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Steven Universe X
Steven Universe X for the Nintendo Wii U
Developer(s) Pythonix Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Action/Adventure
Series Steven Universe
Predecessor None
Successor None (yet?)
Release Date(s) US: 7/19/15

EU/JP: 7/15/15

AU/SA: 7/22/15

CA: 7/17/15

Mode(s) Episode Adventures

Character Creation

Fighting Mode

X-Treme Mode

Boss Arena

Steven Universe X is an upcoming action game for the Nintendo Wii U. It was revealled by Ssj4Broly during the April 1st Nintendo Direct. Its North American release date is July 19th, 2015. Its European and Japanese release date is July 15th, 2015. Australia and South America receive the game on July 22nd, 2015. It releases in Canada on July 17th, 2015. It is developed by Pythonix studios.


This game is unique in that it houses several gamemodes to keep you constantly entertained.

Episode Adventures

Play through the series in a way you never have before -- a 3d RPG adventure! If you wanna play it simple you can go Human mode! If you want a moderate adventure, go for Steven Mode! If you like to play hardball, try Gem mode! And if you like having your rear end torn off and fed to you for dinner, give Fusion mode a try! This is the easiest way to unlock characters! The series pilot is not included and Say Uncle is not recquired.

Character Creation

What you get is what you see. You can create a gem or a human, being able to customize skin color, voice, height/weight, Name, weapon, etc.

Fighting Mode

Who doesn't like beating up robots or their friends? In this mode, gear up as the characters you've unlocked or even unlock more! This mode even has some Easter Eggs depending on what characters you use! Opal, Stevonnie and Garnet are the only fusions you can use in this mode.

X-Treme Mode

Teams of up to 5 characters! Fusions exist and are to scale to their in show appearances. And even some new fusions appear -- Emerald and Topaz.

Episode Adventures ext.


There are a few different types of Episodes.

RPG Episodes

The primary type of episode, you can have a team of up to 4 of the characters you've unlocked (limit of 1 fusion). Don't worry! Any time you go down to Beach Citywalk Fries, you can save and swap characters. As of the game's launch, you unlock a trophy called "Um... What?" by beating Laser Light Cannon with you team being Jasper, Lapis, Peridot and Ruby or Sapphire and you unlock a trophy called "Beat it" by having Garnet be your main character in Arcade Mania, playing Meat Beat Mania and getting to the advanced level.

Simulation Episodes

These episodes don't neccesarily have enemies and you usually have to play as (a) certain character(s) and go through motions. Lars and the Cool Kids is a prime example of a Simulation Episode.

Vehicular Sequences/Episodes

In these episodes or sequences you get to control vehicles or weapons. An example is the Laser Light Cannon or Joy Ride. 

Character Creation ext.


You may have 50 original characters per copy of the game.


Here is a chart easily explaining the options you have.

Character Custom Options
Class Weapon Skin Tones
Human Sword, whip, spear, fists Basic human skin tones
Crystal Gem Sword, whip, spear, gauntlets, axe, mace, fists, sword + shield, magic Any color
Homeworld Gem Homeworld Sword, Homeworld Staff, Homeworld Prong, Homeworld Axe Greens, Yellows and Oranges

Options ext.

You can choose their voice by changing pitch, accent and a few other options. In addition, Humans may have names up to 12 letters. Crystal Gems and Homeworld Gems may have names up to 22 letters.

Boss Arena Mode

So you think you're tough huh? Prove your strength by duking it out against the series' nastiest boss characters with up to 3 other people on 1 of 5 randomized stages!

*You cannot fight as fusions in this mode


You can select a boss to fight or randomly fight a boss once on this screen.

Boss Name Episodic Appearance
Mother Centipeedle Gem Glow
Drill Monster Arcade Mania
Beach Monster Beach Party
Sugilite Coach Steven
Alexandrite Fusion Cuisine
Glow Eel Bubble Buddies
Water Crystal Gems Ocean Gem
Malachite Jail Break
Hand Ship The Return
Island Monster Island Adventure
Haunted House Horror Club
Wind Lizard Open Book
Flying Monster Giant Woman
The Slinker Reformed

Hyper Bosses

These bosses are available in a sub menu of the same name (Hyper Bosses) after beating each standard boss once.

