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Summer Dayz is the fourth OVA released in between the period of Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory and Fantendo - Zenith, being released after Truth and Train. The story follows Unten's group going to the beach and boardwalk. This OVA is by far the most relaxed of the three, focusing on and leaning into the slice of life elements more than any of the OVAs before. It was released alongside a Summer Dayz event for Fantendoverse X: Space and Fantendoverse X: Time.


Part 1: Roadz

Unten, Zerita, Kiva, and Quartz are in a canyon, Aura glowing from each of their palms as they sweat. Suddenly, they hear a rock fall in the distance as the Female Training Dummy suddenly speeds towards them.

Unten: Watch out!

Quartz dashes across the canyon, zapping at the Female Training Dummy with her eye beams before doing a somersault that causes her to glow with blue aura, dashing into the Female Training Dummy. The Female Training Dummy can't handle the sheer impact and explodes against the canyon wall.

Quartz: Hah!

The Beorn Training Dummy jumps down the canyon, which Kiva and Unten notice right away. Kiva knocks it's fall with a wind attack as Unten dashes across the wall to give it an aura-powered kick to the face.

Unten: Yah!

The Beorn Training Dummy flings across the canyon, shattering as it hits the ground.

Zerita: I'm sensing something…

Zerita flips back, kicking the Male Training Dummy in the face as a boxing glove from the Sparkling Training Dummy flies past her, missing her.

Zerita: Yah!

Zerita's arms glow with Aura, spewing radioactive bubbles that melt the two Training Dummies.

Zerita: Hah…

Zerita walks back as Unten, Kiva, and Quartz stand back to back with each other.

Zerita: ...where is she?

Suddenly, a large figure leaps into the canyon, smashing their fist into the ground. It's Hybrid IV, the training coach.

Hybrid IV: Good warm up…

Hybrid IV unleashes a Meijiora, an aura around her whole body, as she jumps across the canyon at a blinding speed.

Hybrid IV: Let's see how you handle this!

Hybrid IV slams into the canyon wall, completely shattering it. Rocks fly apart as Quartz fires a laser into the rock, causing it to shatter. Unten shuts his eyes and starts to scream.

Quartz: Unten?

Unten keeps screaming, Aura starting to coat his body.

Quartz: Oh shit, are you trying to pull off the Meijiora?

Unten nods as Aura continues to build. Quartz catches a kick from Hybrid IV, attempting to attack with an Aura-powered fist. Hybrid IV leaps off the ground, swinging Quartz to the ground. Unten breaks concertation, attempting to help Quartz but is backhanded with an Aura slap from Hybrid IV, embedding him in the canyon wall.

Unten: Ow….
Kiva: Unten! Quartz!

Kiva grabs Zerita with her feet, bringing her up using her wings as Zerita prepares a radioactive wave, unleashing the glowing green wave at Hybrid IV. Hybrid IV puts up an Aura shield, reflecting the shot. It whizzes past Kiva, causing her to drop Zerita, who lands on the ground painfully.

Kiva: Ah, shit. Sorry, Zerita…

Zerita groans, trying to get up, but is too injured to do so.

Kiva: Well, I guess it's just up to me…

Kiva swoops towards Hybrid IV at a blinding speed, but is immediately backhanded by Hybrid IV. Kiva slams into the canyon wall, falling flat on her back as she grunts in pain.

Hybrid IV: Nearly gave me a run for my money that time… but you still have a lot of work to do…

Hybrid IV gets off Quartz, who grunts in pain.

Hybrid IV: Alright, alright, here's some vials of Healing Pool water…

Hybrid IV pulls out four canteens as Prin drops down into the canyon, landing safely by slowing his descent with an Aura parachute.

Prin: Really quite the amazing work, you guys.

Unten sips the healing pool water, his injuries disappearing.

Unten: I dunno about that… I didn't pull off the Meijiora.
Prin: Look, even I can't do that.
Hybrid IV: You gotta stop focusing on what you can't do! You tried, that's kind of what matters.
Unten: I guess…

Quartz drinks from the canteen, getting up slowly.

Quartz: If it matters to you, I'm pretty sure I would have probably gotten jumped on by Hybrid IV regardless of the distraction…

Quartz glances at Hybrid IV.

Quartz: That was bloody fast, what the hell…
Kiva: Yeah…
Hybrid IV: Since I'm already packing these guns…

Hybrid IV flexes her biceps.

Hybrid IV: My Meijiora entirely focuses on speed, an asset I'm sorely lacking in.
Zerita: Makes sense that Meijiora would be specialized for those who use it… interesting.
Hybrid IV: Come on, let's get you back to Laverne.
???: No need.

Laverne Echo steps out from the shadow, producing an Phantom Arm to clap with.

Laverne: I saw it all from the Edge. Good stuff, but you all need some practice… that being said, don't forget to have fun too! The World Tournament is real soon…
Unten: Like, how soon?
Oh, like around September? But, you're gonna need all the training you can get…
Unten: I suppose…
Laverne: See ya'll next week! I'm gonna teleport back. I got a big job.

Unten, Kiva, Zerita, and Quartz wave off Laverne as Prin sets up a big portal in the canyon.

Quartz: Well, let's go back, I guess.

Unten nods. Quartz ruffles the top of his head.

Rachel, Nycho, Sakeena, Strafe, Obena, and Bang Crimson are hanging out in the Fantendo Firehouse. Rachel and Bang are watching TV as Sakeena writes stuff up on her laptop, while Strafe, Obena, and Nycho are playing rock, paper, scissors. Obena is acting as the referee for this round.

Obena: Rock, paper, scissors!

Strafe slams his hand into his fist three times before shooting out a scissor sign. Nycho does paper.

Nycho: Ah, crap.

Obena produces a pair of plastisteel scissors from her antenna, holding them as she celebrates.

Obena: Scissors!

The three hear groaning from the other room.

???: Hey, could you three keep it down and Obena, could you stop producing countless rocks, scissors, and papers? What are you going to even do with all that? Actually, I can think of a use for the scissors, but ya'll probably wouldn't like it.
Strafe: ...who is speaking?

The mysterious figures sighs as they can audibly be heard getting up and walking over, revealing themselves as NULL.

Strafe: NULL, you look waaay different.
Obena: And sound a bit different too…
NULL: Right, I guess I haven't been around for a bit…

NULL taps her cheek for a moment.

NULL: Well, I learned most of the things Rachel wanted to teach me… I mean, it wasn't hard, I'm kind of meant to copy everything I see…
Strafe: Oh, this is great! Now that you're "mature", maybe you can join us on missions and stuff…

NULL picks up the scissors that Obena created on the floor.

NULL: I am not doing that.

NULL pulls up all the scissors, opening and closing them.

NULL: I don't ever want to fight again… I was forced to by my creators and I just… hurt people with them.

Obena shrugs.

Obena: It's fine! You could just hang around here, if you want. I mean, that's what Guadalupe does.
NULL: Yeah, I'm probably doing that. Seems… better anyway to keep out of this.
Nycho: Alright then. What are you gonna do with all those scissors?
NULL: I dunno. Probably clip off those godawful cat ears of yours when you fall asleep.

Nycho covers his cat ears on his head protectively.

Obena: They aren't even real…
Nycho: I like em…

Strafe glances over to the front door, where Unten, Quartz, and Zerita step in.

Unten: Heyo!

Rachel shuts the TV off, much to the annoyance of Bang Crimson.

Rachel: Unten!
Bang Crimson: Hey, I was watching that…

Rachel turns the TV back on as she goes over to hug Unten, Quartz, and Zerita.

Unten: We weren't gone for that long…
Quartz: Yeah, it was like four hours.
Rachel: I know, but I miss ya'll… seems like we don't spend a lot of time as of late.
Unten: Well, we asked you several times to hang out but you said you were busy with either Bang or NULL…
Rachel: Right… well, last weekend was a breakthrough weekend… I mean, NULL has grwon so much as of late… she really is incredible.

Unten glances over at NULL, who looks back at him.

NULL: Yes?
Unten: Just… saying Hi, I guess. What are you doing with those scissors?
NULL: Gonna meld them all together to create a big mega scizor. Perfect for executing politicians.

Unten glances at Rachel.

Rachel: Isn't she just the best?
Unten: I guess…

Unten looks back at NULL.

Unten: It is quite the change…
Quartz: It is nice to hear something that isn't babble, though…

Quartz rests her head on her hand as she looks to Unten.

Quartz: Damn it, why are you so cute…

Quartz pinches his cheek as she kisses him on the lips.

