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SteamSiege is a tower defense game created by Frogworks, inspired by games such as Ironhide's Kingdom Rush and PopCap's Plants vs Zombies and released in Janurary 2021. Players take the role of a general in the army of Rimal, a steampunk kingdom located in a large desert known only as "The Great Expanse", defending several key locations across the kingdom from invasion by a variety of hostile monsters and invaders.


While there is a story to SteamSiege, it is fairly simple, as the focus was put into the gameplay.

The game is set in the kingdom of Rimal, which is located in the desert known as "The Great Expanse". The player takes the role of a general in the Rimali army, who has been sent to conquer and destroy the holdings to the south of the kingdom, where the rogue mage Jhalia lives.

Once a popular inventor and steam mage, something snapped in Jhalia and they forsook the teachings of the Iron Mistress, the patron goddess of Rimal - instead turning to the darkness of the mechanical demon Chronos. Establishing their territory in the Unholy Lands to the southeast of the kingdom, Jhalia set out to conquer Rimal and its people, and to enforce the reign of Chronos across all The Great Expanse.


The basic gameplay of SteamSiege is fairly simple - enemies run along a path toward the end, yielding Cogs when defeated. Cogs can be used to purchase towers, which can be placed in any position along the track. There are a variety of towers, which are unlocked over the course of the campaign. Each tower has two "core" upgrades, then splits into two diverging paths, which each have two upgrades, allowing for customization in the upgrading of towers. You lose when your heart count, starting at 20, is reduced to 0.

Enemies come in waves, spaced apart by a couple seconds to a minute, and ramp up in difficulty the further one gets into a campaign. Some enemies are armoured, taking less damage from non-Magical attacks. Others are poison or freeze your towers, or are resistant to magic. At the end of each "world" is a boss, which is stronger than the other foes.

Some levels have gimmicks, such as prebuilt towers where you can buy mercenaries, services that can be purchased from inventors and magicians, fixed hazards that fight towers and foes or even areas you have to spends Cogs to clear out. The difficulty ramps up throughout the game, as Cogs become scarcer and the wilds become fiercer the futher you get from Rimal's capital

Despite being a relatively simple game, there is a lot of strategic depth inherent to the genre and this is carried over into SteamSiege, with the huge variety of enemies and towers allowing for all sorts of situations to arise, requiring a mix of quick thinking and planning to get out withall your hearts intact.

Whenever a level is beaten or an achievement is earned, the player is rewarded with gems, which can be spent at the shop - gems can buy various power ups and items, along with exclusive towers or even levels.


See SteamSiege/Towers for information on the upgrade paths

Name Description Cost Unlock
Musket Garisson

Musket Garrison

With a high speed of fire and deadly aim, the Musket Garrison is the most reliable and most revered of the Rimali army's towers. Equipped with the latest in firearms technology, Muskets are the main damage dealers for the first part of the game, combining with the Automaton Barracks to create powerful defenses for very cheap 90 Cogs Starter
Automaton Barracks

Automaton Barracks

Small factories that create automated soldiers powered by steam, Automaton Barracks are the foundation of a good defense. Although they may not be the strongest, Automatons are amazing at stalling enemy attacks so your more offensive-oriented towers can get in damage, and pair with Musket Garrisons to create a simple yet effective defense 80 Cogs Starter
Tesla Coil SteamSiege

Tesla Coil

Magical conduits that send out arcing bolts of electricity, Tesla Coils are the most basic form of magical tower. Although their base damage output is rather low, there is a high chance for Tesla Coils to do a critical hit, which deals almost double damage, and they are able to completely ignore armour, making them a more specialised tower 120 Cogs Starter

