Sub-Par Smack Bruhs Brool
Sub-par smack bruhs brool artwork america
Welcome to the Brool
Platform(s) Wii U and PC
Release Date(s)
January 20, 2015
Genre(s) Fighting, Action
Series Super Smash Bros.
Predecessor N/A
Successor N/a

Sub-Par Smack Bruhs Brool Is A Game For The Wii U and PC. It contains random characters from random franchises.

The Subway Emmestory

The game opens up in The Arena, where Mega Swampert and Jontron Are Fighting(you can play as either one of them,but the winning cutscene is different for who wins). After the battle the arena is attacked by an icy ship. The Ship is controlled by Ridley. Ridley then activates The Arena's self destruct mode. Waluigi then comes in, and they are stalled by some mooks. Mega Swampert then uses Water Gun and Aqua Jet at the same time to get out before The Arena explodes. The trio then lands on Percect Chaos. Perfect Chaos then traps Mega Swampert and Waluigi. Jontron then defeats Perfect Chaos and frees either Mega Swampert or Waluigi(This actually causes the next few cutscenes to be different). Chaos awakens and joins the group. After The Lich appears and turns Jontron into a trophy. Meanwhile, Squidward and Mr. Krabs are walking to the krusty krab when it is destroyed by Big Bony Beetle. Squidward and Mr. Krabs chase down Big Bony Beetle to a cliff and now have to fight Junker. After which, Junker self destructs. suddenly Dark Pit and Dark Link fight Squidward and both loose. Ridley then appears, grabs Squidward and flies away. Reggie Fils-Aime and Egoraptor then go to The Underworld to get answers. After defeating some enemies, they encounter Megatron, who turns Egoraptor into a trophy. Megatron then sends a big souflee to deal with Reggie. Reggie then punches it in half and goes after Megatron. Ridley's ship then is bombarded by both Mega Swampert and Waluigi, who then fight both The Lich and Mega Banette.

Playable Characters

  • Mega Swampert Brofists The World!
  • Big Bony Beetle Makes You Shiver In Fear!
  • The Lich is very, very cold!
  • Waluigi Time!
  • Jontron is Not So Grump!
  • Proto-Man joins the battle!
  • Bandanna Waddle Dee is at your service!
  • Chaos floods the competition!
  • Mr. Krabs is really feeling it!
  • Lopunny attracts the competition!
  • Magolor won't betray you!
  • Mega Blaziken brings the heat!
  • Fawful has fury!
  • Freddy is not yet ready!
  • Dark Link does not have enough rupees!
  • Goomba gets stomped on... again!
  • Ice King is lonely!
  • Scribblenaut is ready to write!
  • Squidward really wishes he weren't here right now!
  • Ridley is too big!
  • Megatron says yes!
  • Mega Banette seeks venegance!
  • Egoraptor cannot remember when ash caught a pumbloom!
  • Reggie Fils-Aime is ready enough!
  • Midna rides into battle!
  • Mama Luigi or is it the bagel?!?!
  • Chorus Kids beat the beat!
  • Sumo Bro. shocks the competition!
  • Bonnie is following you!
  • King K. Rool wants to take over!
  • Heavy is surrounded by babies!
  • Mega Sceptile strikes the fight!
  • Galacta Knight makes the cut!
  • GIR reports for duty!
  • Zombie will eat some brains!
  • Gallade cuts the rope!
  • Dark Pit is not a clone this time!
  • Gruntilda has run out of rhymes!
  • Bill Cipher is watching you!
  • Specter Knight rises from his grave!
  • Morshu is MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM richer!
  • Takanuva fights lightly!
  • Eggman is getting a load of this!
  • I.M. Meen hates those goody goodies!
  • Marceline drops the bass!