Rachel: It really is quite nice to see you finally find someone…

Unten smiles cheekily.

Nycho: You know, it's dawning on me that we have had the whole summer pretty much filled out with nothing, and we are just wasting it…
Rachel: Wasting? Unten's training, Quartz is training, Zerita is training…
Nycho: I mean, more often than not, we're here, waiting for something to happen… come on, what happened to going to the beach as friends?
Sakeena: (dryly) That would suggest we have done that, which we all know we have not.
Strafe: I mean, not much we can do. We need to be here…
Nycho: I mean, realistically, what can't be handled by someone like Rubelline or whoever else is around the Seattle area?
Zerita: I mean, if we are talking about the beach, I guess me, Mioda, Sia, and Netnu could stay behind.
Unten: sure about that?
Zerita: Yeah. Come on, I hate sand. It gets stuck in my fur forever. Mioda and Sia would love to stay behind, I'm sure… I'm actually not sure where Netnu is.
Unten: Yeah, I haven't seen him in forever… but alright, I suppose.
Rachel: So, we're going to the beach then?
Strafe: I guess so. Let's get ready then…

Obena jumps up in the air.

Obena: Oh boy! Come on Nycho, let's go get ready!
Unten: Why is she so excited?
Nycho: I might have hyped up the beach experience.
Obena: Come on, come on, let's go!

Netnu tears off his cloak, his eye goggles, his belt and stands in a dimly lit room with nothing but his robotics on. He's at a mysterious location, one that we haven't seen before.

Netnu: Computer, simulate arena.

The computer beeps as the location around him changes into a Roman style arena. A hologram of Unten appears.

Netnu: Alright, now increase the g-force to 5.

Netnu strains as the gravity around him gets intensely heavy. He is barely able to move his feet, yet he preserves. Holographic Unten swings at him with Imperium, with Netnu's head just barely able to miss the swing as he kicks into Holographic Unten's leg, causing him to fall over. Netnu is barely able to celebrate for long, as he finds himself struggling towards the floor.

Netnu: Hmmph…

Holographic Unten quickly gets up as Netnu tries to regain his balance, clearly straining against the gravitational pull.

Netnu: Urgh…

Holographic Unten attempts to stab Netnu with Imperium. Netnu avoids the attack by jumping back, kicking Holographic Unten in the face. As Netnu falls straight to the floor, he gets up and kicks Holographic Unten in the chest.

Netnu: Grah…

Netnu gets ready to increase the gravity before he spots Sia's face outside of the training room.

Netnu: Shit.

Netnu narily avoids a swing from Unten's blade, grunting as he looks to the computer.

Netnu: Alright, stop. Stop the simulation.

Netnu feels gravity and the room go back to normal. Netnu throws his cloak back on, although not really bothering with anything else. He exits outside of the simulation machine, stepping out into a discret mossy area next to a waterfall.

Netnu: What the hell are you doing here?
Sia: I was trying to find you because Unten and the others are gonna kind of go out of town and we need to keep watch.

Netnu groans.

Netnu: That's how he's spending his time?

Netnu spits some blood out.

Sia: You alright?
Netnu: When you're working in that simulation chamber for a solid week like I have, with the gravitational forces so heavy like that, you're bound to spit blood a couple times.
Sia: Well, I was sent here to find you, so we can preserve watch…
Netnu: How the hell did you find me though? This spot is supposed to be secret.
Sia: Really? Huh. Well, I tracked the cybernetics on you since those produce a low level of radioactivity that is kind of easy to track…
Netnu: Bah, blast those stupid things…

Netnu grunts as he looks at his cybernetic arms.

Netnu: You are to never go here again, do you understand?
Sia: What?
Netnu: This place is my sanctuary. It holds what I consider dear and important, and it's the only part of this blasted planet I'm going to bother to protect. If you don't mind, I'm going to continue training on my own accord. I'm not strong enough, why should I even bother coming?

Sia takes a deep sigh and shrugs.

Sia: I guess I'll just peg you as not coming then.
Netnu: Pretty much.

Sia walks away as Netnu pats at a wound near his left armpit.

Netnu: Hhh… how did that get scratched?

Netnu brings his hand to his face, looking at the blood.

Netnu: Well, can't be too bothered with it. I'll just quickly patch it up… there's no need to stop yet.

Netnu looks back at the simulation machine.

Netnu: I won't stop until I know I'm stronger than him.

Unten, Quartz, Rachel, Strafe, Obena, Nycho, Bang Crimson, NULL, and Sakeena all meet in the garage, in the proper outfits for swimming. Guadalupe enters through the garage door, holding a icebox.

Rachel: Woah, hey, isn't this a lot?
Strafe: I mean, I was wondering just how the hell we were all gonna fit in my jeep.
Quartz: Mm, I suppose I could simply fly over there…
Rachel: I guess me and NULL could take one of the motorcycles, although this doesn't seem exactly safe in our current wear…
NULL: Eh, you really don't need to worry about me.
Unten: I think it would probably be a really good idea to just have you in the car but that leads us already pretty crowded as is…
Nycho: You guys know I have a car, right?

Everyone looks really uncomfortable for a moment.

Rachel: I mean, it's covered in birdshit…
Obena: I'll go with Nycho!
Strafe: Let's see, that leaves Unten, Rachel, Bang, NULL, and Sakeena to take my car… that'll be a tight fit but I guess we can make that work. I guess Guadalupe you'll have to go with Nycho.
Guadalupe: Then where are Kimi and Hinata supposed to go?
Strafe: Are you kidding? They're here too? I thought we repaired the shrine, why are they coming back?
Guadalupe: I might have overheard from Obena we were going to the beach and I figured our Japanese friends wouldn't want to miss out.
Strafe: Fine… whatever. Are… Über and Tōsō just not coming?

Guadalupe nods.

Guadalupe: Yeah, someone's gotta protect their base too…
Strafe: Well, we can kind of make this work, I think.

Kimi and Hinata walk into the garage.

Kimi: Oh my, it is quite packed in here, isn't it?
Hinata: I don't think we were aware of just how many people were coming.
Nycho: It's a lot more than Unten Eleven, that's for sure.
Unten: (under his breath) I thought we told you that wasn't the group name…
Sakeena: I mean, the more people, the more fun it'll be, right?

Everyone kind of just shrugs along.

Obena: Come on, let's get going…!

Obena jumps up and down as NULL crosses her arms. Everyone starts to get into the cars.

We flash back to Zeon, about five years ago in Earth's time of 2015. We see Netnu with Eliza in his arms, having just rescued her from Doomulus Grime.

Eliza: Are we going to die?
Netnu: I dunno. I would assume Unten would be able to stop the drill.

Eliza chokes up.

Eliza: What if he doesn't though?
Netnu: What if he… Eliza.

Netnu takes a deep sigh.

Netnu: I dunno, he was prophesied to do it, I would assume we have a good chance of getting out of this alive.
Eliza: Well…

Eliza holds his hands.

Eliza: I guess that's slightly relieving for the both of us.
Netnu: A little bit.
Eliza: I dunno where in the heck the kids are…

Eliza glances around, worried. Netnu hugs her.

Netnu: Everything's going to be okay. Everything's going to be-

We snap back to the present as Netnu gets up from the floor, grunting under the increased gravity as he feels the holographic Imperium touch the tip of his hair.

Netnu: You damn piece of shit…

Netnu growls as goes for Unten's left arm, getting attacked across the stomach as he does. Netnu reels back in pain, leaning against the wall as the Holographic Unten attempts to strike him again.

Netnu: Fuck…

Netnu quickly rolls across the wall, narily missing the next attack from Imperium. Netnu manages a kick into the back of the Holographic Unten's head, glitching it into the wall.

Netnu: Guess I gotta reset it…

Netnu breathes harshly as the blood starts to seep out from his chest, shaking his head as he wraps more bandage around it.

Unten pokes his head out of the window as the car rolls up to a parking lot to the beach.

Unten: Well, we're here!
Rachel: I'll grab the beach chairs from the back.
Sakeena: Can't NULL just use some kind of portal power to do that instead of making us lug it over the sand?
NULL: I could, I guess. I could also turn your flesh inside out with a touch if I wanted to…
Sakeena: Haha, NULL, what a kidder!

Sakeena shoots a glance to Rachel, who shrugs as she takes out a chair from the back of the jeep.

Quartz: I can carry the bulk of it, give it to me.

NULL floats over an ice box and a stack of three folding chairs with her telekinesis, which Quartz holds quite easily.