Boss Name Episodic Appearance
Mother Centipeedle + Babies Gem Glow
Drill Monster + Mini Drills Arcade Mania
Sugilite + Weapon Coach Steven
Alexandrite + Buses Fusion Cuisine
Water Crystal Gems + Lapis' Water Hands Ocean Gem
Malachite + Lapis' Water Hands Jail Break
Hand Ship + Robonoids The Return
Island Monster + Mud Island Adventure
Haunted House + Possessed Scarecrows Horror Club
Wind Lizard + Authorities Open Book
Flying Monster + Mini Monsters Giant Woman

Fever Mode Bosses

The absolute hardest fights in the game. You unlock it by beating Hyper Bosses, where another menu of the same name (Fever Mode Bosses) makes itself available.

Boss Name Episodic Appearance
Alexandrite + Buses + Weapons Fusion Cuisine
Water Crystal Gems + Lapis' Water Hands + Projectile Vans Ocean Gem
Malachite + Lapis' Water Hands + Water Chains Jail Break
Hand Ship + Robonoids + Lasers The Return
Island Monster + Mud + Giant Fish Island Adventure
Haunted House + Possessed Scarecrows + Incinerators Horror Club
Wind Lizard + Authorities + Evil Connie Open Book

*Only available one time, beating all the Fever Mode Bosses without Loss will get you one free DLC pack of your choice.

Fighting Mode + X-Treme Mode ext.


Fighting Mode is a mode in which you and up to 3 other computers or players can fight on a variety of stages from the series and... less good places. You can fight as the characters you have unlocked in the Episode Adventures or unlock a few in THIS mode. There's also a very sexy unlockable character. He's very sexy. When you fight, your foes and yourself have 3 meters that run out as you get attacked or you attack them.

X-Treme Mode is similar, with the bars, except you can fight with teams of up to 5 with only one other person or computer. In addition to that you can use any fusion -- including Topaz and Emerald.


Italics mean that one or more of the characters needed to create it are required.

  • Garnet* - An odd case. Garnet is a starting character, but in order to fuse and defuse her, you need to unlock Ruby and Sapphire.
  • Sugilite - In order to fuse into her you need to beat Coach Steven.
  • Opal - In order to fuse into her you need to beat Giant Woman. 
  • Malachite* - In order to fuse into her you need to unlock Jasper and Lapis.
  • Alexandrite - In order to fuse into Alexandrite you need to first fuse into Opal, Sugilite or Sardonyx and fuse them with the remaining gem in addition to having to beat Fusion Cuisine. 
  • Stevonnie - In order to fuse into Stevonnie you need to beat Alone Together.
  • Emerald* - A shiny pale green fusion with triangular white hair and a robotic helmet. She is the fusion of Peridot and Jasper, who you obviously need to unlock. 
  • Rainbow Quartz - A tan tall fusion with long hair. She is the fusion of Rose and Pearl. You cannot form her until beating We Need to Talk. 
  • Sardonyx - A brown fusion with spiky yellow hair. She is the fusion of Pearl and Garnet. You cannot form her until beating Cry for Help. 

Starter Characters

  • Steven Universe : Unlock Steven's Snow Gear by beating Winter Forecast. Unlock Steven w/ Cheeseburger Backpack by beating Cheeseburger Backpack. Unlock Tiger Millionaire and his powers by beating Tiger Millionaire [Episode]. Unlock Watermelon Steven [Character] by beating Watermelon Steven [Episode]. Unlock Falcon Steven by beating Open Book. Unlock sitcom Steven by beating Chille Tid.
  • Garnet : Unlock Cartoon Garnet by beating Garnet's Universe. Unlock Garnet's modern design by beating Jailbreak. Unlock swimsuit Garnet by beating Beach Party. Unlock Young Garnet by beating Story for Steven. Unlock sitcom Garnet by beating Chille Tid.
  • Amethyst : Unlock swimsuit Amethyst by beating Beach Party. Unlock the Purple Puma and his/her powers by beating Tiger Millionaire [Episode]. Unlock Young Amethyst by beating Story for Steven. Unlock New Amethyst by beating Reformed. Unlock Sitcom Amethyst by beating Chille Tid.
  • Pearl : Unlock modern Pearl by beating Steven the Sword Fighter. Unlock Space Suit Pearl by beating The Space Race. Unlock Young Pearl by beating Story for Steven.
  • Connie : Unlock no-lense Connie by beating An Indirect Kiss. Unlock Lisa-Connie and Psuedo-Connie by beating Open Book.
  • Dogcopter : Unlock red dogcopter by beating Lion 3: Straight to Video.
  • Ronaldo : Unlock Camoflauge Ronaldo by beating Keep Beach City Weird. Get kid Ronaldo by beating Beach City Horror Club.
  • Peedee: Unlock Peedee in Frybo by beating Frybo[episode] 
  • Mr Smiley : Unlock Suit Mr. Smiley by beating Tiger Millionaire [Episode]

Unlockable Characters

Characters with asterisks next to their names are DLC.

