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Star Bit
Star Bits.png
Three different Star Bits.
First Appearance Super Mario Galaxy
Acts as a collectible item, can stun enemies and feed Hungry Lumas.
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Star Bits are the secondary currency of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They come in many functionally identical colors. Star Bits serve as the favorite food of the Lumas. Feeding a Hungry Luma enough Star Bits prompts them to transform into a new planet or small galaxy, leaving behind a Pink Launch Star.

Star Bits can be shot at enemies to stun or defeat them but this will deduct from the player's Star Bit total. They also cannot be recovered if fired. In return, using the Star Spin to defeat enemies tends to cause them to drop Star Bits instead of coins.



  • Star Bits are based on 金平糖 konpeitō, a multicolored Japanese sugar candy. The confectionery has inspired other aspects of Nintendo-published series, such as Gratitude Crystals in The Legend of Zelda and Minior in Pokémon.