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Developer(s) Inner Earth Studios
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Release Date(s)
Usa-flags October 12, 2014

Japan Flag October 21, 2014
English Flag December 3, 2014



Age Rating(s)
Esrb-teen-logo-lrg 12Rating CERO B
Genre(s) Action Adventure
Series StarFox lOgO
Predecessor Star Fox Adventures
Successor N/A
Media Included WiiUDisc

Star Fox Adventures 2 (スターフォックスアドベンチャークリスタルの征服) is an Action-Adventure game developed by Inner Earth Studios and published by Nintendo. It will be released in October 12, 2014 in North America before any other country, and after a series of release dates ends with the European release date of December 3, 2014. It will be released exclusively for the Wii U, a home console like the original Star Fox Adventures for the Nintendo GameCube. It is the seventh overall title in the Star Fox series and the second Star Fox Adventures title. It is a direct sequel to Star Fox Adventures and stars the blue vixen Krystal trying to free Sauria from General Scales' invasion. It will be released both as a cartridge and downloadable on the Nintendo eShop.



WiiU A Button2 A Button Staff/Axe
WiiU B Button2 B Button Gun/Blaster
WiiU X Button2 X Button Jump
WiiU Y Button Y Button Item
Circlepad L Circle Pad Move
Circlepad R Circle Pad Control View
3DS Stylus Stylus Menus
WiiU Home Button Start Button Pause the Game
WiiU Select Button Select Button Pause the Game
WiiU Start Button Home Button Go to the Home Menu

Story Mode

The main game play in this game is similar to that of it's predecessor, but more closely resembles the beta version, Dinosaur Planet. Like Dinosaur Planet, the main character is Krystal. You wander around various areas of Sauria, and few areas are recycled from the previous game. The game retains major elements from Star Fox Adventures, such as the day-and-night cycle. Unlike the first game, you can have two players in story mode, the second being Wolf.

Since this game identifies as an action-adventure game, it shares several elements with The Legend of Zelda series. Star Fox Adventures 2 is largely an open-world game, since there is no teleportation or quick-traveling feature. The world is actually quite expansive compared to the original game. The staff/axe and the laser gun/blaster are used to attack enemies and interact with the world around you. Jumping actually appears and is needed, unlike in Star Fox Adventures. Like traditional platforms, several areas need to be jumped to to become accessible.

Arwing Battle Mode

Arwing Battle Mode is an extra mode unlocked after beating the game. It is a 2-5 player mode where you try to shoot down the other Arwings, similar to the Versus mode of Star Fox 64. You pilot Arwings or CloudRunners and fire projectiles/bombs at each other to weaken and crash their mode of transportation. There are two other modes avaliable for DLC that are similar: Landmaster Battle Mode and Submarine Battle Mode.

Landmaster Battle Mode

Landmaster Battle Mode is a battle mode corresponding to the Arwing Battle Mode. It can be purchased as downloadable content for $4.99. In this battle mode, you control Landmasters or Earthwalkers and aim to use items and weapons to destroy the other player's vehicle. It is multiplayer-only battle mode, with two to five player.

Submarine Battle Mode

Submarine Battle Mode is a battle mode that can be downloaded off the eShop for the small fee of $4.99. It is multiplayer only, with up to 5 players. The goal of the game is to completely obliterate your opponent's vehicle, which is either a SeaCrosser or a submarine ship. You can use items and weapons to damage and destroy the other player's ships.


A rare main feature in Nintendo titles, this title has leaderboards! You can compare enemies kills, deaths, and progress with your friends and strangers! Achievements are also in this game, and are displayed here. The achievements add up to 500 points, averaging 5-20 points for each achievements.


As with almost every game, there is a settings mode to adjust several details. You can adjust the different levels of volume for sound effects and normal music. You can also erase game files and find out the web address for troubleshooting issues in case of any game affecting bugs or glitches.



