'Stelios Scramble'
Developer(s) Hybrid
Publisher(s) Hybrid
Platform(s) Novaya
Genre(s) Fighting, Action
Release Date(s) 1st November 2013 (Worldwide)
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer, Online
Age Rating(s) Teen, PEGI 12

Stelios Scramble is a 3D crossover arena fighting game by Hybrid Co. and its former Steli Entertainment alias, featuring characters from the company fighting against each other. This game is currently exclusive for the Novaya and to be released in Fall 2013, being the companies main project for that year. The lesser being Golden Saviour released 5 months earlier in March for it to be represented minorly.


The gameplay is a mascot fighting game with gameplay similar to Hybrid Co.'s Kaisser series, it is a fighting game in 3D shaped arenas. You have to knock down your opponents 3 health bars. Each bar lost makes it harder to attack. Once they are down to zero, a Finisher Attack can be unleashed to devastate the opponent. The bars are divided into 20 green to yellow to red dashes, a punch, kick or any standard attack deals 1 bar, Special Moves deal 2 bars, and a Finisher Attack takes 5 damage. Grab moves can deal 1 damage, or more depending on how long you grab the foe in the 3 seconds grab time.

Each character has 4 main moves. Pressing A, the player can kick punch or use a projectile. The 4 special moves are; a jump move, a speed move, a protect move, and a combat move. Jump is used to recover from off the floor, speed is to recover after being hit, or hitting the user quickly, Protect is to protect the user, or reflect projectiles. And combat is to try and knock the user off the the arena when health is low. The combat move charges up as your opponents health bar goes down. And finally there is a Finesher move, which is charged in a smaller Guts bar above the main health bar. Guts increase with Combo hits, kills and item hits, as well as XP earned at the end of the battle. More kills, different types of kills and better defence also contributes to a better XP.

There are many options to change a battle. There is a option to fight with Spinners from Kaisser (Game) where bumping does 1 more damage than moves. Physics can be changed such as gravity when flying around or jumping. The battlefield can be altered on a slope or it moving around every so often. And other settings such as amount of bars and cheats to increase or decrease the hitting stats in halves. At the end of each fight a screen displaying the four winners in a row will show their health bars used, kills, finishers, self-destructs and item kills. The player with the least health bars wins, if tied the battle will keep going between the tied powers until they are KO'd.


These are the controls in battle for the Novaya.

A Punch
B Up Jump
B Side Speed
B Down Combat
Y Protect
X Kick, Use Item
X+Direction Another combat move e.g Barge
Analouge Stick - Move
Analouge Stick Whilst Attacking - Attacks in a certain direction.
A+A - Punch Kick
A (held) - Grab
B (held) - Barge
Y-Left Right/Two Quick Jolts of a Analouge Stick in a direction - Dodge
Start Pause
Select View Stats in Battle

Modes and Interface

The menu is split into three with thin black cracks with the games logo repeated in the center. Large faces of the three main characters characters are on the three spaces respectively behind in shadows. All menus are separated by the cracks.

Vs is for a quick fight where the odds, physics, hazards and items can be changed, as well as quick duels of other modes such as the Luck Draw where 1-5 random handicaps are chosen.

Solo has all the bonus modes from the Story and missions to minigames. The first minigame is "Run for Your Life", a first person action platformer similar to the original Mr. Chilli where you must run to the courthouse avoiding similar obstacles, but this time a Stelios villain is also chasing you on different stages of difficulties. All of these villains would have to of been previously beaten in Story Mode.

The second is 5 of the first holes from Golfing Siblings Rivalry simply called Holes, where the best par can be achieved with up to 4 players.

The other bonus modes are four players surviving Hybrid obstacles and bosses from Story Mode until the last one is standing. Legends Mode where you play all the characters on 5 difficulties looking for the best score. Scores in the game are calculated by the score counter and the Time, where 100 points are added before each second before the average.

The final and bottom right section is the Extra's section, to view biographies. These include; secrets to master the character, a detailed overview, facts, trailers and concepts. Options and the in-game shop. As you earn XP and coins depending on how well you fight. Coins can be spent on these features and other unlockables. While XP can boost you online profile to play more skilled opponents.


Every 10 events the reward amount increases by 5, and they also increase if it is done on each of the 3 levels of difficulty.

