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Star Hedgehog: Adventurous team
Developer(s) Ye Olde Baker Boy Productions
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
TBA 2012
Story mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Wii optical disc

Star Hedgehog: Adventurous team is the very first game based on the RP series Star Hedgehog which was created by Ye Olde Baker Boy Productions. It seems to take a lot of elements from New Su

As they ventured through the d

Star Hedgehog managed to defeat Bowser but when they were about to leave with the princess, the robot from the opening (Refered as Robo-Koopa) emerged behind them willing to take Peach away once again. However, the heroes used the Chaos Emeralds that the Toads gave them earlier to destroy this robot and return to the Mushroom Kingdom.

After that. The heroes received a letter that said that there was a new and mysterious world to explore and, therefore, unlocking World abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.

Gameplay features

The game is heavily based on New Super Mario Bros Wii. An example is the 4 player co-op that was introduced on this game. There are also midway flags that when untouched are black and have Bowser's face but when a character touches it it'll be coloured after the character's personal colour and will have the character's emblem as well.

Whenever a player dies, he'll reappear on one of the stage's sides in an orb of light. The player will be able to release his/her character by pressing the A button so he/she can rejoin the party. The A button can also be used so the player will encapsule his/her character in this light orb (This can be exploited to avoid deaths or to let a more skilled player to beat a difficult part of the level). Additionally, players can pick up other players and throw them or carry them around. The carried up player can release himself/herself by shaking the Wii Remote.

Goal posts from Sonic the Hedgehog will appear on this game as the way to end a level (Except for towers and castles). Depending on which player touches it first, his/her character's portrait will appear when the goal post stops spinning.

Red Star Rings from Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations replace Star Coins. Like the Star Coins, they're needed to reach 100% completion and unlock levels in the secret World S.

The controls are the same as New Super Mario Bros Wii. That means that the players must hold the Wii Remote sideways and use the 1 button to run, the 2 button to jump and the D-pad to move. However, some characters have unique abilities (See Characters section below).


Playable characters

Unlike New Super Mario Bros Wii, the first player can play as any of the four characters. All of them have unique abilities and stats.

Image Name Description Special abilities Stats
Generations Modern Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog This furry blue speedster has been spoiling Dr Eggman's plans for 20 years non-stop. He is also the leader of the Star Hedgehog team.

- Homing Attack: Press the 2 button in midair. Sonic must have locked on an enemy first or else he'll just perform a brief forward dash.

- Spindash: Duck and press the 2 button repeatedly. Sonic will launch himself forward curled up into a ball.

Sonic is the fastest character of the four

He isn't very good braking, specially on slippery surfaces like ice

He can't swim very well

Mr L 3D
Mr L The dark alter ego of the shy green plumber Luigi. He is the engineer of this team and he's able to create awesome gadgets and weapons for his teammates. - Charge Jump: Duck for 3 seconds and Mr L will begin to glow. Press the 2 button and he'll perform a much higher jump. He is the highest jumper of the four
Sin título2 Rosalina The sweethearted mother of the Lumas. Rosalina clads herself on her Mario Kart biker suit to help out Sonic and the rest.

- Balloon Suit crush: Press down in midair. Rosalina will activate her biker suit's balloon suit addon to perform a powerful Ground Pound.

- Float: Shake the Wii Remote in midair. Rosalina will use her biker suit's balloon suit addon to float in the air briefly.

Since she uses her balloon suit to perform a Ground Pound. She can use this ability to break Black Brick Blocks, which are more resistant than normal Brick Blocks

She's the slowest of the team

KirbyWiiNew Kirby This cute pink puffball is the hero of Popstar. He is known for being able to inhale his enemies and copy their abilities. He doesn't use that copy thing on this game though.

- Inhale: Press the 1 button so Kirby will inhale an enemy. Once he has an enemy on his mouth, press the 1 button again so he can spit it against another enemy. The more enemies or Brick Blocks you inhale, the more powerful the spit will be.