  • Greg Universe - Unlock by beating Laser Light Cannon. Get Cherry Sweater Greg by beating Winter Forecast. Get rockstar Greg by beating Story for Steven. Alt Unlock: Win 10 matches as Steven.
  • Rose Quartz - Unlock by beating 50 episodes. Unlock Pre-Star Rose and Mr. Universe Shirt Rose by beating Story for Steven. Alt Unlock: Win 45 matches as Steven or 25 matches with Greg.
  • Possessed Frybo - Unlock by beating Frybo [Episode] using only Steven without taking damage 5 times. Alt: Win 50 matches as Peedee or Ronaldo.
  • Baby Melon - Unlock by beating Watermelon Steven [Episode]. Alt: None
  • Holo-Pearl - Unlock by beating Steven the Swordfighter. Alt: Win 15 matches as Pearl.
  • Buck - Unlock by beating Lars and the Cool Kids. Alt: None.
  • Onion - Unlock by beating Union Trade. Alt: None.
  • Jenny - Unlock by beating Lars and the Cool Kids. Alt: None.
  • Sour Cream - Unlock by beating Lars and the Cool Kids. Alt: None.
  • Mayor Dewey - Unlock by beating Political Power. Alt: Win 15 matches as Buck.
  • Cracked Lapis - Unlock by beating Mirror Gem. Alt: Win 5 matches each in a row with Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven.
  • Lapis Lazuli - Unlock by beating Ocean Gem. Alt: Win 20 matches as Cracked Lapis.
  • Peridot - Unlock by beating The Return. Alt: Beat Marble Madness 3 times.
  • Jasper - Unlock by beating Jailbreak. Alt: Beat The Return 5 times.
  • Ruby - Unlock by beating Jailbreak. Alt: Win 50 matches as Garnet.
  • Sapphire - Unlock by beating Jailbreak. Alt: Win 50 matches as Garnet.
  • Ssj4Broly - Unlock after winning as each character once (DLC Excluded).
  • Marty - Unlock after beating Story for Steven. Alt: Win 25 matches as Sour Cream.
  • Vidalia - Unlock after beating Story for Steven. Alt: Win 25 matches as Onion.
  • Kofi - Unlock after winning 5 matches as Jenny.
  • Mr. Fryman - Unlock after winning 5 matches as Peedee and 5 matches as Ronaldo.
  • Jamie - Unlock after beating Love Letters.
  • Sword Connie - Unlock after beating Sworn to the Sword.
  • War Rose - Unlock after beating Sworn to the Sword.
  • Cluster - Unlock after beating Keeping it Together.
  • Old Vidalia - Unlock after beating Onion Friend.
  • Yellow Diamond - Unlock after beating Friend Ship
  • Watermelon Steven - Unlock after beating Super Watermelon Island.
  • Lion* - Download "Of Cats and Donuts" and then beat Lion 3: Straight to Video
  • Lars* - Download "Of Cats and Donuts" and then beat Lars and the Cool Kids. Get kid Lars by beating Beach City Horror Club.
  • Sadie* - Download "Of Cats and Donuts" and then beat Gem Glow.
  • Cookie Cat* - Download "Of Cats and Donuts" and then beat Gem Glow 3 times.
  • Yellowtail*- Download "Fish Gems" and then beat Onion Trade.
  • Tanzanite*- Download "Fish Gems" and then win 5 matches as Emerald and/or Topaz.

"Of Cats and Donuts" and "Fish Gems" are available for 3 dollars each or 5 dollars together on the Nintendo eShop. Additional Content from Season 2 Episode 4 and onward will be autopatched and added, any stages and characters will be unlockable.

Finishing Moves

Finishing moves occur when pressing a combo of buttons on the controller/gamepad after draining all 3 bars of health against an opponent.

