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Strafe Lockborne Male
150 lbs
27 years old Human/Deity





Strafe, the thief of light
FULL NAME Strafe Lockborne
POWERS Light element attacks
BIRTHDAY October 18
ALIGNMENT The Fan and The Enemy (formerly)

For the good of Earth

OCCUPATION(S) Assassin (formerly)
Thief (formerly)

Micaliye (aunt)
Black God (uncle)
Palutena (mother)
Lock (father)
Silence (cousin)
Rose Reaper (half-sister)


Unten Bluzen (friend)
Rachel Harel (friend, former partner)
Nycho Invalidez (friend)
Guadalupe Invalidez (friend)
Sakeena Kamel (friend)
Leah Needlenam (friend)
X-Ray (friend)
PalmMan (friend)
Netnu (former friend, enemy)
Sia (friend)
Mioda (friend)
Kiva Glaive (friend)

CURRENT LOCATION Seattle, Washington

Guns, SNK Fighting Games, old technology, jeeps, hot weather, lizards


Strafe (born Strafe Lockborne) is a character that first debuted in Fantendo - Genesis and Strafe: Warzones. He is a reboot of the old Strafe character created by JesseRoo (tbc) and follows many elements created by his original creator. Due to him rebooting at the beginning of his history, his story begins with him escaping Noah and joining what will become the main Fantendoverse cast due to the events of both Genesis and Warzones.

As one of the older members of the cast, Strafe generally is depicted as somewhat cool and reserved but still struggles with a variety of issues that have plagued him since birth. Being the child of a mortal and a goddess, Strafe forever has been at conflict with both his godhood and his mortality.


Strafe has a tendency to dislike all authority, disobeying commands just to to prove his independence (in an attempt to compensate for the helplessness he experienced as a child after his mother's death). Strafe is also capable of becoming extremely dedicated to a cause that he supports, managing to overcome this behavior if he finds it necessary through sheer willpower.

He is often shown as constantly making jokes (and in his original appearance, frequently breaking the fourth wall). He does this in an attempt to hide the numerous emotional scars from his traumatic childhood underneath a facade of care-freeness. This behavior lead to him becoming partially desensitized to his own emotions. He seems to have a tough time connecting with people on a deeper level- refusing romantic advances from others. He is able to connect well with others who also had shitty/deceased parents, such as Rachel and Leah.

Strafe seems to be technologically behind by about a decade as mentioned in Strafe: Warzones and Guilty (Fantendo Now). He is unaware of any operating system beyond Windows XP and in "Guilty", he doesn't understand the concept of taking pictures with a phone.


Strafe is the reincarnated version of the original Strafe from the Pre-Shattered universe. This doesn't really impact his development in any particular way, although it does inform the way Leah Needlenam interacts with him due to her memories of the old universe.

Strafe is the son of Palutena and Lock. Due to Lock killing his mother early in his youth, he was forced to live with him, which he did not like as his father became more possessed with dark energies that caused him to act irrational. As some point he joined the Thieves Guild in Noah, which he would later go onto regret.

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Strafe is a white-skinned Jonethrian male with brown eyes and hair that is a bluish-green. Like his peers, he has had a lot of outfits over the years, usually incorporating a jacket or coat into the design.

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Powers and Abilities

Strafe is unique among the cast of character he appears around due to his Ascended lineage. He has a variety of light magic powers, but is not able to utilize them to the way others are able to handle their powers. He has been shown to project light as both a protecting force and through ranged attacks. He can also utilize it to heal and teleport as seen in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, although this seems to have been downplayed.

Strafe's toolset mainly revolves around his weapons. He carries around a desert eagle rifle and grenades. He also has a fair amount of combat training that allows him to utilize hard jabs and kicks.

Specific Powers and Abilities


  • Light Powers - Strafe has the ability to utilize light as both a protective force and a ranged attack. It can also carry healing properties, although Strafe does not seem to utilize it's healing properties very much.
    • Uprising - Strafe rises upward with a light protecting him, doing light damage to anyone in the air.
    • Power of Spectrum Laser Disruption - A energy attack Strafe has inherited from his mother, creating a strange projectile that expands outward as opposed to speeding away from the caster, creating dangerous areas that harm opponents for light continuous damage before knocking them away. Strafe cannot cast this again until it eventually vanishes away 5 seconds after casting it.
    • Light Portal - A recovery move where Strafe disappears into a portal and appears above the stage. It is a quick traversal move but will leave Strafe helpless in the air until he lands, making it punishable easily.


  • Desert Eagle - Strafe owns a standard Desert Eagle rifle. He used to use traditional metal bullets, but now uses hard light projections to essentially use infinite ammo, albeit still needing to create and reclip the bullets. As a move, Strafe fires his Desert Eagle as a ranged attack that does hefty damage, although it has only 5 uses before he runs out of ammo. When he doesn't have any uses left, he has to wait for it to recharge over a period of 16.5 seconds. During this wait period he can use it as a melee weapon for weak damage.
  • Blue Grenade - Strafe unpins a grenade designed by Chelsea that first covers the area around in smoke and then explodes shortly after. The smoke has blinding effects, meaning that characters will move slower in it, while the explosion does some decent damage.
  • Goo Grenade - Strafe's Goo Grenade is a green grenade that coats the area in slowing goo that traps opponents and deals small damage when it blows up. It is a lime green color.


Hyper Form Strafe



Fantendo - Genesis/Strafe: Warzones

Fantendo Now Season 1

Fantendo Sports Resort

Fantendo Now Season 2

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Just Like Old Friends

Rendered NULL

Truth and Train

Fantendo - Zenith




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  • Strafe's favourite animals are lizards.

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