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The star children as of Yoshi's Island DS.

The Star Children is a term given to seven children who are destined for greatness and have a special star power entrusted into them. This concept was introduced in the 2006 DS game Yoshi's Island DS. Due to their power, Bowser attempted to time travel and kidnap them to use their power to take over the universe. They are the main characters in the Diaper Duty Series.

List Of Final Star Children

Baby Yoshi is also a Star Child.

  • Baby Yoshi - He is sometimes seen as the "pet" of the Star Children although he proves himself a true member. He lost his star status only briefly in Diaper Duty 7 and Diaper Duty 10.
  • Baby Wario - He is the "meanest" of the Star Children after Baby Bowser lost his star power. He is seen as greedy and sometimes selfish but he always puts the needs of the group ahead of his own in the end. He lost his star status only briefly in Diaper Duty 7 and Diaper Duty 10.
  • Baby Donkey Kong - He is the strongest of the Star Children and often needs their help to defend his own homeland. His father is sometimes seen as a mentor to the children. He lost his star status only briefly in Diaper Duty 7 and Diaper Duty 10.
  • Baby Daisy - She is a new member of the Star Children and did not become a member of the team until the end of The Nega Star Children and was not playable as a star child until The Yoshi Migration. Although she was always an important ally to the babies and member of the Space Babies. She briefly lost her Star Power in Diaper Duty 10.
  • Baby Funky - Funky Kong was always a strong ally to the star children during the 10 Diaper Duty games however it wasn't until Wrapped Up that he was finally declared as the eighth Star Child.
  • Baby Waluigi - In one of the minigames in Yoshi's Story 3, called Baby Waluigi's Dash, Baby Waluigi starts to wonder why he is not a Star Child. He soon finds out it is because he cheats. He then completes an adventure without cheating and becomes a Star Child.

Former Star Children

Nega Star Children

During Diaper Duty 7: The Nega Star Children the star power was stolen from the star children, corrupted and turned into an evil force with seven different evil star children.

  • Baby Bowser - Baby Bowser was the leader of the Nega Star children and was the one that had the ability to steal the star power from the other babies.
  • Shadow Princess - A mystical entity that took the solid form of an evil Baby Peach who called herself the Shadow Princess, she sucked the star power from the babies.
  • Prince K. Rool - He was actually a young child opposed to a baby when he became a Nega Star Child. He is seen as the strong man of the group.
  • Baby Wart - A baby frog from a land called Subcon he seemed to be an acquaintance of Baby Bowser and was asked to become a Nega Star Child.
  • Baby Cackletta - A baby beany from the Beanbean Kingdom she was a friend of Baby Bowser and served as one of the only two females on the team.
  • Koopa Kid - The cousin of Baby Bowser who was first seen in Diaper Duty 5. He was another Nega Star Children approached by Bowser.
  • Baby Waluigi - Not usually evil in fact before and after Diaper Duty 7 he was seen as an ally to the Star Children however being a Nega Star Child suited his interests at the time best so he decided to join up with Baby Bowser. However in Yoshi's Story 3 he becomes a Star Child.

Space Children

During Diaper Duty 4: Piranha Plant Storms four babies were blasted up into space where they made a new team called the Space babies.

  • Baby Funky - He had always been a strong ally to the Star children and he became the defuncto leader of the Space Children. He was the strongest member of the team.
  • Baby Daisy - Before she became a star child she was a space child. She was the only female in the team and her attacks were fast but weak. She was the second member of the team.
  • Baby Swanky - He is Donkey Kong's brother however unlike his brother he hates violence and fighting. He reluctantly joins the team using sonic booms to attack. He was surprisingly strong.
  • Baby Toad - The young baby Toad was scared and crying when he became the final star child. At the end though when he did join, he became a strong fighter.

Possible 8th Star Child

At the end of Diaper Duty 10: Koopa Kid's Revenge the Ztar power that Kamella created for Koopa Kid was turned into another Star Child and it was shown to be possible one of five children which received the final power. It was revealed in Wrapped Up that Funky was the final Star Child.