Playable From The Start

Picture Name Moves Final Smash Alternate Costume Icon
260Mega Swampert Mega Swampert

Smash-Water Gun

Down Smash-Ice Punch

Up Smash-Aqua Jet

Side Smash-Dynamic Punch

Rain Dance Super Macho Man


BonyBeetleNSMBU Big Bony Beetle

Smash-Shell Toss

Down Smash-Death Glare

Up Smash-Spike Shoot

Side Smash-Shell Spin

Beetle Rampage


Spiny NSMB2

TheLichKing The Lich

Smash-Fire Shoot

Down Smash-Posession

Up Smash-Evil Cape

Side Smash-Fire Punch

Dark Well

The Lich's True Form


Lich Head with Rims
Waluigidance Waluigi

Smash-Wa scream

Down Smash-Eggplants

Up Smash-Wa Shoe

Side Smash-Wa Appliance

Waluigi Is Everywhere Eario


Waluigi face
JonTronTrans Jontron


Down Smash-StairFax Throw

Up Smash-Mjolnir Replica

Side Smash-Jaques

Poppy Bros

Dlc Final Smash:Christmas Sweater



139Omastar Lord Helix

Smash-Hydro Pump

Down Smash-Horn Attack

Up Attack-Withdraw

Side Attack-Surf

Judgement Dark Helix


Protomantransparent Proto Man

Smash-Proto Buster

Down Smash-Water Wave

Up Smash-Rolling Cutter

Side Smash-Ballade Cracker

Tango And Beat Sniper Joe


Bandana Dee KTD Bandana Waddle Dee


Down Smash-Spear Throw

Up Smash-Spear Spin

Side Smash-The Spear

Waddle Horde

Parasol Waddle Dee


Chaos0 Chaos

Smash-Water Beam

Down Smash-Liquid Trap

Up Smash-Water Spout

Side Smash-Water Punch

Perfect Chaos Carnage


Chaos (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Krabs Mr. Krabs

Smash-Anchor Punch

Down Smash-Shell Spin

Up Smash-MOAR

Side Smash-Money Bag Throw

Penny Tsunami

Naked Mr. Krabs


428Lopunny Lopunny


Down Smash-Attract

Up Smash-Bounce

Side Smash-Quick Attack

Mega Lopunny

Shiny Lopunny

Lopunny Sprite Shiny

KRTDL Magolor Magolor

Smash-An Oar

Down Smash-Ninja Stars

Up Smash-Levitation

Side Smash-Laser Gun

Sinister Elmo



257Mega Blaziken Mega Blaziken

Smash-Flare Blitz

Down Smash-Hi Jump Kick

Up Smash-Sky Uppercut

Side Smash-Stone Edge

Brave Bird



623px-Fawful artwork MLBiS Fawful

smash-Energy Beam

down smash-Fury

up smash-Vacuum Helmet

side smash-Star Gun

Dark Fawful



Final Fawful
Freddy Freddy

Smash-Top Hat

Down Smash-Microphone

Up Smash-Animatronic Body

Side Smash-Teleportation

Power Outage

Golden Freddy


Hwdarklink Dark Link Smash-Fire Arrow

Down Smash-Bombchu

Up Smash-Fire Rod

Side Smash-Magic Boomerang

Lorule Triforce Slash

Fierce Diety Link


Goomba NSMBU Goomba

Smash-Spiky Helmet

Down Smash-Bone Helmet Rush

Up Smash-Paragoomba Wings

Side Smash-Racoon Tail



Gloomba 3D Mario

Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

Unlockable Characters

Picture Name Moves Final Smash Alternate Costume Icon How To Unlock
Iceking Ice King

Smash-Freezing Punch

Down Smash-Freezing Beam

Up Smash-Icy Shuriken

Side Smash-Icy Nunchucks

The Crown's Power Frozone


Ice King Icon Have The Announcer Say "Cool!" Three Times In Classic Mode
Scribblenaut Scribblenaut

Smash-Baseball Bat

Down Smash-Anvil

Up Smash-Flying Bath Tub

Side Smash-Bannana

Cthulhu On A Leash

The Prince

The Prince

Starite Lose 25 Times In The Touchscreen Level
Squidwardstand Squidward Tentacles


