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Squav 1

Squav's current appearance
Warrior of Light
SPECIES Squavacado
AGE 17
BIRTHDAY 5th Fenruary
ZODIAC ♒ Aquarius
BIRTHPLACE Squavacado Forest
Avary (Niece)
CLASS Leader, Hero
WEAPONS Exulbore
They're planning WHAT!? We can't let 'em do that! C'mon guys...
Squav, Fantendo Fusion: Lost Heroes

Squav is a male squavacado and the leader of the species at that. He has the power of Light, which he stores in his amulet and is the hero of the A Nutty Adventure series.


Squav is a typical squavacado with boots and an amulet. He is lime green, like most squavacados, with white patterns. His amulet is a circle of gold with a spiral design engraved into it. His boots are a dark green with grey soles. His tail is shorter than most.


Squav is a natural born leader and very brave. He tries not to upset people and to keep the rest of the Squavacados safe.


Squav was interested in Milian Mythology from a young age. He was heavily inspired the Goddess of Light, Squelian. For his Confica (a ceremony given to a Squavacado upon turning 12, changing their appearance somewhat), Squav got his Whiteness. At the age of 14, he encountered Squelian. She granted Squav Exulbore and Light powers. He accidently exposed his powers to the public when Squavacado Forest was under attack by Dark Minions. The former Squavacado leader had resigned shortly beforehand and the other Squavacados elected him leader.


Avary, I need you to stay in Squavacado Forest while me and Sabra go out and stop the Darkness. Understood?
Squav, A Nutty Adventure

Gail, go get Elder Bushy. We're gonna need as much help as possible...
Squav, A Nutty Adventure: Trick Card


Squav is a master of Light, after the events of A Nutty Adventure's unannounced sequel. His powers come from his amulet, so without it, he would be a regular sqauvacado, who would slowly transform into a Dark Minion. He also has the sword of Light, Exulbore.

Relationships With Other Characters

Sabra: Sabra is Squav's friend from childhood who went on to become a renowned sorceress. They get on very well.

Avary: Avary is Squav's niece and they have a special bond.

Shayde: Shayde is an ally of Squav. They have a rivalry and don't fully trust eachother.

Characters Outside of A Nutty Adventure


Nutty Adventurer

Squav is the main prognatist A Nutty Adventure, the first game in his series.


Squav appears in Fantendo Clash! as an unlockable character. He is the first unlockable character, or second, if you include Pesh.


Squav is a default character in Fantendo Duel.

Statue Squav

Squav is a playable character in Fantendo Jewel. He is a Light character and comes in the Emerald Pack.


Squav is a boss fought by Hammy in Fantendo End.

Zooming Down The Track

Squav is a default character in Fantendo Grand Prix.


Squav is a playable character in Fantendo Universe.

Back Again!

Squav appears as a playable character in Fantendo Ultimate Alliance: REDUX with a new art.

Card Player

Squav is the main protagonist in the second game in the A Nutty Adventure series, A Nutty Adventure: Trick Card.

True Blue

Squav is on the Blue Faction in Fantendo Weapons of War.

Counting Stars

Squav is a default playable character in Fantendo Smash Stars.



  • Squav started out as a stockart
  • Squav's amulet has changed designs multiple times, ranging from a flower shape, a star shape, and a circle, just to name a few
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