A cute Squiggler.
Species Origin Wiggler
Koopa Troop

Squigglers are, possibly, baby/toddler versions of the easily-agitated Wiggler species. They only appear in World 7-A of New Super Mario Bros. They reappear in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story in Dimble Wood. Unlike Wigglers, Squigglers do not get easily vexed when stomped. Instead, they get easily defeated, like Goombas. They come out Warp Pipes, and crawl around its perimeters and the walls, if they're in collision, like how real caterpillars crawl around. They're only limited to the areas they come from and cannot leap distances, making them also a little similar to Hotheads and Li'l Sparks. Their most recent appearance is Super Koopa Maker as a cameo as a trophy.


  • Like how Wiggler comes from wiggling, Squiggler comes from squiggling.

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