The Super Bunea series was created by Helena Harper (tbc) and began with Super Bunea World. During production of the first game, Samtendo09 (tbc) recieved the series as part of a Series Swap Day, and proceeded to work on Super Bunea Mayhem. The series has been recieved well critically, praising it's originality and it's unique designs and mechanics.


Mainline Entries

Created by Helena Harper (tbc) and helmed entirely by her, these make up the main games of the Super Bunea series. The series is not in the New Fantendoverse, although some Heralds do pop in like Zellen Harley Quimbleson.

Gaiden Entries

Since Super Bunea Mayhem, Helena Harper (tbc) has opened the possibility of doing "Gaiden" entries starring Bunea in other worlds, with elements of them appearing in later mainline entries. These allow Bunea to explore worlds created by other creators.

Spin-Off Entries

These are spin-offs from the main series and can't be considered Gaiden entries for their vastly different gameplay mechanics.

Related Games

Super Bunea characters appear in other games on occasion, usually in other Toroko products. Here is a list of games that feature characters from the Super Bunea series.



These are the main characters of the Super Bunea franchise.

Introduced in Super Bunea World


Introduced in Super Bunea Mayhem


Introduced in Super Bunea 64

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