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Subjugation is a 3D action fighting game created by Existence Software. The game is set within the confines of a deadly maximum-security prison where the worst criminals in the world are sentenced for life.


Subjugation sees up to four characters - either all fighting on their lonesome, 2-on-1, 2-on-2, or 3-on-1 - duke it out on large 3D battlefields. As each battleground is unique in its layout, players must use a certain character's strengths with regards to the lay of the land in order to claim victory. To win a battle, a team must KO their opponents (by depleting their HP gauge) as many times as there are Blood Tallies; with a team's Blood Tally glowing red as they KO an opponent.

To fight opponents, players can use a variety of different attacks each linked to a different button. There are three main types of attacks: Standard Attacks, Heavy Attacks, and Light Attacks. Using different combinations of Standard Attacks and either Heavy or Light Attacks can lead the fighter into different combos. Performing combos fills up the Adrenaline Metre which, once filled, allows the fighter to enter Quicksilver Mode. Quicksilver Mode temporarily boosts their attack power, and the fighter can perform a deadly Bloodlust Attack as long as the mode is active; though doing so will immediately deplete their Adrenaline Metre.

Aside from fighting, players can also cover the battlefield using a variety of non-damaging techniques, including sprinting, dodging, shielding, and jumping. Sprinting temporarily increases the fighter's running speed, but they will have difficulty changing direction, and the act quickly decreases the fighter's stamina gauge. Shielding will also deplete the stamina gauge when attacks are absorbed, the shield breaking when their stamina gauge is fully depleted. When shielding, fighters can dodge attacks by quickly moving to one side. Lastly, jumping (and double jumping) allows fighters to traverse otherwise unreachable locations, though some heavier fighters will be unable to double jump, instead having a single, albeit somewhat higher, jump.


Parker (whose appearance and gender can be customized) is awoken in a cell with no memories and two large cuffs on their wrists. They are quickly informed by Dr. Yaroslav that they have been imprisoned in Guillotine's End Institution, a prison where superhuman criminals are imprisoned and experimented on. They are also informed that they were imprisoned after having destroyed a large (though unspecified) urban area with their powers alone, explaining that the cuffs neutralize their powers so they are unable to escape. After this, Yaroslav does a variety of tests on Parker before sending them to their new home: Cell GF75 accompanied by a woman named Liz, who explains to them the prison's routine for meals and other such activities. Liz also explains the Battle System, where inmates can fight each other in order to win coupons to upgrade their quality of living, and forces them to participate in the System, under Yaroslav's order.

In-between Parker's battles, they can socialize with the different inmates and learn about their pasts, and upon completion of every character's story, the final main story is unlocked. The events of these stories weave together - a player may be unable to move forwards in one character's story until a certain point is reached in another's.

  • Cardinal can not be interacted with, as he will simply grunt when spoken to, ignoring Parker. Similarly, J remains locked away in his cell, and also can not be spoken to.
  • "Sh", or more specifically her brother "Lull", tells Parker about how "Sh" was, until the game began, the youngest person known to have developed powers. "Lull" reveals to Parker that he is incredibly worried about his sister's powers as and that they are far more dangerous than most people believe. Though he initially does not tell Parker why, "Sh" is almost killed during a battle against Parker because of her own powers, and Parker injures themselves in order to end the battle prematurely, earning the respect of both siblings. As his sister recovers, "Lull" tells Parker about how "Sh" came to be locked away in Guillotine's End, though this is kept secret from the player.
  • Though initially hesitant to speak with Parker due to their different upbringings, Gik eventually warms up to Parker after seeing his fighting capabilities in action. Gik tells Parker about his relationship to the Vier Wasserspeier: he is the stepbrother of Ron La Coquin, and was initially scouted by Yaroslav to be a security guard for Guillotine's End. Hesitant to reveal more to Gik, it isn't until Ron is critically injured when part of the building is destroyed and left in a coma that he wishes to speak more about himself. He had been embezzling funds from his family and using them to keep his stepbrother safe by bribing different criminal gangs. When his family found out about this, they excised him from their family, cutting all ties with him. With nowhere else to go, Gik searched for his stepbrother, but only found some of the criminals he dealt with. As he was getting attacked by them, his powers awakened and he killed three of the mobsters and near-fatally wounded a higher-up in this gang without paying much attention. He was found later and quickly interned in Guillotine's End, in order to experiment on him and learn more about the superhumans.


