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Star Wars Starfighter
Developer(s) Nakamura Interactive
Rooster Teeth Games
Publisher(s) Morningwood Arts
Distributor(s) Microsoft (Xbox Live)
Sony Interactive Entertainment (PSN)
Valve (Steam)
Director(s) Anakin Nakamura (Design, Narrative)
Platform(s) Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Release Date(s)
November 19th, 2018
Age Rating(s)
ESRB2013T 16Rating CERO C
Genre(s) Action
Space simulation
Storage Needed 36.8GB

Star Wars Starfighter is a crossover Star Wars/RWBY video game developed by Nakamura Interactive and Rooster Teeth Games, and published by Morningwood Arts for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam. It was developed using the Semblance engine.

The game is set during the Galactic Civil War and follows a Rebel Alliance Starfighter Corps unit named "Rose Squadron" led by Duros Captain Sur and Commander Ruby Rose. This game is considered to be a spiritual successor/reboot of the original Star Wars: Starfighter games.


Much like its predecessors, the gameplay of Star Wars Starfighter is similar. The game is played within a highly detailed 3D space simulation with a very large play area filled with debris and scenery as well as AI Starfighters.


Starfighters have two HP; the first HP are Deflector Shields which can be damaged from all types of attacks, but is more vulnerable to Ion-based weapons, and the second HP is the Starfighter Hull itself which is vulnerable to all types of weapons, but extremely vulnerable to Missile-based weapons. Both are these can be upgraded with increasing a Starfighter's Level.

Each Starfighter is classified within four classes: Fighter, Bomber, Interceptor and Gunship. Fighters are generally multi-purpose starfighters able to perform a variety of roles and can be modified as such. Bombers are starfighters specifically designed to carry heavy ordnance and deal the most damage against other Starfighters and capital ships. Interceptors are fast, agile Starfighters designed primarily for starfighter-to-starfighter combat, boasting weapons to combat other Starfighters. Gunships are heavily armed starfighters able to counter Bombers and Interceptors, boasting weapons capable of doing so.


Modifications are available to all four Classes of Starfighters in the game. These can be unlocked by increasing the Starfighter Level of that ship. These modifications can increase the survivability and weapons of Starfighters or can be converted into a different Class; though this is limited to Fighters and Gunships only. Each class has their own set of modifications.

Fighters are versatile starfighters that can be heavily modified with many different weapons, hull-based mods and can even be converted into either a Bomber or Interceptor, depending on which modifications are used. Bombers can be modified with different payloads and hull-based modifications; some Bombers can also be converted into Heavy Bombers. Interceptors can be modified with various modifications to further increase their speed, weapons and hull. Gunships can be modified with hull-based and weapon modifications.


The Singleplayer features the characters of RWBY as various characters within the Star Wars universe. Teams RWBY, JNPR, CFVY, Sun Wukong, Neptune Vasilias and Oscar Pine are featured as pilots within the Rebel Alliance Starfighter Corps unit Rose Squadron as they discover that the Empire's Imperial Department of Military Research had built a prototype of a new class of Star Destroyer named the Atlas-class, designed by Imperial Governor Jacques Schnee.

Within the Campaign, players will play as Commander Ruby Rose who leads Rose Squadron as Rose Leader with a Duros named Sur as Rose Actual; their Captain and advisor.


Skirmish at Roon

The Nexus and Rose Squadron arrive at an Outer Rim moon where they were to meet an Imperial turncoat named Lionheart who claims to have information that might endanger the Rebel Alliance, as his information was seen to be very crucial in their fight against the Galactic Empire.




  • Starfighter Assault - An all-out mission-oriented objective-based gamemode for 32 Players
  • Fighter Squadron - All-out Starfighter dogfights in atmospheric and orbital battles for 32 players
  • Hero Starfighters - Heroes and Villains clash in their personal Starfighters in battles for 8 players
  • Capital Defense - Destroy the enemy team's Capital Ship while defending your own in battles for 32 players


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