Sugar Cannon
Developer(s) Lazy Studios
Publisher(s) Lazy Studios
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Playstation 4
Genre(s) Shoot 'em up
Age Rating(s) ESRB: E10+

Sugar Cannon is a 2D shoot 'em up developed and published by Lazy Studios for the Nintendo Switch, XBOX One, Playstation 4 and PC. The game's release date has not been announced as of right now.


Sugar Cannon takes place in the world of Foodtopia, a world populated by living food. For many years, the seven kingdoms, Dessert, Vegetable, Seafood, Italian, Spicy, Japanese and Fast Food lived in harmony. That was until the Burgking, an evil ruler from the Fast Food Kingdom, seeked to take over the entirety of Foodtopia. Using an evil spell, he captures the Flavor Sprites, and hypnotizes the inhabitants of the other kingdoms to enact his plans.

Awakening from her sleep, Merrin steps out of her home to see the Dessert Kingdom under siege. She sees a Burger Soldier, holding a net filled with Flavor Sprites. She notices a Vanilla sprite, attempting to save its friends, but falls over. Watching his fellow sprites being taken away, he begins crying. Merrin walks over to him, consulting him, and promising him that she will save them. The two high five, and fly off to save the sprites from the Burgking's evil hands.

Throughout her adventures across the kingdoms, she faces off against a variety of food-based foes. From evil vegetables and dangerous seafood, to mechanized burgers and fries, she takes them down while rescuing Flavor Sprites along the way. Alongside them, Merrin will meet with and fight against Frysisca, her doppleganger and one of Burgking's most skilled fighters.

Merrin faces off against a variety of bosses, and makes her way to Burgking's fortress. Finding her way into his throne room, though she initally attempts to challenge her she is stopped by Frysisca. Frysisca ends up defeated. Burgking, watching the fight and gets up. Dissapointed in Frysisca, he pushes her away, calling her a failure, and challenging Merrin to a fight. Merrin defeats Burgking, but not willing to go down easy, he fuses himself with a secret doomsday device, powered by the Flavor Sprites, and transforms into Mecha-Burgking.

Merrin deals considerable damage to Burgking, but then he reveals his secret weapon. He fires a powerful laser that causes Merrin to fall to the ground. Burgking uses the opportunity to try and stomp on her, but Frysisca, not wishing to deal with Burgking's mistreatment anymore, crashes straight through the canister holding the Flavor Sprites. Angered at her betrayal, Burgking knocks Frysisca to the ground. The released Flavor Sprites join with Merrin, granting her all of their powers, which allows Merrin to finally take out Burgking.

After the fight, Burgking activates a self-destruct, attempting to blow the fortress up with Merrin inside it. Noticing a hatch, Merrin and Flavor Sprites go through it, but noticing Frysisca, Merrin decides to stay behind. The Vanilla Sprite nods, knowing Merrin will make it out, as the hatch closes. Merrin grabs the unconscous Frysisca and flies off, attempting to make her escape. The building collapses around her, she narrowly avoids rubble and other obstacles. Somehow still alive, Burgking gives chase after them, firing off every last attack he has at them. However, just in the nick of time, Merring escapes. She watches as Burgking, watching from a massive hole is engulfed in flames, finally destroyed.

In the game's ending, Frysisca wakes up in Merrin's home, surrounded by the Flavor Sprites and Merrin. She has no recollection of what happened, but Merrin just says that everything is fine and that Burgking is gone. Frysisca smiles, thanking Merrin. With the kingdoms now back to their peaceful ways, and now being her own free person, Frysisca walks out, looking out into the sky. She then turns to Merrin, and challenges her to a friendly race. Merrin nods, accepting her challenge, and the two of them alongside the Flavor Sprites fly off, blossoming a new friendship. 


In Sugar Cannon, players controls Merrin in a shoot-em-up styled game where she must fight off waves of enemies throughout various food-themed locations. Merrin has a health bar and a "Sugar Meter" located on the top-left screen. Merrin's health goes down when she takes damage. If all of her health is depleted, it results in a lost life. If you lose all of your lives in a level, it's game over. The Sugar Meter builds up when doing damage to enemies, or by "Grazing", in which Merrin gets close to a projectile without getting hit by it. Grazing a bullet will always net you half a level of sugar. You can hold up to five levels of sugar, which can be spent to perform a special weapon.

Levels scroll automatically, but Merrin can freely move across the screen in all directions. She also has the ability to perform a quick dash to dodge attacks. Merrin has access to two weapons, a normal weapon, and a special weapon, which is determined by the Flavor Sprites that are currently with her.

  • Left Stick: Move
  • Right Stick: Aim
  • ZL: Lock Shot
  • ZR: Normal Weapon
  • L: Move Sprite Up
  • R: Move Sprite Down
  • X: Special Weapon (1)
  • Y: Special Weapon (2)
  • A: Special Weapon (3)
  • B: Dash




Merrin is the main protagonist of Sugar Cannon. A cheerful and optimistic girl made entirely out of ice cream, she serves as the guardian of the Flavor Sprites, the protectors of Foodtopia. When they're captured, it's her mission to save them from Burgking and his army of evil food.



