Squid Sisters
The Squid Sisters' placeholder art, from Splatoon.
Series Splatoon
Debut Splatoon (2015)
Weight Mid-Light
Size Medium
Smash Status Newcomer
Availability Downloadable
Final Smash (default) Calamari Concert
Final Smash (custom) Killer Wail

Off The Hook
Splatoon 2 Off The Hook
Off The Hook's placeholder art, from Splatoon 2.
Series Splatoon
Debut Splatoon 2 (2017)
Weight Mid-Light
Size Medium
Smash Status Newcomer
Availability Downloadable
Final Smash (default) Calamari Concert
Final Smash (custom) Killer Wail

This famous squid popstar duo bring in the news of Inkopolis and are adored by many fans for their musical talent, and the Splatfests.
Description for the Squid Sisters

A new popstar duo consisting of the spunky Pearl and the Octarian Marina. These two show up as the Squid Sisters' alts.
Description for Off the Hook

Callie and Marie, collectively known as the Squid Sisters, are the fifth downloadable fighters in Super Smash Bros. Zenith. These cousins are a pop star duo who also do newscasts and organize Splatfests in Inkopolis.

The Squid Sisters never made an appearance in Super Smash Bros. before.

Similar to the Ice Climbers, the Squid Sisters always fight as a pair, with Callie in the front and Marie in the back.

Pearl and Marina, collectively known as Off the Hook, appear as alts for the Squid Sisters. They take the place of the Squid Sisters in Splatoon 2.



Standard/Tilted Attacks

Smash Attacks

Aerial Attacks

Floor/Edge Attack


Special Moves

Move Name Description
Neutral Special Move Default Roller-Charger Dash A chargeable attack. Callie readies a Hero Roller while carrying Marie on her shoulder, who faces the other way with a Hero Charger. Holding and releasing the Special button causes Callie to dash forwards with the Roller while Marie shoots a long-ranged shot.
Custom 1 Roller-Splatling Dash Marie uses a Heavy Splatling instead of a Hero Charger. This causes Callie's roller attack to dash not as quickly, but it allows Marie to hit opponents in the back multiple times.
Custom 2 Inkbrush-Charger Dash Callie uses an Inkbrush instead of a Hero Roller. This causes the dash to go very far (which is great for horizontal recovery), but the frontal attack is overall weaker.
Custom 3 Roller-Slosher Dash Marie uses a Slosher instead of a Hero Charger. This causes the Dash to not go very far, but it allows Marie to hit opponents within an arc instead of a straight line.
Side Special Move Default Inkzooka Callie and Marie will man an Inkzooka, which launches a small tornado of ink that reaches quite far. The Inkzooka cannot fire another tornado unless the one before has disappeared.
Custom 1 Megashot Inkzooka The Inkzooka will fire an enormous, but sluggish tornado that disappears after a few seconds. It takes a little longer before the following tornado can be fired.
Custom 2 Trishot Inkzooka The Inkzooka can fire up to three tiny tornados at a time.
Custom 3 Charger Inkzooka Thic Inkzooka can be charged up. A direct fire will release a tiny tornado shot, but a long-charged shot by holding the Special button will fire a large one. Charging too much causes damage to the Squid Sisters.
Up Special Move Default Inkrail Both Squid Sisters make an Inkrail appear out of nowhere which they merge into and follow through. Similar to Pikachu's Quick Attack or Greninja's Hydro Pump, the Inkrail can travel up to two directions selected with the Control Stick.
Custom 1 Long Inkrail The Squid Sisters get in a single Inkrail that is twice as long, but a second direction cannot be put in.
Custom 2 Horizontal Inkrail The Squid Sisters travel through a short, horizontal Inkrail. This attack can be done up to three times in the air.
Custom 3 Gusher Inkrail A shorter version of the regular Inkrail that can go up to two directions, but the tip will activate a Gusher-like attack that can hit opponents vertically.
Down Special Move Default Disruptor Both Callie and Marie will throw a Disruptor, which, when making contact with an opponent or a surface, will explode in a sphere-like substance. Any opponent touched by that substance gets slowed down for a few seconds.
Custom 1 Shrinking Disruptor The substance released by the Disruptors will shrink the opponents for a few seconds.
Custom 2 Paralyzing Disruptor The Disruptors' explosion isn't a sphere-like substance, but a shock that stuns the opponents for a little while.
Custom 3 Lingering Disruptor The Disruptors release a cloud of smoke that slows down anyone that walks into it, but will return to their regular speed when leaving the cloud. This cloud disappears after five seconds.
Final Smash Default Calamari Concert The Squid Sisters logo appears right in front of the leading Squid Sister, trapping any opponents before it disappears, triggering a cutscene where the Squid Sisters hold a concert. The booming sounds causes the trapped opponents to be launched upwards after the cutscene.
Custom Killer Wail The Squid Sisters place a Killer Wail in front of them, which will release a sound blast after a few seconds. The sound blast will trap opponents and then launch them.


