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So, you have finally arrived. I have been waiting for this. It is time for your destruction.
Splitz, Super Mario's Split Kingdoms

Splitz is a mysterious creature, who is only half human. He was discovered to be the son of Blumiere and Lady Timpani. He first debuted in Super Mario's Split Kingdoms where he invaded the kingdom with his minions. He has fallen in love with one of his head minions Tuneette, but he still treats his other two head minions, Queen Peepa and Discardil, with the utmost respect. Upon his invasion, he first had the desire to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom. However, he now resides in the Mushroom Kingdom in peace after his defeat.

Similar to his father, he has a form of an unknown creature, but he also has a human form. These forms both have alike attributes, including the same color scheme. Both forms also have different powers. The first time he is seen in his human form is at the ending of Super Mario's Split Kingdoms.

Physical Appearance

Splitz highly resembles his father during the form he takes in the Storymode of Super Paper Mario. The lower half of his dark body is covered by blue and purple clouds. His body has several spikes on it, but Splitz never harnesses these in any attack. He wears a white top hat upon his head. He does not have any facial features other than his sharp eyes.

He has two four-point stars that seem to connect his arms to his body. At first glance, the stars and arms seem to be floating, but they are connected to the body by some mysterious property.

Splitz still has a black aura in this form, but he certainly appears less ominous due to his familiar appearance. He has shiny black hair that is combed down, as well as fair skin. He has blue eyes and a sharp nose. He has a full and muscular figure, but he wears an unzipped leather jacket with a navy t-shirt. He wears gray pants with glistening silver shoes. He has a confident position with his left arm resting on his stretching right hand.

A couple of small details on his clothing represent counterparts of his main form. The forearms of his jacket each have a four-point star on them. Additionally, the bottom of his pants have a gradient that are the same color as the clouds that cover up the bottom of his body in his main form.


Most of Splitz's background is unknown. Lady Timpani and Blumiere have never been heard from since the events of Super Paper Mario, but Splitz never shares the story of his parents nor his own story. It seems that his minions never share the story of meeting him either. Splitz has ventured from a distant kingdom, but he eventually traveled to the Mushroom Kingdom. His minions, after noticing him transformed into his human form, commented that they had no idea that Splitz had a human form.


Splitz never appears to be a social type, but he usually seems preoccupied with his chaos. He only cares about his closest minions, especially Tuneette, but he uses techniques to try and appear appealing to others. Splitz, though he does not like him, also has a high respect for Mario after he reunited his parents.

Splitz attempts to become more pleasant after transforming into his human form. But, he prefers just to live in isolation alone with Tuneette. He has joined in the happiness of the Mushroom Kingdom, but he still has a dark side to him that prefers evil, though he never shows it.


Splitz has the power of teleportation. The teleportation is an amplified version of his father's flip ability.

Mainly though, he has various powers that control properties, such as black holes, dark matter, and black clouds. There are many of his powers that are not listed here, such as his control of rocks and the creation of cliffs.

Flip Black Hole Creature
Splitz teleports a distance away, similar to his father's ability to flip in Super Paper Mario. This attack teleports him to another part of the battlefield, and it does damage and slight knockback if he flips somewhere where his opponent stands at that moment. Splitz creates a black hole and a creature pops out. These strange creatures vary in size and ability, and they are chosen randomly. Splitz will spawn the black hole in a different place depending on the size and range of the creature's attack.
Black Cloud Void Poison
Splitz creates a large black cloud over his opponent, which slowly descends. If his opponent manages to escape the cloud, the cloud is useless. But, if the cloud covers the opponent, they will receive slight damage as well as obstructed vision while inside the cloud. Splitz opens up a large waterfall from a black hole that flows with poison. The poison is fatal at first touch (or it just does lasting damage depending on the series and appearance). The black hole and waterfall closes after a few seconds.
Black Hole Creation
His most powerful attack, a giant black hole is created by Splitz. This black hole sucks in everyone nearby, including himself. While in the black hole, strange creatures fly around making horrific noises. Splitz spawns a battlefield in the black hole to continue fighting. Splitz uses the four previous attacks, but they are more powerful in this realm. His opponents are also slightly slower in the hole. After his defeat, him and his opponent are released from the black hole.


Super Mario's Split Kingdoms


Super Mario Battle


Super Smash Bros. Emerald




It is vague what Splitz's relation ship with his parents is. Apparently, he left his parents to begin a quest for evil and chaos. He never makes a reference to his parents in Super Mario's Split Kingdoms, denoting that he is no longer in contact with them.


Tuneette and Splitz, despite being of drastically different species, have a romantic relationship. They seem to have been fond of each other from the moment they met. Upon Tuneette joining Splitz's party, he promoted her to a high position as one of his head minions. They currently live together in isolation.


Splitz and Discardil have a very interesting bond. Splitz first met Discardil at a young age when Splitz first left his parents. Discardil mentored Splitz in chaos and discord, being a want-to-be villain himself. Splitz looked upon Discardil as his idol for many years, but now he understands that he was simply being played by Discardil, who was using him to his own advantage.

Queen Peepa

Splitz believes that Queen Peepa is a very likeable creature. He enjoys her sense of humor, and he thinks that she brings some humor to his often-serious conversations. When he first met her, he instantaneously knew that she would become a very helpful minion to him. Even after she has left him for King Boo, Splitz still loves her company.



  • Splitz initially was not designed with a human form, but the form was added after the Storymode for Super Mario's Split Kingdoms was finished.
  • Interestingly, even though he is the main antagonist of Super Mario's Split Kingdoms, Tuneette and Queen Peepa make more canon appearances than him.
  • The main image for his main form was originally intended to be a Secretverse Counterpart.
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