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Super Mario: Exploring New Lands (スーパーマリオ:新しい土地へのクエスト, Super Mario: The Quest to New Lands in Japan) is the new installment to the Super Mario series and is a platforming and adventure game for the Wii U made by Master Productions Incorporated. The game focuses on Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, and Princess Daisy traveling to many different planets to stop Bowser and Tatanga's army from talking over the Mushroom Galaxy.

Super Mario: Exploring New Lands features Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy as the four playable characters and Nintendo Network is available. The game will be released on February 2013 worldwide and is Rated E.




Playable Characters

Image Name Description
Mario SM3DW.png Mario Mario, the hero of Mushroom World is now going on his new adventure to save the Mushroom Galaxy! Mario just has all the basic moves.
LuigiMarioPartyDS.png Luigi Luigi, Mario's brother/sidekick joins him again on his new adventure! Luigi runs faster and jumps higher than Mario, but Luigi is a bit hard to control.
MKXL Peach.png Princess Peach Princess Peach, the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and girlfriend of Mario joins him on his latest adventure! Peach is a good swimmer and can float above air for more than 5 seconds. Peach can also user her umbrella Perry to attack enemies.
Daisy1.png Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy, the Princess of Sarasaland and Luigi's girlfriend joins Mario on his new quest! Daisy has floating abilities like Peach, but can float more than Peach can and Daisy can also run fast that she can skip on water for about 7 seconds. She can also throw fireballs at anytime with or without Fire Flower.

250px-YoshiMP8a.png Yoshi Yoshi may not be a fully playable character, but he is rideable. Yoshi is accesed after hitting a ? Block and if a Yoshi Egg appears then Yoshi comes out and can be be ridden on. Yoshi can do many abilities such as his flutterjump and his tongue and can grab enemies, hammers, and fruit and eat them. Whenever Yoshi eats 8 fruit then he lays an egg which is a random power-up. When Yoshi gets hit he jumps out of the player and runs around the area. There are other Yoshis as well who have their own abilities.


Image Name Ability Egg

120px-Red YoshiSMWWii.png

Red Yoshi The Red Yoshi can perform higher flutter jumps than any other Yoshi. Red Yoshi is gained after a Red Yoshi Egg is received. Red Yoshi Egg.png
Blue YoshiSMWWii.png Blue Yoshi The Blue Yoshi can use it's wings to fly across the level or to great heights. Blue Yoshi can be gained when a Blue Yoshi Egg is received, but when the Egg is released of the Question Block then it will fly around the area and when a character breaks the egg then the Blue Yoshi is gained. Blue Yoshi Egg.png
120px-Orange YoshiSMWWii.png Orange Yoshi The Orange Yoshi has a longer tongue than any other Yoshi. The Orange Yoshi can be gained when a Orange Yoshi Egg is received. Orange Yoshi Egg NSMBDIY.png
Pink YoshiSMWWii.png Pink Yoshi The Pink Yoshi can go across water for 5 seconds and can double jump. The Pink Yoshi can be gained when a Pink Yoshi Egg is received. Birdo Egg NSMBDIY.png
120px-Purple YoshiSMWWii.png Purple Yoshi The Purple Yoshi has the strongest ground pound and can defeat enemies in just one ground pound. Purple Yoshi can be gained when a Purple Yoshi Egg is received. Purple Yoshi Egg.png
120px-Black YoshiSMWWii.png Black Yoshi The Black Yoshi can detect when a hidden easter egg or a secret is near and can eat 3 berries instead of 5 to gain an item. Black Yoshi is gained when a Black Yoshi Egg is received. Black Yoshi EggSMWWii.png
Image to come Brown Yoshi The Brown Yoshi is the fastest out of any Yoshi and is very useless in challenges. Brown Yoshi is gained when the Brown Yoshi Egg is received. Brown Birdo Egg NSMBDIY.png