Frycisca serves as Merrin's rival. An evil doppleganger created by Burgking using the Flavor Sprites, she was designed to be better than Merrin in every way. Created out of fried chicken and ketchup, Frycisca is lazy, sarcastic and arrogant. Throughout the game she is fought as boss that Merrin will face, and also introduces either activates or introduces other bosses.



The Burgking is main antagonist of Sugar Cannon. The evil ruler of the Fast Food Kingdom, Burgking seeks to take over Foodtopia. Capturing the Flavor Sprites, he leaves the world defenseless, allowing him to use him brainwashed army to take over Foodtopia.

Flavor Sprites

Throughout each level, Merrin will defeat certain enemies and release a Flavor Sprite. Touch it, and it will join you. Flavor Sprites grant Merrin her weapons, with each sprite granting her a different weapon. You can have three different Flavor Sprites at a time. The first sprite you get will be in front of you, the second sprite angled upwards, and the third sprite angled downwards. When you collect a duplicate of a sprite you already have, you can choose whether to add it to your total, or you can fuse it with another to boost the first one's effects. Attempting to collect a fourth sprite will pull up a menu, which grants you the chance to switch one of your Flavor Sprites for the new one.



The starting sprite for every level, Vanilla grants Merrin a rapid-fire weapon, allowing her to shoot rapid balls of white energy at enemies. It's a well-rounded weapon that's great for taking out both groups and tanks, though they aren't as specialized as other weapons.

Special: Cream Cannon - Launch a large ball of vanilla ice cream at foes, dealing a large burst of damage. 

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Fires one bullet at rapid speed. Increases shots to two bullets. Increases shots to three bullets. Increases Cream Cannon's damage and allows it to tear through weak enemies.



Chocolate grants Merrin a spread weapon, allowing her to fire three chocolate pieces that spread out as they fly. It deals more damage as a result of the added projectiles, but it has short range, making it more suited toward close range.

Special: Chocolate Chipper - Launch a large volley of chocolate chips that spread out a distance in front of you.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Fires three shots a medium speed. Increases number of shots to four. Slightly increases range. Increases number of shots to five. Further increases range. Increases number of chocolate chips in Chocolate Chipper.



Strawberry grants Merrin a missile-like weapon, firing strawberries which explode upon contact with an enemy. These strawberries can cause good damage, and the explosion can take out small groups of enemies. It suffers from a slower firing speed.

Special: Berry Blast - Fire a volley of mini strawberries which fly toward the enemy and explode upon contact.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Slowly fire explosive strawberries. Increase fire rate, damage and explosion size. Further increases fire rate, damage and explosion size. Increases the number of strawberries shot in Berry Blast.



Banana grants Merrin a bladed weapon, firing a banana which flies forward and tears through multiple enemies, before returning back to Merrin. Useful against groups. It has a short range.

Special: Bananarang - Fire a giant banana which can tear through larger groups.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Fire short-ranged bananas which tear through enemies. Increases damage and range. Increases size of projectile. Bananarang will now fly around multiple times.



Coffee grants Merrin a flamethrower-esque weapon, firing a stream of searing coffee in front of her. It has short range and moderate damage, but can be used to block weak projectiles. Generally suited for groups, though can also be used against certain tanks.

Special: Caffeine Crash - Create an explosion of coffee around you, taking out enemies surrounding you, alongside more powerful projectiles.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Fires a short-ranged stream of coffee. Increases damage and range. Further increases damage and range. Caffeine Crash deals more damage and possesses a larger radius,



Mint allows Merrin to fire a rather unique projectile, which upon hitting an enemy creates a perpendicular ray of energy. Can be used to take out lines of enemies, though suffers against faster enemies, and has a slow firing speed.

Special: Minty Flash - Fires a blast that explodes into multiple columns of energy rays. 

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Fires an exploding ray of energy. Increases damage and size of energy ray. Further increases damage and size of energy ray. Minty Flash summons more energy rays.



Honey allows Merrin to fire splotches of honey, which create an explosion. It doesn't deal much damage, and its firing speed is slower, but it covers enemies in honey, slowing them down for a short time.

Special: Sweet Barrier - Create a barrier of honey that protects Merrin from a few hits.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Fires slowing honey. Increases damage, explosion size, and slow time. Further increases damage and slow time. Increases health of Sweet Barrier.



Gummy grants Merrin a homing weapon, firing small gummies which will follow enemies. Great if you don't feel like aiming, but its low damage and ability to get distracted by weaker enemies can bog it down.

Special: Gum Seeker - Launch a giant gummy which seeks out targets for a few seconds.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Fires homing bullets. Increases fire rate. Further increases fire rate. Gum Seeker lasts for a longer time.



Caramel grants Merrin a laser, firing a thin beam of caramel in front of her. It deals very good damage and range, but because of how thin the beam is, the weapon requires accuracy to use. It's great against anything as long as you know how to use it well.