- Super Inhale: Shake the Wii Remote while inhaling. This will allow Kirby to inhale faster and even be able to inhale bigger enemies.

- Floating jump: Kirby can perform multiple jumps much like he does in the Super Smash Bros series. The player must press the 2 button up to 5 times (Which is as much as Kirby can jump)

He's very light so he won't have any problem on weighted platforms

Due to this lightness, he'll just bounce off enemies so he won't be able to damage them by stomping on them. He has to rely on his inhaling ability for this

Supporting characters

You'll find this characters through the course of the game.

Image Name Description
Yoshi NSMBW Yoshi Yoshis appear on this game as mounts. They can use their tongues to catch enemies.
ToadtheShroom Toad Toads run Toad Houses, which are found around the maps. There are also seven Toads that the heroes must rescue during the story.
Princess Peach She's been kidnapped again because of that Bowser-looking robot! Star Hedgehog will have to do Mario's job and rescue her.

Enemy characters

These are the main villains

Image Name Description
Koopalings The Koopalings Bowser's mischievous adopted children are holding the Toads captive and Star Hedgehog will have to defeat them in their castles if they want the poor Toads back!
Bowser NSMBW Bowser It isn't very know if he's responsible for Peach's kidnapping but with the Koopalings around...
N/A Robo-Koopa This giant robotic recreation of Bowser was sent to attack Peach's Castle and kidnap both the princess herself and the seven Toads that were with her.


  • World 1: A grassy plain named Greeny Grassland. Peach's Castle can be seen in the background
    • Koopaling boss: Larry
  • World 2: A desert named Scorching Desert. There's a level that features the Angry Sun from Super Mario Bros 3
    • Koopaling boss: Morton
  • World 3: A beach area named Sunny Resort. This world will feature the Frog Suit powerup and contains a lot of underwater levels
    • Koopaling boss: Wendy
  • World 4: A jungle named Gynormous Jungle. Enemies from Donkey Kong Country Returns will be seen only in this world alongside Bowser's minions. Some of these minions have giant versions much like they had in Super Mario Bros 3
    • Koopaling boss: Iggy
  • World 5: A snowy field named Freezing Ice World. Ice-type enemies such as the Ice Bros are seen in this world
    • Koopaling boss: Roy
  • World 6: A sky area named Cloudy Heavens. This world has a heavy use of the Propeller Mushroom
    • Koopaling boss: Lemmy
  • World 7: A city area pretty much based on Neo Bowser City from Mario Kart 7. This world features mechanized versions of the regular enemies which seem to be much more resistant (For example, GoomBots need to take two hits to be defeated)
    • Koopaling boss: Ludwig
  • World 8: A volcanic area named Bowser's Badlands.
    • Final boss: Bowser
    • Second final boss: Robo-Koopa
  • World S: Unlocked after beating the game. It's made after the 8th Special World from Super Mario 3D Land. There are 8 levels that are unlocked once all the Red Star Rings from a world are collected
    • World S-Crown: This is the ultimate level of the game. It's unlocked when the save file has 3 stars
      • Rescue Peach (Beat World 8)
      • Obtain all Red Star Rings (Including the ones from World S)
      • Beat all the levels (Including World S') and find all the secret exits.



The game has several powerups that give our heroes new powers. Some of them have unique aspects that allow characters diferentiate themselves.

