There has never been a Turf War like this. And I doubt we'll ever see one like it again.
Nathan, Splatoon X E3 2015 Trailer

Wii U Boxart
Developer(s) Games Logo (No Text)
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo EX
Release Date(s)
Wii U:

Flag of Japan July 5, 2015

US Flag July 10, 2015

Nintendo EX:

Flag of Japan October 3, 2015

US Flag September 27, 2015

Single Player, Multiplayer, Online
Age Rating(s)
ESRB2013E10CERO A12Rating
Genre(s) Third-Person Shooter
Series Splatoon
Predecessor Splatoon
Media Included Game Disc
Cost $59.99

(Amiibo Bundle: $74.99)

(Mega Pack: $129.99)

Splatoon X is a third-person shooter game of the Splatoon series, developed by OmegaAlpha Games for the Wii U and the Nintendo EX. There is an anime based off the game, called Splatoon XZ, which debuted its first episode a few days after the game's Japanese release on July 10, 2015. An English dub will air starting on August 2, 2015.


Much like the original Splatoon, the game is a third person shooter with two sides. Depending on the mode and amount of players, this can be 1v1 matches, or teams of two, three, or four players. Unlike the original, the game is not restricted to 4v4 games while online, but it can also be 2v2 or 3v3. 1v1 matches are also available, but can only be done locally or with a Nintendo Network friend.

Leveling up returns from the original Splatoon. The player can gain experience by playing through online modes, including friend battles. What the amount of XP gained of based off of depends on the mode. For example, in Turf War, XP is determined by the amount of turf the player has inked and how many players they splatted. A bonus will be given to the winning team as well. Players can level up to 25, with the amount of XP needed to level up being decreased from the original game. As the player levels up, the amount of XP needed to get to the next level increases.

When a player takes enough damage, they are "splatted" and sent back to the spawn point (or checkpoint in Hero Mode), just as in the original game. They will also be splatted if they fall into water. If they fall off a cliff, they will not be splatted, but will return the spawn point. When an Inkling is splatted, their Special Weapon Meter will be depleted by about 25% and they will have to wait about 5 seconds before respawning unless they have gear with the Quick Respawn ability.

Just as in the original, gear has special abilities, many of which that can be unlocked by gaining XP. These abilities can help the player dramatically during battle, and abilities can be leveled up as well.

The player's squid form, returning from the original, is very much like it was that game. The abilities to swim and hide in their own color ink and go up walls splatted with it return. While not in squid form, other tactics return as well. These include having a main weapon, sub weapon, and special weapon that must be charged.

However, new moves have been added as well. Double jumps can be performed in human form, and new Special Moves can be executed after a new meter as filled, similar to Special Weapons.

Special Moves and Meter-Burn

A new meter, the Special Move Meter, is positioned right below the Special Weapon Meter. This meter fills up as the player inks turf and splats players like the Special Weapon Meter, but it does so much slower than the former.

Special Moves are very powerful attacks that require a full Special Move Meter to execute. They often cover a very large radius or area and instantly splat any opposing players caught in the attack. They are also stunned before the attack occurs, preventing them from escaping. The special move is limited to only one use per match, meaning the player must be strategic about when to use it. It is worth noting that the Special Move Meter is not depleted when the player is splatted and some unique moves, like the Spin Attack, drain some of the meter as well.

If the player holds the A button while holding down ZR, the player's attacks will be more damaging, and the amount of ink from each attack will be increased. This is called Meter-Burn, and it meter-burn attacks drain the Special Moves Meter. When the player lets go of the A button, then the attacks will go back to normal.


Normal Modes

Turf War

Returning from the original, Turf War usually a 4v4 match in which two color-coded teams must ink the most of the stage with their color ink within 3 minutes. This mode can also now be played 2v2 and 3v3, with certain stage only being available depending on the amount of players. Smaller stages are available for 2v2 battles, while bigger ones are for 4v4 and sometimes 3v3. 1v1 battles can be done locally or with an online friend.

Splat Zones

Returning from the original, Splat Zones is a mode where two teams fight over a section of the map and try to cover it in their color ink. Whichever team holds on to the section the longest or deducts all of their opponent's time wins. This can be done on 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4, but not 1v1. Like Turf War, smaller stages are available for 2v2 battles, while bigger ones are for 4v4 and sometimes 3v3.


A new mode, Elimination has three variations:

Turf Elimination

This Elimination match has four teams of two players each compete to cover as much turf as possible within one minute. The three stages for this mode variation are larger than normal 4v4 Turf War stages. After that minute is up, the team who inked the least turf as kicked out or "eliminated" from the match. The stage is then reset and the remaining three teams face off in another Turf War that again lasts one minute. Again, the team that scores lowest is eliminated. The final two teams then face off in a final Turf War that last one minute and 30 seconds. The team that claims the most turf wins the match.

