Star Wars: Galactic Renegades
Developer(s) Ghostrealm Studios
Lone Planet Productions
Platform(s) Pharo
Release Date(s)
November 17, 2017
Genre(s) Top-down shooter

Star Wars: Galactic Renegades is a launch title for the Pharo console, developed by Ghostrealm Studios and Lone Planet Productions.


The game takes place in the year 19 BBY, around the time of the Jedi Temple being sacked. As the 501st Legion march through the burning temple, a clone trooper medic known as CT-5671, or "Straightaway", quickly deserts the group before taking off their helmet, revealing that they are, in fact, a woman, who resembles the Jango Fett template, yet is female. Knowing that what's being done by the 501st is wrong, Straightaway goes searching for any Jedi survivors he can help. However, along the way, she is attacked by a commando droid, who is defeated right away in a tutorial fight. Curious, yet looking for assistance, she begins to tinker with the droid.

Meanwhile, a female Zabrak bounty hunter has infiltrated the temple, analyzing the rooms for the holocron she was due to steal. However, 501st forces begin following her as she delves into a nearby room and locking the door. A Trandoshan Jedi youngling then emerges from a nearby corner, asking if the clones are gone. The Zabrak identifies herself as Letae, and the youngling as Bareg.

Meanwhile, Straightaway and the droid, who has been reprogrammed and renamed to "Clanker", run into Letae and Bareg as they attempt to head for the Holocron Vault, where the holocron is.

To be continued...


Galactic Renegades is a top-down shooter, with players controlling one of the four main characters as they venture through the galaxy. Each character has their own abilities and playstyles, though in singleplayer modes, the player can switch between the four characters.

Each character also has their own side stories, used to obtain new weapons and equipment.


Character Backstory Gameplay
Letae A Zabrak bounty hunter who seeks to make a profit in the wake of the Empire emerging as a major power. Although initially only wanting to join the group to achieve profit, she later warms up to them. Letae is the tank of the group, capable of absorbing plenty of damage.
Bareg A twelve year-old Jedi youngling and the son of two Jedi lovers that broke the Code. He seeks to find meaning for himself now that his Order is destroyed, and potentially find his parents. Bareg is the only melee combatant in the game, using his lightsaber as well as the Force.
Straightaway Known as CT-5671 in Republic databases, Straightaway was a clone trooper who was born a woman due to a deformity. Thus, she spent most of her time on Kamino, even finding out about the inhibitor chips used by Order 66. She joined the group due to her believing that what the Empire is doing is wrong. Straightaway is proficient with medical equipment and utilizing tech to alter machinery.
Clanker A commando droid reprogrammed by Straightaway to fight for the group, though he was originally left behind on Coruscant by Grievous. Clanker is capable of utilizing stealth as a weapon, relying on a blaster as well as other upgrades as the game progresses.


Ghostrealm Studios and Lone Planet Productions initially decided to collaborate on a project around May 2017. Yet, troubles occured with obtaining the Star Wars license due to EA being given the rights to Star Wars games by Disney. Yet, after some financial agreements, the two companies were allowed to develop Galactic Renegades.

Although the game was initially planned to be released for the Nintendo Switch, the Pharo was later considered to be the new console for the game, as the gameplay fit with the Pharo's "pick up and play" style of gaming.

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