Image Name Description
Baby Yoshi.png Baby Yoshi Baby Yoshi are Yoshis in their baby form and they are received after hitting a Question Block and if a Yoshi Egg comes out it's either a Yoshi or a Baby Yoshi. When a Baby Yoshi appears, players can grab the Baby Yoshis and use them to float around gaps or to shoot bubbles to defeat enemies.
MKXL Toad.png Toad Toad, Princess Peach's loyal servant and from the species of the same name. What Toad does is sell Mushrooms and Flowers.
ToadbertSME.png Toadbert Toadbert, is the smartest Toad in Toad Town and what he does is give out some advice and tips or any information about the planets.
MKXL Toadsworth.png Toadsworth Toadsworth, is an old Toad and is the guardian to Peach. Toadsworth can give out some gameplay guides or can make the player, play a mini game to get alot of coins or an item.
ToadBrigade.png Toad Brigade The Toad Brigade is a Brigade of Toads who like to go exploring. What the Toad Brigade do are mail or keep coins in a bank.
Lubba.png Lubba Lubba, is a large Purple Luma and Lubba gives information on an upcoming planet or any information that's going on in the Spaceship.
GenoSMWWii.png Geno Geno or by his real name ♥♪!?, Mario's puppet ally and Star being from Star Road. Geno can be found in one of the planets named Linayro. What Geno does is if the player dies 5 times or more then Geno can pass the level for the player.
MallowByJoeAdok.PNG Mallow Mallow, the cloud prince of Nimbus Land and friend of Mario and best friend of Geno. Mallow can give hints to players if they are stuck in a part of the game.
Goombario NSMBDIY.png Goombario Goombario, a fellow Goomba and Mario's friend and biggest fan. Goombario can be seen at random planets with Goombella. Goombario can be basically seen traveling through the planets trying to help out Mario and friends.
GoombellaNew.png Goombella Goombella, another good Goomba friend of Mario. Goombella is mostly can be seen with Goombario and like Goombario, Goombella also helps out Mario and friends.
DKandDiddy DKCR.png Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong The two heroic Kong duo, helps out Mario and friends. Donkey Kong and Diddy can be seen in Pinedora and other planets with Grass. Donkey and Diddy can offer the player some sidequests to earn some coins.
HoneyQueenMKH.png Honey Queen Honey Queen is the Queen and commander of all Bees and she is located at the Honeyhive Planet. Honey Queen can give the player some tips on the Bee Mushroom and can let the player do some sidequests for coins.
Bunty.png Bunty Bunty are the subjects of Princess Daisy and they help out Mario and friends by giving them hidden tricks and giving them coins whenever they complete a mini-game which is gathering all the Bunties and much more. One of the Bunties holds a shop.
Rosalinawavewand.png Rosalina Rosalina is the princess of the stars and raiser of the Lumas. Rosalina is a large help to Mario and friends as she supports them and gives them a sneak peek on their next world and some tips on how to navigate it.


See this.


These are all the planets in the game. All of these planets are unlocked when one is beaten (except for the first planet which is already unlocked). There are 28 planets in the game and each planet is large and has it's own terrain. All of the planets can be accesed with Spaceship Mario.


Pinedora is the first planet in the game and the simplest. The planet is luscious and green which is full of life and planet has many rives/lakes. Pinedora may look beautiful, but in the other side is a dark and polluted location where enemies and unknown creatures roam free, the forests are grimmer, and the rivers/lakes have oil in them. Factories are seen in the planet due to Bowser and Tatanga.


Mountaria is the second planet in the game which is a Mountain themed planet and a small bit of a snow theme. The planet has large and small mountains which are inhabited by many wild life. There is a dangerous part of Mountaria where evil lurks and ruined or dirty plant life is there. A recent attack has isolated the planet and several areas are destroyed and Bowser and Tatanga has claimed the planet as their and Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy have to defeat the evil and restore the planet at it was before.


Waterway is the third planet in the game which is a Ocean themed planet with many plants and other sea life. Waterwat is a large planet that's filled with mostly water, but islands are featured and people have resident on the islands. The waters of Waterway are shallow or deep and many animals resident on the waters and dangerous creatures sneak around the waters looking for prey. Storms occur in the waters of Waterway and require a boat to survive them. Bowser and Tatange have attacked the planet leaving their army to invade and leaving one of the most beautiful planets ever seen into a polluted sea where danger occurs everywhere.