  • Garnet - Garnet's Gauntlet grows to giant sizes and crushes her opponents.
  • Sugilite - Sugilite takes out her fist whip and slings it at her opponents.
  • Opal - Opal shoots an array of arrows at her opponents.
  • Malachite - Malachite wraps a watery fist against her opponents and squeezes.
  • Alexandrite - Alexandrite chews up her opponents.
  • Stevonnie - Stevonnie dances on top of his/her opponents
  • Topaz :- Topaz throws a spear with a gauntlet attached at her opponents.
  • Emerald - Emerald sends a fleet of homeworld hand ships at her opponents.
  • Steven Universe - Steven activates Rose's shield and throws it at his opponents. Tiger Millionaire: Tiger opens a giant briefcase and slams it on his opponents.
  • Amethyst - Amethyst transforms into a beast and attacks her opponents. Purple Puma: Puma attaches herself to the top of the stage with her whip and bodyslams onto her opponents.
  • Pearl - Pearl throws a ton of spears at her opponents.
  • Connie - Connie puts on her Lisa outfit and replicates a battle from the books.
  • Dogcopter - Dogcopter bites his opponents and then flys away.
  • Ronaldo - Ronaldo doesn't do damage, he just talks about his blog. 
  • Peedee - Peedee gets Steven's Pink Whale and rides it like the seahorse. 
  • Mr Smiley - Mr Smiley drops arcade machines on his opponents.
  • Greg Universe - Greg gets into his van and drives it into your heart (non-graphic)
  • Rose Quartz - Rose summons the living moss which consumes her opponents. 
  • Frybo Possessed Form - Possessed Frybo wraps his fries around his opponents.
  • Baby Melon - Baby Melons gets his opponents to gather around him and blows up, making it rain watermelon.
  • Holo-Pearl - Holo-Pearl jams her sword through her opponents.
  • Buck - Buck uses his dad's money to buy a weapon to beat his opponents with.
  • Onion - Onion uses Pearl's Replicator Ray to multiply himself to jump on his opponents.
  • Jenny - Jenny runs over her opponents with the pizza delivery truck.
  • Sour Cream - Sour Cream owns you with the importance of seatbelt safety, and then crushes his opponents with a giant seatbelt.
  • Mayor Dewey - Mayor Dewey runs over his opponents with th Re-Election van.
  • Cracked Lapis - Cracked Lapis traps his opponents in a mirror.
  • Lapis Lazuli - Lapis shoots a powerful beam of water, sending her opponents into space.
  • Peridot - Peridot covers her opponents in in Marble Rovers and then destroys them.
  • Jasper - Jasper repeatedly headbutts her opponents with her helmet then laughs.
  • Ruby - Ruby repeatedly punches her opponents.
  • Sapphire - Sapphire sings loudly in her opponents' ears.
  • Ssj4Broly - Ssj4Broly erases his opponents from the game and laughs.
  • Marty - Marty pushes his opponents out of a van and drives away.
  • Vidalia - Vidalia blows up a giant piece of Bubble Gum, pushes her opponents into it and lets it fly away into the air.
  • Kofi - Kofi shoots a barrage of pizza at his opponents.
  • Mr Fryman - Mr. Fryman puts his opponents into the deep frier and turns them into Fry Bits.
  • Jamie - Jamie traps you inside of a giant mail pouch and throws you off screen.
  • Lion - Lion suffocates his opponents in his mane.
  • Lars - Lars spills hot coffee on his opponents. If he does it on Garnet she exclaims, "I DRINK COFFEE FOR BREAKFAST"
  • Sadie - Sadie drowns you in her mom's expired lunches.
  • Cookie Cat - Cookie Cat takes you into space and then leaves his family behind.
  • Yellowtail- Yellowtail puts you on a boat and then uses his harpoon gun to sink it.
  • Tanzanite- Tanzanite takes out her gem weapon and sets everything on fire.


Stages are places from the show that you can fight on during Fighting Mode and X-Treme Mode. All of them appear in episode adventures, but some that appear in episode adventures may not appear in Fighting Mode or X-Treme Mode

Any Map Easter Eggs

On any map:

  • Fighting as Steven against Amethyst and Pearl, Giant Woman will play.
  • Having Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven on a team will play the instrumental only theme song
  • Fighting against Sugilite as Pearl and Steven will play "Strong in the Real Way".


  • Car Wash - Fight inside of Greg's carwash. Watch out for a BEEP noise or you'll get plashed by water, dealing a good chunk of damage.
  • The Beach - Fight on the beach of Beach City. If you're fighting as Garnet/Amethyst/Pearl against Peridot or Jasper on this stage, the giant eye will appear in the background.
  • Temple - You fight in the main section of the house.
  • Amethyst's Room - Try not to trip over the mess! You can eat food that falls from the ceiling, but beware the Aqua Mexican Burrito!
  • Garnet's Room - You fight around the bubbling hot pits. You can restore health if you unpop a gem, but falling into the hot pit is an insta-death.
  • Pearl's Room - Standing still on the water will send you to another section, where you can fight or run from foes!
  • Rose's Room - A nice pink room, except for when things start appearing. You can ride the wind lizard, have fun in the costume shop or be obliterated by knights.
  • Funland - Fight by or even inside the arcade! Do the Konami code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start) while in the arcade reacts differently with different characters. As Steven you can play Whackermans. With Mr. Smiley you can play Whack-an-Onion or with Garnet you can play Meat Beat Mania!
  • Warp Adventure - Fight on the warp pads during travel and fight in the destinations they go to.


