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Hein (DNA), Rai (DNA), Lamia (creator)
WEAPONS Lightning Gear

Stein is an antagonists of Dark Woods who makes his first official appearance in Dark Woods III: The Plague Returns. He is a monster created by Lamia using the DNA of Hein and Rai.


Before Dark Woods III

Somewhere in the first game, or maybe even the second game, Lamia collected DNA from Hein and Rai in order to make a new freak which could have act as replacement for Hein if they were unable to get him. However Stein was never used and left in Lamia's workplace, inactivated.

In Dark Woods II you can enter the workplace of Lamia which is reminiscent of Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory in some ways. The table he has been made on can be spotted. In the back are two glass pods, one having condense on it so you can't see what is inside. When zooming in on the label you can see it reads: Stein.

Dark Woods III: The Plague Returns

Stein appears as a boss in Dark Woods III. Ashley retrieved Stein out of the old workplace of Lamia when she moved her base to the brand new carnival. Stein appears twice throughout the game as a boss and has some small interaction with Ashley. In his first battle he awaits Hein and the others at the circus tent where he battles them. However he manages to flee before being taken down.

After his first battle he returns back to Ashley to get himself patched up again but soon after is ordered by Ashley to follow and kill Hein and Rai. He followed them and fought them in the top of the windmill. Unfortunately he got completely destroyed there and was left behind in pieces in the windmill. It later was revealed by Ashley, and could be read upon further in Lamia's workplace, that Stein was made out of the DNA of Hein infused with the powers of Rai. Nothing is heard of Stein anymore in the rest of the game.

Fantendo Sports Resort

After being killed in the previous game, Stein was revived by the White Goddess. He however has no idea what is going on and why he was brought back to life. He acts as the doppelganger for Hein and still bears the same anger towards him. He is brought back to the Dark Woods at the end of Sports Resort.

Dark Woods IV: Descend

In Dark Woods IV: Descend, Stein is glad to be back in his own place but just wanders around, having returned to the fortress where he was made in the first place. Ephraim and Shiphrah are sent on a mission by Father Trip to retrieve Stein and take him back to Father Trip. Hein, Rai and Lily first encounter Stein in the fortress. Hein tries to reason with him, and discover why he was revived once again, but it escalated into battle once again. Ephraim and Shiphrah interfere causing Stein to flee to the roof. The two bounty hunters follow and fight him, taking his body with them afterwards. He is brought back to Father Trip who says he's going to blow new life into him.


Dark Woods: Survival

Stein appears as a playable character in Dark Woods: Survival, being unlocked when gathered 640XP. His main perk is when he gets hit by lightning his speed increases by 25%, he emits light and rejects freezing. Being struck by lightning however consumes 100 health and 33 sanity. This effect last 1 day, but he can get hit multiple times. He can eat stall and spoiled food without any penalties, although special effects of food still take place. He however cannot sustain water, receiving damage over time, this also including rainwater. He has the lowest starting stats but can upgrade this by finding screws which increase his stats.


Stein is an artificial being, and the first one Lamia created out of an empty vessel. Because of this Stein lacks certain traits that a human does have, like speech or common knowledge of things. He is a brute who gets quickly angered and cannot be reasoned with. He does not have much personality other than that.

Powers & Abilities

Despite Stein being a clone of Hein, his powers bare more resemblance to those of Rai. It is speculated that his production already begun in Dark Woods because Lamia had easy access to Rai. Stein can manipulate the electricity that is flowing through its body and the lightning from the sky. To enhance this he has a rather large claymore with a gear design called the 'Lightning Gear' with which redirecting lightning is easy. Aside from this he is incredibly strong, possibly even stronger than Rai.



  • The idea of including Stein in the game was because of a child who is friends with the creator drew his own version of Hein. He looked tougher, had green skin and had lightning bolts around him and thus Stein was created.
  • In Dark Woods II there were two pods in Lamia's workplace of which one was empty. In the trailer that revealed Stein, the pod next to Stein's now also had condense on it, meaning there might be someone inside as well. Upon further investigation it was concluded that the label read: 'Bride'.
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