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Super Mario's Split Kingdoms is a 3D-adventure game in the Mario series. It is the sequel to Super Mario Odyssey, but it features more of an RPG style story. There are several playable characters in the quest to defeat Splitz. The game was created by Hoola-Z Productions for the Golden System Z.



The scene opens with a book resting on a table. The book reads- "The Book of Fate". The book opens and shows a toad in black and white pushing a cart forward. The toad starts pushing it forward in the book. A koopa troopa appears and, not paying attention, bumps into the cart, knocking it over. The toad and koopa start shouting and arguing with each other. They run out of the scene and their friends start yelling out each other. The argument continues throughout the whole kingdom, all still in the book.

The book closes after showing Peach and Bowser shouting at each other from their towers. The scene switches to Mario sitting in a pasture with Luigi in real life. Mario lays down blowing at a butterfly resting on his nose. A tired yellow toad runs up and talks to Mario and Luigi. Mario and Luigi then run to meet with Princess Peach in her castle, saying that she has been having disagreements with Bowser. The screen splits in half with Peach talking to the two Mario Bros. and Bowser talking to a couple Hammer Bros. Suddenly another screen pops up at the top with a dark castle with lightning, resembling Count Bleck's Castle from Super Paper Mario.

Two black hole opens up over Peach and Bowser's castle as both castles are totally sucked in along with all the surrounding kingdoms of each with everyone in them.

The following scene opens with Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, and other various toad, koopa troopas, and other enemies sprawled out on the ground next to a black castle. They get up only to find they are on a giant black cliff with a huge black castle on it, overlooking Peach and Bowser's Castles. To drop would be a sure death, so that wasn't even attempted. The only choice: to explore the castle.

A Mysterious Castle

This is the first part of the story where the player can actually control Mario. He can walk around the giant plain around the castle and talk to various other characters, and he can enter the castle whenever desired. Most of the characters are simply frightened, shaken, or excited to explore the new castle. Once the castle is entered, Mario walks into an incredible ballroom with a long table. He is invited to sit at one end seat by a voice out of the shadows. Once he has sat down, he can easily see a being on the other end, but the being can't be made out.

After a few seconds, bats fly out of the darkness and come grab Mario out of his seat. They lift him over to the dark being, he is placed behind his chair. The chair flips around and the creature identifies himself as Splitz - the son of the Super Paper Mario antagonist Count Bleck, with Lady Timpani. He continues to say that he has always wanted revenge on Mario, wanting to continue to destroy the world. But, he could only destroy the world with two feuding kingdoms, this has allowed him to form a black hole over the kingdom to start destroying it. He has also stated that he has placed his minions all over the kingdom. He then lifts his hand to press a button saying trapdoor, but he is interrupted by a toad named Tuneette, who is then introduced as Splitz's girlfriend. Splitz finally pushes the button, opening the ground underneath Mario.

Mario slides down a giant tube, this is the second opportunity for the player to control Mario, he/she can control Mario going left and right to collect coins. He then enters a giant open room with hundreds of other slides, each with another character from the Mushroom Kingdom or Bowser's Kingdom in it, showing that all the other characters must have been trapped in trap doors too. Each slide enters into a small room with two characters in each room.

Escaping the Castle

Mario is left inside a room with a young toad named Nimvesa. In this period, it is all left to Mario, as Nimvesa is freaking out and running around the whole time, getting in the way in the small room. Through this, Mario must harness the new grab ability. He must grab items and move them around, pull levers as you open up a new room which will lead to escape.

Once they escape the room Nimvesa comes up to Mario and says, "Thank you, hero! I can't believe we escaped from that confusing room." Once Mario explains to her that he needs to get back to defeat Splitz, Nimvesa appears shocked and frightened for him. She immediately says, "Let me come with you! See this badge on my vest? It can help you to jump twice in the air. Take me with you!" Mario then has a choice to say yes or no, but they are blocked in every way by rocks, preventing him from getting over without a double jump. Mario is then forced to say yes, but he won't regret it.

Once over the rocks, Mario can return to the ominous-looking Mushroom Kingdom to find out what happened.

Mushroom Kingdom

As Mario and Nimvesa make it to the Mushroom Kingdom, they realize that everyone is still gone other than a few goombas and koopa troopas. They conclude that no one else had escaped from the room yet. In the distance Mario hears someone shouting his name. Mario must then explore to see where it is coming from. If the castle is approached, it is obvious Peach, and tons of other residents were locked in Princess Peach's Castle. There is a great lock on the door, and Mario find the key.

Mario can defeat all the enemies, and he must use his double jump to defeat a new enemy, Cafews. Mario must leap into a ditch and go through a pipe. He must then complete a minigame and get through a room full of Cafews. At the end is the key to unlock the castle. Pick up the key and return to the castle.

Once Mario reaches the castle, he can unlock the castle. Peach and all the others come out. Both Luigi and Peach come out first, and immediately say they went to join Mario on his adventure. Mario takes up their request, so they become playable and can be swapped for Mario. The gate that locked the Mushroom Kingdom from the outside world opened, allowing Mario to move on to Grassy Plains.

Grassy Plains

As Mario enters Grassy Plains, he can easily see it is sprawling with chaos. The locals are being chased by Goombas and Monty Moles, as well as more Cafews. Mario must defeat all of them to restore peace to the plains. After this task is completed, he can talk to the locals.

Most of the plains are flat, but there is one part with several hills, one hiding the secret area, Hidden Caverns.