Three years after the events of Star Fox Assault Krystal once and for all leaves the crumbling Star Fox team. She returns to live with the EarthWalkers on Sauria under the rule of the benevolent King Tricky. Upon arrival, she finds the world in turmoil and chaos - mutant and alien creatures and dinosaurs are running amok and scaring out the local population. She begins to attack the leaders of this rebellion, but nothing actually stops happening. She ends up finding King Tricky's grave and swears to honor his great sacrifice trying to protect the EarthWalkers.

Adventuring in Sauria

Throughout her adventures in Sauria, Krystal (and) Wolf end up fighting several bosses that are right hand men of the Great Warlord, who was then unknown. After killing the second boss, Pigma Dengar (who is actually undead), you find out that General Scales, now known as King Scales is the culprit behind this invasion, and he is residing in the renovated Krazoa Palace.

The Mountains and The Skies

The invasion has taken an aerial turn as King Scales is pumping out Xocodians on Arwings to take over the CloudWalkers. This is the time you will face Xoco Fox and Falco. King Scales' army is growing increasingly weaker and he is forced to confront Krystal and her friends.

The Ending/Epilogue

Krystal finally confronts King Scales at Krazoa Palace, and they face off in a nasty battle that leaves King Scales dead. The last remaining Xocodians triggered the Palace's new self destructing method and retreated. Krystal escapes on a CloudRunner, barely missing the great explosion and flames that engulfed the entire palace and Scales' body.

After you complete the game, you unlock an extra mode to quench your traditional Star Fox thrist. After defeating King Scales, Krystal decides to have a little fun, and you unlock Arwing battle mode! You can also play as a CloudRunner.



SSBS Krystal
Krystal, the blue vixen from Cerinia, is the main playable character in the game. She returns to the dinosaur planet Sauria after rejoining and breaking apart from the Star Fox team repeatedly. She finds it in chaos as an alien race of creates from a recently corrupted and destroyed nearby planet. She mainly uses her staff to attack enemies, but also has a laser gun. Of course, she also can use her telepathic abilities. In this game, all NPCs and enemies have a small bar above them that either says "Nice", "In Trouble", "Quest", "Neutral", or "Bad". She ultimately discovers that General Scales was behind the invasion the entire time, being exiled from the SharpClaw tribe. She ends up killing him once and for all and the creatures withdrew from their destruction and disarray.

Wolf O' Donnell


Wolf is the captain of the disbanded Star Wolf team, which suffered the same end as the Star Fox team. He is a wolf, as implied by his name, and he is the secondary and final playable character. He cannot be played in story mode by player one, and wields different weapons and has different abilities than Krystal. For one, his agility and speed are noticeably less than Krystal's, creating a teamwork effort in story mode needed to progress with two players. Also, he lacks a staff, so he uses an Axe and a Blaster to attack. Though he lacks telepathic abilities, he can detect enemies on a radar that can be seen on the GamePad. Unfortunately, he has no significance to the plot line.

Xoco Centipede

Xoco Centipede is a giant worm-like creature that burrowed the earth and destroyed Cape Claw by creating huge sinkholes that have eaten up the entire landscape. He is fought and defeated in freshly-formed giant craters. Falco was the person who originally instructed you to go to Cape Claw, starting a creeping suspicion of betrayal. He is also the first boss you will fight.

Zombie Pigma Dengar

Zombie Pigma, the team-switching scoundrel, is the second boss in the game. He is a portly pink pig, and has been on Star Fox, Star Wolf, and Aparoids team(s). He has been hired to kill Krystal and clear Phantom Forest of any remaining EarthWalkers. Krystal kills him (even though he is undead) and loots him to find his boss, the tyrant King Scales, before dumping his body into the ocean and feeding the SeaCrossers.

Xoco Fox


Xoco Fox is an exact replica of Fox McCloud created from Xocodian bateria morphing after an image displayed by King Scales. He pilots an Arwing and attempts to shoot Krystal from the air in a sneak attack. Krystal barely dodges fire from the Arwing and has to run while under fire into a nearby CloudRunner village in the mountains and finds a CloudRunner to ride. She has to use it's spitting attack to knock out both of the wings and send it crashing into the nearby wilderness. He is the third boss you face.