Down Smash-A Clock

Up Smash-Band Instruments

Side Smash-Horrid Patty

Sweet Victory

Squilliam Fancyson


Squidward Icon Win 100 Times In Bikini Bottom
Ridley om Artwork Ridley

Smash-Wing Slash

Down Smash-Bombs

Up Smash-Grabbing Throw

Side Smash-Fire Breath

Meta Ridley

Mega Charizard X

006Mega Charizard X

Ridley Get 20 Mega Mushrooms In One Fight
Megatron Transformers Prime Megatron

Smash-Cannon Fire

Down Smash-Foot Stomp

Up Smash-Multi-Shot

Side Smash-Tank Transformation


Megatronus Prime

Megatronus prime

Decepticon Lose to Proto Man 20 times with Mega Swampert
354Mega Banette Mega Banette

Smash-Shadow Sneak

Down Smash-Phantom Force

Up Smash-Will-O-Wisp

Side Smash-Sucker Punch

Hyper Beam



Megabanetteicon Beat a single level of the Subway Emmestory without dying once
EgoraptorStaresintoyoursoul Egoraptor


Down Smash-Whip

Up Smash-Poffins

Side Smash-Bomb Roll

Egoraptor:Sonic 06 Glitch




Arinegoraptor win in normal boot's hub 20 times as jontron
Reggie Fils-Aime Reggie Fils-Aime

Smash-Laser Eyes

Down Smash-Purple Pikmin

Up Smash-Iwata Salute

Side Smash-Ready Body




ReggieEnjoyingDat3DS Win in classic mode at the harder than hard difficulty
201px-Midna - Hyrule Warriors Midna

Smash-Hair Whip

Down Smash-Arrow

Up Smash-Shackle

Side Smash-Twilight Wolf

Mirror Of Twilight



Purpleverse Portal thing - Midna Defeat Dark Link at Hyrule Castle
Mamaluigi11 Mama Luigi


Down Smash-"Football"

Up Smash-Baby Yoshi

Side Smash-Spaghetti

Wiggler Attack

CDI Luigi


Mama+Luigi+MamaLuigi2 Win Classic Mode with Fawful on Hard Mode
Choruskidsrender Chorus Kids Smash-Karate Punch

Down Smash-Wrestler Punch

Up Smash-Tram & Pauline

Side Smash-Samurai Slice

Rhythm Beat Deku Link


ChorusKid Win Classic Mode with music being changed on Hades' battle.
Sumobrofist Sumo Bro. Smash-Charge

Down Smash-Lighting Stomp

Up Smash-Spike Twirl

Side Smash-Lightning Rush

Kamek Boss Sumo Bro.


Sumo Bro. Sprite NSMBU Win All-Star Mode
Bonniefnaf Bonnie

Smash-Guitar Hit

Down Smash-Teleportation

Up Smash-Disable

Side Smash-Vent Crawl

Guitar Lullaby Faceless Bonnie


Bonnieemoticon Win Classic Mode as freddy 10 times in a row.
423px-King K. Rool - DK Jungle Climber King K. Rool

Smash-Croccodile Cannon

Down Smash-Boxer Punch

Up Smash-Doctor Jetpack

Side Smash-Crown Throw

Gangplank Galleon

Kaptain K. Rool


KingKRool1-CSS2-MSS Win Classic Mode without dying once.
Heavy-1- Heavy Smash-Sasha

Down Smash-Sandvich

Up Smash-Golden Frying Pan

Side Smash-Family Buisness

Saxton Hale

Robot Heavy


TF2Heavy Win Classic Mode with the language on Russian.
254Mega Sceptile Mega Sceptile

Smash-Leaf Blade

Down Smash-Dragon Rush

Up Smash-Leaf Storm

Side Smash-Dragon Rage

Zekrom's Assistance Sceptile


254Mega Sceptile Win Classic Mode as both Mega Swampert and Mega Blaziken
Galactaknight2 Galacta Knight

