Super Baby Island
Developer(s) Moonlight Studios Logo
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) 3D Adventure
Series Super Mario
Release Date(s) 2015*
Mode(s) Single Player, Four Player, Online Play
Age Rating(s) PEGI3+
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Cartridge

Super Baby Island is a new game for the Nintendo 3DS, which is set to be released in 2015, although this is unconfirmed. The game involves the baby forms of the main Super Mario characters trying to save their newly established island from the metal clan. It also uses the groups of the baby and metal characters, along with the Koopalings that Nintendo has created and further explores them, taking the focus away from the main characters.


Mario and Luigi have just helped establish the babies new island, and have just invited some of them to come and visit. On their way there, they get attacked by a huge airship. Most of the babies, along with Mario and Luigi are kidnapped. However, hidden away on the boat, Baby Mario vows to save his friends.


The game has very similar concepts like most other Mario titles, such as jumping on an enemies head to defeat it, diverse levels intertwined within world and unique boss fights that not only incorporate different items and power-ups, but technique as well. Despite that, the babies control much faster than their older counterparts (if they have been playable).

The game controls are also very similar to Super Mario Galaxy, in the sense that it is a 3D adventure game and, just like Mario's Star Spin, each character gains a special ability that is unique to them, which can help them along the way. It can also help them find secrets in certain levels, as certain characters must be used to unlock certain paths. Also, certain levels may be specific to certain characters.

The game also takes inspiration from Super Mario 3D World, seeing as the map bares similar resemblance to the overworld map found in those games.



Baby Mario.... BabyLuigibeinghimself Baby Peach (MKW)
Baby Mario Baby Luigi Baby Peach
Signature Move: Fireball
Baby Mario fires a fireball, which can melt ice and set alight vines.
Signature Move: Ice Spin
Baby Luigi creates a small beam of ice that can freeze lava.
Signature Move: Love Heart
Baby Peach stuns enemies briefly by dazzling them with love.
BabyDaisySelectMKW Baby Yoshi BabyRosalina
Baby Daisy Baby Yoshi Baby Rosalina and Polari
Signature Move: Watering Can
Baby Daisy pours water from her watering can to grow plants and set off water slides..
Signature Move: Egg Throw
Baby Yoshi can create a huge egg to throw once he has eaten numerous enemies.
Signature Move: Luma Shot
Baby Rosalina throws out Polari to help attack enemies.
BabyWario Baby Waluigi BabyDK
Baby Wario Baby Waluigi Baby Donkey Kong
Signature Move: Magnet
Baby Wario can attract any item using his magnet.
Signature Move: Winged Shell
Baby Waluigi using a winged shell to gain height quickly.
Signature Move: Ground Shake
Baby DK bangs heavily on the ground to stun all enemies and destroy anything in his path.
Baby Birdo by Doh Ver2 Baby Bowser by T0M.V.12 BabyPetey
Baby Birdo Baby Bowser Baby Petey Piranha
Signature Move: Bowmerang
Baby Birdo throws her bow, which hits everything in range and collects certain items too.
Signature Move: Bob-omb
Baby Bowser throws a small bomb that causes damage on impact and explodes strong materials.
Signature Move: Petal Glide
Baby Petey uses his huge petals to glide across the screen.




MetalMarioMK7Solo Pink Gold Peach
Metal Mario Green Bronze Luigi Pink Gold Peach
Level(s) Fought: ??? Level(s) Fought: ??? Level(s) Fought: ???
Copper Daisy Pink Chrome Rosalina Burnt Silver Bowser
Level(s) Fought: ??? Level(s) Fought: ??? Level(s) Fought: ???
Cobalt Wario Platinum Waluigi Dark Titanium DK
Level(s) Fought: ??? Level(s) Fought: ??? Level(s) Fought: ???
Ruby Yoshi/Sapphire Yoshi/Topaz Yoshi/Emerald Yoshi/Amethyst Yoshi
Level(s) Fought: ???


World 1
Pebble Bay
A relaxing sandy beach, covered with pebbles, shells and lots of shellfish. The bay overwatches the sparkling sea, which is home to many sea creatures, such as Cheep-Cheeps and Bloopers. Boss(es):
World 2
Plain Plains
A huge grassland that covers a lot of the southern part of the island. The grassland is home to many farms, and thus many animals, such as Goombas and Koopa Troopas. Boss(es):
World 3
Swing Forest
A forest that connects the grassland to the main home for the babies. The forest has many vines for them to swing on, and many Tiki's to help them along the way. Boss(es):
World 4
Baby Park
The Baby Park is an outdoor adventure playground for the babies. It has many attractions and rides for the babies to try out. The Toads help out here too. Boss(es):
World 5
Deserted Desert
A huge, unexplored desert that was considered too harsh to build on. The area is inhabited by Pokeys and Dry Bones'. Boss(es):
World 6
Relaxing Isle
A small, peaceful isle to the west of the babies Island. It has many palm trees and shells, along with many enemies such as Waddlewings and Bullet Bills too. Boss(es):



  • Lightning Ball
  • Hammer
  • Key
  • Pail
  • Coconut


3DS Achievement System

Just like most game, the game involves specific tasks that the player must achieve to unlock certain things, such as upgrades and new levels. However, there isn't many details at this moment in time.


  • Credits go to Anyone who made any of the Artwork I have Used.

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