Image Name Basic description Sonic Mr L Rosalina Kirby
FireFlowerSM3DL Fire Flower This powerup gives the user the ability of throwing a basic projectile forward Volt Sonic: Sonic shoots bolts of electricity that bounce higher Fire Mr L: Mr L's fireballs are green coloured but they don't have any other unique aspect Ice Rosalina: Rosalina's appearence is much the same as Galaxy's Ice Mario. She shoots iceballs that freeze enemies instead of fireballs. These iceballs can bounce once on the walls Fire Kirby: Kirby can spit fireballs that go straight forward at the enemies (Much like Luigi's fireballs from the Super Smash Bros series)
SuperLeaf3D2 Super Leaf This powerup allows the user to fall slowly and use a melee attack against the enemies Rocket Sonic: Sonic puts an orange flight armour on and his shoes turn orange and have jet engines on their soles. Sonic performs a spinning kick to attack enemies Fox Mr L: Mr L gets fox ears and tail in a similar fashion that Luigi did in 'New Super Mario Bros 2. He can attack with his tail Hot Air Rosalina: Rosalina wears a turquoise inflatable rubber suit to use it as a parachute. She can bounce higher if she performs a Ground Pound as she floats down. She spins around herself when inflated to attack enemies Parasol Kirby: Kirby uses the Parasol ability from Kirby's Adventure to fall down slowly and attack enemies with a parasol
HammerSuit Hammer Suit This powerup allows the user to throw and arched projectile and protect himself/herself from weak enemy projectiles Sharp Skater Sonic: Sonic gets a grey armour that covers his torso, head and quills; his fur turns orange and wheels appear on his shoes' soles. He can perform a Razor Spin when pressing down as he runs. The armour protects him from weak projectiles Hammer Bro Mr L: Mr L wears a Hammer Bro suit pretty similar to the one from Super Mario Bros 3. He can throw hammers and duck to block enemy projectiles Boomerang Rosalina: Rosalina wears a Boomerang Suit from Super Mario 3D Land. She can throw a boomerang but she cannot throw another one until the thrown one returns to her or disappears Hammer Kirby: Kirby uses the Hammer ability from Kirby's Adventure to whack enemies with a hammer
FrogSuitSME Frog Suit This powerup allows the user to swim better with the downside of not being able to move well outwater Amphibian Sonic: Sonic's fur turns green and his shoes are extended to look like flippers. He swims much better and can perform a Torpedo Boost to have a boost of speed underwater Frog Mr L: His suit is much darker than the original Frog Suit. Mermaid Rosalina: Rosalina wears a turquoise seashell bikini and has a fish tail in said colour. The player can shake the Wii Remote to make Rosalina shoot hearts that, when they collide on an enemy, this enemy will get distracted and open for an attack Penguin Kirby: Kirby wears a Penguin suit much like the ones from New Super Mario Bros Wii. He cannot throw iceballs but blow a cold breath at the enemies instead
Propeller Mushroom Propeller Mushroom This powerup allows the user to fly high and then fall slowly Propeller Sonic: The helmet's backside is opened so Sonic's quills can stay outside. The emblem on the helmet's sides is the same as Sonic has in the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series: Sonic's face Propeller Mr L: The green on his suit is darker than Luigi's Propeller form and the emblem's background is black instead of white. The L is inverted to match the inverted L from Mr L's hat

Propeller Rosalina: Rosalina's hair is tied into a ponytail. The emblem is a turquoise-coloured R

Propeller Kirby: He only wears the suit's helmet. It is pink and has a star as the emblem (Much like the Kirby characters have in the Super Smash Bros series)
BlueShell Blue Shell This powerup from allows the user to hide on a shell and perform a Shell Dash Spike Sonic: Sonic wears a pink spiky armour made after the Pink Spikes power from Sonic Colors. Needless is to say that Sonic can climb walls and ceilings as he performs the Shell Dash Shell Mr L: Mr L's shell has a darker shade of blue

P-Floatie rider Rosalina: Rosalina wears a turquoise-colored swimsuit similar to the ones that Peach and Daisy wear in Mario & Sonic and London 2012 Olympic Games (Her dress' star brooch is also seen in the swimsuit's front). She casts an inflatable shaped like a P-Balloon named P-Floatie to plow through enemies. If she jumps while riding the P-Floatie, it'll perform a weak Ground Pound

