Steam Strikers is an upcoming crossover fighting game being released for PC. Developed by SuperBot Entertainment and Valve (Who also published it), the game is obviously inspired by Smash Bros., but utilizes characters from various Valve and Steam games. So far, a release date has not been announced. 


Gameplay is obviously inspired by Smash Bros. Players move around within a 2.5D area, and use various normal and special attacks. Overall winning however, is different. By damaging eachother, you gain points. After enough time passes, the player with the most points can utilize a Super Attack to truly defeat their enemies. After this, the timer resets, and the player who used the Super loses most of their points.



Playable Characters

So far, 20 characters are planned for release. 4 have been shown off, so far.

Picture Name Description Super Attack
TBA Gordon Freeman Series: Half-Life
The Heavy

The Heavy Weapons Guy is a towering hulk of a man born in the USSR. This mercanery is the face of TF2, and a powerhouse with the use of his Minigun, Sasha.

Series: Team Fortress


The Medic appears out of nowhere, Ubercharging the Heavy. During this, his Minigun unleases a huge torrent of bullets into a shotgun-like spread. Anyone who is hit by enough bullets is KOed.

TBA Chell Series: Portal


Chell fires a portal into the sky. The portal lands on some unknown celestial body (most likely the Moon) and a portal previously placed by Chell will become a huge swirling vortex. For a few seconds, anyone who is sucked into the portal is sent to space and is instantly KOed.

TBA Bill Series: Left 4 Dead





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