In the settlement of the Sludgees, the main residents of Grassy Plains, you can find Orpion, who can be talked to to be unlocked as a helper. But first, he must be caught. Like other Sludgees, he can rapidly travel through the ground. With Orpion's ability, Mario too is able to rapidly transport under the ground.

There is only one other thing standing in the way of him and the next area - Dry Desert, the Overlord of the Plains. The Overlord of the Plains is a great green unspecified creature who is quite grumpy at the time Mario arrives at her. She wants some jewelry, which can be crafter fully from the items used in the settlement. As Mario starts to pass by though, the Overlord of the Plains stops saying, "Wait." He turns to Mario and becomes furious, and starts chasing after him, activating the first boss fight of the game.

Boss Fight: The Overlord of the Plains

After the Overlord of the Plains is defeated, he allows Mario to pass, allowing him to continue on to Dry Desert.

Hidden Caverns

As Mario enters the Hidden Caverns, he blinks from the darkness. (Use the light, obtainable in the Grassy Plains settlement, to create extra light in the caves.) Mario can then explore through the caves, and in the beginning stages of the caves, you can meet various species of miners, even species that haven't been encountered previously, trying to get at the gold in the walls. Mario can find a pick ax laying on the ground to mine some gold himself to get coins.

In one of the tunnels Mario encounters Wario. Wario wants to mine the gold, but when explained to what happened, he allows Mario to challenge him to a mining race. If he is beaten in the mining race (Mario is given a pick ax and is tasked to mine more gold than Wario in 30 seconds) Wario will join him, becoming a player character.

If he reaches the end of the cave, he will come out on top of a mountain, taking him straight to Icy Mountains, skipping through Dry Desert, the Oasis Village, and the Parallel Village.

Dry Desert

As Mario reaches Dry Desert, he encounters the driest place in the realm of the Mushroom Kingdom. He will find dunes that suck him in and will kill him immediately, no matter how much health he has. Despite how dry it is, there are some small buildings and several enemies, so still be cautious when exploring.

He must get across the desert but he will encounter Jaxis that allow him to explore places he couldn't explore before, like the small poison swamp or... some pyramids? You can go into the pyramids, some that must be gone into. There is no way that he will be able to survive the baron driest part of the desert without quickly losing his health, so he must go through the pyramids to get to the Oasis Village across the desert.

When he moves into the period, Nimvesa comes out from following him and says, "I've heard bad things about pyramids. have you heard about the mummies that are here? Oh mummies!" As you continue into the pyramid, Nimvesa will keep screaming things as strange things appear in the caves, even though it may just be a small bug. But she absolutely losses it when a Mummy appears out of the ground. She screams and hides on top of Mario, slightly blocking the player's vision for a short time until the Mummy is squished easily by Mario.

Suddenly they enter an absolutely massive room with a giant platform in the center. Nimvesa advises Mario not to go there, along with Orpion saying, "It looks sketchy Mario, be careful." There is ultimately no choice but to approach the platform and as soon as he arrives a Mummy comes appears. But it is not just any Mummy, it is some kind of Mummy in the form of a ninja, activating the second boss fight. As Mario starts to pass by though, the Overlord of the Plains stops saying, "Wait." He turns to Mario and becomes furious, and starts chasing after him, activating the first boss fight of the game.

Boss Fight: Ninja Mummy

After Ninja Mummy is defeated, he explodes and an exit from the pyramid opens, leading him to the Oasis Village.

Oasis Village

After exiting the pyramid, the exit closes, and there is a closed wall around the Oasis Village, so there is no escape! It may seem that it is a very peaceful kingdom, which it is, but there are still several enemies. This area's residents are Tostarenans. Here you must meet Toxcba, who gives you amazing speed. Toxcba is accessible in one of the city buildings, he will join you simply by talking to him.

Toadsworth is also here and he wants to make across town to the coffee shop. Slowly lead Toadsworth here, and he will say to you, "So you're going to the Icy Mountains, I think Toadette's there. She is climbing Mount Henhar."

After you talk to Toxcba and you walk out with him, Mario sees Tostarenans running around totally frightened. Mario soon discovered that Arggs had attacked the village, they could climb over the walls easily. Slowly defeat the Arggs and the chief Tostarenan will approach and talk to you saying, "Thank you, unknown stranger. We are ever grateful for your help. Is there anything we can do to repay you." Mario thinks for a second and receives and idea.

It then goes to the chief unlocking the gate that leads to Icy Mountains. Mario thanks all of the Tostarenans, and leaves with Toxcba. But there is still so much more to come back to and explore. Every time you return through the gate, the mayor will greet you saying, "OH! You have returned!"

There are several people asking for crafting who will give you items, shines, moons, and power stars. But the most important thing you should come back to is when, in the west side of the town, the Tostarenans' fountain has dried up. Mario must solve the mystery and fix the problem to get the fountain running again. The problem was a leak in one of the waterways and Mario had to fix it through a series of pipes. After he restores the fountain, Mario can leap into it and travel to the Parallel Village.

Parallel Village

Mario leaps out of the fountain into a city where it always night time. It seems that the city is the same as the Oasis Village, just with a different color theme. But instead of Tostarenans, there are only Parallarens. He can explore and perform various tasks to earn more shines, moons, and power stars.

There are many enemies here, as well as some unique ones. The Parallel Village can never be escaped through the locked gates.