Quartz: Easy pickings.

Unten's heart skips a beat as Nycho's car pulls in. Nycho pops the door open as his passengers crawl out.

Kimi: God, it's like a sun chamber in there.
Hinata: I kept telling you to use your ice powers.
Kimi: I don't have enough water to do that, I told you.
Obena: Yeah, it was kind of a bit too hot in there… felt like I was gonna fry up like some kind of… swimming thing with the fins?
NULL: Fish.
Obena: Thank you! That's what it is, a fish.
Bang: Alright, let's head to the beach, ya'll! Ain't got no time to learn no 5-cent words.

Sakeena nods as she brings a laptop bag with her, the group following Bang.

Unten: Wait, when did Bang adopt a southern drawl?
Rachel: I find it kind of cute…

Bang blushes as NULL rolls her eyes. Unten scouts the area around them.

Unten: Beach isn't super open, huh? Practically overflowing with people...
Sakeena: I guess it is the end of summer all things considered. Families spending the last time they have before kids go back to school, you know that kind of stuff…
Unten: Come on, we can sit over here…

A woman in white sunglasses, not too far from Unten's group glances over.

???: Oh nice, that's Unten and that group. Might be fun to hang out with them for a bit, huh, Silvey?

A man wearing a black bra and a hoodie around his waist grunts from under the woman's feet, being apparently used as a footrest, revealing himself as Silver Zin.

Silver: I thought you just wanted to chill out on the beach with me, Zellen.

The woman, Zellen, scoffs.

Zellen: Oh, it's not like I'm going to abandon you! Jeez…

Zellen kicks Silver, who just grunts.

Zellen: C'mon… get up.

Silver very slowly gets up, following Zellen as they walk over to Unten's group.

Zellen: You looking for a spot?

Unten glances over to Zellen and Silver.

Unten: Who the hell are you?
Zellen: Well, I'm Zellen Harley Quimbleson, if you must know. The cutie next to me is Silver Zin, a Herald from the Zaxinian Lifts.
Unten: Right, right. Aren't you the brother of Valerie?
Silver: S-sure.
Zellen: She's a hottie. So is this white skinned specimen…

Zellen slaps Silver's butt, purring. Silver looks incredibly flustered.

Zellen: Anyway, I can give you some of my space, if you all want to set up.
Unten: Oh! Thank you…

Unten glances at the group.

Unten: Wait, why are you so eager to help us out?
Zellen: That's not important!

Unten glances over to Silver, who shrugs.

Rachel: Well, any space is good, I think…
Quartz: I suppose it works, but I don't quite trust that woman.
Zellen: Hah, so paranoid!

Zellen shakes her head as she glances at the group.

Zellen: C'mon fellas, let's gankle out.

Zellen glances at the space she actually has and just portals the people next to her out of the way.

Quartz: Uh…
Zellen: It's fine. They're in the healing pool dimension. I'll find a space to park them later.

Quartz folds her arms as Zellen sighs.

Zellen: Give me a minute…

Zellen starts walking to look for spots to place the other beach goers, Quartz shaking her head.

Quartz: Whatever… let's drop shop.

Silver glances at Quartz.

Silver: You got a... interesting look going on.
Quartz: Thank you!

The group sets up the beach tent quickly given how many hands they have. Rachel sits on a beach chair, a book in her hands as Sakeena opens up her laptop. Unten glances around.

Unten: We should probably figure out a plan so we don't lose anyone. Rachel and Sakeena, you're both staying here, yeah?
Rachel: Yeah… I don't really read too often anymore and I wanted to fix that so… got a book.
Sakeena: I'm working on my book.
Unten: Is anyone gonna stick with them?
NULL: Eh, I might.
Silver: I'm not really into people things. I'm probably going to stay here.

Zellen warps back in.

Zellen: Oh no you don't!

Silver grumbles to himself.

Zellen: Come on, you like having fun with me, yeah?
Silver: To some extent, sure.
Zellen: I swear, it's like talking to a rock sometimes.
Obena: So uh… what exactly is Silver?
Silver: A herald, I guess. That's what Zellen says we're called. I guess in that mix I have Zaxinian Kittuman and Shadow Human blood flowing in me too.
Obena: A herald…

Obena paces her eyes around before looking back at Silver and Zellen.

Obena: That's a word with a lot of different meanings.
Zellen: Oh yeah?
Obena: Some languages claim it's supposed to be the title to a group of messengers from a 8th dimensional creature… some claim that Herald is merely a person and that anyone that goes under the title "Herald" is merely just a parallel counterpart… and well, it also is said to mean a ancient race so far gone it has now reached a theoretical progression ceiling…
Zellen: Well, all I can tell you about Heralds is that we're a fun bunch most of the time…

Zellen sticks out her tongue.

Zellen: So that's what, everyone else for the boardwalk?
Unten: Mm… I suppose so. We're going to splinter off into groups though.
Zellen: Right, wouldn't want to get a crowd that would be genuinely unmanageable.
NULL: You barely seem to be handling your boyfriend there…

Silver glances at NULL. NULL sticks out a forked tongue as Silver seems somewhat unnerved, sensing that NULL has copied some of his abilities already.

Silver: Well, let's not stick around here then.
Zellen: You know, I think I am going to miss the company of two bis…

Zellen snaps her fingers as Melissa Dust and Hama fall out of portals, snapping her fingers again to close them. Melissa Dust and Hama look around curiously.

Melissa: The beach?
Zellen: Hey, you two! How about you two tag along with me and this gang for a summer day?
Hama: I dunno, do we get to change into something more fitting? I don't wanna get this dress sandy.
Melissa: Eh, yeah. I'm all the way out in New York and damn, the sun is really beating down.
Zellen: Yes, girls, we can do some quick shopping, right?

Zellen looks over to Silver and Unten.

Unten: Yeah, I mean, that's what the boardwalk is for…
Zellen: Excellente!
Melissa: Hey, so how are you all doing? Been a while since I saw ya'll.

Melissa glances over to NULL, who is playing on her Switch.

Melissa: Seems a lot has changed since then too.
Unten: Eh, not too much, hopefully.
Melissa: Maybe you can catch me up while we work to the boardwalk.
Hama: I legit have no fucking clue who any of you fuckers are!

Hama rests her head back in her arms.

Hama: A relaxing summer day wasn't in the plans at all… ya'll are cute though, so I'll give you a pass for now…

Hama tilts her head and winks.

Zellen: We really must be going…

The group departs to the boardwalk, with Rachel, Sakeena, and NULL still in the tent.

Part 2: Boardwalkz

Unten, Zellen, Silver, Hama, Melissa, Hinata, Kimi, Strafe, Bang, Nycho, Obena, Guadalupe, and Quartz walk through the boardwalk.

Unten: This really is too big, I keep having to look over my shoulder...

Zellen rolls her eyes.

Zellen: Psh. Some leader you are if you can't keep track of…

Zellen counts using her fingers, repeatedly screwing up as Silver rolls his eyes.

Silver: It's 13. I would say that it's ripe for a split of seven and six.
Zellen: Well, you're staying with me, cutie.

Zellen grabs Silver and pulls him close to her. giggling. Silver seems to blush.

Strafe: I'll go with Unten.
Bang: Hmm… Zellen.
Nycho: Me and Obena are gonna go with Unten.
Guadalupe: Zellen's group is doing clothes shopping, right? So… Unten I guess I'm gonna go with. What are we doing?
Unten: Eh, we can probably go get some ice cream.
Zellen: Hey, that sounds fun! We'll meet you there.

Unten scratches his head.

Unten: Sure.
Quartz: I'm going with Unten, so that makes six.
Hinata: Eh, what the hell, I'll go with Zellen.
Kimi: M-me too.
Hama: Gotta buy something way more appropriate than this, huh blue dust?
Melissa: Yeah, I'm fucking sweltering in my get up.
Unten: Guess that settles that, then.

Rachel reads her book as Sakeena types up while listening to some ambient music in some earbuds. NULL leans against the beach chair, crossing her legs.

Rachel: (reading) Ah… shit. What the fuck?

Sakeena perks her ear out.

Sakeena: What's up?
Rachel: Uh, nothing, just the protagonist of the book just… uh had a stroke I guess. Wasn't expecting that.
Sakeena: Huh.
Rachel: Anyway, it's nothing to concern yourself over, haha…

Rachel bites her nail as she turns the page.