Special: Caramelizer - Fire a giant, piercing caramel beam for a few seconds.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Fires a thin, damaging, medium-ranged beam. Increases damage and range. Further increases damage and range. Caramelizer lasts for a longer time.



Cookie allows Merrin to fire cookies, which ricochet off walls and other surfaces. This weapon works best in enclosed areas, where its projectiles have an easier time hitting enemies. However, its slower fire rate makes the weapon fairly weak in open areas.

Special: Cookie Crumble - Launch cookies in eight directions to take out enemies surrounding you.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Fires bouncing cookies. Increases damage and fire rate. Cookie Crumble launches twelve cookies. Further increases damage and fire rate. Cookie Crumbles launches sixteen cookies.



Cherry allows Merrin to fire cherry bombs at enemies. These deal very high damage at a moderate rate, but the cost is that they're affected by gravity. This makes the weapon ineffective against aerial foes, but great against anything below you.

Special: Cherry Cluster - Launch a giant cherry bomb which releases smaller cherry bombs to take out even more enemies.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Fires arcing cherry bombs. Increases damage and explosion size. Further increases damage and explosion size. Cherry Cluster launches even more cherry bombs.


Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake allows Merrin to fire blasts of cake batter at enemies. Unlike the other weapons, which fire automatically while holding the attack button, holding the button has Merrin charge up the batter. Upon releasing the button, Merrin fires the batter. Causes tons of damage, but it fires rather slowly.

Special: Birthday Surprise - Creates a short-ranged firework, which temporarily boosts Merrin's speed and fire rate. Birthday Cake's weapon will also automatically fire when the batter is fully charged.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Charge up and launch balls of batter. Reduces charge time. Further reduces charge time. Birthday Surprise lasts slightly longer.


Each of Sugar Cannon's levels are split into 4 levels, 3 normal levels and 1 boss level.

Dessert Kingdom

The once peaceful home of the Flavor Sprites, the Dessert Kingdom is bright and colorful with almost all of its buildings and natural structures being made almost entirely out of cake and other pastries. The last of the kingdoms that the Burgking has decided to taken over, throughout the entire world players can see Burgking forces destroying the kingdom.

 1-1: Chocolate Plains The first level of the game, Chocolate Plains is a fairly easy and open level. As Merrin travels across the beautiful plains of the Dessert Kingdom, she's face off mostly against weaker foes.
1-2: Candy Canyon The second level of the game, Candy Canyon has Merrin fly through a rocky canyon. The level itself is the first to feature walls and cielings, which certain enemies with stay and walk along.
1-3: Cake Castle The third level of the game, Cake Castle starts off in a small, candy town. Unfortunately, said town is under siege. Eventually, she enters the castle itself, fighting off against various enemies. Near the end, she faces off against a Burger Bot.
1-4: VS Frysisca The fourth level of the game, this level has Merrin fight off against her evil doppleganger, Frysisca.

Vegetable Kingdom

Often cited as the oldest kingdoms of Foodtopia, the Vegetable Kingdom is well known for its luscious jungles and mysterious ruins. Burgking has seemingly uncovered a mysterious force that has stayed dormant for many centuries, hoping to use this to take over Foodtopia. Though she attempts to stop it, Merrin will need to dodge various traps if it means defeating this powerful threat.

2-1: Lettuce Jungles The fifth level of the game, Lettuce Jungles is filled with, well, lettuce. Ruins can be seen in the background, and various vegetable enemies can also be found attempting to impede your path.
2-2: Carrot Caverns The sixth level of the game, Carrot Caverns has players navigate an underground cavern. Carrots and other vegetables can be found throughout the level's tight corridors.
2-3: Rotating Ruins The seventh level of the game, Rotating Ruins has Merrin navigating across a winding temple. The ruins is villed with moving objects and traps, including objects that will attempt to crush Merrin in her path.
2-4: VS Vegtabane The eighth level of the game, this level has Merrin fight off against the ancient guardian, Vegtabane.

Seafood Kingdom

Known for its serene skies, water and sandy beaches, the Seafood Kingdom is a sunny paradise and the perfect home for the various seafood living in Foodtopia. Unfortunately after its takeover, much of these seas are now filled with dangerous predators and pirates. Its up to Merrin to take them both out and bring the kingdom back to its former self.

3-1: Cuttle Coast The ninth level of the game, Cuttle Coast takes place on a serene beach, alongside the occasionally rock outcrop. Various seafood will attempt to attack you.
3-2: Octo Ocean The tenth level of the game, Octo Ocean has Merrin navigate through an underwater chasm. She goes through rocky caverns and destroyed ships, taking out any seafood in her way.
3-3: Ferocious Fleet The eleventh level of the game, Ferocious Fleet has Merrin take down a group of Burger Pirates and their ships. Projectiles come applenty as a result of the Burger Pirates, Hoagie Boats and Tater Cannons.
3-4: VS Krakamari The twelth level of the game, this level has Merrin fight off against the rampaging Krakamari.

Italian Kingdom

The Italian Kingdom with its pasta-based structures are well known for their small towns and generally relaxing feeling, with the sky almost always an orange color. However, as a result of the invasion, much of the city is set ablaze. Merrin needs to defeat every enemy in her way if she wishes the kingdom to not become a charred, burnt mess.