Subject Description
On-screen Appearance A Squid Sister Logo appears, where Callie and Marie jump out of.
Taunts Up Taunt The Squid Sisters do their famed "Staaay Fresh!" pose, catchphrase and all.
Side Taunt The Squid Sisters look at the fourth wall and smile while waving.
Down Taunt The Squid Sisters hop for a bit while shouting "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!"
Victory Poses Pose #1
Pose #2
Pose #3
Boxing Ring Title (US) The Calamari Popstars
Boxing Ring Title (UK) Super Splatfest Idols
Victory Fanfare Victory! Splatoon Remix of an excerpt from Splattack, the Main Theme of Splatoon.
Credits Theme in All-Star Calamari Inkantation
Home Stage Splatfest Plaza


Smash Trophies

Name Image Description Appears In How to Unlock
Squid Sisters No way, the Squid Sisters are playable in Smash?! Squee! Ahum, anyway, playing as Callie and Marie would be like if you crossed an Inkling with the Ice Climbers: you get a tag-team of ink-weaponed squid kids! Unique about these two is that their Smash Attacks completely differ from each other: Callie swipes with a Roller and Marie snipes with a Charger. A combo like that surely gives quite a smash! Wii U Splatoon (2015) Clear Straight Classic as the Squid Sisters
Squid Sisters (Alt) Like the Ice Climbers, Callie and Marie can be switched around, so Marie can be in front. Unlike the Ice Climbers, this does affect gameplay, because the Squid Sisters keep their preferred weapons for the Smash Attacks (but it doesn't change the Special Attacks). So if you prefer a long-raged attack first, Marie should be put in front. Speaking of preference, which of the two is your favorite Squid Sister? Wii U Splatoon (2015) Clear Multipath Classic as the Squid Sisters
Off The Hook Times change, and so do trends. While the Squid Sisters are still super popular after two years, a new duo has to take their place to keep things fresh. Enter Off The Hook, a squid and octo duo one couldn't have imagined before. How the two met seems a mystery, but music has been a passion for them too. Switch Splatoon 2 (2017) Clear Straight Classic as the Squid Sisters


Name Image Description Appears In How to Unlock
Squid Sisters Omigosh, it's the Squid Sisters! They're pop stars famous all over Inkopolis, and are very skilled with their singing! Callie's the one with the hot pink attire, pitch black hair and wide smile, and Marie can be recognized by her lime green clothes, snow white tentacles and stoic face (with sometimes a grin). They also do a routine as newscasters six times a day, and host the popular Splatfests. Also, did you know they're actually cousins? Wii U Splatoon (2015) Random Trophy
Agent 1 and Agent 2 These two ladies were the original agents Cap'n Cuttlefish hired to battle against the Octarians. If they look kinda familiar to you, then you're right: a seasoned Squid Sister fan might recognise them as Callie and Marie. But that kinda stuff must be kept a secret, especially when you deal with Octarians. Though, that does leave the question why Cap'n Cuttlefish chose the Squid Sisters, of all Inklings? Well, they're apparently his granddaughters! Wii U Splatoon (2015) Random Trophy

Alternate Costumes

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