The original Starship Mario, along with Mario, Lubba, and it's passengers.

The Starship Mario is a planet-like spaceship that looks like Mario's head. It is owned by Lubba, but Mario is considered the captain. Many passengers, such as Toads, Penguins, and Bob-omb Buddies are brought back to the Starship by Mario. The Starship Mario appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


Super Mario Galaxy 2.5

Starship mario by banjo2015-d8mp3yn
The Starship Mario returns with a slightly redesigned appearance in Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 The new design includes things like a pool for a Dolphin. Mario and Luigi travel with Lubba in the same way they did in Galaxy 2. At the end of the game, Bowser crushes the Starship, destroying it (even though the player still using the Starship after defeating Bowser) and Rosalina rescues the crew, sending them back to the Mushroom Kingdom. The Toad Brigade is however, left behind and Lubba helps them rebuild the Starship into a Starship Toad.

Super Mario Silver Spurs: The Crossover Vacation

The Starship Mario reappears in this film; however, it was upgraded by Tails and Bowser Jr. prior to the events of the vacation. The upgrades make it an obvious difference from the original Starship Mario, so the new version is called Starship Mario 7500. In Super Mario Silver Spurs, the Starship Mario 7500 has ion engines, Bill Blasters, a lightspeed function, and a docking bay. It is also much larger than the original Starship Mario.

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