 4-1: Old Town The thirteenth level of the game, Old Town takes place in a quaint, coastal town. Some of the town in the background is on fire, and Merrin will need to face off against various Italian food that will attempt to barrage her with explosion.
4-2: Marinara Mountain The fourteenth level of the game, Marinara Mountain is a fairly open stage where Merrin much slowly climb the large mountain. Players will pass by ruined temples as they climb as well.
4-3: Tower of Pizza The fifteenth level of the game, the Tower of Pizza a large tower located at the top of Marinara Mountain. The level is mostly vertical with tons of tight walls and enemys to take advantage of them.
4-4: VS C.H.E.E.S.E. The sixteeth level of the game, this level has Merrin fight off against the mysterious but destructive, C.H.E.E.S.E.

Japanese Kingdom

The nighttime jungle of skyscrapers and temples in the Japanese Kingdom can make it hard to navigate for many not living in the kingdom. Burgking's grip is shown a lot throughout the city, with billboards and posters littered throughout, alongside a massive blimp that can be seen in the background of the levels.

5-1: Sushi City The seventeeth level of the game, Sushi City is well-known for its bright lights, which really stand out in the nighttime background. Throughout the level, Merrin fights off against various Japanese food.
5-2: Tempura Temple The eighteenth level of the game, Tempura Temple takes place in a large pagoda. It's a very vertical oriented level, having players climb up the temple and take down enemies through its tight corridors.
5-3: Nightlife Concert The ninteeenth level of the game, Nightlife Concert take place in a massive rave for the pop star Sushiana. Her fans will appear from the crowd and attack Merrin, while the blinding lights can cover the screen and make it hard to see.
5-4: VS Sushiana The twentieth level of the game, this level has Merrin fight off against the adorable pop star, Sushiana.

Spicy Kingdom

The Spicy Kingdom is well known for one thing: fire. With the superhot enviornment only the spiciest and most hardened food are able to live in this enviornment. As the last thing standing in Merrin's way of making it to the Fast Food Kingdom, she'll need to make it through the blistering heat if it means saving her friends.

6-1: Chili Courses The twenty-first level of the game, Chili Courses takes place in a large volcanic plain. Fire spews out of holes in the ground, and various spicy enemies inhabit the place.
6-2: Melting Marmalade The twenty-second level of the game, Melting Marmalade takes place in a volcanic cavern. The tight space combined with the flowing magma can make this level hard to navigate.
6-3: Frying Rests The twenty-third level of the game, the Frying Rests is located in a large volcano. The place where the Frydra lives, it is pack to the brim with fryer grease, which will sometimes bubble out and damage Merrin if she touches it. Fried enemies also appear in this level.
6-4: VS Frydra The twenty-fourth level of the game, this level has Merrin fight off against the ferocious Frydra.

Fast Food Kingdom

The final world, once ripe with various fast food, Burgking has transformed the entire kingdom into his giant mechaniced base. This place is responsible for creating the various robots for his army. Making it to the his home base, it's up to you to make it to wherever Burgking is hiding, take him down, and rescue the Flavor Sprites.

7-1: Fry Fields The twenty-fifth level of the game, the Fry Fields are what remains of the Fast Food Kingdom. Now a barren wastelands, it's filled with enemies that will attempt to stop Merrin from setting foot into Burgking's fortress.
7-2: BurgerWorks The twenty-sixth level of the game, the BurgerWorks is where Burgking constructs all of his robotic minions. Tons of dangerous machinery and Burgking's top soldiers are located here, guarding the place.
7-3: Top Towers The twenty-seventh level of the game, the Top Towers is the highest point in Burgking's fortress. While not that ripe with hazards, it features a ton of enemies, including several of the minibosses that Merrin has faces throughout her adventure.
7-4: VS Burgking The twenty-eight level of the game, this level has Merrin finally make it to the Burgking, and face off against him in a final battle.


Basic Enemies

These are enemies that do not give out Flavor Sprites when defeated.