Name Description Reward Characters
01 - FiNESse It's all about the finishing, use your Finisher to defeat both of your opponents. $5, 5XP One of the NES debutants (Chilli, Padge or Totti) versus the other 2.
02 - Bullet Speed Queen Lexan's got blinding speeds, but can Lexi master it with the fastest shot while running? $5, 5XP Lexi
03 - Flat Smack Puzzler He can pack, he can pack a punch. But can Recto take down his opponent with punches only? $5, 5XP Recto vs. Flat Packer
04 - Golden Balls Whack Sotrios with 3 balls to turn golf balls into gold balls. $5, 5XP Touko
05 - Ella-Metals Pinball Fire a metal ball in The Arena so it will bounce on both bumpers as much times as you can in 1 minute. $5, 5XP Any Ella-Metals character


Disaster has struck after severe plotting from villains. A wormhole in the Fantendoverse created by Jacob the Time Lord is used as a gateway for him to take over Ella Metals, Mr. Chilli or Recto's universe (depending on who you select). You enter their world and try defeat Jacob's force of captured evil enemies and bosses to catch up with him for answers. Once you do this, he transports himself to another world. Taking the character with you, and their friends notice that their friend has been taken away. It's up to the secondary characters to step up!

Once following them into the second chosen world, they meet up with characters from that universe to defeat new waves of enemies and bosses. Each world has a varied amount of levels. A new route will be discovered by only choosing a certain character, such as discovering Kaisser's World with bonus levels for Ella, Commozione Island for Padge. If Chilli is chosen it's and Cara and the Skyrockets with bonus levels for Recto, so in one game only one of the 3 few bonus levels can be played until the Story Mode is completed. The Story modes locations can be freely explored, similar to Kaisser's gameplay. Enemies can be defeated, people can be interacted with. You may have to find a character in the area to fight them to possibly unlock them as a character or assist unless it's a boss to unlock more missions. Story Mode's difficulty levels are Easy, Moderate or Hard. Easy will have the character start with 20 health pips, moderate is 13 and hard is 5. So you will need to always find/purchase/use restoring items.


Areas are used to unlock characters in to play in Story Mode or the main game and stages. Some can only initially be unlocked depending on who you chose until after the game. Although all characters unlocked here are mini-bosses, each area has one (or two) "full-bosses" to face.

Image Series Name Sublocations Description
Ella-Metals VineVille VineVille Streets, School of VineVille, Samuel's Lab, The Grey Factory, Ella-Metals enemies are a regular occurrence trying to wreak total havoc across VineVille. The Detonator is the first full boss followed by Kaisser Cassia. After game, Jacob and Caster can also be fought.
Bearded Smiley, Mr. Chilli Smilonia Smilexia City Court, Bearded's House Swarmed with the vast landscape of Smilonia, clashing themes of law and annoyance make this place a interesting challenge. Lance Darville and Uilee Tea are bosses here.


Enemies can appear randomly in their respective areas in story mode, either in the open world hub or in battle. They can easily be defeated by a 2 or 3 hits.

Image Name Series Description
Black Pawn Ella-Metals They will try and leap over you and take them with you.
Dusbeyen Mr. Chilli Small trash can enemies will always try and get in your way.
Brainwashed Recti Flat Pack Puzzler They will be slow but some can try and move you good.
Catorches Flat Pack Puzzler Flaming cat lights? Yeah they're pretty tough.


If you want characters in the game, sign for them on the petition here.

There are only 3 default characters, as you start the story with them unlocking new characters in their respective worlds.

Image Name Series Description
EllaFOC Ella Metals Ella-Metals Steli's first (and most popular) character and mascot of the company is here to fight with agile, metallic moves.
MrChilli Mr. Chilli Mr. Chilli Douglas Chilli, Smilexia's newest (and worst) lawyer, will you get round his cockiness and defeat him?
Recto Flat Pack Puzzler The square-ish dude is ready to square up against Steli Entertainment legends.

