Super Bell
The current appearance of the Super Bell.
Item Type Status
Kind of Item Object
First Appearance Super Mario 3D World
Turns Mario in a cat granting him typical cat-like abilities

Super Bells are power-ups from the Super Mario series. They are used to give the player character a Cat Suit, granting them abilities like scratching.


The Super Bell looks like a striped golden bell, with two eyes. There is a shiny, white clapper on its inside.


The Super Bell will give the player character a Cat Suit. They can climb walls with it, and they can attack enemies with their paws in multiple ways.


Super Smash Bros Blast

In Super Smash Bros Blast, the Super Bell is an item. When used, it gives the player paws and cat ears. It allows players to scratch opponents, and climb up walls.

Super Mario 3Deluxe!

The Super Bell returns in this game.

Up Up Skywing Nekon

This cat wears an eyeless Super Bell on his bandana.



An amiibo figure of Super Bell exists! For more info about this amiibo, see this page.
Amiibo Super Bell
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