Guillotine End Institution

The Overseer (or Overseer Warden) is the warden of Guillotine End Institution, the prison with the highest security on the planet for "unusual" inmates. Though the warden of the prison, very few have seen his face, primarily has his lackeys, Vier Wasserspeier, to deliver messages directly to the prisoners. According to Vier Wasserspeier, The Overseer's real name is Warden, though that is the most information they have about him.
Yaroslav is a doctor that was sent by the United Nations to experiment on the inmates of GEI and find out the sources of their abnormalities. Yaroslav was granted permission to bring a team of scientists alongside him, but opted instead to go alone. His experiments on inmates are so unusual that some even believe him to be as inhuman as they are, and worthy of a cell of his own.
Vier Wasserspeier is the name given by the inmates to The Overseer's four main lackeys. They are the highest-ranked prison guards of GEI, serving directly under the warden himself.
Liz was formerly an inmate of the GEI, who was offered her position after sustaining an injury that blinded her in one eye and disabled the use of her left arm. Despite that, she is still incredibly powerful, but perhaps the most loyal of Vier Wasserspeier to The Overseer. She is the one The Overseer trusts most, and acts as Vier Wasserspeier's unofficial leader.
Ron La Coquin comes from a family of billionaires. Despite this, he ran away from his family as a teenager and quickly became a well-known individual in the criminal underworld. He was imprisoned by police and sentenced to work for The Overseer or face the death penalty. Choosing the former, he quickly became the most aggressive and hated of Vier Wasserspeier.
Yuki is a Japanese woman with a heart of the coldest ice. She carries around a large katana, and her pale complexion and white hair has earned her the nickname of "Snow Spectre". She has a past with the La Coquin family, and she does not get along with her coworker Ron, yet, as she is primarily stoic and rarely raises her voice, one would never know unless told directly.
Sixty-Six once worked as a military general, and was asked by the United Nations to assist in keeping GEI's inmates locked down. Though a born leader, in his old age he has taken to the sidelines, being primarily silent but watching and keeping track of even the tiniest details. He claims to have "been on the front lines" for sixty-six years, hence his nickname.

Battle System Participants

As the Battle System of Guillotine's End Institution acts as the backdrop for the events of Subjugation, the participants of the program make up the cast of playable fighters.

Parker is the main protagonist of the game. They are entirely customizable in appearance and gender, and thus can be either male or female. Parker was imprisoned after having destroyed the entirety of a large city, an act they are not able to recall. Their full power is feared by the other inmates, though due to the cuffs they, and most of the other prisoners, wear, they are just as defenceless as any other inmate, and quickly became the victim of bullying for being the newest inmate.
"Sh" is a mute girl who, at first glance, appears to be a normal teenager. "Sh" is not as innocent as she appears, though the prison staff refuses to reveal the reason for her imprisonment. Well known throughout the prison for her rich purple hair, she is one of the few prisoners who does not wear cuffs to suppress her strength.
Cardinal was the reason for the prison's construction, as no other prison in the world could keep him under wraps due to his inhuman powers, the origins of which are unknown even to this day. He is revered by all the other prisoners, but strangely cooperative to The Overseer and his lackeys. He is easily identified by the large red robe he wears, that obscures all his features but his long white hair and the glowing red scar that cuts through his face in an 'X'-like shape.
Gik is a young kindhearted teenager. He has a strange relationship with the Vier Wasserspeier, who treat him more like their protégé than a prisoner. Unlike most of the inmates, Gik's abilities seem to manifest in a physical form: being a sword that he can conjure out of thin air. He is the richest inmate in the prison, stockpiling the points he earns from the Battle System and rarely spending them.
Rin and Run are twin girls who share the same abilities. Despite being sisters, they are not close, as one of them was falsely accused of murder that the other committed; though both claim to be innocent. They are two of the more powerful inmates of GEI, though easily the most dangerous if the two of them are pitted against each other. Both have the ability to manipulate sound waves into powerful sonic blasts, though how they use them differ quite a bit.
Bentley Wind is a former Hollywood actor, whose powers mutated his body. While still considered quite handsome (likely due to the fact that his skin burns anything that touches it, and as such he is unable to wear most clothing thus always showing off his muscles), the bottom half of his body is covered in strange purple and red markings that seem to contain odd, almost-paranormal energy.
Susan has a power unlike most others in the prison: bad luck. Wherever she goes, bad luck strikes Susan and those around her. While inconvenient in her daily life (which is why she remains secluded in her cell most of the time), this power does aid her well in battle. Due to her ability not being as combat-oriented as other inmates', Susan is permitted to wield a koummya in battle.
Brampton was once a stand-up comedian before being imprisoned due to his power, which manifests in a demonic alternate personality. This personality has a lust for blood, and will kill any person in sight and drink their blood. He is thought of as a vampire by some of the other inmates, though Brampton is afraid of both that title and his alternate personality. Brampton's physical abilities are also heightened when his alternate personality take over, allowing him to move at higher speeds.
Xhang Lin was a world-renowned martial artist, and the winner of several international MMA tournaments. At some point after discovering his powers, he robbed the largest bank in America after letting his newfound power get to his head. During his bank robbery, he killed four police officers and two civilians, making him one of the more dangerous inmates. Lin's abilities allow him to create and manipulate fire in various ways which, in conjunction with his martial arts, makes him a powerful warrior in battle.
Trip is an 18 year-old boy with incredibly deadly powers- the ability to convert Carbon Dioxide molecules into dark matter, which he can use as weapons or as portals. Before his powers manifested, Trip was admitted to an asylum due to mental instabilities, believing himself to be the most popular man in the entire universe and the tamer of a dragon. Once he gained powers, he broke out of the asylum, killing all those admitted and who work there, believing them to be people jealous of his good looks and popularity.
Vita is a young girl who has the power to control and communicate with plants. Though kind-hearted and seemingly innocent, she was imprisoned for "freeing" all of the crops grown by the settlement in which she lived, condemning 200 people to death by starvation. Though seen as a witch by those she once lived with, she is hailed as a queen by plants for her actions, who wouldn't mind being attacked or killed in order to protect her.
Rai is a bonus character who is unlocked by experiencing all character stories. A mysterious inmate whose appearance in the game is never fully explained, Rai is a powerful robed figure with the ability to manipulate both space and electricity; the former ability seems to be generated from Rai's bionic left foot. Rai does not appear to be a prisoner at GEI, making their appearance all the more suspicious, and as such Rai is given special treatment by the institution's staff.

