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This article is about the video game by Joshuakoopa Productions. For information about the caped Koopa Troopa, see here.

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Super Koopa is a game created by Joshuakoopa Productions

Super Koopa Nintendo Wii By Joshuakoopa Productions.

It stars a Koopa called K.Koopa.


K.Koopa was fired from the Koopa Troop because Bowser thinks he's not strong enough. He really wanted to be back in, but he could only think of one way: Get ret of those drain-brain Mario Brothers!

He ventures off to find Bowser, going through tge Funky Forest. The shy guys, however, dissaprove! They end up chasing him to the caves, where after going through the Chomp Pit, he finds a dazed Goombe in the tunnels. He tells K how he got stomped by Mario and his name is Goom-by. He joins K in hope of joining the Troop and getting revenge on Mario.

They go through treetops, ocean and deserts before finding a pile of strange bones lying on the ground next to a mansion. They put themselves together to form a Dead Bones named Bonehead. He joins the group, as he too wants revenge on Mario, for kicking him in lava.

The trio find Bowser in the magma mines, trying out the new bonecoasters. However, Mario jumps in with them. After a long, tough battle, K, Goom-by and Bonehead get accepted by Bowser into the troop, and are given the rank of supreme captains.


Picture Name Description
Kk2.png K.Koopa A Koopa Troopa with a golden shell and an ascot. He is the first character, and can spin in his shell to defeat enemies.
Goomby2.png Goom-by A little Goombe with green eyes. He can jump the highest and run really fast. Unlock him by beating world 2.
Bonehead2.png Bonehead A Dead Bones with blue eyes. He is the strongest of the group, and can throw bones at enemies. Unlock him by beating the world 5 ghost house.


Picture Name Description World
Mario22.png Mario Mario is back! He'll shoot fireballs at our heroes, and use mushrooms to grow. World 6
Luigi22.png Luigi Luigi is also back. This lanky green bean uses a raccoon leaf on our heroes. World 3
Toads2.png Toad Toads, the common mushroom-folk. Simply jump on them. Worlds 1-3
Yoshi22.png Yoshi Yoshis have different colors. Green is normal, red is fire, and so on... All Worlds
Crayzee dayzee2.png Crazee Dayzee Crazee Dayzees just love to sing but the problem is when they do you get stunned! World 1
20130914191356!Shy guy2.png Shy Guy Shy Guys are not that shy. They attack you when you get close! Worlds 1-3
Spear guy2.png Spear Guy Spear Guys don't need to tell you what they do World 1, 4
Chainchomp2.png Chain Chomp Chain Chomps try to eat you, but their chain holds them back Worlds 1-6
Buzzy2.png Buzzy Beetle Buzzy Beetles drop from the ceiling onto your head. World 2
Pokey2.png Pokey Pokeys shuffle back and forth, but don't touch! They're prickly! World 4
Blooper2.png Blooper Bloop! Bloop! Bloopers are the most annoying squid ever, they BLOOP about and ram into you. World 5
Nepenut2.png Nep-Enut Nep-Enuts are like water Magmaarghs, growing larger to block your way World 5
Blaarg2.png Blargg Blarggs love swimming in lava, lunging out at you to knock you in with them! World 6
Swooper2.png Swooper Swoopers fly down from the roof to attack you. Worlds 2, 6
Fighter2.png Fighter Fly Fighter Flies are tricky...the key is to hit them from underneath. World 3
Boo2.png Boo Don't turn your back! These shy ghosts follow you if you do. Look them in the eye to stop them in their tracks. Ghost Houses
Biting2.png Biting Bullet Bill WHIZZ! BBB rushes in to take a bite out of you! World  3


Fire Snake These annoying fireballs jump down blocks to try and burn you up.

World 4

Piranha2.png Piranha Plant They appear out of pipes, and if you're too close they take a few chomps of you! All
Sidestepper2.png Sidestepper They scttle along sideways, and your best chance is to flip them over and squash their unaurmored bellies. World 5
Bobomb2.png Bob-Omb

Don't get near these little guys when they start going red! That means BOOM!

Bill2.png Bullet Bill Thes big bullets aim to crash into you like angry missiles! Worlds 3-6
Beezo2.png Beezo These flying Shy Guys want to make a koopa kebab, swooping down and skewering you! Worlds 3,4
Venus2.png Venus Fire Trap These fire-spitting Piranha Plants are, ironically, helpless to fireballs! Worlds 1-6


Funky Forest

  • World 1 - Funky Fields
    • Feel the beat as K hops through traps and troubles
  • World 2 - Crystal Caves
    • The crystal mines have been known to have chain chomp problems...
  • World 3 - Treetop Hop
    • Can you survive the jungles and make it out alive?
  • World 4 - Dusty Dunes
    • Brave the scorching lands...
  • World 5 - A Watery Grave
    • ...and undersea reefs!
  • World 6 - Magma Mines
    • The final world, and home to Bowser!