Valleyrude is the fourth planet in the game and is a Valley themed planet with many dangerous obstacles, mountains, sand, and plant life. Valleyrude contains many grass and sand which can be found all over the planet and villages can be seen across the lands and some are willing to help out on the adventure. Dangerous obstacles are in the planet such as landslides, sandstorms, dangerous animals (who are mostly seen at night), and storms. Valleyrude is considered to be a harsh planet due to it's weather and what lurks around the parts. A recent attack by Bowser and Tatanga left Valleyrude to become a polluted and smoggy world.


Desruto is the fifth planet in the game and is a very large one and is also a Desert themed planet with lots of sand and plants and Cactuses. Desruto contains many sand and sand dunes can be seen, danger occurs such as sandstorms, Sand Twisters, and enemies and even some rise below the sand to sneak attack. Small civilizations are found in the game, but some are willing to help while some are willing to attack and assist can be found as well. A recent attack by Bowser and Tatanga turned a once planet filled with many civilizations into a humid planet with rare signs of civilization and ruined civilizations buried beneath the sand to be never found again.


Jungtopera is the sixth planet in the game and is a Jungle themed planet with many animals and plant life. Jungtopera has a beautiful design with many animals and trees. Jungtopera isn't always a nice place as danger occurs such as lightning storms and flash floods. New enemies can be spotted at Jungtopera and the new power-up which is the Monkey Suit is also first introduced. A recent attack by Bowser and Tatanga turned once a beautiful and fresh planet into a wasteland with less vegetation and rabid animals.


Icefrozia is the seventh planet in the game and is a Snow themed planet. Icefrozia contains may snow and creatures who reside on the surface, underwater, or underground. The planet isn't what it looks like as snowstorms occur and giant dangerous creatures can be seen roaming/swimming through the surface or underwater. Icefrozia wasn't always a frozen planet as 5000 years ago, Icefrozia used to be a desert which much resembles Desruto, but a climate change happened and the planet turned into an icy location and all the animals had to evolve in order to adapt to the new land. Not much has happened when Bowser and Tatange attacked, but there are a lot of enemies and fortresses that can be seen.







Image Name Description Item
SmallMario3DLand.png Small Mario Mario's (and the other three character's) default form. Small Mario can't break blocks and can't jump high enough. N/A
MarioNSMB2.png Super Mario Mario's (and the other three character's) larger form. When Super the characters can break blocks and can jump higher. SuperMushroom.png
FireMarioSMG.png Fire Mario Mario's (and the other character's) Fire form. The Fire Flower gives the character the power to shoot fireballs that can kill enemies. The ability is lost when gotten hit by an enemy. FireFlowerSM3DL.png
TanookiMario3D.png Tanooki Mario Mario's (and the other character's) other form which is the Tanooki Suit. The Tanooki Suit makes the characters glide or they can swipe their tails to swipe blocks and enemies. Tanooki Suit.png
BoomerangMarioSM3DL.png Boomerang Mario Mario's (and the other characters's) other form which is the Boomerang Suit. The Boomerang Suit makes the character throw Boomerangs that can kill enemies. Another on getting the Boomerang Flower is by killing a group of Boomerang Bros.. Boomerangflower.png
RaccoonMarioSMWWii.png Raccoon Mario Mario's (and the other character's) other form which is the Super Leaf that can make players have a Raccoon tail and ears. The Raccoon tail can let players fly just like the Tanooki suit. SuperLeaf3D.png
397px-Cape MarioSMWWii.png Cape Mario Mario's (and the other character's) other form which is the Cape Feather which can make the player have a cape making him/her fly. Cape FeatherSMWWii.png
Penguin Mario.png Penguin Mario Mario's (and the other character's) other form which is the Penguin Suit. The Penguin Suit can make players slide across ice and shoot ice balls. Penguin suit.png
Ice Mario Proto.png Ice Mario Mario's (and the other character's) other form which is the Ice Flower. The Ice Flower makes the player shoot ice balls at enemies so they can be trapped in an ice block. Enemies can be killed with this if the player throws or breaks the ice block.