Sakeena: You and Bang doing alright?
Rachel: Yeah, we're doing fine.
Sakeena: I mean, you did keep it kind of a secret for a couple months there and now you two are kind of split up.
Rachel: Girlfriends don't have to spend time together all the time. I just want to read my book, I want to read more. Made it my new year's resolution.
Sakeena: Alright.

Sakeena pops her earphones back in as she goes back to writing, still stalling at the keyboard as to what to actually write.

Zellen, Silver, Hama, Melissa, Hinata, Bang and Kimi are all inside one of the boardwalk's many clothing stores. Zellen teasingly picks out some clothes for Silver to try on, much to his embarrassment, while Melissa and Hama get changed into more appropriate clothing. Kimi, Hinata, and Bang look around, not really planning to buy anything.

Zellen: Come on, wouldn't this look cute?

Zellen holds up a white bikini top for Silver.

Silver: I think my garb is perfectly fine as is.
Zellen; Yeah, sure, that big heavy cloak wrapped around your waist is "fine".
Silver: It's made out of silk, for your information. Very fine silk… it's lighter than a feather.

Zellen sticks her tongue out.

Zellen: I'll see about that…

Zellen whips off the robes, holding them up as Silver looks embarrassingly around.

Silver: Did… did you really have to do that here?
Zellen: Mmm… well, I suppose we could move to somewhere more private…

Zellen giggles as she runs towards the dressing rooms, Silver sighing as he follows her into a vacant dressing room.

Silver: Can you please give me my robe back?

Zellen giggles even more, pinning him in the confined space.

Zellen: I dunno… I was thinking I could take off even more…
Silver: Zellen…

Hama steps out from the dressing room, stretching her arms as her wings materialize for a moment before turning back into flames, disappearing.

Hama: Yo, Melissa, when you come back out, tell me what you think about this.

Melissa comes out, wearing her own summer clothes.

Melissa: Very nice. Did you find those?
Hama: Hell yeah I did.
Melissa: Unfortunately I couldn't find much for my style here… so I just made my own out of cyrilians.
Hama: Heh. No wonder it looks so good on you, blue dust.

Melissa sticks out her tongue as she spins around. Hama leans back as she poses for a moment before standing upright.

Hama: Alright, we should probably find the others, yeah?
Melissa: Yeah, yeah, got it.

Melissa stares curiously at the dressing room that Zellen and Silver went into before heading back out to the main section of the store.

Melissa: Hmm…

Hama spots Bang Crimson.

Hama: Yo, crimson, what's up?
Bang: Trying to see if there's any good outfits for my girlfriend…

Bang sheepishly grins.

Bang: I mean, she already dresses so nice…
Melissa: I should look for a really dumb shirt for Aran. I think he'd appreciate that.
Hama: Damn, you two already have someone, huh?
Melissa: Well, more or less. I mean, me and Aran are a bit open with our relationship…
Bang: Shamefully, I'm not the same. I don't wanna ruin what I have…

Kimi and Hinata walk over to the three.

Kimi: Oh hey, you two look… really great…

Kimi blushes.

Hinata: Yeah, I agree.
Hama: Thank you…

Hama sheepishly smiles.

Hama: Oh, I just realized both of our names are Hinata, you know.

Hinata tilts her head.

Hinata: Isn't your name Hama?
Hama: Well, Hama is my royal name. It's a bit weird to keep using it outside of that context, but I don't want to confuse people…
Hinata: Heh, you don't look like royalty.
Hama: Heh, right…

Hama is clearly put off by the comment but puts it in the back of her mind.

Hama: Where's Zellen and that bleeding eye fuck anyway…?

Zellen comes back out, carrying Silver who looks like he's exhausted.

Zellen: Heyo, girls!
Kimi: What's up with him?
Zellen: Oh, nothing. Just had a very good time with this Herald.

Melissa glances at Silver.

Melissa: Yeah, I think I can see that.
Zellen: Let's go meet up with the other group!

Zellen claps as she sets down Silver, who just collapses onto the ground before slowly getting up.

Unten, Quartz, Nycho, Obena, Strafe, and Guadalupe are sitting on benches outside, eating ice cream.

Obena: Ice cream is very weird…

Obena keeps trying to take bites, recoiling every time she does.

Nycho: You gotta lick it, like this…

Nycho tries to show her how to eat ice cream.

Quartz: Honestly, this is my first time eating it too… makes me very tired…

Quartz licks at it, nearly drooping her head before Unten helps pick it back up calmly.

Quartz: Yeah, I dunno if I can finish it.
Guadalupe: It's very strange to have two aliens in the group, you know?
Unten: There's… three.
Guadalupe: Oh right, you're a alien too. I keep forgetting that. You act so human…

Guadalupe glances over to Strafe.

Guadalupe: Actually, fuck, am I the only that is fully human?
Strafe: My mom was human when she conceived me.
Guadalupe: Yeah, but you can't deny you're a half-demi-deity or whatever.
Nycho: I'm human. I think.
Guadalupe: Right, I'm forgetting a lot of people today…

Zellen skips towards the group with her own group trailing behind her.

Zellen: Hewwo!
Guadalupe: Oh hey, you guys are back.

Guadalupe whistles as she looks at Melissa and Hama.

Guadalupe: You two look really good in those outfits.
Melissa: Thank you…

Melissa smiles.

Unten: Where do we go now?
Zellen: (slightly creepily) Oh, I know a place…
Kimi: I dunno, I have always been curious about your American arcades.
Strafe: Oh yeah! That would be cool to check out, yeah?
Unten: Seems like the arcade, then.
Zellen: Maybe we could check out the thing I was gonna suggest next?
Unten: Uh, sure, whatever.

Quartz taps Unten on the shoulder.

Quartz: Hey, I'll be right back. I'm gonna… go change, I guess?
Unten: Oh hey, you sure about that?
Quartz: It's fine… if I get out of control, I think Kimi could hold me back with her ice powers. We got a big group. Besides, I need to spend more time in it if I want to control it, right?

Unten glances over to the group.

Unten: Alright, but if it gets too stressful, you stop, right?
'Quartz: Yeah, gotcha.

Rachel flips through the pages, her body compsure becoming more compact as she puts her knees close to her chest. Sakeena glances over every once in a while, still mulling over her lack of writing. NULL sticks her tongue to the screen of her Switch to charge it. In the distance, a jeep pulls into the parking lot, with two pink haired girls getting out, with one being a black woman and another being a fairly ghostly girl.

???: Rei, is it honestly a good idea for you to come out here?

The black woman holds a teacup in her hand.

???: I mean, shit, if this breaks, you're just gonna be stuck in the Spirit Universe.

The ghost girl, Rei, paces around in her ethereal body boredly.

Rei: Pinku, you worry too much. The closest I've ever gotten to that thing breaking is when it got knocked off during a cocaine sesh.

The black woman, Pinku, sighs intensely.

Pinku: Alright then…

Pinku and Rei head down the beach setting, glancing over at Zellen's white beach tent.

Pinku: Huh, that's fancy.
Rei: Oooh, let's see if they have any shit to steal!
Pinku: I guess we could say hi, why not. No stealing.

Rei crosses her arms as Pinku walks towards the tent.

Pinku: Heyo!

Rachel looks up from her book and Sakeena glances over from her laptop.

Rachel: Oh shit, is that you Rei?
Rei: Yeah, it's me.
Rachel: Just gotta thank you for babysitting NULL again.

NULL groans.

NULL: Can we please not talk about when I was being treated like a kid…
Rachel: Right, sorry.
Rei: Oh shit, they grow up fast, huh?
Pinku: Wait, you babysitted NULL?
Rei: You told us to get jobs and I responded to the highest paying babysitter in the area!
Pinku: Still… isn't Rachel like, a celebrity or something?
Rachel: Aw come on, I'm no celebrity…
Sakeena: Oh hey, you were at the Derado Taco, weren't you?
Pinku: Me? Oh shit, that's Sakeena…
Rei: Unlike her, I don't get starstruck. Maybe I'd be a decent addition to the crew…

Rei mewls as she rests on top of Pinku's head, who looks very nervous among the group.

Pinku: No wonder this tent is so fancy looking…
Rei: Oh yeah, this bitch had a chance with a rich witch, which she totally squandered…

Rachel nervously laughs.

Rachel: Well, it's very nice to meet you two. It's a shame it's just the three of us out here…
Pinku: Oh, that's not a problem at all!

Pinku scratches the back of her head, elbowing away Rei's incorporeal body.