Tomatom Tomatoms wander around in the air, often appearing in small groups. They can be taken down quite easily.
Carrocket Carrockets fly across the screen in a sine wave pattern. They require aim to defeat, but can't take much damage.
Brocannon Brocannons appear on the edge of the screen, floating in place and launching out green blasts of energy at the player. Since they barely move, they can be taken out fairly easily.
Fry Turret Fry Turrets stick to surfaces, shooting fries at the player. They can be taken out easily since they don't move.
Fryder Fryder walk along surfaces, occsionally shooting fries at the player.
Hot Cannon Hot Cannons are indestructable enemies that fire projectiles horizontally.
Chickboom Chickbooms appear on the edge of the screen, before flying directly at Merrin. They can be taken down quite easily.
Bouncebacon Bouncebacons jump wildly across surfaces, occsaionally launching projectiles at the player.
Food Box These boxes stick to surfaces and spawn enemies that Merrin will need to defeat. They can be destroyed with enough hits.
Onionon Onionons are similar to Tomatoms, but have more health.
Fishy Fishies fly in lines, similar to Tomatoms. Unlike them, they fly in a more erratic pattern, almost always taking sharp turns.
Spinshrimp Spinshrimps are unpredictable enemies that float in an erratic, spinning motion. It's best to take them out quickly.
Seekamari Seekamaries are slow enemies that chase the player. They take some hits to defeat.
Tunpedo Tunpedos flies across the screen, and have a slight homing effect.
Tater Turret Tater Turrets stick to surfaces, firing exploding tater tots at the player. They can be taken out easily since they don't move.
Pizza Player Pizza Players at first appear on the edge of screen, but then suddenly explode into four pizza slices. These slices then all fly toward the player.
Doomball Doomballs are slow enemies that chase the player. When damaged or if they get close, they explode.
Sashimmy Sashimmies are similar to Fishies, but can take more damage. They fly in a slower pattern than them as well.
Spinpura Spinpura are similar to Spinshrimp, but can take more damage. They appear in smaller groups than the Spinshrimp.
Sushinobi Sushinobis are quick enemies that climb surfaces. They attack by throwing fast shurikens at the player. They can't take much damage however.
Chilit Chilits briefly appear on the edge of the screen, before charging up and launching themselves across it to damage the player. Take them out before they attack.
Chick Dragoon Chick Dragoons are dragon-like creatures made of chicken. They attack with a flaming charge. After the attack, they hover near Merrin before using their attack again.
Spice Cannon Spice Cannons are rotating, invincible cannons that shoot streams of fire. Merrin needs to dodge them in order to not take damage.
Burghand These large mechanized hands manned by Burger Soldiers can spin around in 360 degrees, and will attack the player by attempting to touch you. They are fairly tanky so players need to be careful.
Bread Breaker These large pieces of bread are an invincible foe that the player will face. They move in a straightforward pattern, often up and down or left to right, but cannot be damaged and will damage Merrin if she touches them.

Holder Enemies

These are enemies that can let out Flavor Sprites when defeated.

Burger Soldier Burger Soldiers float around the screen, before firing a volley of bullets at the player. Defeating them may let out a Vanilla flavor sprite.

BurgerBots are tanky enemies found early in the game as minibosses. They float around the screen, and can attack with a short-ranged punch, or can charge a volley of bullets. Defeating them will let out a Vanilla flavor sprite.

DB BurgerBot DB BurgerBots are upgraded versions of BurgerBots. Twice as tall and even more dangerous, they are equipped with both a rapid-fire weapon, and missiles. Defeating them will let out either a Vanilla or Strawberry flavor sprite.
Caulicannon More powerful versions of the Brocannon, Caulicannons launch five white projectiles at a time, which spread out as they fly. Defeating them may let out a Chocolate flavor sprite.
Burger Pirate Burger Pirates float around the screen, firing a shotgun spread of bullets at the player. Defeating them may let out a Chocolate flavor sprite.
Hoagie Boat Hoagie Boats are mini-bosses that act as mini battle-ships. Equipped with a spread-styled weapon, though they are slow, they fire fairly quickly. Defeating them witll let out a Chocolate flavor sprite.
Peabomber Acting as floating artilleries, Peabombers launch pea missiles at Merrin when she comes close. They can also perform a dash to dodge attacks. Defeating them may let out a Strawberry flavor sprite.
Musscular Mussculars stick to surfaces, and attack by launching exploding missiles. Defeating them may let out a Strawberry flavor sprite.
Pancutter Pancutters are floating enemies that launch out spinning pancakes, which fly forward before boomeranging back. Defeating them may let out a Banana flavor sprite.
Crabuster Crabusters are mini-bosses equipped with large claws. They fire these claws as a powerful attack, while it fires projectiles up and down. If they have their claw with them, they can also perform a spinning attack to take out the player if they're nearby. Defeating them will let out a Banana flavor sprite.
Popshock Popshocks slowly drift towards you, occasionally firing a stream of soda in front of them to block attacks. Defeating them may let out a Coffee flavor sprite.
Ener-Drink Ener-Drinks fly in a rather aimless pattern, occasionally charging up before creating a lightning strike which damages the player if they are above or below it. Defeating them may let out a Mint flavor sprite. 
Flying Saucer Flying Saucers are equipped with ketchup bottles, firing ketchup blasts which slow down Merrin upon hit. They will generally stay their distance, going behind enemies. Defeating them may let out a Honey flavor sprite.
Bean Box Bean Boxes launch out beans, which fly slowly toward Merrin. The enemy itself can take some hits before dying, but doesn't move much. Defeating them may let out a Gummy flavor sprite.
Chipaconda Chipacondas are minibosses that resemble a large snake. They will slowly chase after the player, occasionally launching a chip which they can destroy. The player needs to destroy all of the segments to take this enemy out. Defeating them will et out a Gummy flavor sprite.
Spagettheye Spagettheyes float in place. When you enter their line of sight, they charge up before firing a beam at you. Defeating them may let out a Caramel flavor sprite.
Cthupaccio Cthupaccios are large mini-boss enemies. They don't move much, but attack by firing multiple lasers which revolve around it. Defeating them will let out a Caramel flavor sprite.
Ring Tosser Ring Tossers toss onion rings which richochet off of surfaces. Defeating them may let out a Cookie flavor sprite.
Eggbomber Eggbombers fly above Merrin and drop down explosive yolks at her. Defeat them may let out a Cherry flavor sprite.
Salad Dresser Salad Dressers charge up before launching powerful blasts of vegetables at the player. If damaged enough while charging, they will explode. Defeating them may let out a Birthday Cake flavor sprite.



