Super Mario: Fallen Planet
Developer(s) Nintendo

RenarioExtreme Inc.

Platform(s) Wii u
Release Date(s)
JP: December 17, 2013

NA: April 22, 2014

Age Rating(s)
Pegi 7
Genre(s) Action-Platform
Series Mario
Predecessor New Super Mario Bros u

Super Mario Galaxy 2 (chronologically)

Successor None
Mario: Fallen Planet is a 3D platformer game created by Nintendo and RenarioExtreme Inc. since the company was inactive until June 2014. This game will be only available on the Wii u.


"In his latest plot to defeat Mario and conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach once again and takes her to a mysterious place called the Fallen Belt, where he has revived a group a native villains called the Sins of Disaster. With the help of the Zeven, Bowser successfully defeats Mario, only to have the Zeven rebel against him and threaten to implode the Mushroom Universe. Now it's up to Mario and Bowser to work together in order to defeat the Zeven for the sake of the planet. Will they ever succeed before the Zeven could end their lives forever?"


While in pursuit of Bowser and Bowser Jr. who has kidnapped Princess Peach once again, Mario and Luigi arrive in an unknown planet called the Fallen Belt. There, the Bros learn that Bowser has revived the Fallen Belt's native villains, a group of seven fallen angels called the Sins of Disaster for his plans to defeat Mario, marry Princess Peach, and take over the Mushroom Kingdom. With the help of the Seven, Bowser successfully defeats Mario and prepares the marriage between him and Peach. However, things get worse when the Zeven rebel against Bowser, no longer needing him, threatening to implode the Mushroom Universe. Right after rebelling their new master, the Zeven kidnap all of Mario's and Bowser's friends and allies, brainwashed them and prepare to implode the whole world. As a result, Mario and Bowser are forced to make an alliance to stop the Zeven for the sake of the Mushroom World.

Right after the defeat of the Sins of Disaster, Bowser's castle (which was still taken over by the Seven) collapses into pieces. Bowser then tells Mario that someday he will successfully capture Princess Peach, and then leaves with the Koopa Troop. Mario and his friends then decide to go back to the Mushroom Kingdom. However, both Mario and Bowser learn that the Sins of Disaster are still alive, so they need to stop them for good and destroy the Fallen Belt before they could implode the Mushroom World again.


The gameplay is similar to Super Mario Galaxy, except it lacks some power ups from Super Mario Galaxy. New forms include Bat Mario, Dragon Mario and Phoenix Mario. Since Bowser is a playable character in this game, the power ups he uses are similar to Mario's, except the Phoenix power-up. Instead, he has the Nega power-up, which is used to burry holes.



Mario - The Mushroom Kingdom's best known plumber and hero. He always save Princess Peach from the hands of Bowser, sometimes with the help of Luigi, his younger twin brother. In this game, Mario and Luigi team up with Bowser to fight the game's bigger threats, a group of seven fallen angels called the Sins of Disaster, who were supposed to help Bowser for his goals, but soon betrayed him after they defeat Mario, and threaten to implode the Mushroom Universe.

Luigi - Mario's cowardly younger brother, who often helps his brother defeat Bowser. Like some Mario & Luigi RPG games, he teams up with Bowser to stop the Sins of Disaster before it's too late.

Yoshi - Mario and Luigi's most faithful sidekick, who assists Mario and Luigi chase Bowser in the opening. Although he didn't want to help Bowser at first, but then decides to help after he learns that the Sins of Disaster are one of the most dangerous threats to the Mushroom Universe.

Bowser - The main villain in the Mario series, who actually plays a protagonistic role throughout the whole game. He kidnaps Princess Peach once again, and revives the Sins of Disaster for his plans to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, only to have his plans thwarted when the Seven rebel, thus forcing him to team up with Mario to defeat them for the sake of both Kingdoms.


Princess Peach -  Peach helps Bowser and the Mario Bros. to stop the Sins of Disaster before they could implode the Mushroom World. She is often worried about her kingdom, feared that her most faithful friends would die.

Toads - Princess Peach's servants who usually help Mario to protect the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser, but Mario has to fight them because of the game's biggest threats, the Sins of Disaster.

Bowser Jr. - Bowser's son, who usually help him to kidnap Peach and fight Mario, but in this game, he helps both Mario and Bowser to stop the Sins of Disaster from imploding the Mushroom World.

Koopalings - Bowser's minions, who help Bowser revive the Sins of Disaster to defeat Mario, only to have them turn against Bowser and them when they no longer need them and threaten to implode the Mushroom Universe. Because of this, the Koopalings, like Bowser and Bowser Jr, are forced to work together with Mario to defeat the Seven for good.


The Sins of Disaster (NEW, called the Disastrous Seven in Japan and Europe) - A group of seven fallen angels native to the Fallen Belt who serve as the main antagonists of the game. They were once banished by their original master because of their rebellion and greed. Bowser plans to use them to defeat Mario and take over the Mushroom Kingdom, but they betray him after they help Bowser defeat Mario and threaten to implode both the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser's Kingdom and kill Mario and Bowser. They were put into the game when RenarioExtreme INC. thought to make seven original characters that would appear in the game.

Kamek - Bowser's most faithful servant and babysitter, who has been brainwashed by the Sins of Disaster to implode Bowser's Kingdom, and to kill Bowser as well.

The Koopa Troop - Bowser's army, like Kamek and the Koopalings, have their minds taken over by the Sins of Disaster to kill Bowser.


World Description Mid-Boss Boss
World 1: Brizy Beach An abandoned beach where Mario and Luigi end up after being blown up by Kamek. Boom Boom Blue Sea Serpent Demon
World 2: Wild Desert A cowboy themed desert full of cactuses and Yoshis.  Giant Pokey Fat Yellow Demon
World 3: Icy Masquerade Castle An icy world with a huge ice castle, containing a party in it. Giant Cooligan Indigo Imp Demon
World 4: Sunset Shima A Japanese-themed world filled with sparkling seas and the golden setting sun. Petey Piranha Purple Elderly Demon
World 5: DK's Jungle DK's home of Kongs, with many hordes of bananas in their trees. Giant Wiggler Orange Angry Demon
World 6: Abandoned Mansion A haunted abandoned mansion that was burned down about 150 years ago. King Boo Green Bat Demon
World 7: High-Tech City A high-tech, technological city that takes place in the future, with space cars flying around. Robotic Bowser Red Burly Demon
World 8: Bowser's Volcano Bowser's Kingdom, where Mario has to visit in order to save Princess Peach. Kamek Ultimate Fallen Demon
World 9: Fallen Belt The place where the Sins of Disaster was banished to after their rebellion. This is the most dangerous place in the Mushroom Universe. Sins of Disaster Ultimate Fallen Demon

Promotional episode

A special episode, where it focuses on the game, is released in October 24, 2013, to promote the game. The plot begins with Bowser and Bowser Jr, who has held Princess Peach captive, ride on their Koopa Clown Cars with Mario, Luigi and Yoshi chasing them to the Fallen Belt. While Kamek blinds Mario and his friends, Bowser revives the Sins of Disaster, only to be betrayed by them when they attack him.


  • This is the first main series game where:
  • Bowser is not the main antagonist or a minor villain.
  • The Koopalings are allies with Mario.
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