One of the enterable buildings allows you to go underground and mine some more. But going far enough will trigger a cutscene where Mario turns a corner and notices Tuneette creating some electric bulb. Mario unfortunately kicks a rock, attracting Tuneette's attention, starting a boss fight.

Boss Fight: Tuneette (Sub-Battle 1)

After defeating Tuneette, she says, "Oh, you're annoying. I can't wait to see Splitz annihilate you, if you get there, HAHAHAHA!" She turns into Operette and disappears into thin air along with the electric bulb.

There is nothing left for Mario to do down there, so he can return to the surface and search for more Shines, Moons, and Power Stars, and eventually reach Splitz and defeat him.

Icy Mountains

Mario enters into a mountain pass straight after leaving the Oasis Village. There is so much to explore here, but Mario can return to that later. His task now is to make it to the Frost Frost King, who will lead him to Deep Forest. Otherwise, he will be lost in the mountains where it is almost always snowing.

Climb through the mountain pass, and go to the right and find the neighboring mountain, called Mount Henhar. Here is where you can find Toadette and compete with her a skiing minigame to unlock her as a playable character.

Once Mario passes 5 mountains, he notices a castle. He realizes where this must be where the Frost Frost King lives. He enters the castle but when he enters the main hall, a recognizable creature comes into view. It's Baron Brrr!

Boss Fight: Baron Brrr

Once Baron Brrr is defeated, Mario continues through the maze-like castle. In the top throne room, he finds the Frost Frost King, who doesn't seem to have heard anything that happened in the main hall. Mario introduces himself and asks for assistance to Deep Forest. The Frost Frost King is happy to give him the advice, under one task: he must find a golden crown that was hidden somewhere in the castle to prove himself. Once Mario finds the golden crown, which was tucked away in a closet, and gives it to the Frost Frost King, the king tells him where to go, and creates a path straight from his castle to the Deep Forest.

Mario says goodbye to the Frost Frost King and hurries out of the castle to the pathway leading to Deep Forest.

A Broken Path

As Mario advances on the path, he encounters Pildipew, once of the Splitz's more minor minions. Pildipew is a giant Pi'illo who has amazing powers in the dream realm. Pildipew notices him and opens a path to the dream world. Mario is sucked in and the boss battle begins.

Boss Fight: Pildipew

Once Pildipew is defeated, Mario is knocked out of the dream realm and continue on the path to the Deep Forest.

Deep Forest

As Mario enters the Deep Forest, he sees it divided into 3 paths.

When he explores the path to his left, he will come into a small area of huts that have a DK symbol all over. Donkey Kong is resting on a hammock and sleeping with a banana peel in his hand. Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong are jumping in the highest hut. Talking to them will activate the vine race minigame (more on that in the minigames section). But unfortunately, this is a dead end.

When he returns to the fork in the road, and goes to the right, he encounters a land full of boos. Indeed, this area has the most shines, moons, and power stars out of the three ways, but they are very hard to get. Upon entering this area, Nimvesa will say, "Oh no, this place is haunted! Aaah! Boos!" The way is also a dead end though.

By going straight, he is led to a place that takes him through a series of parkour, going on trees, on vines, over poison swamps, and more! After passing all these obstacles, Mario reaches one big area that is full of enemies. He must find all silver stars to create a power star and open the pathway to Bowser's Castle.

Toadsworth again is in this area. He is at the beginning of the straight path, and he must be taken a short distance, and he will thank Mario with a shine. Following, he gives Mario a warning saying, "Are you sure you want to continue? I think Bowser's Castle is just ahead."

Into the Castle, Bowser's Castle

Mario approaches the big moat of lava around Bowser's Castle. Suddenly, all 8 Koopalings approach Mario and almost punch Mario into the lava moat with the clown cart's, which they were all riding in, fist. Mario leaps out of the way and starts the boss battle.

Boss Fight: Koopalings

After defeating the Koopalings, he knocks them into the lava moat. A bridge appears and Mario runs across, ready to go into the castle, as it is the only way to Cloud-High Kingdom, the next destination on Mario's plan.

Bowser's Castle

Mario enters the castle, but has to immediately be careful as he enters, there is a big horde of Bob-ombs coming at him just ahead. He defeats the bob-ombs and moves onto the next room. He has to take care of a few more rooms of enemies, parkour and lava.

In the 5th room, he encounters a double cherry, he uses this to get through the final room of parkour easier. Finally, he gets to the room with Bowser inside. Bowser roars saying, "Mario you've made it. What an incident at Splitz's Castle, right? Anyway, I can deal with him myself, and I need you to get out of the way." Bowser leaps off his giant thrown toward Mario, activating the boss fight.

Boss Fight: Bowser

Mario knocks out Bowser and Bowser says, "Arrgh, I can't defeat you. I must join you, so we can unite against that black king. You need to continue, but I will come with out." After this point, Bowser is now a main playable character. Nimvesa jumps out and reacts in surprise, knowing what he has done in the past. Bowser nods his head, and Nimvesa jumps up and hugs him thankfully.

Bowser shows Mario the way to the entrance to Cloud-High Kingdom, and they continue on the journey to defeat Splitz.

Cloud-High Kingdom

Mario enters Cloud-High Kingdom, a place inhabited by Highwinds, a close, but more friendly, relative of Foos. They can control basic winds and basic weather, usually creating storms when sad or angry. Mario approaches their settlement, but they become defensive and together create a battle line booming in sync, "Friend or Foo?" Toxcba says on behalf of Mario and co., "Friends, and don't you mean foe, not Foo?" The leader of the Highwinds says, "We have been having bad relations with Foos. We need help to get them out of our lands." Toxcba nods at Mario and says, "We will help."