Smash-Spear Stab

Down Smash-Lava Pillar

Up Smash-Sword Swing

Side Smash-Javelin Knight

Sword Storm

Meta Knight


Galacta Knight Win All-Star Mode as Magolor
Gir-1 GIR

Smash-Rubber Piggy

Down Smash-Taco

Up Smash-Dog Suit

Side Smash-Minimoose

Duty Mode

Bloody Gir


GirOfficial Win Adventure Mode
Regular Zombie Zombie


Down Smash-Torch

Up Smash-Pole Vault

Side Smash-Bucket Rush

Huge Wave Of Zombies

Skeleton Zombie

Skeleton Zombie

Pvz Icon Win in Adventure Mode without dying once
475Gallade Gallade

Smash-Close Combat

Down Smash-Stored Power

Up Smash-Aerial Ace

Side Smash-Brick Break

Mega Gallade



Gallade Win All-Star Mode 10 times

DLC (Characters Voted For)

Picture Name Moves Final Smash Alternate Costume Icon
Darkpit Dark Pit

Smash-Beam Claws

Down Smash-Black Club

Up Smash-Insight Staff

Side Smash-Twinbellows Cannon

The Lightning Chariot

Shadow Pit


Uglycrazywitch Gruntilda Winkybunion


Down Smash-Bombs

Up Smash-Gruntilda's Broom

Side Smash-Gruntilda's Car

The Hag 1



Billcipher Bill Cipher

Smash-Finger Gun

Down Smash-Cane

Up Smash-Sleep Spell

Side Smash-Eyebeam

Cryptic Circle



Specterknight Specter Knight


Down Smash-Skeleton Summon

Up Smash-Thunder

Side Smash-Purple Flame

Lights Out



Morshu Morshu


Down Smash-Bomb

Up Smash-Rope

Side Smash-Rupee

Uncle Rupee

Fat Mario


Takanuva Takanuva

Smash-Spear Stab

Down Smash-Light Beam

Up Smash-Dual Spear Jab

Side Smash-Fire Kick


Takanuva 2008


Dr.Eggman - Sonic Colors - (1) Eggman


Down Smash-Bomb Deploy

Up Smash-Jetpack

Side Smash-Motobug

Death Egg Robo

Eggman Nega

242px-Rush eggman nega

I.M. Meen I.M. Meen

Smash-Dark Spell

Down Smash-Spinning Kick

Up Smash-Spellbook Magic

Side Smash-Horrible Book

Labrinth Book

Mayor Kravindish

Mayor kravindish

I.m. meen emoticon
Marcelinerender Marceline


Down Special-Life Drain

Up Special-Bat Transformation

Side Special-Teleportation

Demon Bat Transformation

Marshall Lee

At 174x252 marshalllee

455px-Dreambert Artwork - Mario & Luigi Dream Team Dreambert


Down Smash-Dream Ball

Up Smash-Dream Hammer

Side Smash-Dream Typhoon

Dream Zone





Normal Items

Picture Name Franchise Usage
IceFlower LTL Ice Flower Super Mario Causes the user to throw balls of ice, freezing the opponents.
AssistTrophySSb4 Assist Trophy Smash Bros Summons a random character to fight for you (see below for results of assist trophies).
155px-HD Homing Thistle Homing Thistle Plants Vs. Zombies Fires homing shots at everyone.

Assist Trophies

Picture Name Franchise Usage
Creepy fox Foxy Five Nights At Freddy's Chases after all players except for the one that summoned him, and does high damage when attacking them
Karen moble Karen Spongebob Squarepants Fires lasers at all players except for the one that summoned her, and an extra effect is that she automatically attacks Mr. Krabs first if he is in the battle
KSSU Marx artwork Marx Kirby Summons a gigantic black hole that sucks in players which are too close to it and does 1/3 of their maximum damage
MmPu Timeman Time Man Megaman Slows down everybody except the person who summoned him and after that starts shooting arrows
Weegeee Weegee The Internet Weegee stares at the screen, dissapearing and giving all characters weegee heads. This assist trophy is useless unless you want weegee's head
MetalSonicSonicChannel Metal Sonic Sonic The Hedgehog Dashes fastly and powerfully at all except who summoned him with a purple aura.
Ganondork Cdi Ganon Zelda CDI Strikes the opponents with lightning repeatedly.
Obeywario Floating Wario Head Super Mario Bros. Causes everyone except to one who summoned him to be unable to attack.
ALLGLORYTOTHEHYPNOTOAD Hypnotoad Futurama Causes all opponents (Except for the one that summoned him) to be unable to do anything except taunt, with the taunts saying "ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD".
FoxSSB4 Fox StarFox Turns the stage into Final Destination and turns all the characters into Fox with no items spawning for a whole minute.
Sakurai 745 Sakurai Nintendo Causes all characters to trip (except for the one that summoned him) until he goes away.
Roflcopter ROFLCOPTER The Internet Fires bombs and missiles at all who summoned him, the impact causing both damage and a single taunt.
Dracula Dracula Castlevania Spreads bats that attack everyone (except for the one that summoned him) and calling them all miserable little piles of secrets.
Tf2 medic.preview The Medic Team Fortress 2 Activates ubercharge on whoever summoned him.
GrumpConductorDanny Dan Avidan Game Grumps Causes the game to pause and unpause constantly, along with everyone being fast and the only items appearing are footballs.

