Sprout, sometimes called Kindle 2, is the sequel to Kindle, developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Nintendo DS.


Before the Green Revival was shut down, they created Project Spider; a genetically modified human who was capable of creating seeds out of life energy (the life energy which the plants from Kindle were designed to collect). However, after Green Revival was shut down, Project Spider lost his memory. When he woke up, he found an image of a spider branded on his left arm, so he decides to have the name Spider. He was then adopted by a family who lived in Rome, which was recovering after the Green Revival's attack. After a few years, Spider decides to go and investigate the area he first woke up in after losing his memory; a ruined building somewhere outside of Rome.

Entering the building, Spider finds a path leading to an underground facility which used to belong to the Green Revival. He finds a mutilated corpse holding a knife at the entrance, and he takes the knife with him as he descends into the facility to learn about his past.


  • Spider: An experiment by Green Revival, who has the ability to create seeds out of the life energy collected by Green Revival.
  • Antonio: Spider's adoptive father.
  • Emilia: Spider's adoptive mother.



  • : Walk left
  • : Walk right
  • ←, ←: Dash left
  • →, →: Dash right
  • : Aim upwards
  • : Crouch
  • B: Jump
  • A: Interact/shoot
  • L: Lock on
  • R: Plant seeds
  • Touch Screen: Select weapon/plant



  • Knife


  • Radar: Shows the location of unexplored areas on your map.
  • Running Boots: Increase your running speed.
  • Gloves: Allow you to climb up and down vines.
  • Armour: Reduces the amount of damage you take.
  • Backpack: Allows you to carry more ammo for all of your weapons.


  • Drill: Red, spiky flowers; their spikes are extremely hard, and capable of drilling through the ground.
  • Blade: A flower with blade-like petals, that can cut through objects easily.
  • Breath: A small flower which latches onto something's face, hoping to suffocate them.
  • Pollen: A large yellow flower which can unleash a chemical that causes insects to grow to large sizes.
  • Slip: A plant that is capable of speeding up the growth of moss.
  • Controller: The ultimate bioweapon, it enters it's victims brain via drilling a hole in the back of the victim's skull, then takes control of the victim to follow Spider's orders.


  • Journal Entries: Entries of journals, written by the scientists who created Spider.
  • Creepers: Green Revival's plant bioweapons, capable of absorbing human's life energy. Finding them allows Spider to create more types of seeds.
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