The leader Highwind gives Mario the instructions to defeat all the approaching Foos in a minigame (more on that in the minigame section). Once he defeats all the Foos, they thank him graciously and hold a festival for him. This festival is not unlike the festivals Pauline holds in New Donk City, but this one is in the sky.

After the festival, the Highwind leader says, "I believe we can help you get to where you need to go, the moon. But we need colors to create bridge for you. I think we might have some throughout the kingdom, but we would be grateful if you tried to find them." There are 3 colors hidden throughout the kingdom, and once all are found, Mario must return to the Highwind leader who, along with the other Highwinds, creates a rainbow bridge up to the moon for Mario.

Mario follows the rainbow bridge to reach the Moon.

The Moon

Mario arrives at the moon from the rainbow bridge. Nimvesa looks up and shouts, "Mario! Watch out! There is an asteroid coming!" Mario ducks out of the way, but the asteroid wasn't close to him, nor was it about to crash into the moon. Mario realizes that the asteroid is alive and that it is flying around the moon and wreaking havoc to the abandoned castles on the moon.

Nimvesa says, "We will never get anything out of here without destroying that asteroid!" The only way that Mario could reach the asteroid was to climb to the highest building and jump on top of it. Mario continues to the top of the building, and the asteroid noticing him says, "Oh, ho, ho, is the little red creature going to smash me into pieces? I don't think so." Mario leaps onto it and the boss battle begins.

Boss Fight: The Asteroid

The Asteroid is smashed to bits and Mario falls to the ground, but strangely the gravity is the same a earth's here. After the asteroid is defeated, Mario notices that the Bob-omb Factory on the moon is still working. The Flower Sky-Train, the only way to get to Splitz's Castle stops there, at the Bob-omb Factory. Unfortunately, the only entrance is through the top, and it is a massive building.

Mario continues down from the building he is on, and when he reaches the bottom, an Anti-Gravity Mushroom, a new item, appears in the middle of the open part of the moon. The Anti-Gravity Mushroom will allow him to receive the gravity that he should have on the moon. It is needed to scale the Bob-omb Factory.

He gets to the Bob-omb Factory, and slowly starts scaling with the assistance of the Anti-Gravity Mushroom. He finally reaches the top after bearing many enemies while climbing. He reaches the middle to the entrance of the Bob-omb Factory.

There is a luma in one of the hidden corners of the moon. The luma is hovering happily, and if talked to, will ask if Mario wants to go to the Comet Observatory, another hidden area. By saying yes, the luma will chance into a launch star and Mario can go to the Comet Observatory.

Comet Observatory

Mario reaches the Comet Observatory and is greeted immediately by Rosalina, who is quite surprised. She asks, since Mario is here, if he could find the 5 silver stars hidden throughout the Comet Observatory. She says that she could help him after he finds them. The Comet Observatory is the same as in Super Mario Galaxy, but this is trickier as he doesn't have a spin jump.

After he has found all 5, Mario returns to Rosalina and it creates a Power Star. Rosalina thanks him and says, may I come with you? I have been watching what has been happening in the Mushroom Kingdom, it looks like chaos, and you could use my help. Rosalina is then a playable character, and she has a spin jump, allowing for three jumps in the air with Nimvesa activated.

Mario notices a red luma who is looking around worriedly. Mario approaches him and asks if Mario can help him find his lost toy, which is a small star bit plush. Mario must find it, and return it to the red luma. The red luma will thank him and ask if he can with him. The red luma's name is Comiti. Comiti is a helper who will grant Mario the ability to spin jump. Mario can explore the Comet Observatory more and when he is ready to return to the Moon, he can go into the launch star at the entrance to the Comet Observatory.

Bob-omb Factory

Mario falls into the Bob-omb Factory and crashed onto a pile of empty boxes, the workers, Ninjis, are not disturbed from their labor. Mario advances further into the factory, but as he approaches, ninjis will notice him and attack, so he has to be careful. There are also bob-ombs everywhere, on the conveyor belts, on the ground, and hanging from the ceiling.

Mario sees King Bob-omb overseeing the work from the end of the factory. Mario must sneak around King Bob-omb to reach the exit to the Flower Sky-Train.

Mario slowly advances, maneuvering through several obstacles such as ninjis. He finally approaches King Bob-omb and starts to sneak around him. But he can't bypass the king though, King Bob-omb notices him, triggering a boss battle.

Boss Fight: King Bob-omb

King Bob-omb explodes in a giant area, launching Mario into a cannon into the other side of the factory. The cannon is blasted and Mario is launched far away from the moon to earth. "Oh no!" Shouts Comiti (unless not unlocked, then stated by Nimvesa), "We are going back to earth, farther away from the Flower Sky-Train! Brace for impact!"

Haunted Mansion

Mario crashes down onto earth right next to a mansion, which appears to be haunted. Mario looks around for anything suspicious, but there is nothing but a fence around the mansion. The only choice is to enter the mansion.

Nimvesa says, "Why are there so many scary places in the Mushroom World? I've never even heard of this place. WHAT IF!? WHAT IF!? MAYBE THERE ARE GHOSTS!" Mario calms her down and enters the mansion. He enters into a big empty ballroom with a few unlight candles on a long table without chairs. Nothing is in there, so Mario can explore. Suddenly a ghost appears out of the blue. Nimvesa faints to this ghastly sight, but the ghost says, "Wait, my name is Isvibs, I came here to help you, and warn you about the other ghosts in this mansion. You stand no chance against them without my help. You need to have light to defeat them, and I can create enough light to do so." Isvibs is then earned as a helper, and Nimvesa recovers and then introduced to their new ghastly friend.

