Spring Yard Zone
Spring Yard Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog
First Appearance Sonic the Hedgehog
Notable Resident(s)

Spring Yard Zone is a location in Sonic series. It has made appearances in Sonic the Hedgehog as an urban level complete with springs and bumpers.

Fanon Appearances

Sonic Heroes 2

Spring Yard Zone makes another appearance in Sonic Heroes 2. Here, it has been renovated. and has been industrialized; on the Metropolis/Spring Yard border, there is a massive van entrance, and an industrial park. Team Rose visits Spring Yard en route to Gimmick Mountain Zone having spotted some figures climbing the mountain. Team Big traverses Spring Yard en route to Mystic Ruins North to explain what's going on in Labyrinth Zone to Team Underground. Team Chaotix's first mission is here, and it's to divest the area of loose springs; they're allowed through a back entrance of Metropolis by one of the traders. Team Covert play the state en route to Sunset Park Zone, owing to Covert having piloted the train from Mystic Ruins North to Sunset Park, and then again on their way back from it en route to Labyrinth Zone. Rouge and Fang of Team Dark play it en route to Casinopolis, as do Team Babylon, once at which they fight each other.


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