Hammer Mario.png Hammer Mario Mario's (and the other characters's) other form which is the Hammer Suit. The Hammer Suit can make players throw hammers to kill enemies. The Hammer Suit can also be gained when killing a group of Hammer Bros.. Hammer Suit NSMBW2BB.png
FrogMario.png Frog Mario Mario's (and the other characters's) other form which is the Frog Suit. The Frog Suit can make players into a frog allowing him/her to swim faster. FrogSuitSME.png
BeeMarioSMG3.png Bee Mario Mario's (and the other character's) other form which is the Bee Suit which can be accessed with the Bee Mushroom. The Bee Mushroom can make the player into a Bee making him/her fly for a limited amount of time and stick to honey walls. BeeMush.png
Springmario.jpg Spring Mario Mario's (and the other character's) other form which is the Spring Mushroom. The Spring Mushroom can make the player have a spring on their character allowing him/her to jump and high lengths. SpringMush.png
BomberMario.png Bomb Mario Mario's (and the other character's) other form which is the Bomb Suit. The Bomb Suit can be used after using a Bomb Suit and what it does is that it can make the player throw bombs at enemies. The bombs take 4–5 seconds to explode so enemies have to go near the bomb to die. The Bomb Suit can also be accessed after defeating a large group of Bob-ombs. Bomb Suit.png
FrozenMario.png Frozen Mario Mario (and the other character's) other form which is the Frozen Mushroom. The Frozen Mushroom can make the character into ice and making him/her slide through water making it ice which can be very useful at times. FrozenMushroom.png
Cloud MarioSMWWii.png Cloud Mario Mario (and the other character's) other form which is the Cloud Flower which makes Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Daisy to have 6 clouds next to them so whenever they use a cloud the cloud number decreases. The Cloud Flower is very useful when it comes to going up to large heights and the Cloud Flower can be lost whenever touching water. CloudFlower.png
RockMario.png Rock Mario Mario (and the other character's) other form which is the Rock Mushroom that can have the player have a rock while they are in them and can roll. The rolling ability is useful when defeating large group of enemies and solving puzzles. RockMushroomSME.png
BooMario.png Boo Mario Mario (and the other character's) other form which is the Boo Mushroom. When the Boo Mushroom is used then the character turns into a Boo and can pass through walls. The character can go back to normal when they pass a lighted space. BooMush.png
ShellMario.png Shell Mario Mario (and the other character's) other form which is the Blue Shell. When the Blue Shell is used then the character gains a Blue Shell and pass by and kill enemies. BlueShell.png
BlooperMario.png Blooper Mario Mario (and the other character's) other form which is the Blooper Suit. The Blooper Suit can be accessed by gaining it or by killing a large group of Bloopers. The Blooper Suit can make the player swim faster (like the Frog Suit) and squirt Ink at enemies. BlooperSuit.png
Light Mario Mario (and the other character's) other form which is the Light Mushroom. When accessed the character will gain a helmet with a light bulb on it. The Light bulb is used whenever going through dark places and the Light Mushroom can kill Boos. Lightmushroom.png
ThunderMario.png Thunder Mario Mario (and the other character's) other form which is the Thunder Flower. When accessed the Thunder Flower can give the character the ability to throw Thunder balls to kill enemies. The Thunder Flower can also be gained after beating a group of Thunder Bros.