They continue on into the next room that has several boos in it, one holding a key inside itself. Mario pulls out Isvibs, who creates light to destroy the boos. The one holding the key, drops the key. Mario can now unlock the next door with the help of this item.

Mario then enters a room that is empty from ghosts, but there are several glowing books and ? blocks. When Mario approaches them, the book or block hovers in the air and comes crashing down at Mario, doing damage if they hit him. Mario can duck out of the way just in time though. He precedes through the long hall of these and moves onto the next room.

There is nothing in this large circular room. Until, I giant boo appears, who is obviously the King of the Boos. Mario jumps back in fright and King Boo says, "Mario, you have arrived at my mansion! My new mate gave me orders to destroy you and everyone else with you, so say goodbye."

Boss Fight: King Boo

Mario defeats King Boo, and the king disappears into thin air defeated. Suddenly appearing a giant peepa appears. She shouts, "Fool! How dare you defeat my beloved King Boo! I am Queen Peepa, Splitz's most loyal minion, and I must destroy you!"

Boss Fight: Queen Peepa (Fight 1)

After being glowed upon 3 times, Queen Peepa shouts, "I can't take anymore! I need to retreat now before I am defeated by this stupid red human." Queen Peepa flees into thin air, allowing for Mario's escape.

Mario retreats from the mansion through a door. He can now flee to another area, but passing the next area may prove a struggle.

Lava World

Mario approaches the lands full of lava puddles. Mario looks confused, as he has never heard of such a place in the world. Isvibs comes out and says, "Oh yeah, I forgot to say, this land was once a land of great civilization, until a now-non-existent volcano exploded, spreading lava all over. The lava must not have gone away yet."

Mario must slowly pull himself around and over the lava. He has to go through small gaps in the wide lave puddles and constantly jumping over lava. He has to do this with lava bubbles in the lava and lava dragons walking and hovering around everywhere.

After progressing over this long and treacherous lava row, he can continue onto the Ghostly Amusement Park.

Ghostly Amusement Park

Mario enters this amusement park, which appears to be abandoned. Isvibs again says, "Yeah, there is also this amusement park that might appear abandoned, but some still come here, and rides still go mysteriously. Most just say that it's haunted." Nimvesa exclaims, "Oh come on! Somewhere else haunted!"

Mario finds the main area that leads to all the rides. There is so much to explore, but he needs to find his way out of the park to the place in the distance, which Isvibs calls Rocky Road. Mario can travel and actually ride on multiple rides. But there is no one at the amusement park, and the rides still run, how strange.

Mario enters into one area and sees a boo! He quickly destroys it with Isvibs's ability. Mario continues on, finding more shines, moon, and power stars. He reaches a dead end and Queen Peepa appears. She says, "You again? I surely though you would stop at the pools of lava. My luck is with my now, and you will surely fail in beating me again."

Boss Fight: Queen Peepa (Fight 2)

After Queen Peepa is defeated she disappears into the air and drops a jewel. Mario can use this to find footprints on the ground to get to the exit of the park to Rocky Road as long as he is in the Ghostly Amusement Park. Mario follows the invisible footprints and escapes the park.

He can come back later for some more quests. Once Splitz is defeated in the end, the park has tons of civilians exploring and riding on the rides. Toadsworth will also appear. He will reward you with a shine and will say, "This park has really made a comeback, hasn't it? There is an opening to a swamp over there that I've heard there are shines, moons, and power stars. Maybe go check it out."

Haunted Swamp

Mario enters the swamp. There are peepas flying about, but Mario can still see the glimmer of shines, moons, and power stars. Nimvesa says, "Let's try to find everything here, and then get out. But still try to make it quick, okay?"

Mario can swim around in the pool, but he's is quite slow in the swampy waters. The peepas will fly in a pattern, so they aren't a great hassel to him. You can defeat them also with Isvibs, but they have a little more health than regular boos.

When walking down an opening, he again sees Tuneette with the lightbulb. Tuneette immediately notices him and starts the boss battle.

Boss Fight: Tuneette (Sub-Battle 2)

Tuneette is defeated and turns into Operette and disappears into thin air. Mario can then return to the park to continue to Rocky Road.

Rocky Road

Mario enters Rocky Road and Toxcba says, "Mmm, finally we have arrived here, the yummiest place on earth!" This place is covered in desserts. There are brownie mountains, chocolate lakes, and even a lollipop forest.

Mario must pass through here and get to New Donk City. There are multiple hazards he must pass through to get there.

After passing through theses obstacles and collecting a few shines, moons, and power stars, he continues onto New Donk City. Mario soon reaches a launch star which will launch him there.

Toadsworth is here. After leading him across the chocolate lakes, he will reward you with a moon and will say, "Pauline is just ahead. I think she is looking for help there."

New Donk City

From the launch star, Mario goes to the entrance of New Donk City where the Odyssey lands. As soon as he lands, Cappy approaches him and says, "Buddy! You're finally here. Pauline needs some help, but you're going to need my help to navigate the city. Cappy is then playable with the exact same aspects as Super Mario Odyssey. New Donk City is almost identical to it's appearance in that game too. Pauline now stands in the park, walking around and enjoying the sights, rather than stand outside the New Donk City Hall.