Frysisca (1st Fight)

The boss of the Dessert Kingdom, Frysisca appears as the first boss of the game. A mysterious clone created by Burgking, Frysisca was sent there to take down Merrin. Alongside a few enslaved Flavor Sprites, she seeks to take down Merrin and prevent her from stopping her master.
  • Phase 1: At the start of the fight, Frysisca will fly around the stage, generally attempting to stay away from Merrin. If Merrin does get close, she'll dash away from Merrin. During this part of the fight, she attacks primarily with a Chocolate sprite, firing off rapid spread shots at Merrin which she'll need to dodge. Beating this phase will cause Frysisca to release a Vanilla sprite.
  • Phase 2: Once she loses a third of her health, Frysisca changes up her weapons. She upgrades her Chocolate sprite, allowing her to shoot four projectiles rather than three. She will also occasionally switch it out for a Strawberry sprite, shooting exploding strawberries at her. Beating this phase will cause Frysisca to release a Chocolate sprite.
  • Phase 3: Once she loses two thirds of her health, Frysisca changes up her weapons once more. Instead of using a chocolate sprite, she will now use a Vanilla sprite, firing rapid shots. Her Strawberry sprite gets upgraded, making them faster and harder to dodge. She will also now occasionally dodge incoming attacks with a dash.



The massive ancient guardian of the Vegetable Kingdom, though left dormant for many years, Burgking has used his vegetable army to take over the creature to do its bidding, seeking to take down anything that sets foot in the kingdom. He acts as the second boss of the game.
  • Phase 1: Vegtabane attacks with his two large hands. These act as his weak points, with Merrin needed to fire at them to deal damage. However, Vegtabane isn't without attacks though. Vegtabane can attack the player by shooting orbs of energy from his fingertips. These orbs rebound off surfaces, and he will sometimes use his second hand to paddle the orbs at Merrin. Vegtabane in the background can also fire a beam at Merrin, which she will need to dodge. Beating this phase will cause Vegtabane to release a Cookie sprite.
  • Phase 2: Once Vegtabane loses a third of his health, he will change up his attacks. Vegtabane's hands will now be able to charge up and fire a charge shot at Merrin, which she will need to dodge. Vegtabane also gains the ability to launch the carrots on his back into the background, which will rain down onto the stage and explode if Merrin touches them. Each of Vegtabane's hands will become destroyed after taking 1/3 of health, which makes them immune to damage. If at least one of Vegtabane's hands are destroyed, he gains a new attack. His arms will begin orbiting around Merrin and he will attempt to crush her. Merrin needs to dash in the right direction to dodge the attack. Destroying one of Merrin's arms releases a Birthday Cake sprite.
  • Phase 3: After Vegtabane's hands are destroyed, they explode. This angers Vegtabane, causing his head to begin extend and begin attempting to attack Merrin itself. Vegtabane's head is only vulnerable while its lettuce leaves are open, which also often means its attacking with its laser. It's also fairly fast. Alongside its laser, Vegtabane can also summon large vines, which sprout out of the walls and cielings. Markers can be seen indicated where the vines will come from. He can also summon Brocannons and Caulicannons to attack, and can still use the carrot attack from his last phase.



A powerful sea creature said to live deep in the oceans of the Seaside Kingdom, Krakamari was awakened as a result of the pirate activity being held in his waters. Attacking a vessel, Krakamari goes on a rampage, using the ship as armor, and attempting to destroy anything in its path, friend of foe. It acts as the third boss of the game.
  • Phase 1: In Phase 1 of the fight, Krakamari doesn't move. It attacks with a thrusting attack if you're close, and can perform a tentacle whip attack. This attack leaves behind a trail of energy which flies toward Merrin after the attack is over. Krakamari can also charge up before lashing its tentacle directly at Merrin, which she'll need to dodge. Beating this phase will cause Krakamari to release a Chocolate sprite.
  • Phase 2: When it loses one third of its health, Krakamari will become noticably angry. When he begins shaking in rage, it'll perform a jump attack, attempting to squish Merrin. Merrin will need to go under it to dodge the attack, but she needs to be careful, as when Krakamari reaches the ground, they create a shockwave which Merrin needs to dodge. Krakamari can also perform its whip-wave attack multiple times. Beating this phase will cause Krakamari to release a Strawberry sprite.
  • Phase 3: When it losing two thirds of its health, Krakamari's ship armor explodes, causing it to become even more angry. Though it doesn't gain new attacks, they move significantly faster, making him even harder to dodge.



