The Splicers are a large organization employed by the Divine Council. Their main goal is to keep the universes combined with the Mainverse, and to seize dictatorial control over the resulting megaverse. They have a largely antagonistic role in Umbrella Waffle, in which the player fights many of its members. The Splicers ostensibly disband at the end of that game, but they are planned to reorganize sometime in the future.

The organization owns many of the original hundred-some programs, and uses less-intelligent creatures such as Vilers as its foot soldiers. The Splicers also have access to a variety of technology, stored in bases throughout the Mainverse.

Operation: Fusion

A top-secret plot, Operation: Fusion involves combining energy sources from across the multiverse for a vast source of energy. The Splicers have been successful in this initiative thus far, with a power source that has fueled the inventions of Smash Overflowers, Vantamoiré, S-SEL D-NUOS Panels, and more. Operation: Fusion is implied to have created the Mainverse's Sun, which has created many more cracks between nearby universes due to its instability.


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