Rei: Oh hey, do you guys have spare towels? I didn't get any.
Pinku: Right, shit.
Rachel: Yeah, uh, there should be some here, somewhere…

Pinku puts her thumb up as she looks through the tent. Sakeena tosses her a towel.

Pinku: Oh, thank you!

Pinku grabs the teacup and heads out with the towel.

Pinku: Well, it was nice to meet you!
Rachel: No problem, just give us the towel back, okay?
Pinku: I'll do that!

Pinku goes off with Rei as Rachel goes back to reading her book.

Rachel: You think those two have adventures we don't know about?
Sakeena: I'm pretty sure everyone does.

Rachel sheepishly grins.

Rachel: Yet ours are like the farthest thing from private, huh?
Sakeena: Eh, nobody knows what happened on my birthday besides you and Strafe, so I guess we still have our secrets.
Rachel: Yeah…

Rachel tilts her head back and resumes back to reading her book.

Unten's group enters an arcade, Zellen straying more towards the front, as if she already wants to leave. Kimi glances over the arcade machines as Hinata looks around for something vaguely pachinko-like, with Strafe looking over some of the older machines. Hama glances at a old Namco machine that features multiple games on it as Melissa tidies up the place herself. Nycho and Obena go over to a Spider Stompin' machine.

Nycho: Damn, that's a spider alright.
Obena: Yes, that blue one has captured a human child.
Hinata: Ugh, don't you guys have any pachinko machines?

Hinata puts her hand on her hip as she glances around.

Nycho: Nah, I don't think we're allowed to put in gambling in arcades.
Hinata: Oh hush. It's not like this ticket system is really that much better…
Obena: That's probably a good point.
Melissa: Goddamn, there is garbage everywhere. My crylians are going nuts with how much dust is around here.

Guadalupe watches as Hama plays Dig Dug.

Guadalupe: Dig Dug, huh?
Hama: Yeah, yeah.

Hama rolls her eyes as she keeps playing.

Guadalupe: Nah, it's cool. Kind of ironic you're inflating the green dragons…
Hama: I mean, what else am I supposed to do, that's the game.
Guadalupe: Just trying to inject some humor, damn girl.
Hama: Well, you suck at it.
Guadalupe: Tight ass… both literally and metaphorically…
Hama: Say that again, you bitch…

Unten puts his hands up in the air.

Unten: Hey, woah, woah. Let's not jump to this kind of thing doing, alright?

Hama blows fire out of her nostrils as Guadalupe walks towards her cousin Nycho, who is playing on the Spider Stompin' game.

Bang: Hey!

Bang points to Guadalupe, who points back to herself.

Guadalupe: Me?

Bang stands behind a ice hockey table, playing idly around with the puck.

Bang: Yeah you!

Guadalupe grabs the opposite puck and Bang hits the puck towards her goal.

Guadalupe: I'm pretty good at this game, all things considered…

Silver Zin glances at Zellen Harley Quimbleson, who just has her arms folded.

Silver: Bored already? That's unlike you…
Zellen: Heh… well, I think you already know I have other motivations…
Silver: I don't… actually.
Zellen: Well, don't worry your pretty head about it.
Hinata: You call that pretty? He is visibly bleeding from those empty eyes…

Zellen kisses Silver on the lips.

Zellen: Of course… it's the kind of tortured soul look I adore…~

Hinata shrugs as she keeps looking around. Quartz, in her Second Form, enters the arcade. Unten glances over, a bit taken aback.

Unten: Wow, that's uh, a outfit...
Second Form Quartz: Heh, you like it, huh?
Unten: Heh…

Second Form Quartz smiles.

Sia folds her legs as she sits on a rock outside with Mioda.

Sia: I dunno what got into Netnu. Weren't... all of us on good terms with him?
Mioda: Yeah... that is bizarre, isn't it?

Netnu can be heard wincing in pain as the simulation shuts off.

Sia: He's coming outside.

Netnu steps outside, with bandages wrapped around him. He looks like a mess.

Sia: Hey buddy, what's going on?
Netnu: God, you had to bring someone else here too, huh?
Mioda: We just wanna know what's going on, that's all.

Netnu hangs his head back, before snapping it back into place.

Netnu: I thought things were going fine. I really did. I thought, clearly, that my training in the arcane assisted by The Seer herself as well as the whole Tarot group- that would be enough to overcome anything.
Sia: It has been, for the most part.
Netnu: I got beat by NULL. Most people did. But...

Netnu growls.

Netnu: Still, even Unten lasted longer than me. Of course he got stronger. But we were on a equal level back on Zeon before everything exploded. Now? I dunno...

Sia extends her arm out and Netnu swats it away.

Netnu: I have been too forgiving.
Sia: What do you mean by that...?

Netnu goes silent as he looks at Mioda and Sia.

Netnu: Some part of you knows that Unten can't possibly be what he was hyped up to be and you've felt the effects of that.
Sia: I'm not following, chief.
Mioda: Yeah, me neither...
Netnu: You earnestly mean to tell me both of you don't understand how I feel? The collapse of Zeon. The indecisiveness over descending the Threat before going mad and descending both the Fan and the Enemy out of a emotional response?
Sia: The Zeon thing was years ago. I'm not sure he could have actually saved the planet or not.
Netnu: You know Boare did the same thing. You saw him.

Sia stands up, pushing Netnu.

Sia: You don't ever talk about Boare again.

Mioda holds her arm.

Sia: You don't know how much that emotionally wrecked me to watch him die.
Netnu: How about my family, huh?

Sia stands back, trying to stop herself from crying.

Netnu: Yeah, everyone forgot, huh? Did you ever see them after Zeon exploded? Probably because they're...

Netnu starts to choke up too. Mioda sighs.

Mioda: You can't blame Unten on that.
Netnu: He could have saved them.
Sia: That wasn't guaranteed.
Netnu: I would have done it in a heartbeat. I don't see why our "great" leader couldn't.
Sia: He would do it now.
Netnu: Now, when it doesn't matter.
Mioda: If you want to keep being bitter about it, fine. Don't fucking kill yourself about it.
Netnu: Bitter... haha! Oh, you think this is just me being bitter?

Netnu puts his hand to his head in disbelief.

Netnu: That's... wow!
Mioda: Whatever. We were here to see what was up, because Sia said you were hurting yourself. I don't think this is what Eliza would have wanted, to see you like this because of your shattered pride. Yes, it's tragic that your family died, but Unten isn't at fault for that.

Sia looks at the ground nervously. She just wants to go.

Mioda: Me and Sia are going. Don't come back, see if I care.

Mioda and Sia leave Netnu's Sanctuary. Netnu wipes off his tears and heads back into the training facility, sitting down for a moment to recollect himself.

Rachel starts flipping through the book, with a somewhat worried expression.

Rachel: Hang on a minute… no…
Sakeena: Uh… you alright?

Rachel squints at the text and puts her finger over the text.

Rachel: What? No… no… no…

Rachel shuts the book and just sits anxiously.

Sakeena: Rachel?
Rachel: Hu-what?
Sakeena: Rachel, are you okay?
Rachel: I'm…

Rachel sighs to herself.

Rachel: I need to lie down. Mm…

Rachel throws on her sandals and puts down the book on her chair as she starts walking off the beach.

Sakeena: Rachel…

Sakeena shuts down her laptop and leaves it as she follows her. Rachel walks up the wooden steps as Sakeena follows her.

Sakeena: Rachel, where are you going?
Rachel: Nhh…

Rachel walks onto the sidewalk, increasing her pace as she looks around for a hotel.

Rachel: Okay… okay…

Rachel finds a hotel as she walks down the sidewalk and quickly turns towards the front desk.

Rachel: Hi, I need a room please.

Rachel grabs her wallet and prepares to pay.

Hotel Clerk: Sure thing…

The hotel clerk grabs a hotel card key as Sakeena walks through the doors, following Rachel as she heads up the stairs.

Sakeena: Rachel, what are you doing?
Rachel: I need to lie down. I need to lie down.

Rachel opens the door to her Room, No. 173. She barely looks around, heading straight to the bedroom and laying down on the bed as Sakeena sits on the other bed.

Sakeena: something wrong?
Rachel: I have really… really bad anxiety right now.

Sakeena nods.

Rachel: I don't really want to talk about it right now. I… don't think you should have followed me here, either.
Sakeena: I'll just sit here and be quiet, okay? If you want to talk, I'll be right here.

Rachel swallows air in her throat and just continues to lay on the bed, absolutely racked with anxiety, the likes of which she has never felt before.