Arena Elimination

This Elimination match has 4 to 8 players complete in a free-for-all match to the splat! Unlike Arena Mode, where the player gets a few chances, they get only one chance. In this variation, the player must try to survive a free-for-all arena battle the longest. If the player is splatted, they are eliminated. The last one standing wins the match.

Team Arena Elimination

This Elimination match has four teams of two players each complete in a free-for-all match to the splat! Unlike Arena Mode, where the player gets a few chances, they get only one chance. In this variation, the player and their teammate must try to survive a team arena battle the longest. If both of a team's players are splatted, the team is eliminated. The team that the last player standing is on wins the match. If the last two players or already on the same team, they automatically win.

Splat Arena

This new mode is a battle to the splat! In this mode, two to four players face off for glory in an arena that varies in size. They have a shown health bar and can withstand more damage in order to keep the battles from being too short/easy. Players get three "lives". Being in enemy ink slowly causes damage in this mode. This mode has four variations:


In this Splat Arena match, two to four players battle it out in a battle royale. The battle lasts until either one player is left or when the 8-minute limit runs out. Should the time limit run out, the match will enter Sudden Death, where each of the players has extremely low health and a single touch of enemy ink or hit from an attack will splat them.

Team Battle

In this variation of Splat Arena, two teams of two players each battle it out in a battle royale, just as in Free-for-All. As with Free-for-All, the match lasts until one player is left standing or when the 8-minute time limit runs out to enter Sudden Death. If both players of a team remain, they will receive a bigger bonus.

Splat Duel

In this 1v1 battle, the player must try to win a best-of-three battle. During the match, the arena is medium-sized, and there will be decorations and sometimes hazards depending on the stage. Walls may also appear. After a player is splatted in Round 1, Round 2 will begin. If a single player wins both Rounds 1 and 2, they will win the match. If not, Round 3 will begin. The winner of Round 3 is the victor of the match.

Special Modes

Along with the other modes, Splatoon X features two special modes as well.

Hero Mode (Story)

Main Page: Splatoon X/Story

This is Splatoon's story mode and single player mode. It is much bigger than the story mode of the original game.

Two years after Cap'n Cuttlefish's New Squidbeak Splatoon defeated the Octarians, Inklings from Inkopolis start to mysteriously go missing for seemingly no reason. Worried that the Octarians are once again planning to take revenge on the Inklings for beating them in the Great Turf War, Cuttlefish and his assistant, Smith, search for and recruit volunteering Inklings to investigate the disappearance of these citizens. Among these recruits is the player character (codenamed Agent 3), Nathan (Agent 4), and Diana (Agent 5).

Splat Race

This special mode is very new to Splatoon X and is somewhat like a combination of Splat Arena mode and the Mario Kart series. In this mode, two to four players "race" along a track while trying to splat the other players. The player can choose to use a kart, bike, or ATV.

Each vehicle is equipped with a special weapon that can be fired by pressing the ZL button. However, the player can use their own weapon as well. The vehicles accelerate automatically and on their own, and the "place" of each vehicle changes. The place of the player matters not, and the goal is to splat all other players.

Items appear on the track as well. If the player goes over an Item panel

Team Splat Race

A variation of Splat Race, two team of two players each compete in a Splat Race. The rules and goal are no different from normal Splat Race. The team of the remaining player wins. As usual, if both players of a team remain, their bonus for winning will be bigger.

Chaos Modes

Their are some Normal Modes that have harder, more intense versions of them called Chaos Modes. These are unlocked at Level 15 and provide much more XP and Cash for doing. All attacks are one-hit KOs and touch enemy ink will immediately splat the player, as if it were Sudden Death.

Chaos Turf War

In this Turf War, Special Moves are not limited to one use per match and the Special Move Meter fills faster. The time is extended to four minutes in this version.

Chaos Splat Zones

In this version of Splat Zones, the zone that must be captured is much bigger and harder to control. A team must hold this area for at least 3 minutes.

Chaos Splat Arena

All variations of Splat Arena have a Chaos Mode. In all variations except Splat Duel, the player gets five lives instead of just three.

In Chaos Splat Duel, it is a best-of-five battle rather than best of three. Attacks are not instant-death, but cause three times the normal damage; enemy ink, however, is still an instant splat. The Special Weapon Meter is also full at the beginning of the match.