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Series Description How to Unlock
Andy Pasta Ella-Metals Andy Pasta, Ella's long time friend and pasta wielder has all types of pasta to prove that it's a useful weapon. Meet and beat him in Story Mode at VineVille.
Emily Davies Mr. Chilli Emily Davies the genius lawyer and Chilli's lover is here to battle. She uses sneaky moves with her briefcase and kicks to attack.
Padge Padge The arrogant airline owner Padge is here with his mini plane to brawl! But has he brought any extra passengers?
Stephanie Padge Padge's loving wife Stephanie is here to battle. She has a spear which can deal some damage and light, agile moves.
Lexi Lexan Ella-Metals Lexi Lexan, Andy's love and Ella's friend has joined the fracas, but are her quick blow moves a winning formula? Aquire her to your team in Story Mode.
Samuel Think Ella-Metals Defeat him as a mini-boss in VineVille, Defeat him in Samuel's Lab.
Leila Metals John Mogwai and Leila Metals Defeat her on Commonzione Island
Kaisser Cassia Kaisser The talented chess prodigy and evil chess mastermind Kaisser Cassia is here. Defeat him in The Arena.
Stella Cassia Kaisser Stella Cassia, Ella's rival and Kaisser's partner. She is the Psy-Chick with artificial telepathic blows and solar craters to deal a great deal of damage. Complete Story Mode and go back to The Arena and fight her as a Ella-Metals characters.
Emily Davies Mr. Chilli Emily Davies is Chilli's love and miles better at law than him! She has her chockablock briefcase and tactical moves to whack her way to victory.
Bearded Smiley Bearded Smiley Annoyance is here, Bearded Smiley the uber super duper annoying Smilonian is here to fight with his Neo Geo Pocket Theo's and his mouth to fear. Find him hidden in Smilonia, after defeating all the characters there, fight him and win.
Touko Golfing Siblings His twin sister has always overshadowed him, but he's the only golfer to square up against a lawyer, a pilot and a musician all in one battle! Complete the Mission: Out of the Shadows.
Flat Packer Flat Pack Puzzler The crowbar using, Recti wiping mischievous villain Flat Packer is ready to whack. Beat him in Story mode.
Totti La Landlord Larry Totti is a patient, competent hard-working chef who just about floats in life by his titular pizzeria.
Sotrios Golden Saviour To continue his father's golden legacy, Sotrios is here with his many weapons and full-fledged determination.
Longy Earth Runner The ever-failing too high aspiring athlete. Beat him in a foot race and fight in story mode.
Joshua Stelios Earth Racing
John Mogwai John Mogwai and Leila Metals
Bittify The robot child
Mudkeep Yes I'm srs.
Stiliose Yes am extremely srs.


In total their are 30 stages in the game, with most of them (like the characters) are to be unlocked by completing something in story mode with characters from their series.

Name Series Description
VineVille Ella-Metals A stage which travels around certain areas in VineVille, the VineVillian school, the main streets and the City Centre where the Ella Metals statue is, with cars and lamposts as obstacles. You will finish at the Skyscrapers were infamous battles have been fought.
Kaisser's Chess Board Ella-Metals Fight on Kaisser's chess board. A basic stage, but watch out for some real life pieces ready to attack.
VineVillian Lake Ella-Metals Fight on Nessie and try to survive in the water and avoid her attack. Stay on the rock and don't fall into the water!
Smilexa City Court Mr. Chilli A large square court where you can fight in the jury stands, or with the action at the front. But make sure you don't fall out the window!
Polygonopolis Flat Pack Puzzler The odd runaway car and Brainwashed Recti are roaming the streets of Polygonopolis.

Unlockable Stages

Name Series Description How to Unlock
The Arena Kaisser Fight in the basic arena from Kaisser. Complete the fight here in Story mode.
Rollercoaster Greens Golfing Siblings Fight on the rollercoaster hole from Golfing Siblings Rivalry, watch out for the karts carrying the balls or the odd loose one. Unlock the area once Story Mode is completed or unlock the Golf Ball item and use it.
Samuel's Lab Ella-Metals Samuel's abandoned lab has gizmos and gadgets setting off, electric wires shocking and the Detonator. Fight on it in VineVille.
The Grey Factory Ella-Metals Caster's Grey Factory from Ella Metals and Spaces Between, a multi level stage which will warn you to get through holes or doors in time or you will be swept off the stage. Beat Caster on a Hard difficulty.
Bearded's House Bearded Smiley Bearded's House seems plain, but it's a madhouse full of annoyance and gimmicks!
Chez Lab Bearded Smiley Chez's Lab has sticky floors and types of more cheese to throw and you can even kill your opponents by processing them into cheese.
Ninja Dojo Bearded Smiley A simple ninja dojo, but watch out for ninja spikes and sword slashes.
Open Court Stelivl's Smilonian Open It's Doubles with the Weapons Depo happening. Either stay away from the court, or risk getting hit on the court.
Case Base Graphite Wars A pencil shaped case tent which is a army base in Graphite Wars, watch out for incoming ammo once the roof falls down.
Baptiste Kitchen Legacy of Freedom Baptiste's kitchen is a area to be explored, a jewel crest shape with stove, sink and falling crockery to make you fall off the surfaces.
Honey Hive Padge: Industry Reviver At the bottom of Bebe's honey hive is sticky honey comb and the occasional item dropped. Hard to navigate but it's walls are bouncy.
Parthanon Golden Saviour Zeus will strike you with lighting for intruding on the space of the Gods.
Vesuvius Golden Saviour Mt. Vesuvius is fiercely erupting and the stage is set. You will start at the crater but a lava bomb will erupt sending you down to the bottom as you fight with lava coming down. A great stage for lowering down those health bars.


