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SteamSiege features a variety of towers, unlocked or purchased over the course of the game. Each tower has two core upgrades. which only increase stats, then branches off into two seperate lines, which each get another stat increasing upgrade

Musket Garrison

Name Description Cost Unlock
Musket Garrison I With a high speed of fire and deadly aim, the Musket Garrison is the most reliable and most revered of the Rimali army's towers. Equipped with the latest in firearms technology, Muskets are the main damage dealers for the first part of the game, combining with the Automaton Barracks to create powerful defenses for very cheap 90 Cogs Starter
Musket Garrison II TBA 120 Cogs Starter
Musket Garrison III TBA 180 Cogs Starter
Heavy Duty Turret I TBA 220 Cogs Starter
Heavy Duty Turret II TBA 260 Cogs Starter
Starlight Sniper I TBA 240 Cogs Starter
Starlight Sniper II TBA 300 Cogs Starter

Automaton Barracks

Name Description Cost Unlock
Automaton Barracks Small factories that create automated soldiers powered by steam, Automaton Barracks are the foundation of a good defense. Although they may not be the strongest, Automatons are amazing at stalling enemy attacks so your more offensive-oriented towers can get in damage, and pair with Musket Garrisons to create a simple yet effective defense 80 Cogs Starter

Tesla Coil

Name Description Cost Unlock
Tesla Coil Magical conduits that send out arcing bolts of electricity, Tesla Coils are the most basic form of magical tower. Although their base damage output is rather low, there is a high chance for Tesla Coils to do a critical hit, which deals almost double damage, and they are able to completely ignore armour, making them a more specialised tower 120 Cogs Starter

Frost Sprayer

Name Description Cost Unlock
Frost Sprayer The Frost Sprayer is an experimental design, created by the eccentric inventor Kalura Jacksaw. Shooting out a highly concentrated blast of cold air, Frost Sprayers shoot slowly but their ammunition is powerful - it freezes in place any foes (or friends) unlucky enough to be caught in the blast, allowing your other towers to get in a lot of damage 200 Cogs Beat 1-4

The Incinerator

Name Description Cost Unlock
The Incinerator The Incinerator is the latest design from the top military scientists, launching hefty fireballs onto the path, dealing splash damage to multiple foes at once. The Incinerator is a high damage tower, pairing well with stalling towers such as the Frost Sprayer or the Automaton Barracks, and being useful against swarms of low health enemies. 150 Cogs Beat 1-7

Steamshudder Behemoth

Name Description Cost Unlock
Steamshudder Behemoth An enormous tank mounted in place, slowly shooting high damage shells that explode in a small radius. However, at any time you may pay 300 Cogs into the behemoth. If you do, it rises up and becomes a huge tank, which slowly trundles around the radius, crushing any foes in their path and gunning down most others, until destroyed by attacks, at which point it reverts to tower form 250 Cogs Beat 1-12
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