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Sumo Kong
Sumo Kong.png
Sumo Kong's appearance.

Sumo Kong is a Kong and boss in the game Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat. He is large and gray, and speaks in an otherworldly-voice.

Game Appearances

Donkey Kong series

Turning a New Leaf

Sumo Kong becomes an ally of Donkey Kong in Donkey Kong Continent. He lives on Beat Island in a hut, and helps the Kongs out by selling them different items. He also has a fountain that runs on Crystal Coconuts, and he allows Donkey Kong to recharge his SK Amulet with it. He also allows the Kongs to train on him, and if they win, he gives them a couple of Banana Coins.

Koopa Kart series

Koopa Kart: Double Trouble!!

Sumo Kong makes his debut as a playable racer in Koopa Kart: Double Trouble!! as a heavy racer, with his partner being Koopa Kid.

Koopa Kart DS

Sumo Kong returns in Koopa Kart DS as one of four unlockable drivers.

Koopa Kart Wii

Sumo Kong returns in Koopa Kart Wii as a default racer, getting boosts in Speed, Weight, and Drift.

Koopa Kart 7

Sumo Kong returns in Koopa Kart 7 as a default racer.

Koopa Kart 8

Sumo Kong returns in Koopa Kart 8 as a default racer, He is the heaviest racer in the game, but also has the worst acceleration in the game.

Mario Kart Insanity

Sumo Kong, along with Ninja Kong, Dread Kong, and Karate Kong, makes his Mario Kart debut in Mario Kart Insanity, where he is a large racer.


  • Rumor has it that Sumo Kong was the king of Beat Island before it was taken over by Ghastly King.

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