A bioweapon constructed out of the citizens of the Italian Kingdom, the Coagulated Harmful Experiment Expressing Sincere Efficiency (or simply C.H.E.E.S.E.) is a dangerous creature sent out to take out Merrin. He's capable of change him form into whatever he pleases. He acts as the fourth boss of the game.
  • Phase 1: In Phase 1, C.H.E.E.S.E. start off in its ball form. Its hands block shots from its body, launching cheese orbs at Merrin. These orbs explode when shot at enough, and if they blow up near C.H.E.E.S.E.'s arms, they will be stunned for a few seconds. If C.H.E.E.S.E. is damaged enough, he'll occasionally spit out globs of cheese, which quickly fall down from the sky. Beating this phase will cause C.H.E.E.S.E. to release a Honey sprite.
  • Phase 2: When he loses one third of its health, C.H.E.E.S.E. shrinks, going into a form similar to that of Merrin's. Summon cheese orbs, these constantly swirl around C.H.E.E.S.E. and defend him against damage. C.H.E.E.S.E. constantly follows Merrin, occasionally launching his orbs in groups of three as a projectile. He can also perform a dash attack in an attempt to charge into you, and can let out all of his cheese orbs around him after a brief charge. Beating this phase will cause C.H.E.E.S.E. to release a Birthday Cake sprite.
  • Phase 3: When he loses two thirds of his health, C.H.E.E.S.E. dissolves into the ground, before transforming into a massive humanoid form, which takes up half of the battlefield. In this phase, C.H.E.E.S.E. will mostly stay in place, moving his head which acts as his weak spot. He can attack with an arm whip, which launches cheese globs, or a double arm slam which rains down cheese from the sky. C.H.E.E.S.E.'s most powerful attack however is a chargable laser, which covers a large area. However, Merrin is given a chance to dodge the move before it fires.



A famous pop idol in the Japanese Kingdom, Sushiana's influence on the kingdom is just what Burgking needed to take it over. Hypnotizing her using specially-designed glasses, he uses her to infatuate everyone living in the kingdom, and using them as a way to expand his food army. She acts as the fifth boss of the game.
  • Phase 1: In Phase 1, Sushiana will strike a pose, and the members of the crowd will fly in and charge toward you. The numbers can be overwhelming to deal with, especially when you're wielding a slower weapon. If you try to get close to Sushiana, she'll teleport to the opposite side of the screen. Sushiana will occsaionally throw pink orbs into the air, which rain down and explode upon hitting the ground. Beating this phase will cause Frydra to release a Cherry sprite.
  • Phase 2: When he loses one third of its health, Sushiana strikes another pose, and a white flash causes her to split into four, smaller fairy-like forms. Each flying into a quarter of the screen, the four of them attack in unison. They can repeatedly launch an orb of energy at Merrin, fire lasers vertically across the screen, forcing Merrin to go between them while they aren't firing, and can create a powerful electric blast that takes out a quarter of the screen. During the last attack, a flash of light appears before this happens, giving Merrin a chance to dodge. Beating this phase will cause Frydra to release a Mint sprite.
  • Phase 3: When he loses two thirds of his health, Sushiana cheers for the crowd, causing them to begin clapping and giving her energy. Surrounded by pink energy, she begins speeding across the screen, firing blasts of electricity, bouncing lasers, and charging up powerful explosive shots. While charging an explosion shot, she is left vulnerable. Damaging her enough while she is charging the explosion will cause it to explode, leaving her vulnerable to attack.



Once the peaceful guardian of the Spicy Kingdom, the Frydra was transformed into Burgking's personal guard dog after his home was taken over. As the last boss standing in your path before reaching the Fast Food Kingdom, his fight will be a hard challenge to accomplish. He acts as the sixth boss of the game.
  • Phase 1: In Phase 1, Frydra stays on the ground. He attacks by spewing fireballs, blowing a stream of fire that extends outwards after being shot, and can attack with a screen-wide tail whip. Only his head is vulnerable, and hitting him anywhere else deals no damage. Beating this phase will cause Frydra to release a Chocolate sprite.
  • Phase 2: When he loses one third of its health, Frydra takes off into the skies, Merrin follow shortly after. He gains a new, powerful attack, allowing him to charge across the screen. A red aura appears wherever he is going to charge, and can charge from both the side and top of the screen. Beating this phase will cause Frydra to release a Birthday Cake sprite.
  • Phase 3: When he loses two thirds of his health, Frydra's head explodes, but as a result three more grow in its place. He gains a new fireball, which splits into three and launch themselves directly at Merrin. Each head can fire a screen-wide beam of fire. They can also each split off and attempt to charge into Merrin. 


