Suicune, the legendary beast of water.
Universe Pokémon
Previous Smash Appearances Newcomer
Availability Starter
Final Smash Blizzard

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Suicune graces the Smash Bros. event with its legendary status in Super Smash Bros. Crusade, being one of the newest fighters to represent the Pokémon series. Suicune was hinted at on Thursday, August 20, 2015, before being revealed the next day. The main developer stated that Suicune was originally supposed to be pushed back to Saturday, but due to the reveal of Pokkén Tournament for Wii U, the current date was more fitting. 


Suicune is a large, legendary Pokémon, so naturally you can expect some very powerful moves to come out of it. It mainly attacks with moves associated with water, ice, or winds, though it does have a few physical move with the two ribbon tails around it. Suicune's moves often times have wind or water effects to push away incoming foes and attacks, while the ice moves can freeze foes right in their tracks. It also can use moves like Bubble and Tailwind to set up effective traps on the battlefield, pressuring opponents to make careful moves.

Suicune's biggest weakness is its size: it is by far the widest battler of the Smash Bros. cast. This makes it take up a lot of space and can make it hard to move around quickly. In addition, Suicune's air speed and traction are far from great, and their moves do a lot of knockback so that combos are harder to pull off. In order for its potential to be fully realized, Suicune must combine its powerful moves with a host of stage traps to rack up damage while playing defensively with moves like Mirror Coat to prevent itself from taking too much damage.


Standard Moves

Move Name Description Damage
Neutral Attack Ribbon Wave Two strikes with the side ribbons, followed by a swirling torrent of water in front of Suicune. The finishing hit is a burst of water. 3%, 2%, 1%, 4%
Forward Tilt Ribbon Strike Suicune jabs its left ribbon forwards. Has a small windbox if the move doesn't connect. 9%, 1% (wind)
Up Tilt Crystal Sheen Suicune swings its head upwards, using the giant crystal as a method of attack. 10%
Down Tilt Reservoir Burst A pulse of water from the ground emerges and hits up to 3 times depending on how much damage the opponent has. 6% (hits 1-3)
Dash Attack Headbutt Suicune charges forwards with a headbutt. 13%
Forward Smash Ice Fang Suicune lunges forward and bites with cold fangs. A very powerful KO move. 18%, 28% (charged)
Up Smash Hydro Pump A giant pump of water is released from Suicune's crystal, one of the highest-reaching Up Smashes in the game. 15%, 25% (charged)
Down Smash Icicle Crash Suicune forms giant ice crystals out of the ground around it, freezing at higher percentages. 17%, 24% (charged)
Neutral Aerial Mist A foggy mist surrounds Suicune, continually striking foes with small hits. 3% (hits 1-5)
Forward Aerial Extrasensory A golden ring from Suicune's eyes travels a short distance, stunning foes on contact. 9%
Back Aerial Submerging Kick Suicune kicks backwards with both legs. Has water that can push players back. 14%
Up Aerial Rainbow Splash A pool of water forms above Suicune, and extends downwards on both sides to perform a rainbow. Getting hit at the ends will often spike. 17%, 13% (ends)
Down Aerial Gust Suicune uses its two ribbons to strike downwards, creating a gust of wind around it. 8%
Grab N/A Suicune extends its ribbons to constrict the opponent. N/A
Pummel Chill Suicune sends cold air through its ribbon to freeze the opponent. 3%
Forward Throw Water Pulse Suicune throws the opponent forward and follows up with a Water Pulse. 13%
Back Throw Tornado Toss Suicune swings the foe around and throws them backwards. 11%
Up Throw Water Crystal Suicune uses a small crystal to repeatedly lift the opponent up before dissipating. 3% (hits 1-6)
Down Throw Icy Wind Suicune frosts the opponent in an icy wind, potentially freezing them. 10%
Floor Attack Ribbon Quake Suicune propels itself up with a mighty slap from its ribbons, creating a small quake. 13%, 8% (edge)
Trip Attack Aqua Blast Suicune lifts itself up with the ribbons, then presses its front feet down to create a wave of water. 4% (hits 1-4)
Edge Attack Waving Slam Suicune lifts its ribbons up and slams them into the ground ahead of it. 14%

Special Moves

Move Name Description Damage
Neutral Special Aurora Beam Suicune charges up an icy beam of energy, that can then be shot for long distances. The trajectory and travel distance of the beam is decided by the Circle Pad and charge level, respectively. Can freeze at higher percentages. 5% (min), 24% (max)
Custom Special 1 Backwards Aurora The aurora beam is slightly thinner, weaker, and covers less distance, but knocks opponents towards Suicune for combo attacks. 4% (min), 19% (max)
Custom Special 2 Aurora Wave The aurora beam's trajectory options are made more spread out, and instead travels in a wavy shape. 5% (min), 24% (max)
Side Special  Bubble Suicune releases a cloud of bubbles in front of it. Only two clouds can be on stage at a time. When a character runs into the bubbles, they pop rapidly, doing weak damage and stunning the opponent. 6%
Custom Special 1 Bigger Bubble Instead of a smaller stream of bubbles, Suicune creates one giant bubble. The bubble pops violently when touched, and knocks players away. Only one can be on stage at a time. 13%
Custom Special 2 Burial Bubble  The bubbles that Suicune releases will bury the opponent into the ground when contact is made rather than stunning them. 6%
Up Special Tailwind A gust of wind begins to blow, raising up in the air. The gust will continue to blow for about 5 seconds. N/A
Custom Special 1 Waterfall Suicune charges diagonally upwards with a current of water. N/A
Custom Special 2 Uppercut Wind A powerful gust of wind begins to blow, significantly raising up Suicune but leaving a little recoil. The wind will damage opponents. 12%
Down Special Mirror Coat Suicune quickly pulls out a mirror. If a projectile comes in contact with the mirror, it will damage the player that sent the projectile by 1.25x the damage of the original move. N/A
Custom Special 1 Mirror Absorb If Suicune's mirror gets hit by a projectile, it will heal Suicune by the amount of damage that the projectile would have done. N/A
Custom Special 2 Barrier Suicune pulls out a special mirror that can take any one hit before disappearing. If broken, one must wait 5 seconds for another to be available. N/A
Final Smash Blizzard Suicune creates a giant tornado of ice around it, sucking in opponents and trapping them in an absolute zero hurricane. 36%