When he comes to the mainland of New Donk City, Pauline calls to Mario, "Mario! So good to see you! I need you're help. There is something happening at the top of the city hall. Maybe could you go see what's happening up there? Thanks!" Mario scales to the top of the city hall and it turns out that Tuneette was up with the electric bulb at the top of tower. When she notices him she says, "HA! Just try to approach me!" When Mario approaches, the bulb shoots out lightning at him, sending him flying.

Nimvesa says, "How can we shut down that bulb? Do we need shines?" After collecting 25 shines in New Donk City, Mario will start to glow and a set of footprints appear going to the top of the tower. Once he approaches Tuneette again, the bulb shoots no lightning at him, Tuneette shouts, "What!?" and the boss battle beings.

Boss Fight: Tuneette (Battle 1)

Mario punches Tuneette off the tower. Tuneette screams as she falls. Mario looks down where she falls, but she is no longer there, she must have disappeared. Mario returns to Pauline, who thanks him. Mario tells her the problem in the Mushroom Kingdom from Splitz. She says, "Let me come with you! I can help you with what remains of your quest! I need a short vacation anyway."

Pauline leads Mario to the Flower Sky-Train, and they get on to get to Splitz's Castle. The cutscene then starts with Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toadette, Bowser, Pauline, and whatever helper equipped (and Wario and Rosalina if unlocked) sitting on the train and talking, some excited, some slightly frightened. The camera backs out to the train flying toward Splitz's Castle.

Flower Sky-Train

Before going to the Flower Sky-Train a cutscene takes the video to Splitz in his castle speaking to Tuneette, Queen Peepa, and Discardil. Queen Peepa starts out by saying, "Boy that red plumber is annoying, he's already beaten me twice." Splitz says, "Well I need no more help from you two ladies right now, Discardil, Mario and everyone with him is coming here on the Flower Sky-Train, and I need you to stop them. They are only a short way away, go stop them." Discardil nods and flies away.

As they are flying on the Flower Sky-Train, the train stops suddenly. A green creature suddenly enters the car they are all sitting in. The creature introduces itself, "Hello, my name is Discardil. I have been instructed do destroy you before you get to my master's castle." Discardil knocks everyone out of that car to the next car except Mario, who he leaves in the car, and the boss battle begins, so Mario has no helper.

Boss Fight: Discardil

Mario knocks Discardil out of the car, and the others return to the car. Discardil shouts, "Impossible! When you reach my master's castle, he will destroy you himself." Discardil flies away and the Flower Sky-Train arrives at Splitz's Castle.

Welcome to Splitz's Castle

Mario gets off the Flower Sky-Train with everyone with him onto the high cliff with Splitz's Castle. They enter into his castle and enter into the giant dining room. The room is empty other than the table. Mario says to split up into the many rooms. Wario and Rosalina, if unlocked, stay in the dining room along with all the helpers but Nimvesa, who goes with Mario.

First, Luigi enters into a room that has a dojo theme, it is empty. Suddenly a shuriken falls from the ceiling in front of him. Ninja Mummy jumps down from the ceiling and the first boss battle beings.

Boss Fight: Ninja Mummy (Final)

After Luigi defeats him, Ninja Mummy explodes in a pop and the screen pauses and moves to the next scene.

It switches to Bowser entering a room that's full of grass and flowers. Suddenly, out of the ground, rises Discardil. Discardil grunts, being replied from Bowser with a grunt as well.

Boss Fight: Discardil (Final)

Bowser defeats Discardil, who says, "I can't believe it, you have defeat me." And he explodes.

Toadette walks into a room that has a theme that seems dreamy. Toadette looks around and sighs in relief as no one is in the room. Suddenly, a dream opens and Toadette is sucked in screaming.

Boss Fight: Pildipew (Final)

After defeating him, Toadette hops out of the dream and taunts, shacking her head at the closed dream.

Next, Pauline enters a room that is haunted. Queen Peepa appears and Pauline jumps back in surprise. Queen Peepa says, "Another lady of culture and glamor I see, but you must go now, or be destroyed." Pauline replies, "Oh, I'm here for a reason."

Boss Fight: Queen Peepa (Final)

Pauline smashes Queen Peepa and Queen Peepa screams in horror. Pauline says, "Yeah!" and points at her in her signature pose.

Peach enters a room and notices Tuneette waiting for her. Peach says, "Tuneette, come with us. You don't have to follow this path." Tuneette responds, "Oh, I will not stop until me and Splitz rule." Tuneette sings a note smashing Peach against the wall and Peach pulls up her sleeves in anger, ready to fight.

Boss Fight: Tuneette (Final)

Peach smashes Tuneette into the wall and Tuneette lies on the ground unconscious.

Mario enters a room that seems to spin in an interdimensional rift. A voice sounds from the air, "So, you have finally arrived. I have been waiting for this. It is time for your destruction." Nimvesa says, "Give up Splitz, we are going to defeat you." Splitz appears and starts the final boss battle of the game.

Boss Fight: Splitz (First Half)

After Splitz is hit four times, Splitz falls to the ground and shouts, "Enough!" He creates a black hole and Mario is sucked in in horror.

Boss Fight: Splitz (In the Black Hole)

Mario knocks Splitz out for the final time. The cliff and the castle start to shake and the screen splits in 6 showing the 6 playable character surprised and reacting to the shaking. The cliff starts lowering to the ground and everyone is knocked unconscious.