Frost Sprayer

The Frost Sprayer is an experimental design, created by the eccentric inventor Kalura Jacksaw. Shooting out a highly concentrated blast of cold air, Frost Sprayers shoot slowly but their ammunition is powerful - it freezes in place any foes (or friends) unlucky enough to be caught in the blast, allowing your other towers to get in a lot of damage 200 Cogs Beat 1-4
The Incinerator The Incinerator is the latest design from the top military scientists, launching hefty fireballs onto the path, dealing splash damage to multiple foes at once. The Incinerator is a high damage tower, pairing well with stalling towers such as the Frost Sprayer or the Automaton Barracks, and being useful against swarms of low health enemies. 150 Cogs Beat 1-7
Steamshudder Behemoth An enormous tank mounted in place, slowly shooting high damage shells that explode in a small radius. However, at any time you may pay 300 Cogs into the behemoth. If you do, it rises up and becomes a huge tank, which slowly trundles around the radius, crushing any foes in their path and gunning down most others, until destroyed by attacks, at which point it reverts to tower form 250 Cogs Beat 1-10

Necromancer's Lair

A steam necromancer lurks in this solemn stronghold, dragging bodies in from the battlefield to ressurect as cybernetic zombies. These zombies act as troops, that although weaker than traditional soldiers, emulate any special abilities their original states posessed. There can only be a maximum of 3 zombies at any one time. 250 Cogs Beat 2-3
Acidite Cannon Magical goo fallen from outer space has been revitalized into the new and highly experimental Acidite Cannon . Globs of slime are launched onto the path in random places - if they hit an enemy, that foe will be slowed for a couple seconds, but if they hit the ground they will transform into a weak yet slippery slime soldier, which are numerous but weak. 210 Cogs Beat 2-6
Aura Mage The Aura Mages of Rimal are famed across The Great Expanse, as their healing glow can not only heal any troops in the vicinity, but also empower them with auras of strength - the two can be swapped between in the Mage's interface. The Mage can be incredibly helpful but is somewhat situational, and is only good in conjuction with other towers, so one has to be careful when using it 100 Cogs Beat 2-10
Gravity Well The Gravity Well was created by an unknown dark wizard who sold his soul to a demonic being to capture and contain a stellar entity, specificaly a black hole, only to be tragically slain moments later. The well itself slows down all nearby enemies and troops, sucking in those that are small, killing them near instantly. (Created by Inferno) 175 Cogs Beat 3-2
Living Muskets The Living Muskets is an animated version of the Musket Garisson, piloted by a powerful metal mage positioned in the heart of the tower. Appearing like a normal tower at first, the Living Muskets will rise up and attack any nearby foes, using the various accessories of the tower to fight foes. Still immobile though. 110 Cogs Beat 3-5
Time Accelerator The Time Accelerator is able to be toggled on and off, speeding up all time in the nearby area by 2x, increasing the speed of your towers and of the troop movement, creating a bubble where time is faster for everything, which can be an incredibly powerful effect if utilised correctly 160 Cogs Beat 3-9
Missile Launcher The Missile Launcher is a slow, clunky tower but it has incredible damaging potential, harnessing the power of pure explosives to launch powerful missiles at any point on the screen. However, it must charge up to do this, and will only fire once tapped - however, the power of the rockets resemble the power of something such as the Thousand Sun Fury on steroids 200 Cogs Beat 4-2
Plague Wind The Plague Wind sends out periodic blasts of pestilence, which do not deal any damage but infect any foes that find themselves in the path of the wind. Infected enemies slowly take damage over time, and when they die any enemies or troops that pass over their corpse also become infected, and the damage dealt by the plague is increased by the number of other infected entities nearby 300 Cogs Beat 4-7
Deadly Decoy The Deadly Decoy is another barracks style tower, along the lines of the Necromancer's Lair or the Automaton Barracks, sending out troops that take the form of dummies loaded with explosives - when these dummies are destroyed they explode in a burst of flame, dealing heavy damage to nearby troops, be they friend or foe 210 Cogs Beat 4-9
Self Replicator The Self Replicator is a fairly weak tower, less useful then any of the other towers by itself, with low damage and a low rate of fire. However, it has the toggleable ability to slowly create identical copies of itself, which then create copies of themselves, slowly filling up the board with Self Replicators. 160 Cogs Buy from the Shop
Mimic The mimic is a temperamental being but is incredibly unqiue. It starts as a blank tower with no abilities, but one can pay Cogs equal to the total combined cost of any tower they control to make the Mimic a copy of that tower, which can then be upgraded as normal or turned into another tower. 200 Cogs Buy from the Shop
Cog Factory The Cog Factory is an interesting tower, to say the least. It is one of the most expensive towers in the game, but over time it provides a literal return on investment, producing Cogs to fuel your everexpanding army. This creates some interesting strategy based on when you buy the tower and how much you invest into it. (Created by Oswald) 350 Cogs Buy from the Shop
Meta-Stool The Meta-Stool continues the trend of shop-bought towers having interesting gimmicks and ideas - it is cheap, in fact it is the cheapest tower in the game, but it serves no real function. Instead, it can be placed in strange places, including over water and on the path, and allows towers to be placed on top of it. It also provides a small passive bonus of extra damage to mounted towers. 70 Cogs