  • Up: Looks upwards and roars as the crystal on its head shines.
  • Right: Gets into an attacking stance as its ribbons swing wildly in front of it.
  • Left: Focuses its energy as swirls of cold air surround it.
  • Down: Spawns a small whirlpool of water from its left ribbon, holds it up and admires it, and then curls it away.

On-Screen Appearance

A small, glowing blue ring on the battlefield grows larger as Suicune's in-game cry is heard. Suicune then jumps from the background onto the stage.

Select Sound

Suicune roars.

Victory Poses

  • A torrent of water surrounds Suicune before it unleashes a roar, causing all the water to vanish instantly.
  • Suicune hops around the stage, creating blue energy rings that expand as he lands on the ground.
  • Suicune shakes its fur as if it was wet, and then strikes outward with its ribbons.

Losing Pose

Suicune uses its ribbons to mimic clapping.

Idle Poses

  • Raises its head as the ribbons stop moving.
  • Lowers its head as the crystal on it glows.

Victory Fanfare

An orchestrated piece combining parts of the Pokémon main theme.



Descending to the bottom of the Burned Tower, Trainers were surprised to find three legendary beasts waiting for them. Suicune, the Pokémon of the north wind and aurora, was the odd one out of the three in that it roamed the region waiting for said Trainer's perfect chance to catch it. With Suicune in Smash Bros., you can control it with grace, attacking with powerful ice and water moves.


Suicune's Bubble attack allows you to spray swarms of bubbles around the battlefield. If someone gets caught in those bubbles, they'll keep on popping and trapping the popper inside. That's your chance to pop them out of the stage! With Mirror Coat, you can instantly reflect projectile damage back at an opponent. It comes in the form of a large wave, but even that has its limits, so it won't work if the projectile's launcher is too far off.


Tailwind creates a gust of air that Suicune can ride on. It's more than just a recovery move, however, because the current will continue for a few seconds. You can even throw other characters into the wave! The custom move Uppercut Wind does damage to any fighter that gets caught in them. While this does include Suicune, it has the unique trait of not flinching when hit with it.

Battle Spire

Suicune unleashes the ultimate Ice-type attack: Blizzard. A giant snowstorm coats the battlefield, with the strongest parts being right where Suicune stands, once the Final Smash is used. If you use it near other players, you get the chance to trap them inside the storm, continuously pelting them with icy winds before the move ends. If they somehow manage to survive the move, it'll leave them frozen and open for more attacks.

Pallete Swaps

Reveal Trailer - Crystal Clear

A flashing light is seen in the middle of the screen as it grows brighter and the edges extend to form the Smash logo. The screen then flashes to white and begins the trailer.

The trailer starts off in a lush field full of grass during an orange sunset. The wind, once soft, slowly begins to pick up, as a mysterious figure dashes forward. The extreme speed of the runner shakes the grass wildly, attracting the attention of Pikachu, Zelda, and Lucario, all hiding behind the grass. Curious, they begin to run in the direction that the wind blew. The view then shifts to a black screen, where a faint blue glow begins to glow in the shape of a large crystal.

The glow begins to grow brighter and brighter, revealing a mysterious blue Pokémon sailing across the sky. The three previous Smashers catch up to the height of this Pokémon using their recoveries and prepare for battle. The mystery Pokémon is revealed to be Suicune, and it roars, causing the screen to glow white as the word "CRYSTAL" is spelled in Unown letters, signaling the arrival of a new challenger.

Suicune is shown inside the Blue Dome of Pokkén Tournament, its crystal glowing before it runs off. It assaults fighters with its ribbons as whips, grabbing them or trapping them in multi-hit moves before sending them flying. It uses these ribbons at one point to create a gust below it, pushing an opponent down into a meteor smash. Another attack of Suicune hits from the top, drags the foe to the bottom, and pushes them off the stage.

Pikachu shows up in a new cavern stage, running away from Suicune, but it ends up getting caught in a storm of bubbles. Suicune grabs Pikachu and follows up by throwing it into another bubble cloud. Suicune is then shown using Aurora Beam on a large string of fighters, freezing them all with the height of their frozen state increased towards the back of the group. Suicune then finishes up by rising up onto the stage with a Tailwind and unleashing a Blizzard. The snowstorm coats the scene in blinding ice that causes a bright flash that reveals the Super Smash Bros. Crusade logo.

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