Local Multiplayer

Local 1v1 multiplayer is also available for Splatoon X. The following modes can be played on local multiplayer:

  • Turf War
  • Splat Arena
    • Free-for-All
    • Splat Duel
  • Splat Race

Chaos Turf War and Chaos Splat Duel are also availible in local multiplayer once they are unlocked.


Like the original game, there will occasionally be Splatfests, recurring events hosted by the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie. During a Splatfest, Inklings are able to choose between two teams, which differ from event to event and participate in battles against the other team. As with the original game, Splatfest Tees are given, but they must be returned at the end of Splatfest. However, first-timers get a different Splatfest-based tee to keep, which has the Splatfest logo on it. This piece of gear provides the same abilities as the tee given at the first Splatfest they attended.


The hub of Splatoon X is larger then the original game. At Level 5, the player gains access to the rest of Inkopolis besides the main plaza. This area is split into multiple "sections". Players can be found throughout the entire hub, just like the original game, and the player can view their stats, Miiverse posts, and gear.

Sights and Shops

Different modes are found at different locations. At the Central (Main) Lobby in the Central Plaza, the player has access to Turf War and Splat Zones, the Western Lobby gives access to Splat Race, the Eastern Lobby gives access to Splat Arena, and the  Northern Lobby gives access to all Chaos Modes.

Food and Beverage shops exist as well. These shops provide foods and drinks that give the player temporary buffs, such as an increase in the amount of damage they do in battle. Some items, however, come at the cost of debuffs in addition of their buffs. For example, an item with increased running speed may also come with decreased amount of damage done by attacks.

Central Plaza

This plaza is much like the hub of the original game. It is where the player starts when they start the game. The main difference is that the four shops are now placed in one much bigger, revamped building, called New Booyah Base. A cafe is present in the New Booyah Base as well. The Main Lobby is located here, along with the Battle Dojo.

Western Plaza

The main entrance to the area leads into this plaza. The hair salon, Western Lobby, a food shop, and an armor shop can be found here.

Eastern Plaza

This plaza is where the Eastern Lobby is located. Their is also another food shop, a beverage shop, and a trade shop were you can sell unwanted gear and weapons for cash.

There is also a secret shop hidden in an alleyway, but it cannot be entered until the player reaches Level 18. This secret shop sells rare gear and weapons, some of which cannot be found elsewhere, but the prices are high, ranging from about 7500 - 30000 cash.

Northern Plaza

This plaza is behind a gate that opens when the player reaches Level 15, meaning the plaza is inaccessible before then. It contains the Northern Lobby and several shops (a food shop, a beverage shop, an armor shop, and a gear shop with more customization options).


Player Character and Customization

The player character is highly customizable. When first starting the game, just like the original, the player can choose their Inkling's gender, skin tone, and eye color. However, there are more options to choose from for both skin tone and eye color.

When the player reaches Level 3, they can enter Inkopolis's main three gear shops - the headgear shop, the clothing shop, and the shoe shop. The clothing shop is most changed, as it now provides not just shirts, but pants and wristbands as well. All three shops have more options that change each day.

When the player reaches Level 5 and gains access to the rest of Inkopolis, there is a hair salon that provides more hair style options for the player. As the player levels up, more options become available.

Story Mode

Aside from the player character, the story mode features multiple characters, some even being playable in certain levels.

Character Name Image Descripton Main (Ink) Color
Nathan Nathan Nathan is an Inkling boy who recenlty moved to Inkopolis from an unknown town. He is a brave-hearted Inkling who takes pride in his many Turf War victories. Blue
Diana Diana Diana is an Inkling girl who recently moved to Inkopolis along with her best friend, Nathan. She known for being somewhat of a daredevil, boldly heading right into enemy turf without a second thought. Orange
Captain Cuttlefish Cap'n Cuttlefish Cuttlefish is an elderly Inkling who is said to have fought in the Great Turf War as part of the Squidbeak Splatoon. He recruits a group of Inklings to investigate the region after citizens start to go missing. Unknown
Jason (SIlver Guy) JasonSplatoonX Jason, nicknamed the Silver Guy, is a mysterious Inkling and the only known one to possess silver "hair". He is a rogue who was bullied as a child, and searches for challenges today. SIlver
Jessica (Silver Gal) JessicaSplatoonX The sister of Jason, Jessica is nicknamed the Silver Gal for her silver outfits, as well as for her brother's hair. She has ink-redible agility and is often seen riding around in her motorcycle, searching for Jason. Purple
Smith N/A Smith is an Inkling greatly interested in history, biology, mythology, and more. He is a student and scientist for the New Squidbeak Splatoon 2.0, providing the group with helpful, interesting, and sometimes very important information. Cyan
Agent Team SS N/A These two agents, later revealed to be the Squid Sisters, are the top two members of the NSS2. They mainly act as a support team, giving the group advice and tips, but will also fight in the battlefield if it's needed. Magenta/Black and Lime Green/White
Samurai Z N/A A mysterious Inkling of unknown origin, Samurai Z (also known as the Splatterrai) is skilled in the art of Turf War. Her motives and goals, however, are secret and she refuses to tell anyone what she's after and why. Navy Blue
Champion X N/A The infamous Turf War Champion, X is a highly skilled and highly intelligent man. He aids the heroes on occassion while also giving them very useful tips. Gold
Agent Team Elite Five N/A Jessica and four Inkling friends who formed a group of elite Ranked Battle members recently. When Octoarians start to show up, they join Cuttlefish and the NSS2.0. Purple, Yellow, Green, Blue, and White
Abigail N/A Abigail is an Octoling who is also Octavio's granddaughter. While she fights for the Octarians, she starts to question the Octarian's actions after learning about the Great Turf War. Purple
Octavio N/A Having returned to his ways before the war, Octavio seeks to destroy all Inklings as revenge for his previous failures. He begins capturing Inklings and using them as fuel sources for his weapons. Purple

