A star is an astronomical object. Most stars appear in Earth's night sky as a small dot of light. The nearest star to Earth is the Sun.

A star polygon is a non-convex polygon, the most iconic of which is the regular star pentagon.

"Star" can also refer to the following:

  • Star (Mii)
  • Star (Shy Guy)
  • Star (type), the fanon Pokémon type
  • Star Butterfly, the protagonist of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.
  • Star, the tritagonist of Pokémon Stardust and Comet
  • Star vs., the Star vs. the Forces of Evil fangame
  • Various star-shaped items in the Mario franchise
    • Launch Star, the object that blasts the player character through space
    • Power Star, the collectible item and mission goal
      • Elemental Stars, four textured Power Star varieties that power up Flower Forms
      • Grand Star, a large Power Star and world goal
      • Green Star, an alternately colored Power Star, or a minor collectible with multiple in a course
      • Horostar, a dark Power Star variety that would destroy time if not collected
      • Silver Star, a fifth of a Power Star
    • Red Star, the power-up that grants free flight
    • Star Bit, the secondary currency of Super Mario Galaxy games
    • Super Star, the power-up that grants invincibility
  • The star collectibles in the Wheelzen series that grant points

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