Enemies And Bosses


Adventure Time Enemies

Donkey Kong Enemies

Fire Emblem Enemies

Internet Enemies

Mario Enemies

Megaman Enemies


Scribblenauts Enemies

Smash Bros Enemies

Zelda Enemies


Picture Name Attacks Area Alternate Appearance Boss Description
Ghostpepper Ghost Pepper None Waiting Room N/A Ghost Pepper acts as a punching bag for those waiting for an online match. Once taken enough damage she WILL fight back, and which attack causes an instant K.O. (though the person waiting has infinite lives anyways).
HadesKidIcarus Hades Laser Eyes

Annihalation Beam

Gnat Crush

Dive Kick

End of Classic Mode


Darkrai Dream

Hades is the boss of Classic Mode. He is the one responsible of all the villains.
Perfectchaosartwork Perfect Chaos

Laser Breath

Water Tentacle

Energy Bullets

Giant Wave

Underground Sistern



Perfect Chaos is the boss of the Underground Sistern. Perfect Chaos is defeatable by attacking the horn on it's head.
Junker Junker

Junker Can

Suction Cup

Metal Scrap

Bikini Bottom Junkyard

Junker X

Junker x

Junker serves as the boss of Bikini Bottom Junkyard. Originally programmed to be a trash destroyer, he was reprogrammed by Freddy into being a killing machine.
Souffle Big Souflee

Heart Rain

Eye Beam

Cute Stare

Clubberskull Summon

The Underworld

Giant Shiny Metagross Of Money

Shiny metagross

The Big Souffle is the boss of the underworld. It's weak spot is the eye on it's head that looks like a cherry.

Whispy Woods 2 Whispy Woods




Green Greens N/A Whispy Woods is the stage boss of Green Greens. He will start walking and grow after taking a certain amount of damage.
Pumbloom Giant Pumbloom Uproar


Tower Club


Castelia City N/A The Giant Pumbloom is the stage boss of Castelia City. It can only be damaged in the ears, and can destroy parts of the stage in mere seconds.
Pumkin Hungry Pumkin

Hand Slap

Falling Pumkin Heads


Laser Eyes

Pumkin Diner N/A Hungry Pumkin is the stage boss of Pumkin Diner. His only weak spots are his eyes, which fire laser beams.
Wither MC The Wither Blazing Skulls

Nether Warriors

Wither Skeleton Raid

The Nether

Pink Wither

Pink wither

The Wither is the stage boss of The Nether. It is unable to be damaged by projectile attacks.
Zombot Zombot

Ice Boulder

Fire Boulder

Gargantuar Throw

Winnebago Throw

Roof N/A Zombot is the stage boss of "Roof". It can only be damaged on it's forehead, but teams up with one player.



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  • If you taunt as The Lich repeatedly in his subway level the lights will flicker and his face will show on the screen for a few seconds.
  • When Lopunny uses Attract instead of showing a heart, it shows her slapping the opponent.
  • In Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, if you play as Freddy or Bonnie they will be replaced by the new versions. Since chica is not playable, she will be replaced too if you do Bonnie vs Freddy.
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