Super Broque Monsieur: Blitty Hunt



Logo made by Lumogo (tbc)
Boxart made by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc)
Developer(s) Red Foxx Productions
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Puzzle
Predecessor N/A
Successor TBA
Release Date(s) Flag of the United States- June 21, 2015
Flag of Japan- July 18, 2015
Flag of the United Kingdom- July 18, 2015
Flag of Australia- July 18, 2015
Netherlands- August 3, 2015
Mode(s) Story, VS
Age Rating(s) Rated-E-For-Everyone

Super Broque Monsieur: Blitty Hunt is an upcoming Mario spinoff game for the Wii U, and a spiritual successor to Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, as well as the first game in the Super Broque Monsieur Series It follows the adventures of Broque Monsieur and his faithful pet, Broggy, as they hunt for a rare Brock species called Blitties. Chronologically, this game takes place before Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.


One faithful day in P'illo Island, the protagonist, Broque Monsieur, and his pet, Broggy, are taking a walk in Mushrise Park when they hear from Brickle, the proprietor of the park, that a rare species of Brock called Blitties are being found all over P'illo Island. Broque, fascinated by this new species, decides to go to P'illo Blimpport to take a blimp to Mount Pajamaja, where the species is being found.

Upon arrival, Broque and Broggy scale the mountain, and at the top they find a whole litter of Blitties. Beside himself with excitement, Broque decides to take a Blitty with him as a pet. However, a large screw-like monster captures the Blitties, with the desire of eating them! When the monster makes his way away from the mountain, Broque, with the help of Broggy and his new pet Blitty, whom he named Blitsy, must stop the monster from hurting the Blitties before it's too late!


Blitty Hunt is a very interesting puzzle game. In the levels, the player is faced with a large grid of different colored blocks, and enemies on the top screen. Using the Wii U GamePad, the player has 5 seconds in each turn to tap as many blocks of the same color as possible, to attack enemies and advance through levels. Enemies can set attacks on the player by doing things like dulling out blocks, altering the grid, and even preventing Power-Ups to be used. Power-ups like Fire Flowers, Vacuum Blocks, Snack Baskets, and even the legendary Dream Stone can be activated either when they randomly spawn in the grid or by buying them using Coins. Coins can be obtained by getting a high number of blocks in a turn or by defeating enemies. Each level must be completed within a certain amount of turns, or else it's Game Over. Some levels have other objectives, too, like having to get a high enough score.

On the right of the grid is the Bonker Meter. The player can fill up the Bonker Meter by breaking blocks in turns; the higher the block amount, the quicker the Bonker Meter fills up. When it reached to the top, Broggy appears under the meter. By tapping him, he suddenly appears on the grid, slamming down on it and breaking all of the blocks in the center, which does massive damage. This attack is called a Broggy Bonker. Use it wisely!

Game Modes

Puzzle Rush

The basic gameplay mode. Here, you play through either a randomly generated puzzle or a puzzle done in the Story Mode. You have access to no items or boosts, and your goal is to finish the puzzle's requirements as fast as possible. The time is recorded onto the Wii U system. These scores can also be spoken about on Miiverse.

Story Mode

The game's story. Help Broque Monsieur and Broggy rescue the Blitties from Torkscrew before they become cat food! Travel across Pi'illo Island to defeat tough enemies, complete missions for other characters, and save the precious Blitties!



Image Name Description
Broque Monsieur Our favorite French-speaking block is the star of the show! Broque is an aspiring collector, and jumps at the first chance to find the rare Blitties. He's very protective of the species, considering the journey he par takes in to rescue them from Torkscrew. Make sure to match the blocks for him to win the Blitties back!
Broggy A cuboid Brock dog, and the faithful, rather rough pet of Broque. While he looks and acts threatening, he's really a big softie; after all, why else would he have a giant bandage on his back? By raising the Bonker Meter, Broggy can pull off a Broggy Bonker to help take out enemies in a snap. Use it well!
Broque madame
Broque Madame A female, French brock, and Monsieur's love interest. She decides to help Broque save both the Blitties and Pi'illo Island from danger. Before a puzzle, for 50 coins she can "make a prediction", in which she tells you which power-ups are helpful and what strategies are helpful.
Blitsy Broque Monsieur's newfound pet Blitty. Blitsy is very sleepy, and is often found snoozing inside Broque's bag. However, he is very determined to rescue his siblings. If the Blitsy Blitz Power-Up is used, Blitsy will run across the grid, taking out an entire row of blocks. If more of his siblings are found, however, more rows are taken out.
Blitties This cute Brock cat species is a whole litter found in game. All of the Blitties, with the exception of Blitsy, are captured by Torkscrew at the beginning of the game, and must be rescued by Broque and co. When more are collected, it can be used to power up the Blitsy Blitz Power-Up.


Supporting Characters

Each of the supporting characters (with the exception of Popple) have their own "missions", tasks the player can perform to gain extra money, items, and even special prizes!

Image Name Role
Boss Brickle The gruff proprietor of Mushrise Park. He bosses all of the other Brocks around, but he really has a heart of gold. His missions are incredibly simple, but have an incredibly low pay. But then again, that's expected.
200px-Britta Artwork - Mario & Luigi Dream Team
Boss Britta
Kylie Koopa
Kylie Koopa An aspiring Koopa photographer with a big ego. Her missions are incredibly basic-like, for example, defeating certain enemies-but each mission has its own unique twist that makes it either a large pushover or an infuriating challenge.

List of missions

List of Enemies

List of bosses

List of Power-Ups

Name Price Description
Super Mushroom 10 Coins Can be used to replenish a turn.
1-Up Mushroom 50 Coins Can be used to replenish 5 turns.
Mega Mushroom 120 Coins Can be used to replenish 10 turns.
Fire Flower 20 Coins Deals individual damage to an enemy without wasting a turn.
Ice Flower 20 Coins Can freeze a chosen enemy so it can't use its attacks to hinder progress.
Super Leaf 50 Coins Allows the player to move twice in one turn.
Green Shell 40 Coins Deals individual damage to an enemy without wasting a turn.
Red Shell 90 Coins Deals more damage than the Green Shell.
Bombshell 100 Coins Blows an enemy up.
Spiny Shell 200 Coins Deals damage to all enemies on the field, but uses a turn.
Brick Block 10 Coins Places a brick block on the grid, which counts as a block of any color.
Brick Block Tower 140 Coins Places 10 brick blocks on the grid, which counts as blocks of any color.
Vacuum Block 150 Coins Activates a vacuum power for Broque, which allows him to steal skills from enemies.
Retry Clock 300 Coins If a battle is lost, than the player can use this to redo the battle with the same items used as in the beginning.

More to be announced

Block Types


Downloadable Content

Amiibo Compatibility


References to Other Games

  • Mario Bros: In the DLC world Pixel Mountain, Shellcreepers, Sidesteppers, and Freezies appear as enemies. The POW Block returns as a Power-Up.
  • Super Mario Bros.: The Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Super Star are Power-Ups. Many of the enemies in the game appear in this one. In Pixel Mountain, False Bowser appears as an enemy, as well as 8-Bit Hammer Bros, Lakitus, and Bill Blasters.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2: The Turnip and Phanto appear as Power-Ups. Shy Guys appear as enemies.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3: The Super Leaf and Warp Whistle reappear as Power-Ups.



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