Monkey Mario

Mario (and the other character's) other form which is the Banana Flower. When used the Banana Flower gives the character a Monkey suit which makes them jump at great heights and swing faster on vines to gain better momentum.
Banana Flower.png
WiiU NewMarioU 3 char02 E3.png Flying Squirrel Mario Mario (and the other character's) other form which is the Acorn Mushroom which has the character wearing a Flying Squirrel outfit and it's very helpful when reaching to high areas. Acorn Shroom.png
White tanooki mario by yoshigo99-d4ijq4s.png White Tanooki Suit The White Tanooki Suit is a power-up that is only obtained when a character dies 5 times. The White Tanooki Suit is obtained after hitting an Assist Block. SM3DL Goldenleaf.png

Yoshi Power-ups

Image Name Description Item
MarioDigYoshi.png Dig Yoshi The Dig Peanut is a power-up that can have Yoshi dig underground. The Dig Peanut is very useful whenever digging to other parts of the level. DigPeanut.png
BlimpYoshi.png Blimp Yoshi The Blimp Fruit is a power-up Yoshi can use and when used the Blimp Fruit inflates Yoshi making him float at high lengths. The Blimp Fruit is helpful when going to tall heights and Yoshi stops being his Blimp form when he runs out of air to breath while flying which turns him back to normal. BlimpBerry.png
DashYoshi.png Dash Yoshi The Dash Pepper is a power-up Yoshi uses and when used it will have Yoshi running at a fast speed which makes running through hard obstacles easier. DashPepper.png
Light Yoshi.jpg Bulb Yoshi The Bulb Berry is a power-up Yoshi can use and when used Yoshi lights up which is very helpful during dark levels.


Other Items and Objects

Image Name Description
Question Block 3D.png Question Block The Question Block is an item that is seen in many locations and is seen floating in the air. When hit the Question Block receives the player an item or a Yoshi Egg.
Flying Question Block.png Flying Question Block The Flying Question Block is just a Question Block, but it just seen flying across the area. There are two ways to hit the Flying Question Block, one is to hit the block like what a normal Question Block is hit like, two is getting on top of the block and then ground pounding.
Checkpoint Flag SM3DL.png Midway Flag The Midway Flag is the checkpoint in the game. When a character reaches to the flag it will have his/her symbols on the flag, and the flag is originally Bowser's head. When all four characters die they go back to the Midway Flag as their checkpoint. Mario's symbol is the letter M, Luigi's symbol is the letter L, Peach's symbol is her crown, and Daisy's symbol is a daisy.
Coin.png Coin Coins are items that are found in every level in the game. When a coin is collected it will be stored and when 100 are collected the player gains one life. These coins are also stored in the inventory section and helpful items can be bought with the coins.
Questioncoin.jpg Question Coin When the Question Coin is touched then a line of coins appear.
RedRing.png Red Coin Ring Red Coin Rings are rings that are found in some levels. When passed through, Red Coins appear.
Red Coin SM3D.png Red Coin Red Coins are Coins that are collected after going through a Red Coin Ring. Whenever 8 Red Coins are collected then a 1-up or any other item is recieved as a prize.
3D 1-Up Mushroom Artwork.png 1-Up Mushroom 1-Up Mushrooms are rare items that can be received by hitting a Question Block. When a character receives the 1-Up Mushroom they gain another life.
Orange Propeller block SM3DL.png Propeller Block The Propeller Block is a Block with a propeller on it and can be received after hitting a Question Box which turns into the Propeller Block. Characters grab onto the Block and fly around high areas which is a big help sometimes.
Warp Pipe 3D Land.png Warp Pipe Warp Pipes are Pipes that are seen in many different levels. Warp Pipes take characters from one place to another, these are the most helpful use of transportation.
Brick Block SMB3DS.png Brick Block Brick Block is just a regular Block, but with Bricks. The Brick Block just breaks whenever a character breaks it.
Yellow Platform SM3DL.png Elevator Elevator are objects that move side to side or up and down. These elevators can be seen in many levels and are helpful ways on getting to high heights.
YoshiEggNSMBW.png Yoshi Egg Yoshi Eggs are Eggs that have a Yoshi or a Baby Yoshi in it. The Yoshi Egg can be received when the player hits a Question Block and when a Yoshi Egg comes out it breaks on it's own and then a Yoshi or a Baby Yoshi appear.
Used Block 3DL.png Used Block The Used Block is simply just a Question Block that has been used. Nothing happens when hitting a Used Block.
MysteryBox SM3DL.png Mystery Box Mystery Boxes are boxes that can be found in many levels. When a character goes inside the Mystery Box they transport to another Mystery Box and are dropped off. The Mystery Box is a lot like the Warp Pipe.
SM3DL Goldenleaf.png Assist Block The Assist Block is a Block that will appear at the start of a level or at a checkpoint, the Assist Block is received whenever the player dies 5 times. When the Assist Block is hit then the White Tanooki Suit will appear and will make the character invincible until the player passes the entire level.
Baddie Box SM3DL.png Baddie Box Baddie Box can be seen in some levels and when they open up, then an enemy appears. The only way to defeat the Baddie Box is when a Star or the White Tanooki Suit is obtained.
Music Block SMB3DS.png ♪ Block Music Box can be seen in many levels throughout the game and when a character jumps on them two times then they get a large third jump which takes them to much higher heights to progress or it takes them to a mini-game up in the clouds.
P-Switch NSMB2.png P-Switch P-Switch is a switch that can be found in many levels and when activated, the P-Switch created all the Brick Blocks around Mario into coins for 14 seconds.
Roulette Block SM3DL.png Roulette Block The Roulette Block is a Block that when hit a random power-up appears.
Mario1.jpg Spring Spring can be seen throughout many levels and are mostly seen near high parts of the level. The Spring is very helpful as when jumped on, the Spring brings the character to high heights. The Spring can also be carried around and can be thrown at enemies which can defeat them.
Donut Lift 3D.png Donut Lift The Donut Lift is a platform that goes down when touched, but goes back up again a few seconds later.
Signpost.png Signpost The Signpost is seen in many levels and gives out information about the area.
Cannon.png Canon When a character is shot out of a Canon he/she will land in a new region around the area.
Gold Ring.png Gold Ring A Gold Ring is a Ring that is seen in several levels. When passed the Gold Ring will hand out many coins.
Binoculars SM3DL.png Binoculars The Binoculars is an item and when a character steps on the green panel, he/she can see other regions from a long distance.
Snake Panels SM3DL.png Snake Block When a green platform is stepped the Snake Block appears and makes a pathway to a far or near distance. A few seconds later the Snake Block goes back to the green platform.
Rectangleblock.png Coin Block When hit the coin block will give the character an amount of coins.
POW.PNG POW Block When recieved the POW Block can defeat all enemies in the nearest area when the POW Block is hit 3 times.
Beanstalk NSMB2.png Beanstalk Beanstalks can be found in several levels and are found after hitting certain ? Boxes. When the Beanstalk is summon, it will grow from the ? Box and when climbed characters can go up to the clouds for a shortcut or play a mini-game for coins or a 1-up.


