Sunset Park Zone
Sonic running through Sunset Park Zone
First Appearance Sonic: Triple Trouble
Location Type Trainyard

Sunset Park Zone is a location in the Sonic series. It made its first appearance in Sonic Triple Trouble, in which it is a transportation nucleus for Dr. Eggman's nefarious schemes. It is well known for its Act 3 music, regarded as amongst the best of any Sonic game. Except of course for that of Sonic Heroes 2, which surpasses all comers…

Fanon Appearances

Sonic Heroes 2

Sunset Park makes an appearance in Sonic Heroes 2. Here, all the mechapoly existent in previous carnations has disappeared, leaving nothing but a park behind. Many characters come here to relax sometimes, especially Honey the Cat. However, though fauna decorates ground level, it still has an underground that was left from when Eggman used it and is to this day accessible via train via Mystic Ruins North.

Sonic, Shadow and Silver of Team Sonic play Sunset Park en route Great Turquoise Zone to admonish Scourge. Team Archaic play Sunset Park Zone Act III whilst at Sandopolis and actually play the zone whilst looking for Silver at Great Turquoise Zone. Big meets Honey in Sunset Park after Froggy lands on her while she's sunbathing. Team Covert causes major damage to the zone after escaping through the underground system, causing Team Big to have to retrieve the train from the underground, as well as explain the situation to its inhabitant, Egg Pawn. Team Eggman play Sunset Park en route to Great Turquoise, where they find a Chaos Emerald.


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