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Minecraft-steve 12.png
Steve from Minecraft: Pocket Edition
GENDER Genderless / Male*
SPECIES Humanoid
Minecraft Pre-classic rd-132328 (2009)

Steve, originally parsed as Steve?, is one of the two main protagonists of Minecraft. Steve is essentially one of the default skins given to the player upon creating a Minecraft account, and is used whenever a player's skin can not be loaded/is not present. The 1.8 update of Minecraft added Alex, a female equivalent to Steve.

Physical Appearance

Steve can easily be recognized by his square face, each side being eight by eight Minecraft blocks if to scale. He has blue eyes, brown hair, a small rectangular nose, and a smiling mouth. Due to his eyes being two pixels wide, Steve appears to be cross-eyed. Prior to update "0.24 SURVIVAL TEST" of Minecraft Classic, Steve had a brown beard.

He is commonly depicted wearing a light blue T-shirt, untucked from his dark blue pants at his right hip, and grey shoes.

Game Appearances

Minecraft: Wii U Edition

In Minecraft: Wii U Edition, Steve appears as the playable character and replays his adventures on the Nintendo console.

PC Smash Bros.

In the upcoming Nintendo-PC game, PC Smash Bros., Steve will be the main character, taking a role similar to the one Mario takes in the Super Smash Bros..


  • Neutral Attack: Punch. Steve punches with his fist.
  • Side Smash: Diamond Sword Swing. Steve swings is Diamond Sword
  • Up Smash: Diamond Sword Stab. Steve thrusts his Diamond Sword upward.
  • Down Smash: Diamond Sword Spin. Steve spins around, dealing damage with his Diamond Sword.
  • Neutral Special: Bow Shot. Steve takes out his Bow and charges a shot.
  • Side Special: Axe. Steve swings his Diamond Axe to the side.
  • Up Special: Pickaxe. Steve swings his Diamond Pickaxe in an arch.
  • Down Special: Shovel. Steve uses his Diamond Shovel to pick up a Dirt Block, which can be thrown.
  • Grab: Lead. Steve uses it to grab his foes.
  • Pummel: Stick. Steve starts 'mining' his foes using a normal Stick while they are grabbed.
  • Up Throw: Firework. Steve attaches his foe to a firework and sends them upwards.
  • Forward Throw: Piston. Steve propels the his foe forwards using a piston.
  • Back Throw: Piston. Steve propels the his foe backwards using a piston.
  • Down throw: Furnace. Steve shoves the opponent inside a furnace. Hits 4 times before they are released
  • Final Smash: Creeper. Steve builds a house (bigger than villagers), trapping the opponent inside. A creeper will appear and blow up the house. Launching the player.

Home Stage

Steve's homestage is the Biome Distortion stage. On this stage, the Biome is constantly changed from a savannah to a desert to a mountain, and back.

Super Smash Bros Overdrive

Steve appears as a playable character in Super Smash Bros Overdrive, representing Minecraft along with Iron Golem and Enderman.

Super Mario and Friends: Zennu Quest

Steve is supporting character in the film Super Mario and Friends: Zennu Quest. He is a guest for Nintendo's 125th anniversary party.

Minecraft Party

Steve appears in Minecraft Party. His powerful move is the pickaxe.

Super Smash Bros. A New End

Steve (stylised as Steve? in game) is a default character in Super Smash Bros. A New End. He wears diamond armour and has a diamond sword. Steve has a pallet swaps for him without armour, his various other versions, Alex and Jesse.

PlayStation All-Stars: Ultimate Battle

Steve is a playable character in PlayStation All-Stars: Ultimate Battle. He has 8 palette swaps.


Alternate Skins

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