Kiuler Kaisser Caissa
Stella Cassia, by Alange95 (tbc).
Stella Stellar
AGE 22
BIRTHDAY June 17, 1991
ZODIAC ♊ Gemini
Kaisser Cassia (husband)
CLASS Villian, Immortal, Superhero
WEAPONS Psy-Blows, Solar flares, Rocks, Asteroids
Stella Cassia is a villain who appears in Ella-Metals 3 and Kaisser (Game), she is the wife of Kaisser Cassia.


Stella is very spiteful and loves to make sick jokes. She uses a a lure of a false sense of security.


Stella has long straight dark forest green/black hair, and a dark red/purple all-in one jumpsuit, she has black/brown eyes, and has black trainers with a orange stripe cutting through the middle of them.


Stella has the ability to control over some fundamentals in the world but to a certain extent, she can temporarily slow time down to let her dodge projectiles more easily, she can launch smaller meteorites into any spot she wants using her power and can move her own body matter to any nearby place within a fraction of a second also, making her one of the more powerful people in VineVille. She can also turn day into night, once turning a area dark on a 3 mile radius.


Ella-Metals 3

Stella was a normal VineVillian, who was described as a shy outsider and one of Ella's schoolmates. But, once being made Kaisser's Bishop for the Black side, she reveals her power.

She is sent to a horrific injury after being kicked out of her office window by Ella, landing on her car and setting off it's alarm. Kaisser has the choice, to give away some of his powers to revive her or let her die. Kaisser revives her and she is made immortal, which was actually the real Stella.

Kaisser (Game)

A cutscene at the start of Kaisser's spin-off game shows them being married in a private ceremony. She is known as Psy-Chick, to hide her solar powers, she mainly attacks with Cosmic bursts. She pledges to fight "with" Kaisser and not against in the games.

Ella-Metals Racing

Stella is a playable character and part of the new Justice of Evil to begin Ella's demise. Her kart The Asteroid is a murky coloured asteroid with a large spot to hold items. It has high speed and acceleration, medium weight and low drifting and item using stats.

Ella-Metals vs. Battle of Bracelets

Stella is a unlockable character and the only unlockable villain other than Lerson Grayn and Rob Ber.

Stelios Scramble

She appears as a unlockable character with a mixture of psychic and solar moves.


Jump -

Speed -

Protect -

Combat -

Finesher - Cosmic Crash - Stella turns the day into night and then sends comets, meteorites and asteroids flying down onto the battlefield.

Cassia: Jump Parade

Stella is player 2 from the start and is all for taking down the Jump Parade. She is rather friendly to Constantine Monroe.

Fallen Crest

Stella and Kaisser seemingly fled in fear of Jacob's army due to them ironically not wanting to see VineVille in decline.


Kaisser Cassia

Ella Metals

Stella and Ella are sworn rivals and are ever locked in verbal wars, until Ella seemingly sends Stella to her horrific death. But she is revived by Kaisser and made immortal, and she swears to get her revenge someday.


Stella is one of the few humans to contact with Five, they seem to get on well and love working together for evil.

Caleb Barron

Constantine Monroe


  • As with Kaisser on January 17th they both have a birthday on the 17th of a month.
  • Her maiden name "Stella Stellar" is a nod to Lexi Lexan's old name, "Amber Amber".
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