X 2 Shells and Goombas Sticker


Super Mario 3D Land
Super-mario-bros-3-world-4 When giants attack You are in a little arena set in the fourth world of Super Mario Bros. 3. You have 10 lives and in 2 minutes, destroy all the 20 giants Koopa Troopas. But watch out: their shells are hard to dodge. X2 Giant Koopa Sticker KoopaTroopaSprite Super Mario Bros. 3
MK64 Battle Free-for-All Play a battle on Block Fort. The last player surviving wins!

X2 Shell Sticker


Mario Kart 64
ShoeGoomba Stomping to the Finish

Players must make their way through and obstacle course infested by Goombas sent back in time by Bowser while hopping around in a giant Goomba Shoe. At the end of the course, whoever stomped the most Goombas wins the game. 

(Time limit: 60 seconds)

X1 Goomba Shoe Sticker   Goomba's Shoe Mario

Super Mario Bros. 3

Penguin Race

made by Shy guy yellow (tbc)

Play with you character in Penguin Suit and race against your friend down Cool Cool mountain's slide..  

X2 Penguin Suit

Penguin Suit Sprite

Super Mario 64
Luigi Raceway Play a race on Luigi Raceway against your friends.
  • 1°: X3
  • 2°: X2
  • 3°: X1
  • 4° X0

Luigi Sticker

Mario Kart 64
FlyGuy Fly Guy's Flight Each character takes command of a Fly Guy and must make his way through the skies of Yoshi Island dodging various flying obstacles. Arrive at the goal first to win the minigame.

X2 Fly Guy Sticker


Yoshi's Isand
In the Deep Blue Wearing Frog Costumes you must make your way through an auto-scrolling version of level 3-5 dodging Big Berthas and Jelectros. The first player to reach the flagpole wins!

X1 Big Bertha Sticker

Super Mario Bros 3
468px-NSMBU 2-RunforItP2 Still001 Run for it!

made by Yoshifraga97 (tbc)

Run so fast as you can through the brick blocks by pressing the P-Switches rapidtly and go to the flagpole to win. Who's first, wins the minigame. If you forget to press the switches in time, you get unlucky so be concentrated! A Acorn Mushroom is handy to avoid enemies.

X2 P-Switch

P-Switch NSMB2

New Super Mario Bros. U
Lakitu Bombing

made by Yoshifraga97 (tbc)

The players stuck on a moving floating platform must avoid the Spiny Eggs thrown by Lakitu. To win, you must lose as few of your three lives as you can.

'('Time limit: 65 seconds)

X2 Spiny Egg


Super Mario Bros.
Coin run! Coin Run

made by Waddle Doink (tbc)

You are P-Wing Mario, and you need to get all the coins in the air, and avoid the Paragoombas.

X2 P-Wing Sticker


Super Mario Bros. 3
Space Race You're flying in space, you must go through the Launch Star. Each launch star give a different boost of speed, some are fast, some are slow. The player who arrives for first at the goal, wins the minigame

X2 Launch Star Sticker


Super Mario Galaxy/Super Mario Galaxy 2

List of earnable stickers

Normal stickers

  • Baby Daisy Sticker
  • Tanooki Goomba Sticker
  • Dolphin Sticker
  • Crab Sticker
  • Cookies Sticker
  • Lakitu the Recover Sticker
  • Candy Sticker
  • Goombas & Shells Sticker
  • Giant Koopa Sticker
  • Shell Sticker
  • Shoe Sticker
  • Penguin Sticker
  • Fly Guy Sticker
  • Luigi Circuit
  • Fly Guy Dodge Race
  • Blooper Sticker
  • Cheep-Cheep Sticker
  • Lakity Sticker
  • P Switch Sticker
  • Wart Sticker
  • P-Wing Sticker
  • TBA
  • Launch Star Sticker

More coming soon...

Big Stickers

  • Big Bob-omb Sticker
  • Wiggler Sticker
  • Boom Boom and Pom Pom Sticker
  • Bullet Bill Sticker
  • Dry Bones Sticker
  • Chain Chomp Sticker
  • Eyerock Sticker
  • Tox Box sticker

Mario Quiz

Quiz Mode


The Lucky Wheel


The Magic Party Table


Over the Top

The over the top game is a special downlable game for the quiz mode. After having download the game, that it coast  $2, the player can play only 15 games, after having played that number of games, for play again at the "Over the Top" mode, the player must spend other 2 dollars. The reason is that with this game you can earn a lot of coins to spend in the store. The player suppose to give right answers to 15 question total, each question had a value: 

Hard Questions

  • 15. 100000 Coins - Last win
  • 13. 80000 coins
  • 12. 50000 coins
  • 11. 20000 coins
  • 10. 10000 coins

Medium Questions

  • 10. 8000 coins - Check point
  • 9. 6000 coins
  • 8. 5000 coins
  • 7. 3500 coins
  • 6. 3000 coins

Simple questions

  • 5. 2500 coins
  • 4. 2000 coins - Check point
  • 3. 1500 coins
  • 2. 1000 coins
  • 1. 500 coins 

Each time the player respond right on one check point answer, he will win the coins that the question value. In that time, the player can decide if stop of continue the game: if he will stop he will win the money that he earn, if he want to continue, he will lose the coins that he earn for try to win the highest checkpoint. If the player give three wrong answers first before having passed a check point, he will not win nothing. If the player give three wrong answer after having passed a check point, he will win the prize of the last check point that he passed.