Second Form Quartz and Unten are sitting at a table outside of the arcade.

Second Form Quartz: Hey, so how are you holding up? These guys are kind of… pain sometimes, you know…
Unten: I'm holding up pretty well. There's some… infighting, sure, but nothing too serious.
Second Form Quartz: Mm…

Second Form Quartz glances at Silver and Zellen in the arcade.

Second Form Quartz: Those two Heralds… they can't be anything but bad news.
Unten: You know what a Herald is?
Second Form Quartz: Most of the Top Ten, at least from my group, had a tangential knowledge of cosmic locations and beings, yes.
Unten: Is that why you seemed offput by Zellen earlier?
Second Form Quartz: One of the reasons, yes.

Unten glances at Zellen again through the window as Second Form Quartz snaps her fingers to demand his attention back.

Unten: Sorry…
Second Form Quartz: I'm not mad, don't worry.
Unten: Right…

Second Form Quartz brings Unten closer to her.

Second Form Quartz: Me and you should do something, just the two of us. Away from everyone else.

Unten nods.

Unten: I'm… sure they'll be fine without me. What did you have in mind?

Second Form Quartz puts her claws to her chin.

Second Form Quartz: Wanna walk across the beach?
Unten: Sounds fine to me…
Second Form Quartz: Come on, let's getting going, then…

Second Form Quartz yanks Unten up and carries him, which causes him to look somewhat sheepish.

Unten: Jeez, you're a lot bigger in this form…
Second Form Quartz: Do you like that?
Unten: Very much.

Second Form Quartz smiles.

Obena watches Nycho play skee ball with Guadalupe. Nycho throws the ball, which loops down to the largest ring and lands in the 10 point hole.

Nycho: Dang…

Obena claps her hands.

Obena: You did your best!

Guadalupe picks up a ball and throws hers, which riochets off the game board and on the net, sinking it into the 50 point hole.

Obena: Woah!
Nycho: Yeah, she's waaay better at it than I am, haha.
Guadalupe: I'm more or less a pro at this kind of stuff, remember?

Hama leans against the skee ball machine.

Hama: Aren't all the games rigged?
Guadalupe: To an extent, yes. I mean, most of the ones that are rigged tend to be "redemption" games, although there was a pledge back in 2017 created by AAMA that would have reduced this rigging of machines. Although, to be frank, I'm not sure it quite has effected arcades of currently.
Hama: What are we doing here anyway?
Obena: I dunno, Kimi wanted to check out the arcades here. I do have to say, I don't think this one is quite as good as the one we went to in Japan.
Hama: Yeah, no shit. Place looks like trash. I found a paper cup with a cockroach resting inside.
Obena: Aw… where was that?
Hama: I burned it up if you were actually curious.

Obena puts her hands over her mouth, legitimately shocked. Nycho rubs her shoulder.

Obena: Why would you do that?
Hama: Because they're gross?
Obena: What? That's no excuse for such a cruel act.
Guadalupe: Jesus christ, you're gonna cry over a cockroach?

Guadalupe rolls her eyes as she rolls a ball up the skee-ball board, sinking it into the 40 point hole.

Guadalupe: Damn, I really am not on my A-Game today huh…

Obena still looks pretty shaken up about the cockroach.

Hama: Okay, kid, it's a bug, you really don't need to get this worked up about it… I won't do it in the future if this scenario happens again.
Obena: He's still dead!
Nycho: It's going to be alright…

Obena crosses her arms as Guadalupe growls in the background and punts the last skee-ball in the 100-point hole. Tickets spray out of the machine.

Nycho: Let's go get some fudge, you and me.
Obena: Alright…

Obena and Nycho walk off as Guadalupe collects the tickets. Hama leans against the wall.

Hama: Well, now I feel bad about this whole thing.
Guadalupe: Eh…

Guadalupe rounds up all the tickets.

Guadalupe: God, I have such conflicted feelings about her.
Hama: Oh?
Guadalupe: Me and my cousin, Nycho used to hang out all the time when we were kids. Then we moved around and lost contact… I dunno if I like, even matter to him. And that alien girl is just this… general source of problems. She's his best friend now.

Hama crosses her arms.

Hama: Consider yourself lucky that you even get to see him, I guess. My family was slaughtered after I ran away…

Hama sighs for a while.

Guadalupe: I mean, I guess that puts things into perspective a little, but I'm still kind of upset about it.
Hama: Look, you can reconnect if you want. I would strongly suggest you do, even if Obena isn't exactly someone you like.
Guadalupe: Well, she's… okay I guess. Whatever.
Hama: I shouldn't feel bad about burning a cockroach to a crisp… mm. Especially for a group I just met…

Hama scratches her chin and rolls her eyes.

Rachel turns to Sakeena on the second bed, who has been reading through a hotel pamphlet in the drawer. Sakeena puts down the pamphlet.

Sakeena: Has some of the anxiety died down?
Rachel: A little…

Rachel lies down on her back.

Rachel: God… I don't remember ever feeling like this.
Sakeena: What was in the book to make you act like this?
Rachel: It's… just a story about two women animators who have shitty lives. Their childhoods are shitty, they just released their magnum opus and the woman who's been keeping her shit together suffers from a stroke and… like. God.

Rachel pops her back up a bit before moving back down.

Rachel: I dunno. It felt too close for comfort. And I just kept reading, expecting things to turn around and they kind of do. But then not really. And I just kept feeling this awful sense of dread reading it and… well, of course her alcoholic lesbian friend just fucking dies.
Sakeena: Oh.
Rachel: Yeah…

Rachel turns to her side.

Rachel: She acts a lot like Leah. Not a doctor, but you know… and just… this general sense of dread kept piling up but then like I got to that part and I thought there was maybe a bit of hope that this wasn't what going to be what it seemed… hah.

Rachel doesn't know what to do with her hands as she lays on her side.

Sakeena: It felt too real for you?
Rachel: I dunno. I can't… explain this feeling I'm feeling because I felt panic when you were taken by Threat…

Sakeena looks away, embarrassed by that.

Rachel: And dread when me and Robyn were in the cell when we were captured by the government…

Rachel sighs.

Rachel: But this is… different. I never had to lay down just because of how… heavy I felt.

Rachel rolls back onto her back.

Sakeena: Well, I'm here and I suffer from anxiety attacks all the time too.
Rachel: Really?
Sakeena: I mean, yeah. I'm a little estranged from the family now. Not enough for it to be completely separated but I'm living my own life and not living to the expectations that they had for me. They still support me, but it crawls up my spine, these thoughts that it could get a lot worse for me.

Sakeena points to her swimsuit.

Sakeena: I mean, have you not seen me in something that doesn't cover my whole body still?
Rachel: I mean…
Sakeena: Beyond that.
Rachel: No…
Sakeena: I don't really do it out of choice, I feel. But… I don't want to break everything that used to be the moral code I lived off. I don't drink, I don't try to eat anything that didn't live up to the standards of Halal, I don't really have anything that's not full-body to some extent. I don't live by these things because I believe in them, but because I'm afraid of straying too far.

Sakeena sighs again.

Rachel: I never really had a good relationship with my parents, so I never really felt like I was held to standards. I used to be a bit more wild when I was younger and then I gotta kind of… straight when I was older. I don't really know what I want anymore. I want old feelings back, which have already passed.
Sakeena: With that… I kind of do writing for that.
Rachel: I'm not much of a writer.
Sakeena: That doesn't matter. I can teach you how or at least transcribe it for you…
Rachel: I guess that sounds pretty alright.
Sakeena: We can start on that soon, if you want.

Rachel nods.

Rachel: I think I'm well enough to walk.

Sakeena holds out her hand and Rachel grabs it, getting off the bed.

Rachel: It's getting pretty dark out.
Sakeena: Oh shit, that means the fireworks are going to start soon…
Rachel: Yeah, we should probably head back.

Zellen poses against a arcade machine, rubbing Silver's tummy.

Zellen: I think now's the time I take control, huh?
Silver: Zellie… don't…

Silver nervously whimpers as Zellen glances over to Melissa Dust and Strafe play ice hockey.

Zellen: Hello you two cuties! How about you round everybody up so we can go see the fireworks tonight huh?

Melissa Dust shrugs as she goes to get everyone. Silver looks at Zellen.

Silver: You don't care for fireworks…
Zellen: Yeah, I don't. BING! BANG! WOOSH! How obnoxious, am I right?
Silver: Y-yea-
Zellen: I have my own motivations, do you understand that? I need these heroes to help me out.

