Splatoon sea level is the third installment in the Splatoon series and the second to come out on the Nintendo switch. It feature a much bigger emphasis on multiplayer modes than the last games.

News brodcast

Calie and Marie are back after Splatoon 2 to do the news brodcast again, and Pearl and Marina are no where to be found...

Hero mode

Hero mode is not very diffrent from the last games, you play as the new recruit, Agent 7, and work together with Captain cuttlefish, Agent 5 (Pearl) and Agent 6 (Marina) to take down the octarian menace. There are a few new bosses and rewards aswel as new hero weapons based off of the 4 new weapon types.

Hero mode bosses

There are 6 bosses in total. 5 main story bosses and 1 secret boss.


You will fight the Octodigger with the hero shot at first. The Octodigger is the first accual boss you will face, and the easiest. to attack, it will dig under the stage, and track you down. After chaseing you for a while the dril part will burst out of the ground, and you will have to ink up the drill, swim up it, and drop a bomb into the hole in the top. after that, the Octodigger will explode out of the ground and you will have to ink the tentacle. The second phase will add on some un-inkable armor to the drill, and the final phase will add more armor and a sprinkler to the top. Defeating the Octodigger with every wepon will reward you with the mining blueprint.



You will fight the Octoblaster with the herobrush at first. The Octoblaster is the second boss you will face in hero mode. To attack, it will shoot huge cannon balls wraped in it's ink that you. After three regular cannon balls, it will shoot a huge one that tracks ink through the air. This cannon ball will stick into the ground, and you have to shoot it until it becomes your ink color. You can then climb up the trail, and hit the exposed tentacle. In the second phase, it will shoot five cannon balls, and will activate a splatling after 3. In the final phase, cannon balls will track bubbles as it goes, and the splatling will target them. Defeating the Octoblaster with every wepon will reward you with the explosive blueprint.



You will fight the Octotrundle with the hero mixer at first. The Octotrundle is the third boss you will face. To attack, it will race around on a baller, and eventualy, once you attack the ball egnough, it will explode. once it explodes, it will fall to the ground with it's arms splayed. To attak it you will have to swim up those arms and get to the exposed temtacle. In the second phase, it will a un-inkable coat on those arms that is only able to be attacked when it's rolling around. In the final phase, it will be joined by 2 octarian rolling around on little ballers, and will sometimes jump and slam into the ground, making a small explosion. Defeating the Octotrundle with all the wepons will reward you with the rolling blueprints.


Octo angeler

You will fight the Octo angeler with the roller at first.The Octo angeler is the second to last boss you will face in the main story. To attack, it will shoot out a bunch of little lights, and then dive under. The lights and the Octo angeler's lure will then be mixed up, and you will have to shoot the lure to attack it. Shooting any light will cause it to explode and remove your armor. Once you shoot the right one the octo angeler will be blasted out of the ink and you will be able to shoot the exposed tentacle. Durring the second phase there will be more lights, and in the final phase Octomissles will be shot out at you, and will blow up the lights if they hit them. Defeating the Octo angeler with all the wepons will grant you the lure blueprint.


DJ 0ct4v10

You can choose what wepon to fight the DJ Octavio remix at any time. DJ Octavio remix is the final boss of hero mode in Splatoon sealevel and features a mecanised clone of DJ Octavio can DJ 0ct4v10. DJ 0ct4v10 will attack you in the classic ship, but this ship has 4 hands. Durring this phase, it will also shoot Octomissiles and Tentamissiles at you, an at half-heath even a Stingray. Once you defeat this phase, it will go to a simmilar phase, but this time the punches travel twice as fast and there are more spinning punches. In this phase it will also sometimes drop a line of suction bombs accross the stage. In the final phase, DJ 0ct4v10 will bring out a huge towering Octo-bot that you will have to climb up, and shoot DJ 0ct410 3 times before finnaly ending it. Defeating DJ 0ct4v10 with all the wepons will reward you with the mecanical blueprint.


DJ 0ct4v10 Rem1x

DJ 0ct4v10 Rem1x is the secret boss in Splatoon sealevel's campain. Once you get all of the hero wepons in multiplayer a new level will open up in the final world. In this level you can only use the Remix blaster, a wepon only avalible in this level. Here you can fight DJ 0ct4v10 Rem1x. DJ 0ct4v10 Rem1x is the hardest boss in the game. The first phase is much like the origial fight, but with more Tentamissiles and twice as fast punches, and 4 sting rays at once instead of just one. The second is also like the origial fight, but this time the punches drop suction bombs as they go, and DJ 0ct4v10 Rem1x will use super wepons such as the Bubble blower, Inkzooka, Auto bomb rush, Ink strike, and 2 Killer Wails at a time. The third phase is the most diffrent out of all of them. Instead of summoning an Octo-Bot, DJ 0ct4v10 Rem1x will summon all 4 of the other bosses to swarm you at once, while firing Tentamissiles from the backround. You have to defeat all 4 bosses in order to progress onto the final phase. In this phase you will be equiped with a permanant Incoppter and have to take the fight to the air. This phase is like the firsts phase, exept your in the Incoppter. Defeating DJ 0ct4v10 Rem1x will reward you with the redux blueprint.