Buy from the shop


See SteamSiege/Enemies for a list of all enemies

Enemies in SteamSiege are primarily the minions of Jhaila, a rogue steam mage who abandoned the teachings of the Iron Mistress, the god of Rimal, instead serving the mechanical demon Chronos. While at first the enemies are only lowly automatons and bandits, the closer they get to Jhaila's unholy citadel the more dangerous the foes get. Enemies work how you would expect them to work - they run along the path, fighting with any units stationed there, aiming to reach one of the exits. Some wear armour, being resistant to normal attacks, while others are immune to magic, meaning that arcane attacks don't work on them. 


Name Description
Rimalia Rimalia is the heart of the nation, and it's fertile valleys fuel the armies under your command. Containing the capital city and the surrounding oasis, Rimalia is the first area in the game and the easiest, with the player only contending with the raiding parties and bandits under Jhaila's command. The boss of Rimalia is Big Mickey, one of Jhaila's key lieutenants and the boss of the various bandit gangs that prowl Rimalia's outskirts.
Silent Dunes The Silent Dunes were once a prosperous, if not booming, area under Rimal's control. However, since the rise of Jhaila their harvests have failed and the bandit presence has increased significantly. To the south, near the border, the dark necromancer Shef'kei, the world's boss, has been gathering power, sending her army of undead minions to slowly take over the province and claim it for Jhaila, who she serves under.
Lake Of Tar

The Lake Of Tar is located just outside of Rimal's borders - a once great oasis, a center of trade and connection between Rimal and the other nations in The Great Expanse, the Lake was the first to fall under Jhaila's control, with demonic powers turning the oasis to tar and muck. The Lake is where difficulty really starts to ramp up, and the player faces all sorts of strange, demonic enemies, including the area's boss, the malicious devil Rhikaal

The Unholy Lands The Unholy Lands are a forsaken place, and the followers of the Iron Mistress are traditionally forbidden from entering the demon lord's cursed domain. However, due to the peril facing Rimal, an exception has been made, and now the player must journey toward Jhalia's citadel, and face the dark steam mage themselves. The enemies in The Unholy Lands are strange fusions between machine and monster, and the dificulty is extreme, much harder than anything seen beforehand.


Name Description
Firebomb A small explosive device that deals damage to one enemy nearby. Costs 50 gems
Robot Reinforcements A pair of trusty robot soldiers that will engage any enemies nearby, acting as a helpful stall to stop your foes from escaping. Costs 75 gems.
Thousand Sun Fury A bomb that, when it explodes, calls down a rain of fire to bombard the area nearby, leaving a patch of scorching magma behind. Costs 150 gems
Cog Crate A crate that can be opened to find a boost of 300 Cogs, letting you get a tower in at a crucial moment or get just a little more starting juice. Costs 200 gems.
Self-Replicator A low damage tower that slowly creates copies of itself, which then create more copies. This is only sold after beating World 1 and costs 1000 gems
Mimic A strange tower found in an ancient dungeon, that imitates other towers. This is only sold after beating World 2 and costs 1250 gems.
Cog Factory An advanced tower blueprint for a place where cogs are created. This is only sold after beating World 3 and costs 1400 gems
Meta-Stool A strange magical stool found in the ruins of Jhalia's fortress. This is only sold after beating World 4 and costs 2000 gems


  • It draws heavy inspiration from the newest game in the Kingdom Rush franchise, Kingdom Rush Vengeance
  • The game has at least one major update planned, the Overloaded update, which is planned to feature a variety of new towers and levels, along with the introduction of a new Hero System
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