Other Inmates

"Lull" is the elder brother of "Sh". Not technically an inmate of GEI, he lives within the prison and acts as his sister's interpreter, as she uses a somewhat different type of sign language to communicate with others, and "Lull" is the only one who understands it. Because he is treated with slightly more respect by Vier Wasserspeier, many of the inmates distrust him, and prior to Parker entering the institution, he was the primary victim of their bullying. His nickname comes from the fact that his singing prowess has earned him the nickname throughout the prison. His real name is Lucas.
J is unlike any other inmate in the prison. Because he has secluded himself within his cell, he does not wear cuffs, even though his power exceeds all other inmates' but Cardinal's. J seems to know everything that has and will happen, his power earning him the nickname of Hidden Prophet. Despite this, he's a very friendly individual who likes to toy with the other prisoners' minds. J never exits his cell, not even to eat, making it quite a scene when he does make an appearance. J constantly changes what the 'J' stands for, from "Justice", "Jason", "Janice", and "Job".

Other Characters

Adrian was Parker's elder brother, who disappeared six years prior to the beginning of the game. He was studying genetics in university, and had previously worked with the company that employed Yaroslav prior to him being transferred to GEI. Adrian was last seen in the school's laboratory working on an assignment that was near completion. No one knows what became of Adrian or his assignment, and his missing persons case still remains open.
Samuel Lynthrope, also known as The Rat, is a representative of the United Nations who frequently visits the prison to collect data on the prisoners and their powers.


There are four main arenas in which fights take place. Battle System fights can be held wherever in the prison should The Overseer grant permission and at least three of the Vier Wasserspeier are in attendance.

  • The Deck is the main setting where all official Battle System fights take place. The Deck is a large empty chamber where technology is used to render various tourist destinations around the world where the prisoners can fight.
  • Exercise Room is, as its name suggests, the prison's exercise room. It serves mainly as a training area for rookie fighters and those who wish to hone their skills. Due to the many cameras and guards that patrol through and around the room, only one Vier Wasserspeier must be in attendance for a battle to begin.
  • Quarry is a large crater located to the south of the prison. The Quarry is where those who lose Battle System fights are taken for redemption, and they must defeat three fighters in a row to return to the prison. The Quarry also serves as the Vier Wasserspeier's headquarters, and is where they remain when not on duty in the prison itself.
  • Parker's Cell is a bonus arena unlocked once the player has purchased the largest possible cell size upgrade. It is Parker's cell, and can only be played in multiplayer matches and in training mode. The cell will take its customized appearance from the single-player mode of the game, with all furniture and wall decorations placed according to the player's preference.



  • Gik was originally created in 2011 by Jake's brother. After his brother's death in 2015, Gik was brought back as a memorial to him.
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