The player has three helps:

Boo Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Block Spring Mushroom SMG


He will cancel two wrong answer from four possibilities to answer a question.

? Block

The game will give a hint to the player about the question.

Spring Mushroom

It make skip to the player a question.


Once earned, awards are shown as posers on the game's menus.

Photo Name Description How to earn it
Mario vs Bowser PITP Mario VS Bowser Oh no! Bowser is at it again and this time he's not fooling around. Start a new Story Mode
The Future is Saved PITP The Future is Saved Bowser has been defeated, the past and future is now safe! Finish the story mode
1 sticker Award A Good Start Congratulations! You earned your first steaker. Keep on collecting. Collect one sticker
25 Stickers Award Sticker Collector Congratulations! You're on the right path to become a real minigame expert. Keep on collecting. Collect 100 stickers
50 stickers award Sticker Fanatic You have won a lot of minigames! But some stickers are still lurking and are really hard to find. Keep on collecting! Collect 300 Stickers
PaperMariooo Sticker Expert Congratulation! You won every minigame in the story mode! You can check out your stickers on your albun. Collect all 500 Stickers
Play with Friends Sticker Fun with Friends Bowser can wait! It's time to call up all of your friends and have fun! Play one game on the Party Mode
MarioGang! All Together Now! Keep on playing! You're never bored when you're with friends! Play 25 games on the Party Mode
MP PITP The Real Party Begins Play 50 games on the Party Mode
MPGold PITP Togheter is Better Play 100 games on the Party Mode
To the Airport Play one Online game.
Let's Take off Play 25 Online Game
MarioKartDS around the world Trip Around the World

Now, the trip is really starts. You play online really often, but this is enough?

Play 50 Online games
Trip around the world in 80 days You never skip a day for playing with your friends around the world. Play 100 Online Games
Elementary School

Congratulations, but is not enough, you still not know everting about Mario, but go ahead.

Play 1 game in the Quiz Mode
Mario Genius You really know much about Mario. It missing just a step for being a expert... Play 25 games on the Quiz Mode
Mario Expert Congratulations! You're know really much about Mario. But there are a few of questions that are "impossible" for you. For being a encyclopedia, you must know a little bit more... Play 50 games on the Quiz Mode
Mario Encyclopedia You are imbeatable: no questions have secrets for you... Play 100 games on the Quiz Mode


  • Volume Settings
  • CPU difficult
  • Screen settings



  • Mario Bros.- 100 coins
  • Donkey Kong. - 100 coins
  • Dr. Mario - price: 100 coins
  • Mario Golf (Koopa's Park, Luigi's Garden)- price: 500 coins
  • Mario Tennis 64 (Mushroom Cup)- price: 500 coins
  • Mario Party (Yoshi's Tropical Island, Mario's Rainbow Castle)- price: 1000 coins
  • Mario Party 2 (Western Land, Bowser Land) - price: 1000 coins
  • Mario Party 3 (Chilly Waters, Deep Blooper Sea) - price: 1000
  • Super Mario Kart (Mushroom Cup) - price: 2000 coins
  • Mario Kart 64 (Mushroom Cup) - price: 2000 coins
  • Super Mario Land (World 1)- price: 3000
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 (World 1, World 2) - price: 3000 coins
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 (World 4, World 8) - price: 3000 coins
  • Super Mario Sunshine (Down with Pete Piranha, Gooper Blooper breaks out) - price 4000 coins
  • Super Mario 64 (Bob-omb Battlefield, Whomp Fortess, Tick Tock, Rainbow Ride)- price: 4000 coins


  • Super Smash Bros demo (Peach's Castle, Kongo Jungle) - (5$)
  • Super Mario Galaxy demo (Good Egg Galaxy) - (5$)
  • Super Mario Bros. World (full game) - (10$)
  • Super Mario Bros. (full game) - (10$)
  • DLC Capter 1: Super Mario Galaxy - downlable in june 9 2013 (free)
  • DLC Chapter 2: Super Smash Bros. - downlable in july 4 2013 (free)
  • Quiz Mode: Over the Top mode ($2)


Characters costumes

Mii Costumes


See the main article: Plunge in the Past/Gallery

Name in other Languages

Language Name Meaning


Plunge in the Past
French Plongée dans Passé Plunge in the Past
German Tauchen in der Vergangenheit Plunge in the Past
Italian Tuffo nel Passato Plunge in the Past
Spanish Sumergir en Passado Dive in the Past
Portuguese Mergulhar no passado Plunge in the Past

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