Unique Moves

Move Name Description Amount of Ink Tank Used by Move Modes that Move is able to be used in
Double Jump Lets the player jump again while airborne to get some extra height and more distance. 0% All except Splat Race
Super Jump Lets the player jump extremely high, landing near one of their teammates or the spawn point. 0% Normal and Chaos Battle
Spin Attack Similar to the move of the same name from the Legend of Zelda series, it surrounds the user with their color ink and damages all players in the attack's radius. It also absorbs 50% of the Special Move Meter. 75% All except Splat Race
Ink Boost The player boosts forward like a normal boost move, but creates 50% more Ink than normal. 50% Splat Race
Squid Launch While in squid form, the player can jump out of the ink and launch themselves forward. It is fast but does only a little damage. (It is similar to the Kraken special's attack from the original Splatoon.) 5% All except Splat Race


Like the original Splatoon, Splatoon X is compatible with amiibo. Each amiibo has two exclusive sets of gear and two exclusive weapons that can be unlocked by completing challenges. One set of gear is unlocked by simply tapping the amiibo onto the Wii U Gamepad or EX Amiibo Scanner, and the second set is unlocked by completing the challenges. Both weapons that come with each amiibo have to be unlocked via challenge completion as well.

There will be three amiibos releasing the same day as the game:

  • Nathan
  • Diana
  • Squid

There will also be a bundle of all three amiibos, similar to the 3-pack set to the first game. However, the squid is not exclusive to the 3-pack and can be bought separately.

Two months after the game releases, another wave of Splatoon X amiibos will launch:

  • Jason
  • Jessica
  • Smith
  • Golden Squid

Like the first wave, a 3-pack of these amiibos (except Golden Squid) will be released as well. In addition, an amiibo 7-pack will release as well. The Golden Squid amiibo (which did release before in two special bundles only) is exclusive to this pack, as well as the Mega Pack and Wii U Bundle.

DLC Adventures

Main Page: Splatoon X/DLC Adventures

Splatoon X has three special adventures that can be bought for $9.99 each. They are:

  • Black and White
  • The Splatterai
  • Challenge of the Champion


On release day, three special bundles of the game will be released as well.

Amiibo Bundle

One of the special bundles includes the Nathan and Diana amiibos along with the game. This bundle is availble for both the Wii U and the EX.

Wii U Console Bundle

This bundle of the Wii U includes a copy of the game, a specially designed Gamepad, a Golden Squid amiibo, and an exclusive figureine of Nathan and Diana.

EX Console Bundle

This bundle of the Nintendo EX includes a copy of the game, a specially designed EX Controller and EX Gamepad, a Golden Squid amiibo, and an exclusive figureine of Nathan and Diana.

Mega Pack

A special edition pack of Splatoon X, this bundle comes with a special copy of game (that includes all three DLC Adventures and more); an exclusive book that describes Inkling lifestyle, anatomy, history, etc and contains special concept art; four amiibos (Nathan, Diana, Squid, and Golden Squid); a guide with tips on the games modes (except Hero Mode); and two figurines (one of Nathan and Diana, and another of Jason and Jessica). This pack is available for both the Wii U and EX versions of the game.



Controls: Splatoon X/Controls


  • Cuttlefish references the original game in the story mode, saying "You know, bucko...You remind me of another kid on my last squad two years ago. Heck, you even have the same code name that they did!" This quote references the Agent 3, the player character, from the original game.
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