Mini Bosses

Name Description Weak Points Hits Found in...
Goomba Hoard The Goombas Hoard is a large hoard of Goombas who are fought in the Pinedora Caves. The Goomba Hoard will run fast in a group together towards Mario and friends and to defeat the hoard and progress on their adventure they have to jump on top of all of the Goombas. When the Goomba Hoard is defeated then the adventure can progress through Pinedora. Jumping on top of the Goombas. 25 Pinedora.
Reznor Quartet The Reznor Quartet is a Quartet of Reznors who are fought at the Abandoned Factory in Mountaria. The Reznor Quartet will perform many attacks such as breathing fire and jumping up and down which causes pieces of the factory to crumble. The Reznor Quartet stand on blocks and whenever they come off of the blocks and run to Mario and friends, jump and then jump on top of a Reznor 4 times and then ground pound. After doing this method 4 times you then defeat the Quartet and continue on the adventure. Jumping on top of a Reznor and then ground pound. 4 Mountaria
Giant Blooper Nanny The Giant Blooper Nanny is a larger version of the Blooper Nanny and are fought at the Sunken Pirate Ship in Waterway. Blooper Nanny can perform attacks which are throwing it's Blooper at players or trying to grab the players with it's tentacles. The Giant Blooper Nanny can be attacked by swinging the Bloopers around the Blooper Nanny. After doing this 3 more times it will gain to it's second and final phase. It will swing it's tentacles all around the area and the player will have to strike the tentacles with boomerangs. After doing this 3 more times then the mini-boss is defeated and the adventure will progress. Swinging the Bloopers at it and attacking it's Tentacles with boomerangs. 4 Waterway
Lakithuder Lakithunder is a large Lakitu and floats on a grey cloud which shoots out thunder at the character. Lakithunder can perform many attacks such as it's thunder attack and it can also throw thunder balls. Lakithunder can be attacked by flinging a Thunder Ball at it then jump on it's body 4 times. When doing this 3 more times then it can go to it's second and final phase. When on it's second and final phase, the Lakithunder is larger, it's attacks can cause more damage, and it's lightning balls go much faster than before. Lakithunder can finally be defeated when 4 lightning balls are swung at it and then Lakithunder falls down, but then 3 other Lakithunder clones appear and the character has to attack the correct one. When the correct one is attacked then the character can hit it on it's weakspot which on it's body. When doing this 2 more times, then Lakithunder is finally defeated the the adventure can progress. Swining Thunder Balls at it and jumping/ground pounding on it's body. 3-4 Valleyrude

