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Not to be confused with Spike, a Mario enemy.
Spyke, with a Super Sea Snail beside him.
Gender Male
Species Urchin
First Appearance Splatoon (2015)

Spyke is a peculiar character, hanging around a certain alleyway in Inkopolis Plaza. He is said to be a literal street urchin.

Spyke appears to be an avid collector of Super Sea Snails, and will trade any Super Sea Snails the Inklings give him for an extra slot for an Ability on their Gear. Spyke is also able to re-roll their Gear and clear away its Abilities, so the Inkling will be able to unlock a different set of Abilities. If Inklings have ordered certain Gear from any store in the Booyah Base district, they can be picked up from Spyke.

Physical Appearance

Spyke's head is almost entirely covered by its spiky, urchin-like hair, which is jet-black with purple tips on each spike. What is left uncovered from its face reveals a purple and green eye and a frowning mouth.

Spyke appears to have a tall, thin body and an orange skin. He appears to have a very baggy shirt with several patterns. Spyke also wears khaki green slim pants, and brown, laceless shoes.


  • When the player looks closely at his Super Sea Shells, they will notice that some are empty and some are not. The ones that aren't empty are shaking.


Names in Other Languages

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