SuperRex 2
SuperRex 2.png
Developer(s) Clover Entertainment
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U
Genre(s) Action, Sandbox, Sci-fi, Open-World
Release Date(s) April 8th, 2013
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) T
Media Included Blu-Ray Disk

SuperRex 2 is an action-sandbox game created by Clover Entertainment. It is a sequel to Clover's original game, SuperRex. It will be released for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii U on April 8, 2013. It features brand new features, which will be explained in the gameplay.


After the city was saved by SuperRex, there hasn't really been much serious crimes going on. However, Harold and Jacob decide to create another SuperRex to double the firepower. However, this one is much less friendly towards humanity. Feeling he was nothing more than an experiment, this new SuperRex, dubbed Rex 2.0 decides that humans are nothing more than a plague on the Earth, and rampages through the city of Los Angeles and makes it to the science lab where he was created and steals dinosaur DNA to mutate a bunch of humans into dinosaur mutants. The original SuperRex sets out to stop Rex 2.0 and defeat him and his army of mutant dinosaurs. But, he'll need some help from a mutated Triceratops, Spinosaurus and Brachiosaurus.


Like the previous game, you control SuperRex. You roam the open-world city of Los Angeles. However, the environment was altered a lot to keep Los Angeles feeling fresh and new. Unlike the previous game, criminals are not the primary threat. This time, mutant dinosaurs are the threat. Just like the previous game, everything can be destroyed except buildings. Cars can be smashed and torn apart, trees and lamp posts can be uprooted and used as clubs, and lots of things can be destroyed. Another new thing is that SuperRex and now swim. Go to the nearest location of water and swim. You have to press the correct button to dive underwater (depending on what system. It's X for Xbox 360, Square for PS3, and X for Wii U).

Just like the first game, you can make SuperRex's skills evolve by killing enemies. As he evolves, he'll become bigger, faster, stronger, and can jump higher. Also like the previous game, you have the option of going on a rampage and killing innocent people, since in free roam games like this you can do what you want. But, the cops and SWAT team will show up to try and kill you until you stop destroying things.

The weapon integrating system returns with all the weapons from the first game, except there are new weapons as well, like flamethrowers. You can now eat meat to restore health, because, well, you're a mutated T-Rex and they eat meat. The online mode has been expanded. There's more depth to it, such as allowing players around the world to fight crime and mutated dinosaurs together. Or you can fight each other. You can compare your performance with that of other players. For the first time, there are also different dinosaurs to play as in Online mode, such as a genetically enhanced Triceratops, Spinosaurus and Brachiosaurus. These 3 dinosaurs also play a role in helping you fight Rex 2.0.


Name Image Description
SuperRex Super Rex.jpg

The star of the game, SuperRex was the California government's plan to get rid of crime in Los Angeles. It worked, but now he faces his greatest challenge yet.

Mutant Dinosaurs

Mutant Dinosaurs.jpg These are actually humans that were mutated into dinosaur-like creatures by Rex 2.0 using Dino DNA. They now overrun the city, and your duty to get rid of them.
Rex 2.0 Rex 2.0.jpg The main villain of the game, Rex 2.0 was created to back up SuperRex, but ended up turning on them and creating an army of humans turned into mutant dinosaurs. He is unequaled in battle except for SuperRex.
Jerry Jerry 3.jpg Jerry is the governor of California. He is responsible for keeping SuperRex under control if he were to turn on humanity. He also provides guidance for SuperRex to help him get through his objectives.
Ultraceratops Triceratops 4.jpg Ultraceratops is a genetically altered Triceratops created by Harold and Jacob to create an ally for SuperRex. Because, face it, SuperRex won't be able to face this new threat alone.
Spike Spino.jpg Spike is a mutated Spinosaurus that can shoot electric beams from his mouth and jump up to 80 feet. He is another ally for SuperRex.
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