Back to the Mushroom Kingdom

All the playable characters unlocked along with Splitz, Tuneette, Queen Peepa, Discardil, Pildipew, and Ninja Mummy lying on the ground where the cliff was. Nimvesa, Toxcba, Isvibs, and the other two helpers if unlocked will wake everyone up and say "Look!"

As they all wake up and look into the sky, they see a rainbow and various residents of the Mushroom Kingdom come and join them for a fantastic reunion of the adventure.

Mario looks around, and jumps into the air saying, "Wah-hoo!" And the credits roll.

After this is complete a message pops up saying: More places are now available to discover, why don't you go check them out. There are always still more shines, moons, and power stars to get!


The gameplay is very similar to past installments, except it is now updated to fit the Golden System Z controllers. More on the controls TBA.


Throughout Mario's adventure, Mario meets countless allies and enemies. There are a lot of new characters, but many iconic characters make a return. Other characters than just Mario are playable, including Princess Peach herself. Each playable character has their own twist, like Peach's hover or Wario's double coin powers.

Characters support Peach, Bowser, or Splitz, but some are also neutral, they might be a little skeptical of you on your adventure.


Character Information Statistics


Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and the only starting playable character in Super Mario's Split Kingdoms. He usually saves Peach, but it turns out everyone needs saving now. Obviously, he supports Peach, but he tends to try to make peace with Bowser and Splitz. Mario is always adventurous and is friendly to everyone he meets throughout his adventure. In this adventure, his jump, time until dash, and normal run speed are all balanced.

Jump Power: ★★★

Time Until Dash: ★★

Normal Run Speed: ★★★

Mario has overall balanced statistics and he has no special trait. He has a simple jump, triple jump, wall jump, etc. He can use all items except for the Super Crown.

SuperMarioParty Luigi.png

Luigi is Mario's younger brother who accompanies him on several adventures. He is less brave than his brother, and gets scared easily. He owns a mansion haunted by ghosts led by King Boo with his new girlfriend Queen Peepa. He supports Peach as a resident of the Mushroom Kingdom. He has extreme jump height, but he isn't very fast, he also can break his fall of the jump button is held.

Jump Power: ★★★★★

Time Until Dash: ★

Normal Run Speed: ★★

How to Unlock: Open the entrance/exit of Peach's Castle with him trapped inside..

Luigi has great jump, but he isn't very fast. He can slightly break his fall by holding the jump button.

Peach for Logo.png

Peach is the damsel in distress that Bowser always captures. Mario always rescues her though. She is very sweet and kind to Mario as the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is the leader of her group as the head representative of the Mushroom Kingdom. She can float in the air for a short amount of time.

Jump Power: ★★

Time Until Dash: ★★★★

Normal Run Speed: ★★

How to Unlock: Open the entrance/exit to her castle with her trapped inside.

Peach can dash quickly and can float in the air from her jumps. But she is slower than a lot of others.


Wario is Mario's nemesis who has his own series. He loves gold, and is Mario's anti-hero. He is quite an interesting character. Wario has several goals in his series.

Jump Power: ★

Time Until Dash: ★★★

Normal Run Speed: ★★★★

How to Unlock: Find him inside the Hidden Caverns.

Wario has terrible jump power, but his run speed is surprisingly fast. His dash is also abnormally fast. Garlic will also boost his stats if he finds some.

MTOCG Toadette.png

Toadette is Toad's sister. She is Peach's friend and loyal subject. She has mainly appeared in Mario spinoffs, but she has still served as the hero before, and she will still defend the Mushroom Kingdom from Splitz!

Jump Power: ★★★★

Time Until Dash: ★★★★

Normal Run Speed: ★

How to Unlock: Find her scaling Mount Henhar in the Icy Mountains.

Toadette will dash very quickly, and has good jump, but her normal run speed isn't very fast in the first place. Her dash still isn't very quick either.


Bowser is the king of the koopas. He is constantly capturing Peach, and being defeated by Mario to have her taken from him. He can breath fire in this game, as he is working with Mario to save his kingdom, along with the Mushroom Kingdom, from Splitz's destruction.

Jump Power: ★★

Time Until Dash: ★★★

Normal Run Speed: ★★★★

How to Unlock: Defeat him in Bowser's Castle.

Bowser can breath fire breath a short way forward. This will automatically defeat enemies, but it will slowly lose distance the more he uses it.


Rosalina is the mysterious mother of the lumas. She first helped Mario through the galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. She knows the cosmos well and has the ability to spin jump, which gives her an extra boost in the air. The spin jump can also knock out enemies.

Jump Power: ★★★

Time Until Dash: ★★★

Normal Run Speed: ★★

How to Unlock: Find her in the Comet Observatory.

Rosalina doesn't have great run speed, but he jump power is mediocre, but she basically has an extra jump in the air, so it evens out.

Pauline (Odyssey).png


Jump Power: ★★★

Time Until Dash: ★

Normal Run Speed: ★★★★★

How to Unlock: Find her in New Donk City.


On his way through his adventure. Mario meets 5 characters (3 required, 2 not required) that can be recruited. Each "helper" does something that helps Mario, like letting him jump twice in the air. Helpers can be equipped for their ability one at a time, similar to the Pixels in Super Paper Mario.

Helper Information


Nimvesa is a young toad who was dumped into a room in Splitz's Castle with Mario. Once they escaped, she joined Mario after escaping. While she was quite fearful at first, she gained more and more courage as the story goes on.