Zellen massages his smooth shoulders.

Zellen: You need to relax, you're so tense. What are you, a Paramount executive?
Silver: W-what…?
Zellen: Oh right, they don't have Earth movies in your world, huh?
Silver: No we do… it's just your joke didn't make a-any sense…

Zellen scoffs and shrugs her shoulders as everyone but Guadalupe and Hama gather in front of Zellen.

Zellen: Well, let's go!

Part 3: Fireworkz

Netnu glances at the sky from inside the training module and ends the simulation. He steps out into the cool night air and holds up a small pentagon-shaped device, which roars to life with golden lines etching across it.

Mioda: What is that?

Netnu glances at Mioda.

Netnu: What are you doing here? Didn't you leave with Sia?
Mioda: Someone still had to watch you. For probably good reason too.
Netnu: I suggest you strongly leave me alone for good, Mioda. For your own good.
Mioda: Just tell me what that thing you're holding in your hand is.

Netnu growls before tilting his head.

Netnu: It's a Galvan chest piece. I collected it from my days working for the Seer- it has a connection to the arcane that allows me to utilize magic.
Mioda: Why does it look like that?

Netnu glances at the piece again.

Mioda: That's a DARK Galvan artifact, surely you realize that?
Netnu: I wasn't aware you knew of it's history. Yes, it's one of a kind. Only this and the glasses were ever made.
Mioda: You can't have that.
Netnu: I have and I will!

Netnu holds the chest piece in one hand as he creates a magic circle that goes around his left hand, floating with a orange color. Mioda backs off.

Mioda: How long have you had this thing?
Netnu: For a while now. I used it to draw my power when we were fighting against The Threat.
Mioda: Where did you get this thing?
Netnu: I really wish you would stop asking me stupid questions.

Mioda glances around.

Mioda: Are you planning to gather any more of these?
Netnu: Of course! Do I look stupid to you? As long as Unten outranks me in any way, I must do what I can to outpace him in any given situation. You really think when it comes to saving this planet he'd sacrifice anything?
Mioda: He would sacrifice everything to save this planet and you know it.
Netnu: He left us to all die on there. It's a miracle that we're what's left. We can fix this mistake.
Mioda: He's my brother and you are not going to lay a finger on him- not a spell, not a flame, not any way to deal him harm.
Netnu: Oh, don't worry. I still have a lot I need to do before I even think about landing a blow on him. I need to crush him. Show him the absolute gulf of power between us.

Mioda circles around him, keeping her distance as she draws her bow.

Mioda: This is foolish. What the hell are you doing?
Netnu: Are you just dense? I've explained it so many times in terms you surely should understand.

Mioda growls as she keeps her bow drawn.

Netnu: Put that down. In due time we will fight. But now is not the time.
Mioda: You are literally are talking about wanting to bring harm to my brother.
Netnu: The harm he brought to me is immeasurable. My wife. My kids. Gone. My planet. Gone. Some of my own pain is self-inflicted…

Netnu glances at his limbs.

Netnu: Everything I know about myself has been defined by him. Everything I lost is because of him.

Mioda slowly drops her bow.

Mioda: I guess I haven't been seeing your perspective in all of this. Look, I used to hate Unten too… but look at me. Everything that I'm proud of now is because of people like Unten and Zerita.
Netnu: Mm.
Mioda: Yeah, that's not fair all things considered, but… it's not Unten's fault for what happened.
Netnu: I'm well aware of that.

Mioda sighs.

Mioda: I'll leave you alone, then.

Mioda walks off as Netnu holds the dark Galvan chest armor. Mioda keeps walking down the path.

Mioda: I dunno what we're going to do…

Mioda blankly stares as the camera focuses on her in a close up shot, before leaning down and tapping on the fourth wall by poking the screen. She shakes her head and heads down the path.

Unten sits next to Second Form Quartz on the shore of the beach as the sun begins to set.

Unten: This was nice.
Second Form Quartz: Good to now…

Second Form Quartz rubs the top of Unten's head and smiles.

Unten: We should probably check up to what the others are up to.
Second Form Quartz: They're probably fine, honey.

Unten looks at her.

Unten: Quartz, please.

Second Form Quartz sighs.

Second Form Quartz: Fiiiine, I guess I'll loosen my grip a little.

Unten gets out of her arms and helps her up.

Unten: Oh hey, there's everyone.

Unten watches as Sakeena and Rachel walk down the stairs as Zellen, Silver, Hama, Melissa, Hinata, Kimi, Strafe and Bang also head down on opposite flight of steps.

Unten: Well, nearly. Hrm.

Unten walks over to Zellen.

Unten: Hey, where's Nycho, Obena, Guadalupe, and dragon girl?
Zellen: Hama. Honestly, I don't know. Why don't you go find them?

Unten growls to himself as he heads off.

Second Form Quartz: What the hell, did you just lose them?
Zellen: Oh, I'm sorry, is it suddenly my job to watch over everyone?
Second Form Quartz: You wanna go, bitch?
Zellen: No, come on.
Bang: Yeah, you guys should fight, that would be interesting.
Zellen: We're not going to fight! Silver, you better protect me if something goes wrong. Listen, all I'm gonna do is to find a good spot for the fireworks.
Rachel: We already… have one.

Rachel glances back at her tent and waves to NULL, who nods back as she scrolls on her phone.

Rachel: Yeah, see, NULL has been holding the fort down.
Zellen: Trust me, the spot we're going to see the fireworks in is going to be… otherwordly.

Zellen giggles to herself. Silver just glances over at her curiously.

Silver: Why did you emphasize otherworldly like that…?
Zellen: Jesus christ. Alright, are you going to fight me or just take my word on this?

Rachel flicks Zellen's cheek, causing a small bleed. Zellen groans as Rachel gets back in with the group of people.

Rachel: Alright, Zellen, show us what you want us to see.
Sakeena: But if it's a trap, I can guarantee you that everyone in this group can kick your ass.

Zellen nods her head to the side as she starts walking across the beach.

Zellen: Right this waaay~

Unten walks back into the arcade, looking around only to see Hama and Guadalupe at a Big Bass Wheel game, watching intensely as it stops at the 1000 tickets. Hama whistles as the tickets spray out of the machine.

Hama: Damn, you weren't kidding about being good with these machines, huh?
Guadalupe: Told you.
Unten: Hey, you two. Why aren't you back at the beach?

Hama glances around.

Hama: Oh, everyone's gone, huh.
Unten: Yeah? What are you two still doing here?
Guadalupe: Well, if you must know…

Guadalupe leans against the machine as it continues to spray tickets.

Guadalupe: Actually, no, you don't.
Unten: Look, when you two are done here, can you please come down to the beach?
Guadalupe: Fiiine. Jeez.

Unten throws his hands up as he walks away.

Unten: Trying to keep everyone together!
Guadalupe: Yeah, how's that working?

Guadalupe picks up the tickets.

Guadalupe: This has GOT to be enough at this point, yeah?

Hama shrugs.

Nycho and Obena sit on a bench outside of the fudge shop, eating collectively wrapped fudge. Unten walks past them before reversing and looking back at them.

Unten: Hey you two. Would you mind going to the beach, where everyone else is? I guess fireworks are gonna start and then we're going to head back.

Nycho swallows the fudge in his mouth.

Nycho: Oh yeah, that's something we shouldn't miss.

Obena looks at the fudge and then focuses her power to create a small tin to collect it in.

Obena: Coming!

Unten sighs in relief.

Unten: I think… that's everyone accounted for, yeah? Hmm…

Unten counts on his paw.

Nycho: You know, how does he get around with just a stump? I mean come on…
Unten: Don't think too hard about it, okay?

Nycho shrugs as he and Obena head back to the shore.

Zellen leads everyone to a bunker with a rusty sealed lock.

Zellen: Sakeena, if you may do the honors and bend this lock off…

Sakeena rolls her eyes as she forms the rusted mass into a metal ball that floats around her.

Zellen: Ehe, excellent.

Zellen opens up the doors and reveals a technicolor landscape of bricks and slimes, which hop around aimlessly.

Rachel: What the…? What is this?

Zellen glances at Rachel and grins.

Zellen: A effective link between the dimensions of the Wasteland, Spirit Dimension, and the Realm of Dreams. Or whatever you call them. This is what is effectively called the Dungeon Dimension.

Rachel glances at the sky.

Rachel: This seems like a really good way to miss the fireworks.
Zellen: Nonsense! I just need one thing from this specific portal into the dungeon dimension.

