The Super Glove was introduced in 1993 as a next generation controller for the new Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  The Super Glove was an updated version of the Power Glove, with much of the flaws from the earlier version corrected and the usability greatly improved.

Since the Power Glove was seen as a failure due in part to a lack of gaming titles to support it, Atlas Electronic Games was commissioned by Nintendo to create two titles that were released in conjunction with the new controller:  The Legend of Zelda: Quest for the Master Sword and Super Sports Unlimited .  Both games are seen as forerunners to later Wii titles which featured similar controls.

Technically, the Super Glove was superior to the Power Glove in almost every way.  It featured fiber optics rather than carbon based ink for the finger detectors, and was also able to accurately measure pitch, yaw, and roll with three ultrasonic speakers instead of two on the earlier model.  

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