Stage Name Unlock Method Description
Cliff Beat 'An Indirect Kiss' A tell cliff with a rickety fence.
Dock Beat 'Onion Trade' A weathered wooden dock with a view of the ocean.
Crash Site Fields Beat 'Joy Ride' A field with several haystacks. Peridot's space ship can be noted in the backgound.
Dead Man's Mouth Beat 'Lars and the Cool Kids' A steep hill overlooking deadly moss.
Greg's Van Beat 'Gem Glow' A cramped van with randomized items. Playing as Greg will sometimes cause 'Let Me Drive my Van into Your Heart' to play.
Storage Room Beat 'Maximum Capacity' A cramped storage closet. Fighting as Greg against Amethyst or the other way around will cause the 'Little Butler' intro to play on the TV.
Space Ship Beat 'Space Race' A sleek space ship cruising through the air. If the match lasts more than 7 minutes, the ship will explode and you must fight while falling.
Prison Beat 'Jail Break' A space jail with several rooms and hallways. Fighting as Garnet against Jasper will sometimes cause 'Stronger than You' to play.
Broken Beach Beat 'Full Disclosure' The same map as 'Beach' except that there are several spaceship shards that do damage on contact.
Arid Beach Beat 'Ocean Gem' An ocean with no water. It's endless until you reach the edge.
Water Pillar Beat 'Ocean Gem' A giant pillar practically in space made of water. There's nothing to protect you from falling off.
Confidence Test Beat 'The Test' You start inside of Amethyst's mouth, before you get chased by a boulder. If the boulder crushes you, you lose a bar. Then you must jump over a ditch to make to a room with sound sensitive tiles. Step on the right ones to make a staircase or get instakilled. You then make it to the danger room where you need to dodge spikes and axes, plus lava and fire. Once you make it past there, you fight the rest of the match on the final platform.
UG Van Beat the optional level 'Say Uncle' A cluttered van that is endless. Sometimes a stage boss, Mr. Gusite will jump out and attack you with a frying pan.
Mayor Mobile Beat 'Political Power' You fight on the rooftop of a van with a giant version of Mayor Dewey's head in the background.

Amiibo Support

It was announced during a short press conference on 4/3/15 that the game would in fact have its own line of Amiibo. It will have several waves, with store exclusives starting to leak into the public's knowledge.

Usage and Notes

It is important to note that no fusions will receive amiibo. For usage, when scanning an amiibo on the home screen, you will be to give them a custom nickname and custom clothing! If you don't like the presets, you can create your own accessories and clothing, making the possibilities endless! After you're done, you can save them and control them during Fight Mode, X-Treme Mode and Episode Adventures!

Boss Arena Stages

Stage Name Description
Galaxy Warp Fight in front of all the warps
Boss Temple A generic temple
Boss Temple 2 Another generic temple
Blue An endless blue room
Red An endless red room

Steven Universe X Wave 1

Release Date: July 22nd 2015

Steven Universe X Specials

Release Date: July 22nd 2015

Steven Universe X Wave 2

Release Date: August 8th 2015

Steven Universe X Wave 3

Release Date: October 1st 2015

Steven Universe X Wave 4

Release Date: November 13th 2015

Steven Universe X Wave 5

Release Date: December 25th 2015


Any characters added from 'Say Uncle' and beyond will not be receiving amiibo despite receiving in game fighters.


Car Wash

Dad Museum

Rose's Fountain

The Beach

Alone Together




Mirror Match

Amethyst's Room


Garnet's Room

Garnet Theme

Pearl's Room

Pearl Theme

Rose's Room

Desert Glass

Rose's Room


Lion's Ocean

Warp Adventure

Strawberry Battlefield



I'm Still Here

Watermelon Battle


Heart of the Pyramid

Waterfall Training

Crash Site Fields


Love Like You

Devil's Mouth

Dance of Swords

The Mother

Greg's Van

Heaven Beetle

Greg's Storage Room

Lion's Mane

Space Ship

Club Mix


Sadie and the Beast

Stronger Than You Techno Instrumental (Credit to Chrisnet Alexandrite for this song)

Broken Beach

Monster Buddy

Sugilite Returns

Arid Beach

Pearl's Comeback


Water Pillar

I Am Lapis Lazuli

Lapis' Tower

Confidence Test

Snerson Interrogation

Paronaldo Activity

UG Van

Uncle Grandpa Theme

The Mayor-Mobile

Death Rag

The Pitch Got Delayed

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