Frysisca (2nd Fight)

With all of the other kingdoms saved and Merrin at Burgking's doorstep, she's come very close to thwarting his plans of taking over Foodtopia. As his last line of defense, Frysisca is angered at all the things that Merrin's done, and isn't going to let her stop her and her master's work. She acts as the seventh boss of the game.
  • Phase 1: In Phase 1, Frysisca acts similar to her last phase in the first fight, except with more weapon-use. She uses Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate sprites in her attacks, and dodging when you get too close. Beating this phase will cause Frysisca to release a Vanilla sprite.
  • Phase 2: When she loses one third of her health, Frysisca gets angry and begins uses special attacks on the player. She's rapidly launch Cream Cannons and Chocolate Chippers. She also begins using Mint, Banana and Birthday Cake sprites. Beating this phase will cause Frysisca to release a Birthday Cake sprite.
  • Phase 3: When she loses two thirds of her health, Frysisca becomes even angrier. She puts up a permanent Birthday Surprise onto her, increasing her damage and making her even harder to dodge. She'll also use Berry Blast and Bananarang in her attacks. She'll now use Caramel and Gummy sprites, though with the Gummy sprite these projectiles can be destroyed.



With his plans foiled and his strongest warrior being defeated, Burgking sees Frysisca as "worthless", pushing her aside and deciding that he'll take out Merrin herself. Equipped with powerful magic, he's going to be tough battle. He acts as the eighth and penultimate boss of the game.
  • Phase 1: In Phase 1, Burgking appears in the middle of the screen. He then raises his hand upward, before unleashing a barrage of bullets at Merrin. These fly directly at her, so Merrin needs to stay on the move. He'll also launch smaller bullets in order to keep her in check. Beating this phase will cause Frysisca to release a Vanilla sprite.
  • Phase 2: When he loses one third of his health, Burgking changes up his tactics. He begins launching an absolute barrage of bullets, surrounding him. Merrin needs to fly in between these bullets in order to dodge them. After performing the move, Burgking is left vulnerable for a few seconds. Beating this phase will cause Frysisca to release a Chocolate sprite.
  • Phase 3: When he loses two thirds of his health, Burgking becomes so angry he lights on fire. He'll now teleport across the screen, either launching a stream of bullets directly at Merrin, or firing lasers that divert as they fly. These can be hard to dodge and will require clever dashing and positioning to dodge.



Not wishing to accept defeat, Burgking fuses himself with a secret weapon powered by the Flavor Sprites, transforming himself into Mecha-Burgking. Forgetting all about his past plans, all he cares about is destroying Merrin once and for all.
  • Phase 1: Slowly chasing after Merrin, Mecha-Burgking fires tons of projectiles at the player. He can fire off walls of strawberries which Merrin must fly between, spreadshots that require Merrin to fly in between, a device that shoots off a spinning beam, and a volley of bullets. Only the head in the middle in vulnerable, and getting too close to his claws will damage you.
  • Phase 2: Upon losing a third of his health, Mecha-Burgking charges up and fires a screen-wide laser. This laser is unavoidable. Upon being hit, Merrin is knocked to the ground. Mecha-Burgking laughs, walk toward him and attempting to crush her, before Frysisca rushes in and charges straight through Burgking's container, releasing the flavor sprites, and taking out a third of Mecha-Burgking's health bar. Not liking her betrayal, he knocks her out of the way, leaving Frysisca unconscious.
  • Phase 3: Merrin is joined by all twelve of the Flavor sprites, granting Merrin to fire all of their weapons at the same time. Mecha-Burgking acts similarly to his Phase 1 form, but much faster. Once Mecha-Burgking loses all of its health, it charges up its laser again, which leads to a button-mashing section where Merrin must overpower him with her own laser. If Merrin manages to do it, Mecha-Burgking explodes.
  • Phase 4: After Merrin defeats Mecha-Burgking, his fortress begins self-destructing. Despite the odds, she decides to try and get Frysisca out. Throughout this phase, she must dodge rubble and enemies. Near the end, Mecha-Burgking comes back, chasing Merrin through the hallway, and firing strawberries at her. If Merrin manages to dodge it, she escapes, leaving Mecha-Burgking to become engulfed in the explosion.



  • This is the fourth original IP created by Lazy Studios, after the Constructinator series, KillGames and Kingdombound.
  • This game's largest inspirations were Gunstar HeroesCuphead and Mii Force.
  • Because of how small the game is, CrakaboLazy4090 (tbc) challenged himself to finish the game in the shortest time possible. He managed to complete the game in two days. 

Development & Scrapped Content

  • Sugar Cannon was originally a more futuristic-styled game, starting a character named Jetpack Dude as he flew through levels attempting to take out an army of hypnotized robots. However, Lazy Studios wanted to create a game for Merrin, a character they've had for years but never created a game for. They decided to reskin the game in order to create a game for Merrin.
    • Jetpack Dude would later become the inspiration for Storm, one of main characters of KillGames.
  • Originally, Merrin could only hold two Flavor Sprites, but could combine their effects into one powerful weapon. The creators decided that this would be a bit too limiting because of the large amount of available weapons, so it was replaced by the triple Sprite system featured now.
  • The Cookie sprite was originally going to be a chocolate chip cookie, but it was later designed to be a sandwich cookie, similar to an Oreo.


  • Ionic Slime (tbc) - Coming with the Honey sprite, the Sushinobi, the Chipaconda and the Cookie's special.
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