Wheel Kirby: Kirby uses the Wheel ability from Kirby's Adventure to turn himself into a wheel and dash forward
Chaosemeralds Chaos Emeralds The Chaos Emeralds can only be used once the game is beaten. They must be activated by pressing the - button on the Powerup Vault (Press 1 Button on the map screen to open it). Once activated, a meter will appear under the players' life count while they're in a level. This meter fills up a bit when the player gets a coin or defeats an enemy. Once it's full, the player will have to press the B button to allows his/her character go Super. The meter will be emptying itself as time passes until it's finally empty (Once that happens, the character will return into his/her Normal form) but it can be refilled a bit by grabbing coins or defeating enemies. Super Sonic: Sonic can run faster and jump higher White Kitsune Mr L: Mr L wears a White Kitsune Suit from Super Mario 3D Land. It's an invincible version of his Super Leaf form Shooting Star Queen: Rosalina's suit changes from turquoise to sparkly silver. The Balloon Suit crush gets replaced by a Comet Dive Ultra Sword Kirby: Kirby uses the Super version of the Sword ability which was introduced in Kirby's return to Dreamland. He can slash enemies with a giant sword as long as he still has Super energy to do so

Other items

References to other games

  • Super Mario Bros 2/Doki Doki Panic: Mr L's Charge Jump is based on the ability that the characters from this game had
  • Kirby's Adventure: Kirby can use the Parasol, Wheel and Hammer abilities from this game as powerups. Fire appears as well but it has been heavily remade
  • Super Mario Bros 3: The Koopalings are fought in the same order, the Angry Sun appears in World 2, the Hammer suit, the Frog suit and the Super Leaf can be used as powerups, Boom Boom is a tower boss from Worlds 1 to 3. He later appears in World 8 fighting alongside Pom Pom
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The player(s) must pass through a goal post to end the level
  • Super Mario World: Yoshi is a rideable buddy. In the Game Boy Advance remake, Luigi's fireballs bounced higher, much like Sonic's bolts of electricity can do. Rosalina uses a recreation of the P-Balloon for her Blue Shell form
  • Knuckles' Chaotix: A remix of "Oriental Legend" is used in Robo-Koopa's battle
  • New Super Mario Bros: The Blue Shell is used as a powerup
  • Super Mario Galaxy: Rosalina's Fire Flower form resembles Ice Mario's appearence from this game
  • Mario Kart Wii: Rosalina wears her biker suit throughout the course of the game
  • New Super Mario Bros Wii: The game has 4 player co-op feature, the Propeller Mushroom is used as a powerup, Kirby uses a Penguin suit for his Frog Suit form
  • Sonic Colors: Sonic's Blue Shell and Super Leaf forms are made after the Pink Spikes and Orange Rocket color powers, Red Star Rings from both this game and Sonic Generations replace Star Coins as hidden collectibles
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns: Enemies from this game appear in World 4
  • Super Mario 3D Land: Mr L's Chaos Emeralds form is based on White Kitsune Luigi from the 3DS game, the players respawn in their normal forms instead of their small forms, Pom Pom is fought as a tower boss from Worlds 4 to 8 (In World 8, Boom Boom fights alongside her), Rosalina uses the Boomerang suit as her Hammer suit form
  • Kirby's Return to Dreamland: Kirby's Chaos Emeralds form (Ultra Sword) was featured in this game
  • Mario Kart 7: Neo Bowser City is used as the 7th World
  • Sonic Generations: The order in which the Chaos Emeralds are obtained is the same as this game: Green>Purple>Yellow>Blue>Red>Cyan>White
  • New Super Mario Bros 2: Mr L recreates Fox Luigi's appearence for his Super Leaf form


  • Robo-Koopa seems to be a much more refined and smoother version of the robotic Bowser from Super Mario Sunshine
  • The spots' color of the Toad you rescue is a hint of which Chaos Emerald he'll give you. For example, the Yellow Toad will give the player a yellow Chaos Emerald
  • It's unknown why the Koopalings had the Chaos Emeralds with them. Unfortunately, the game's story doesn't give an explanation either
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