Storm (KillGames)



SPECIES Cyborg (formerly Human)
WEAPONS Plasma Cutters
SERIES KillGames

Storm is a character created by CrakaboLazy4090. She made her debut in KillGames, appearing in the game as one of the main protagonists.


Storm has whitish skin and blond hair that she fashions into a ponytail. She wears a chestplate with shoulder pads, along with gauntlets and greaves, which are all white with cyan energy going through them. Underneath her armor is a jacket and pants, which are white with black colors on them. Her arms, which were torn off at some point while she was protecting a group of civilians from danger, are mechanical. In KillGames 2, she loses the jacket and sports more armor, alongside a dark blue cape on her back.



Considered one of the Anti-KillGames Assocation's best soldiers, Storm was once just a police office in Neo York City. She has always known of the city's reputation for crime and murder, and wished to protect the innocent. Her life would change in a fatal attack from a notorious gang, where she would be fatally injured and had both of her arms torn off. Founded by the AKA, who gave her new mechanical arms, she decided to join the organization, in order to stop the root of the violence in Neo York City, the KillGames. Upon learning of the prize, she reluctantly decides to join the KillGames, in order to use the wish and stop it.


In KillGames, she appears as the protagonist of her side of the story, alongside Newton and Break. In the prologue, she is shown to be somewhat bitter. She absolutely hates that she is joining the KillGames, even if it means she can save the lives of others. In fact, she threatens a random bartender for commenting on the fact she is part of the AKA.

For the rest of the story, her attitude takes somewhat of a change. Throughout her story, she generally wants to help people as much as possible, helping Break on his mission to stop Maligna, and helping Shine protect her Wastelanders. She noticably gains somewhat of a friendship with Shine, who gives her a powerful crystal that could potentialy hold incredible power.

When is forced to kill Shine and her group, Storm suddenly spirals into a deep depression. Seeing herself as a murderer, she runs away from Newton and Break. She meets Reapazoid, who attempts to use her thoughts against her, eventually hoping to kill her. Storm is forced into a vulnerable state. It is only until Newton shows how much he cares about her is she able to break out, defeating and eventually killing the murderer.

Upon reaching the final match, she faces off against Redge, who he met in the prologue. If the player chooses her, she defeats Adam and wins. When Adam is killed by Soul, she assists Redge in killing her. During the ending, Storm goes to Redge, who is sitting alone in some rubble, and the two talk, eventually becoming friends. The both of them walk out of the arena, looking at the sun, appreciating that the KillGames are finally over.


Storm hates the KillGames, seeing the tournament and cruel and senselessly violent. The fact that she is forced to join the KillGames causes to become very aggressive, shown by when she threatens someone when they comment on how weird it is for her to join. However, she tries to keep a heroic and courageous nature, and wants to solve problems without the use of violence.


Storm is equipped with two Plasma Cutters that are attached to her wrists. They can be activated at any time, and also have the ability to launch blasts of energy, or generate barriers in front of her to deflect attacks. She is equipped with thrusters on her back, which she can use to launch her toward her enemies.


Canon Appearences


Storm appears as a playable character in KillGames.

Non-Canon Appearences

World Tournament

Storm makes here first non-KillGames appearence in World Tournament, appearing as one of the combatants. In the first round, she found againtst Fera, but lost after she tried to help her, stepping over the ring out line. During the Redemption Free-For-All, she was eliminated after Zambja magnetizes her armor and pops her off at the ring out line. She takes part in the final battle against Aura Angel Asuna.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat (erictom333)

Storm appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat as an unlockable playable character. Her moveset is very similar to her KillGames moveset.

Fantendo Fisticuffs

Storm appears in Fantendo Fisticuffs as a playable character.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Battleground

Storm appears as a playable character.

Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball!

Storm appears in Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball! as part of the Blue Faction, the team consisting of Fantendo characters.

Special Move: Jet Blaze
Storm throws a held dodgeball into the air and then jets forward with her thrusters to release a sound-barrier breaking throw of any dodgeball that will inflict a ton of damage and block the opponent into the wall. Stoem can quickly target onto a foe for best impact, although it can still be dodged within a tight frame.


Official Art

Fan Art


  • Storm was one of the first characters designed for the game, alongside Redge, Zmei and Misery.
  • Storm was inspired by a character from a previous idea for a game, a shoot-em-up.
    • This character was originally known as "Jetpack Dude", which would be her working name before Storm was decided.
  • Storm's design is partly inspired by Samus from the Metroid series.
  • During the reboot, Storm's design was changed slightly. The biggest change was giving her a jacket and pants during the reboot. In her original design, she had white armor with a black suit underneath.
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