Salmon run

Salmon run is very simmilar to Splatoon 2, but with more enemys.

Lesses salmonids

The basic salmonid, and the easiest to defeat. The weild frying pans.


Smallfry are small, fast, and annoying. They weild spoons.


Cohawks are large and in charge. they are huge versions of chum, witch also weild frying pans. They are much stronger aswel.



Towerids are basicly 3 smallfry stalked ontop of eachother. They are stronger, because two have spoons. Unfoutionatly for the smallfry, the fact that their stalked means they are slower.


Swimmers swim through salmonid ink, and sneak up oppon unsuspecting inklings and octolings, and bite their feet.


Snachers don't attack, but they steal unatended golden eggs.

Boss salmonids


Its body is covered in hard, protective scales. Shooting it with ink has no effect. It also make bombs on it's head to chuck, witch have huge explosions. The only way to defeat it is to shoot ink at the bomb on its head as it inflates.


The Flyfish has two missile launchers. It also floats above the ground. To attack, it shoots Tentamissiles at two people. Throw a bomb into one of the missile launchers to destroy it .Take out both of its missile launchers to bring down the Flyfish.

Steel eel
The Steel eel is a long "Eel" made of splash wall type squirters, with a big head. At the back there is a driver that you have to take out to kill the Steel eel.
180px-S2 maws

Maws lurks under the surface of the ink, and it can swim in ink to scale walls. Maws is marked on the surface by a fishing bobber. If an inkling or octoling goes above where Maws is going to bite, they are swallowed in an instant. The way to defeat maws is to trick it into swallowing a bomb.

190px-S2 stinger

The Stinger is a salmonid sniper atop a stack of pots and pans, but it's not known to move from the beach. The Salmonid on top can't be harmed with ink-based attacks, and it attacks from a distance with powerful jets of ink that can pass through walls and other obstacles. To kill it you have to shoot the pots away one at a time until the salmonid lands on the flame below.


180px-Drizzler art

Fires projectiles into the spy. These projectiles then explode into a shower of ink, but unfortionatly for the drizzeler, it is susceptible to attack immediately after it fires.

S2 scrapper
The Scrapper is protected against almost all ink damage by their shields. To kill it, you must fire at the sheilds egnough until the scrapper stops, then you can fire opon the exposed salmonid at the back.


No immage avalible

The Dozer is a salmonid behild a large sheild, that tracks a large path of salmonid ink as it goes. Usually, swimmers are right behild it. To kill the Dozer you have to attack the salmonid behild the sheild.


No immage avaible

The Orb is a smallfry riding in a cockpit ontop of a baller. It's quite fast, so it's hard to run away from. To defeat it you have to toss a bomb into the cockpit ontop of the baller.


Turf war


Two teams of 4 inklings or octolings compte to ink up as much of a map as possible in three minutes.


8 individual inkings compete to ink as much of a map as possible.


Tower control

In progress

Splat zones

In progress


In progress

Clam blitz

In progress

Capture the fishbowl

Each team has a fishbowl near their spawn, that the oposing team has take and get back to their spawn before the other. The fishbowl will be on the inking or octoling's back when carring it.


There is a massive 8-ball in the middle of the stage that each team has to get to the oposing goal. The ball can be moved by pushing it or hitting it with ink.


In progress

Sub weapons

In progress

Super weapons

In progress

New companies


Octocorp makes wepons mainly based of of octaria tech for multiplayer. These wepons are usually very mechanical and industral looking, with mostly being made out of metal.

Ink incorperated Ink incoperated, or Ink inc as it's usually shortened to makes mostly hot rod and punk stilled gear and wepons, with most having lots of tubes and fire decals.
Platinum Platinum is very exclusive, with normalily only having one or two wepons per type, and the the only company that makes wepons with the Platnum disk.

New weapon types

            Spray can

The spray can is based on a real life spray can. It that sprays out a slow moving cloud of ink that dammages enemys in it, and inks inkable surfaces it touches.


        No immage avalible

The mixer is based off of a hand-cranked eggbeater. It has two firing modes; the first is activated when you hold down the trigger. The mixer head will spin super fast and spray ink bullets in every direction exept backwards. The second is activated when you repeatedly tap the trigger. The tip of the mixed will shoot out a powerful, acurate, long range shot one at a time.
The bubblaster looks an awful lot like a blaster, but it has a large clear tank and a much larger barrel. It shoots out many bubbles that explode after being shot by your own ink or 2 seconds.


      No immage avaible

The Waver looks like a large underhand cannon with a large barrel and tubes all over. It slowly shoots large waves that track ink until they hit a wall, enemy, or fall off the map.

New weapon sets

Splat spray can

Splat mixer
Splat bubblaster
Splat waver
Platinum splatershot pro
Octocorp splash-o-matic
Sloosh-o-matic neo
Dolphin blaster
Neo dolphin blaster
Dual blaster
Platinum blaster
​​​​​​​Triple areospray
Steam roller
Dual roller
Dual roller deco
Platinum roller
Octocorp roller
Scafolding brush
Platinum brush
Platinum charger
Fling slosher
Fling slosher neo
Swirl slosher
Platnium slosher
Dualie splatlings
Platinum splatling
Paradox dualies
Paradox dualies nouveau
Rapid dualies
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