Name Series Description
Bullet BoB Ella-Metals Fire a Bullet BoB which explodes upon contact.
Chilli Mr. Chilli Fire a flaming chilli and then throw it when it's run out, or throw a plate of Chilli varying each time when appearing.
Mini Cube Flat Pack Puzzler Fire a Mini Cube which deals little damage, when bounced on the floor, it will stay there and be a obstacle, but wears off after 30 seconds.
Paper Plane Mr. Chilli Fire a paper plane which can rebound.
Vine Ella-Metals Fling a vine consecutively or press B to wrap them.
Golf Club Golfing Siblings Whack someone with a basic golf club for multiple hits.
Lasso Ella-Metals Lasso someone closer to you and press B to squeeze them.
Pawn Ella-Metals The non-alive Pawns are used to leap over someone to either dodge or just jump.
Bishop Ella-Metals They will try and charge into you diagonally.
Palm Sprouter Padge Place a palm tree and watch it grow as a obstacle on the battlefield.
Crowbar Flat Pack Puzzler Flat Packer's crowbar is hard to control but sends players flying.
Pencil Flat Pack Graphite Wars A pencil can be used to prod from a distance.
Fountain Pen Flat Pack Graphite Wars Splash ink over the surface making it easy for sliding but prone to falling over for a while.
Honey Pot Padge: Industry Reviver A honey pot can be walked into a few times and your steps will make that area sticky for a while until it's picked up and passed on.
Midas' Crown Golden Saviour Midas' Crown can be tossed, turning the player into gold.
Fire Balls Golden Saviour Throw three fire balls to set a area or a player briefly on fire.
Slingshot Golden Saviour Fire small rocks with your slingshot, the rocks can bounce for double hits too.
Rolling Pin Earth Rocket Racing Baptiste's rolling pin can be rolled to trip people up.
Meat Cleaver Earth Rocket Racing A one-time use slicing item.
Georgia's Mic Earth Rocket Racing Send out 3 radiowaves as a rather fast and effective projectile.

Time Portals

Time Portals or Jacob Portals are used to summon other characters onto the stage to help or hinder at a given time. Their rarity is Very Common, Common, Less Common, Rare and Very Rare.

Image Name Series Description Rarity
Triad Flat Pack Puzzler Triad will stand where he is and slowly observe the field before coming to a conclusion. This could be simple controls or tips on beating a opponent. Common
Lance Darville Mr. Chilli Lance begins to rage and fire sprouts from his eyes and damaging anyone in his path. Common
Daisy Metals Ella-Metals Daisy throws bags of ingame money. They will deal damage then explode and can be collected. Very Rare
Bernard Gle Ella-Metals Bernard goes on a rampage and starts covering people in nets. Rare
Boxing Pest Flat Pack Puzzler Place a Boxing Pest with 3 second charging time and then it will try and deal a KO punch. Very Common
Norbert Bearded Smiley Norbert throws letters. Common
Valerius Golden Saviour Valerius will walk around then stop somewhere and pull out his dagger with a huge slice. Less Common
Baptiste Earth Rocket Racing Baptiste will brew some hot stew on wheels and ram it into someone before flinging the contents with a spoon. Less Common
Landlord Larry La Landlord Larry ??? Rare
Caleb Barron Kaisser Caleb will spin his double sided mace and run around and slash it a few times before spinning it again for a x amount of cycles. Less Common
Stelivil Bearded Smiley Stelivil will whack a few shuttlecocks before stomping opponents to the ground Waluigi Brawl-style. Common


Image Name Description Reward
Limbered-Up Complete Triad's tutorial with no mistakes. XP 10
First Time Lucky Win your first battle. XP 10
Throw Away the Key Unlock 3 character on separate difficulties. XP 50

Daisy's Shop

Like in Ella-Metals Racing, Daisy Metals runs a shop to buy extras. These are content that can't be unlocked in Story Mode or achieving a certain feat.


  • This game was originally planned in 2009 for Fantendo. But it was scrapped due to lack of media to choose from and being heavily based off Super Smash Bros. series.
  • Kaisser Cassia, Flat Packer and Poison Tom are the only villains playable.
  • This is Stelios' 2nd original fighter on Fantendo followed by Kaisser (Game).
    • Although Fallen Crest would of been the 3rd if it wasn't changed to it's current gameplay as a adventure MMO.
  • Although exclusively for the Novaya, Ella-Metals is the only series to previously appear on the console since it was released so early in its lifespan.
  • Despite having items, stages and of course the gameplay mechanic. Legacy of Freedom still have no playable reps currently confirmed.
  • There are 50 Hybrid songs in the game.
  • The slogan is: "This fall, heroes will fall."
  • Leila Metals is the only Ella-Metals series character not to be unlocked in a Ella-Metals location.
  • This is the first of Steli's 3 crossover fighting games, with Super Mudkeep Fighters and SEGA All-Stars Scramble being the other two.
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