The Super Guide Block

Super Guide Blocks are very special blocks which seems to appear in every level of recent Mario games. When bumped, the player could choose to let the level played by the computer. A different character is chosen, which won't run and takes it easy. Is sometimes takes Star Coins, but it won't be saved. When the level is done, the computer asks if the player will clear the level on it's own. If he declines, the computer asks if he or she could skip this level. Scores won't be saved and the level will be uncleared.

Super Guide Blocks will only appear if the player has died eight times in a row in the same level. It is sometimes irritating if this block appears on occasions such as that the player wants to beat the level on it's own.


New Super Mario Bros. Omega

In New Super Mario Bros. Omega, Super Guide Blocks appear in every level if the player died eight times. The computer plays as Birdo in Super Guide Mode.

Wario Land V

Later in Wario Land V, the Super Guide makes a comeback. When a player has failed to pass a level at least five times, a Super Guide Block appears at the start of the level. When the player hits this block, the level restarts in auto-pilot mode: a computer-controlled Mighty Godling will play the level on his own. The Super Guide only shows the player how to beat the level; however, he can't use shortcuts or reveal secrets, nor can he collect any sacrifices. While the Super Guide is running, the player can press the Start button at any time to take control again; the game will start exactly where the Super Guide left off. Once the player has taken control again, they can't turn Super Guide back on for the remainder of the level. The level will still count as beaten even when the Super Guide assistance is used. Although, the level pad on the world map will be red instead of blue if the level is beaten using Super Guide, a player would need to beat the level themselves for the level pad to turn blue. When the player takes over, they will play as the Mighty Godling rather than Wario, but losing a life will result in Wario being controlled again.

Yoshi's New Island U

In Yoshi's New Island U, Super Guide Blocks (known in this game as Super Guide Bubbles appear in every level if the player dies five times. The computer plays as Brown Yoshi carrying Baby Rosalina in Super Guide Mode.


  • This Block makes a "Ding-Dong" sound.
  • Eight is a number which is ca. between five and ten, just like seven. The makers thought five was too short, while ten was too long. So they chose the mid-way (eight).

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