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NOTE: This is a fangame made by Ninkancho. Please don't make major edits without permission. Leave feedback in the comment section!

Squidkid Genesis is a game by Ninkancho for the Display, in which players control members of the Inklings' feral evolutionary ancestor. The game takes place before a split in canon, with one timeline leading to the events of Splatoon, and the other to those of Splatendo.


A squad of a cephalopod species is running out of food, and no food means death, and death means no chance of mating and procreation. And in the animal kingdom, this is a very bad thing. The squid decide to migrate to another location where fish and crustaceans are more plentiful. The player controls the alpha squid, and helps the squad find such a place using their squid senses.


In terms of controls, Squidkid Genesis primarily uses DisplayLP.png and DisplayRP.png. DisplayLP.png moves the player's squid forward, back, left, and right, relative to its current orientation, and clicking it will charge jet propulsion. Using jet propulsion as the squid jumps out of the water will make it fly, a technique that would evolve into the Super Jump. DisplayRP.png controls pitch and yaw, and clicking it releases ink. Finally, if the player makes the squid swim into a solid surface for about a second, it will start walking along said surface, a mode that can be exited by pressing DisplayLP.png.

The squid in the squad follow behind the alpha squid, and will imprecisely mimic its movements and actions. The player must strategize leading the squad into groups of prey so that the individual squid don't starve to death.

The aforementioned squid senses factor heavily into gameplay. Potential dangers, like predators and environmental hazards, are highlighted for the player, so that they can plan inking or other strategies ahead of time. In addition, the goal is to survive to each area's "end" with at least two other squid, this end being in the direction indicated on the alpha squid's "radar" map.


  • Squidkid Source
  • Bloop Billabong
  • Crabby Creek
  • Rocky Arroyo
  • Jellyfish Depths
  • Spongy Spring
  • Octo Ocean
  • Reef Lagoon
  • Freshwater Fjord
  • Cephalopod Port
  • Subterranean Waterway
  • Squidkid Settlement


  • Occasionally, AI-controlled squid will cannibalize each other. It's cruel, but Ninkancho has to let nature take its course.

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