Main Bosses

Name Description Weak Points Hits Found in...
King Goomba King Goomba is king of all Goombas and is fought near the swamps of Pinedora. King Goomba's attack is chasing the player. King Goomba has to phases his second phase is that he gets angry and becomes faster. King Goomba can be defeated whenever his head is jumped on five times on each phase, so it takes ten jumps to defeat King Goomba. Jumping on top of it's head 5 Pinedora
Rexanois Rexanios is a giant Rex and is fought at the top of Mt. Merian. Rexanois' attack is trying to grab the player. Rexanois has two phases like all the bosses and his second phase that he grows larger and try to instead bite down at the player. Rexanois can only be defeated when it's weak spot which is on it's long tail. Attacking his weak spot 7 times on each phase will defeat Rexanois. Attacking it's weak spot. 7 Mountaria
Tentacrula Tentacrula is a large Tentacle beast which resembles a much larger Blooper, but more threatening. Tentacrula is fought at a island nearby the ocean docks where it attacks the docks. Tentacrula's attacks are trying to grab one of the characters, slamming it's tentacles down, or grabbing boats and throwing them. Whenever Tentacrula slams one of it's tentacles down one of the characters can grab hammers and attack the tentacles. The tentacles do grow back, but they are all finished at the end of the second phase, and after attacking it's tentacles at the end of each phase the character has to throw the hammers Tentacrula at it's eye. Attacking it's tentacles and throwing hammers at it's eye. 9 Waterway
Kimo The Kimo is a Kumo, but much larger and has long legs. Kimo is fought at Valleyrude in the Underground Railroad and can perform many attacks such as it's web shooting and using it's long legs on trying to step on the four characters. Kimo can be attacked when his weak spot is shown which is on his legs and on his back. A Hammer Suit has to be gained to attack. When the character attacks it's legs and back then it goes more faster and gets larger every time. When doing this 3 more times then it goes to it's second and final phase. When on his second and final phase the Kimo is larger than never before and runs fast, and can perform much larger webs, and even release out mini-Kumos. Now it's weak spots take more damage and the Kimo can perform a new attack which is spitting venom. After attacking it's legs and back 5 times then Kimo is finally defeated and the adventure can progress. Attacking it's Legs and back with Hammers. 4-6 Valleyrude


  • Nugg makes a cameo has he can be seen in a picture in Spaceship Mario.
  • Phoenix Suit was originally in the game, but was taken out for unkown reasons.
  • The game resembles a combination of Super Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario 64, and a bit of Super Mario 3D Land.
  • A 3DS port of the game is rumored.
  • The 3DS port rumor has confirmed to be fake.

Foreign Names

  • スーパーマリオ:未知の大冒険(Super Mario: The Quest to New Lands) in Japan
  • Super Mario: Galaktische Reise (Super Mario: Galactic Journey) in Germany
  • Super Mario: En busca de nuevas galaxias (Super Mario: Searching for new galaxies) in Spain

Beta Elements

Super Mario: Exploring New Lands/Beta Elements