Falco Lombardi


Falco is a former member of the disbanded Star Fox team. He mysteriously appears often to give the player "hints" that lead them into deadly or barren wastelands. When he is exposed for this, it is revealed that he is working as King Scales' right-hand captain. You must fight him and his Supercharged RPG Blaster as the final boss before fighting King Scales. He ends up betraying King Scales in order to live, and has since gone missing. He is the fourth boss you must fight and the last before King Scales.

King Scales

King Scales (formerly General Scales) is the former tyrant of the SharpClaw tribe, being sent into exile at the end of Star Fox Adventures.  He is a brutal and merciless ruler, now commanding the Xocodians, strange creatures invading Sauria. Very early in the plot, Krystal discovers his devious plan and makes it a priority to kill him and end his chaotic reign. As he sends his strongest warriors, all to be defeated by Krystal, the Xocodians weaken and King Scales is forced to retreat or face the blue vixen himself. He is ultimately killed in battle against Krystal, and his body burned in the Krazoa Palace's explosion. He is the final boss of the game and upon killing him the credits roll.


As with most major video games in this genre, Star Fox Adventures 2 features many enemies who will try and halt your progress. These enemies can usually be attacked with any weapon and defeated, with few exceptions.


The Xopoli (Ex-Oh-Pole-Ee) is a fairly common enemy that is, in fact, the first enemy seen in the game and an enemy that first appears in this game. It is a basic Xocodian pawn, with few fighting abilities. It will try to damage you by ramming into you. There is a form of this enemy called the Xopolida that shoots fire projectiles from it's mouth.


BribeClaws from the first game reappear under King Scales' managment. Despite exiling him, the BribeClaws were bribed heavily to work for King Scales again. This time, they are more ferquent but require a larger payment to let you through.


Xokodos (Ex-Ku-Oh-Does) are generic Xocodian warriors that frequently appear. There are many different types, including: Fire Xokod, Aqua Xokod, Arwing Xokod, Grunt Xokod, Prehistoric Xokod, and Nightmare Xokod. They make up the the majority of the game's enemies, and each different form has different appearences, power, and abilities. They are found in almost every area of the game, and are in King Scales' military.

Development/Beta Elements

The development for the game began around 2007, originally slated for a summer 2009 release for the Wii. The project was soon cancelled so resources could go to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Around this time, there were two projects that were competing for the main focus of the game. The first project, codenamed Star Fox Adventures Wii, revolved around Fox crash landing on a post-apocalyptic earth and trying to fight his way through mutations and corruption. The second and final idea was named Star Fox Conquest, with a very similar storyline to the current one. However, Fox still starred in it.

When the game was shelved, nothing came about of it until early 2013, when the unfounded development studio Inner Earth asked Nintendo to take up the project. The game was pretty far into development, and some major tweaks went about. King Tricky was supposed to appear alive and reprise his role from the previous game before Inner Earth got ahold of it, but due to the unpopularity of the idea among the developers it was scrapped. Additionally, there was another boss in between Xoco Fox and Falco: retired Star Fox member Peppy Hare was going to command a Landmaster and be mind-controlled.

Additionally, the battle modes were last minute additions that replaced a Wi-Fi multiplayer story mode. The Wii U reportedly couldn't handle such feats without major lag and other issues hindering gameplay. Also, it contained a huge bug that would render the story unfinishable. Nintendo still wanted a multiplayer mode, so quickly Arwing Battle Mode was added. The other modes wouldn't be finished for the release, so they were added later on as downloadable content.

A Battle Royale mode was originally planned to go side-by-side with the Wi-Fi story mode. It would be 1-5 players and have a total of ten playable characters, including Krystal, King Scales, Falco, Wolf, Fox, Slippy, and others that were unannounced. The gameplay was described to be a 3D Super Smash Bros. brawler. Like the aforementioned series, each character had unique abilities and items were present.


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