She wears two badges, one on her head (that doesn't come off now, resembling a blue star) and one on her vest (resembling a red lightning bolt). She gives the one resembling the lightning bolt to Mario to give him the ability of double jump.






Character Information Appearances

150px-Toadsworth arrtwork -- Super Mario Sunshine.png

Toadsworth is Peach's right-hand toad who accompanies her on her journeys. He is quite old and requires a stick, but he is still full of knowledge. Sometimes you have to help him get somewhere.


Daisy .png

Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland and Peach's cousin. She is quite sassy and loves playing sports, as a tomboy. As her name implies, she uses flowers in many of her appearances. In this game, she plays a role similar to Peach in Super Mario Odyssey. Once Splitz is defeated, she can be found in each kingdom for a moon. She supports Peach over the other two, but she still doesn't support her 100%.


Cappy (Mario) Spirit.png

Cappy was Mario's partner in Super Mario Odyssey. He is a Bonnetor who helps Mario rescue Peach and Tiara in that game. In this game, he appears in New Donk City, and because of it's near identicalness to Super Mario Odyssey, he is actually available in there to help Mario. But only in New Donk City.




Character Information



Tuneette Transparent.png


ACL simple Queen Peepa.png
Queen Peepa

Queen Peepa





Ninja Mummy

Ninja Mummy



There are numerous destinations in this game throughout Mario's adventure. They are accessed by the returning Odyssey once they are unlocked by shines, moons, and power stars. There are five hidden areas that can be skipped and are not required to complete the adventure.

Place Information

Splitz's Castle

A mysterious castle suddenly appearing on top of a cliff. This mysterious castle is the first and second-to-last destination of this game. Here you must complete the escape room to escape for the first time and return to the top of the cliff to the castle to defeat Splitz. Once escaped originally, he is joined by Nimbi.

Mushroom Kingdom

The second destination arrived at once Splitz's Castle has been escaped for the first time. This is a castle in the Mushroom Kingdom, also taking place in the surrounding area. This area has an been locked in chains along with the Odyssey in the bounds, but it too is locked up. Mario must collect the shines, moons, and power stars in this area before he can advance.

Grassy Plains

Once escaping the bounds of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario can leave to the Mushroom Plains. This is one of the largest areas in the name, but it doesn't have many attributes. This area has a secret area that is optional below, so see if you can find it! The plains have a river on the other side of the entrance to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Hidden Caverns

This is the first hidden area, and it can be accessed by Grassy Plains through a hidden dark cave. These caverns are mostly a maze that have tons of items and coins, and even a shop. Wario can be found in here.

Dry Desert

Dry Desert is a desert that is placed right outside the Mushroom Kingdom and home of several race tracks, take a look at the ground, you might see race car tracks. There is an area that has been locked in again from Splitz's locks, it's a village with oasis in the middle. But there is a small Tostaranean village nearby too.

Oasis Village

The Oasis Village is a locked-up area that is required to power-up the Odyssey. It is unlocked by retrieving Shines in the Dry Desert. There are several Tostaraneans and some other creatures that are not recognized. Talk to them to figure out the puzzle of where the oasis water went.

Parallel Village

Icy Mountains

Deep Forest

Bowser's Castle

Cloud-High Kingdom

The Moon

Comet Observatory

Bob-omb Factory

Haunted Mansion

Lava World

Ghostly Amusement Park

Haunted Swamp

Rocky Road

New Donk City

Flower Sky-Train



Super Mario's Split Kingdoms features several items from previous 3D installments in the Mario series. There are still a couple new items though too.

Item Information


The mushroom gives Mario one extra health. They are the most common item and can be bought in the shop for 50 coins.



Shines, Moons, and Power Stars

Type Information


Shines are the main objective collectible in this game. Shines open gates and can be used to buy items in shops. The shine cannot upgrade the Odyssey to fly different places or access other bonus areas unlocked by Power Stars.

Power Moon SMO.png

Moons are slightly harder to find in levels then the shine and usually can only be unlocked by competing mini-challenges. Moons can upgrade the Odyssey to access other areas and eventually reach Splitz's Castle.

Power Stars

Power Stars are the hardest of the three to find, but can unlock fun new areas and new challenges. A certain count is needed to play online and play certain things online as well.

Boss Battles

Post-Story Differences and Bonuses


Online Play Minigames

Kingdom Bash

A Kingdom Bash is a Mario series inspired Splatfest.

In each Kingdom Bash, there are 3 teams, and players from around the world will choose a team, then play minigames for one weekend representing that team. At the end of the weekend, whichever team has the most minigame wins is proclaimed the winner. There is one Kingdom Bash every few weeks.

To be announced to the players, when they open the game, in the title screen they will receive a notification. If they choose to open the letter, it will tell the player the theme and the teams, and then it will ask them to choose a side. They are forced to choose a side to play online for the weekend of the Kingdom Bash. The players on the winning side will win an exclusive costume for each playable character.

Kingdoms Bashes

Kingdom Bash 1.png



  • Although the Storymode goes through from Mario's perspective, the cutscenes will change to the character being played as at that time.
  • Although several aspects return from Super Mario Odyssey, Cappy is only playable in New Donk City.
    • Mario can still ride on lots of enemies though.
  • Tuneette is the boss fought the most, being fought four times.
  • This game is the first 3D Mario game made solo by Hoola-Z Productions.
  • Several destinations are based on previous places.
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