Zellen holds up a defunct Stenographer's Stone in between her fingers.

Zellen: This here is called a Stenographer's Stone and I'd get it myself if the place wasn't so perilous and filled with danger! Not something for a girl like me!

Zellen pretends to swoon and lands in Silver's arms, who can barely hold her.

Zellen: So are you up for the task?
Melissa Dust: So… you were going to send us through a dangerous dimension to grab whatever that fucking thing is and you just expected us to be okay with it?
Zellen: Yeah, you guys are real go getters, right?

Everyone just kind of looks at each other and leaves.

Zellen: COWARDS!

Zellen stands up and stretches her back.

Zellen: Well, I guess I'll just close this door then.
Silver: How did you even know it was here?
Zellen: Silver, all doorways into the dungeon dimension remain the same across universes, but swap positions. This doorway opened recently and I knew I had to come here to achieve the Stenographer Stone here. Come on, didn't they tell you that in Herald class?
Silver: H-herald class?

Zellen ribs Silver in the stomach.

Silver: A-ack.
Zellen: I'm just joshing ya. There's no such thing as a Herald class! Not anymore at least...
Silver: Meh, I'll get it for you.
Zellen: You will? For me?

Silver shrugs and enters through the dungeon dimension, summoning his Mind Weaver as her skewers a bunch of giant slimes with dark energy projections, blasting his way through the tower. He grabs the blue colored Stenographer Stone effortlessly, kicking a crowned slime in the face as it falls down the Dungeon Dimension's technicolor atmosphere. He returns to Zellen.

Zellen: See, I knew at least you would be useful…

Zellen attempts to grab the Stenographer Stone, but Silver kicks her in the leg.

Silver: Look, I might be clueless about this whole Herald thing, but even I know that Stenographer Stones are used to create new universes. And I dunno, that could come in handy one day, when I'm at my lowest point and don't have any other options.

Zellen growls as she creates a portal and kicks him through it. Silver creates his own portal on the other side and fires one behind Zellen, pushing her through the portal she created to push Silver through. Silver closes her portal forcefully as he leans against the bunker door, holding the Stenographer Stone.

Silver: I need some space, hahah. Whew, that intense.

Everyone arrives at the beach tent, where NULL waves to them.

NULL: I knew I should have left early. What a crowd. Where did that blonde girl go? Did you murder her? You don't have to tell me, but nod if you took a blood oath.

Silver pops out of a portal.

Silver: I took care of her. She's back at her healing pool dimension, flat on her ass.
NULL: Oh cool, he's still around. Can I lick your eye blood or is it just make up?

Silver taps at his "eye blood" as Rachel sits down on a beach chair, putting her book away.

Rachel: Yeaaah, fireworks!

Rachel claps a very lonely clap before sulking back into her seat.

Second Form Quartz: Where's Unten?

Nycho and Obena walks towards the group, with Unten following from behind. Unten waves to Quartz, who waves back.

Nycho: Firework time?
Melissa Dust: Not quite yet, it seems.

Nycho sits down, with Obena sitting next to him. Unten sits next to Second Form Quartz, who nuzzles his neck. The first fireworks begin to pop into the air, exploding as Unten and Obena almost unconsciously cover their ears.

Second Form Quartz: Aww… are you afraid of the noises? I'll keep you safe.

Second Form Quartz holds Unten closely. Guadalupe and Hama run down the steps with two giant tsum tsum plushies.

Hama: We're here!

Obena turns her head as Hama drops a Spider-Man Tsum Tsum into her lap.

Obena: Oh?

Kimi glances over.

Kimi: That's a Spider-Man Tsum Tsum… those kind of plushies are popular in Japan, I dunno what you're doing with them…
Hama: I felt bad, okay? So me and Guadalupe decided to try and make it up to you. You seem to like bugs, so this was the closest I could get.

Obena hugs the plushie.

Obena: He has red skin like me!

Hama keeps her mouth closed even though she wants to laugh really bad. Guadalupe drops a Miles Morales Tsum Tsum into Nycho's lap.

Guadalupe: We had a couple tickets left over.

Nycho grins as Obena and him hold up their Tsum Tsums up.

Guadalupe: I gotta face it, you two are good friends for a good reason and even though I'm probably always going to be a bit envious.

Nycho smiles as Gaudalupe sits down, more fireworks going off into the sky.

Strafe: Damn, wish I had a camera.

Sakeena sighs as she snaps pictures of the fireworks off her phone.

Sakeena: You really need to catch up with the times, dude.

The scene ends as the group and the tent is seen from behind as fireworks pop in the air, cackling through the night.

The groups prepare to leave. Unten opens the door to Strafe's car as Hama and Melissa stand before Silver.

Hama: You do know where we originally came from right?
Silver: Yeah, don't worry.

Melissa crosses her arms.

Melissa: It was a fun day with you all but I gotta get going back. Aran never feeds Firball even when I ask him to…
Rachel: Understandable! We enjoyed hanging out with you two!

Obena hugs her Spider-Man plush tightly. Hama smirks.

Hama: See ya around. Maybe.

Hama falls back into a portal that Silver has created as Melissa jumps into hers. Silver creates a portal to head back to the Lifts.

Unten: Alright, enough with the goodbyes, let's head back before an accident overtakes the freeway…

NULL looks very interested.

Unten: That's not a invite for you to start one, NULL.

Nycho pops in a CD into his car as he backs out, blaring out Midnight City by M83 as he peels away. The sounds of woos fill the air as he drives away.

Strafe: Damn, that's a good song. Sakeena, can you put that on with blue tooth or whatever?

Sakeena nods as she opens up Spotfiy and the car backs away from the beach, playing Midnight City by M83.

Waiting in a car

Strafe's car goes down the freeway as the city lights of Seattle reflect off the waxed car's hull.

Waiting for a ride in the dark

Nycho and Obena jam out to the song as Guadalupe sits back, sipping on some green apple absinthe.

The night city grows

The two cars race each other down the streets of Seattle as Strafe and Nycho laugh.

Look and see her eyes, they glow

The beach shore is seen again with colorful Hyper Orbs litter against the sand, with a clawed hand picking them up. It's revealed to be Doomulus Saline, who glances at the moon. The song slowly fades out as she holds them up.

Doomulus Saline: I dunno if any of these will work for Prime, but they'll look nice in the collection…

Doomulus Saline grins as she scutters off.


Post Credits: Visionz

A dim light turns on in an empty room, showing two androids, one male and one female. Dr. Anatoly Morozov and Dr. Veronica Morozov look over them as music begins to surge into the scene.

Netnu opens the door to a chamber inside his training pod, which reconnects a small golden eye piece over his left eye and straps wires into his cybernetics. His eyes are closed.

Doomulus Prime lays dormant inside a body of neon fluid, his Doomuli parts floating off him for a brief second before being magnetized back.

The androids are seared with various blowtorches as they meld together parts of their bodies. Netnu is outfitted with a new cloak and the arcane chest piece is strapped in. Doomulus Prime has some parts pulled off him by small robots known as Primebots. Suddenly, the androids, Netnu, and Doomulus Prime open their eyes in a bunch of quick cuts. A new pair of eyes awakens and the camera pans out to reveal it is the Mistake, opening his eyes for the first time onto a gray sand desert.



Transformations Featured


  • Summer Dayz is the OVA that may consist of the most new artwork created for it, featuring brand new art for over a dozen returning characters.
  • NULL was not originally part of the plans for Summer Dayz but was added to flesh out her character more.
  • Rachel and Sakeena's subplot about dealing with anxiety after Rachel reads a book that make her suffer an anxiety attack is based off something that occurred the last time the author (tbc) went to the beach. The description of the book Rachel gives to Sakeena is more or less a summary of what happens in The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker, which was the book that caused the anxiety attack for the author that forms the basis of this subplot.
  • Originally Summer Dayz was planned to end with Nycho finding Absinthe graffiting the Fantendo Firehouse, but this was scrapped after her formal introduction in Fantendo - Zenith. This ending was replaced with what the author feels is a more cohesive and better ending overall.
  • This story took the longest to write out of any of the OVAs from reveal to finish. This is due to character rights being somewhat complicated for a variety of reasons for all guest star characters and a general lack of interest afterwards. The story would be eventually completed after asking for opinions on a poll.
  • Silver taking the Stenographer Stone from the Dungeon Dimension is foreshadowing for his Stenographer Stone he uses at the beginning of the story for COLD❄BLOOD. In the original draft, Zellen actually took it and succeeded.