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Developer(s) Blender Maximum
Publisher(s) Nintendo logo.png
Platform(s) WiiULogo.png
Genre(s) Third-person shooter, action
Mode(s) Online Modes
Hero Mode
Age Rating(s) 60px-ESRB Everyone 10+.svg.png7Rating.pngCERO A Rating.png

Splatoon Tint is the second installment in the Splatoon series, a series consisting of third-person shooters where Inklings, humanoids that have the ability to turn into squids, engage in Turf Wars centered around painting battlefields. The game features both an online mode and a single-player campaign.




Like the game's predecessor, Splatoon Tint is a third-person shooter mostly focused around its online modes. By pressing/holding down the ZR button, the player can use their weapon. When holding down the ZL button on the GamePad, the player can go into squid form, which allows them to swim in their own ink, getting ink back. Swimming in ink as a squid is also faster than walking in humanoid form. The player cannot shoot in squid form. Pressing X allows the player to jump (further when doing this in squid form). When you have enough ink, pressing the R button allows you to use a Sub Weapon. After shooting enough ink, pressing down the right analog stick causes the player to be able to use a Special Weapon. To move around, the player must move the right analog stick. The main story mode has most of the same features except for the inability to use a Special Weapon unless you find one of the Special Weapon-based power-ups in-game, but also grants you the ability to change your Sub Weapon. Also, the game's story mode, called Hero Mode, only allows you to use specific Hero Weapons, mostly the Hero Splattershot, whereas in the online modes, you can use any weapon of your choice that you own. Weapons can be bought from Sheldon, one of the shopkeepers in the game's lobby. Other gear can be bought from other shopkeepers in the lobby. Certain items can only be bought from these shopkeepers once you get to a certain level by playing the online modes.

The game also adds a "Team Hero Mode" where a team of two to four players can work together via the Internet on a second story mode with an increase in difficulty. This mode also allows players to use any Hero Weapon of their choice rather then restricting them to single levels as in the main Hero Mode. However, these Hero Weapons, as well as new Hero Weapons exclusive to this mode, have to be bought from Sheldon using Team Shells, a currency exclusive to this game mode. As the amount of weapons you can buy increases with your level in the main game, this game mode also gives you a new Hero Level which increases the amount of Hero Weapons and Gear available. You can play this mode with either friends or random players.

Online Modes

Regular Battles

Name Description Extra Rules
See here for more information.
Turf War Turf War is the main regular battle mode, and the only one at release of the game. In this 4v4 mode, players on opposite teams have to cover more areas with ink than the other team as in the first game.
  • Single Weapon
  • Octoling Invasion
  • Fire Fighters
  • Speed Run

Extra Rules for Turf War are not exclusive to that mode and can apply to all modes when there are Extra Rules.

Rainbow Domination In this new 9-player mode, there is a single player who is on a Rainbow team with an Ultimate Weapon based on their current weapon. The goal of the other players is to splat the Rainbow player, causing them to trade teams. Splatting players from the opposite team also gets extra points. The Rainbow player must stay in the Rainbow position for as long as possible to win. If the Rainbow position is taken by a new player, all teams go back to spawn for 3 seconds, including the Rainbow player, who spawns in the middle of the map. The Rainbow player's spawn is not protected. The Rainbow ink is removed after the Rainbow player dies. Extra points are awarded to the team with the most ink on the map at the end, including the Rainbow player if they have the most.
  • Blind Battle
  • Basic Colors
  • Double Rainbow
  • Blend In
Freeze Paint Freeze Paint/Layered Mode is somewhat similar to Turf War. However, the battle is four minutes long, and every thirty seconds, everything that is on the ground is frozen. Paint cannot be painted a different color after frozen on the ground, but the frozen ground can be painted over. At the end, all eight layers of frozen paint count towards your team's score. The team which has the most paint in all eight layers combined wins. TBA
Bomb Command Bomb Command is an eight-player mode, but it lasts four minutes. The main goal of both teams is still to ink the most turf, but one player from each team gets control of bombs that can be fired at the map to ink turf every few seconds. These players cannot be attacked, but cannot view players of the opposing team on the map. The player in control of bombs rotates every minute.

Ranked Battles

Ranked Battles have different game modes than Regular Battles, and they have a Ranking system, starting at C- and going up to A+. Every time you win, your rank gets a little bit higher, and it gets a little bit lower when you lose. Ranked Battles unlock once you reach Level 10 in any Regular Battle mode. You can choose which Regular Battle mode the XP goes towards in this mode required that you have reached Level 10 in that mode.

Name Description Extra Rules
See here for more information.
Splat Zones In Splat Zones mode, each team has to try to cover one or two areas near the middle of the map for 100 seconds. If a team loses the Splat Zone(s) and it is/they are taken by the other team, extra seconds are added onto the previous team that held the Splat Zone(s)'s timer. If 3 minutes pass before a team wins, the team that has the least amount of seconds left wins, unless the losing team is currently holding the Splat Zone(s), granting them extra time until they lose the Splat Zone(s) or they take the lead.
  • Danger Zone
  • Stopped Movement
  • Half Time
  • Area Control
Tower Control A tower is placed in the middle of the middle of the map. When a player is on the tower, the tower will start rotating to a section of the map near the opposing team. When nobody is on the tower, it will quickly start rotating back to the middle.
  • Team Control
  • Ink Tank
  • Slowdown Showdown
  • Balloon Tower
Rainmaker TBA TBA
Color Palette Color Palette is a new mode. Nobody starts out on the same team, but splatting people makes them join your team. You can only get points for splatting people and resisting, but extra experience is given to the person who was on the winning team the longest. Spawns are not protected and are random. However, teams can only get up to four players, and any further players splatted by a team which already has four will either turn into a color that isn't being used on the map or, if the team only consists of one player, will remain their color. TBA

Squad Battles

Squad Battles are matches that allow you to play with your friends. You can team up in pairs of 2, 3, or 4. When linking up with your friends, you can also team up with your friends' friends. If you are teamed up as 2, you may be teamed up with another pair of 2, so you can have two teams of 2 against another two teams of two. Teams of three can be set up against teams of four, so teams of three will respawn faster. You are able to set a password so you can play with specific friends. This is also a ranked mode. You can play a Ranked Battle modes if you are level 10+ or higher, and in Insane Battle modes if you have unlocked them. You may be against a regular team playing Regular Battles when doing a Regular Battle in Tag Match mode; this will not occur when playing Ranked Battles, but it can rarely occur in Extreme Battles.

Private Battles

This mode is similar to Squad Battles. However, you are able to choose any stage, game mode, extra rules, and bonus rules you may want. Like Squad Battles, you are able to play in any game mode that you have unlocked. Again, you are able to set a password to play with specific friends.

Insane Battles

Insane Battles are unlocked by achieving level 50 in every Regular Battle mode and getting to rank B at least once in Ranked Battles. These are generally harder than Regular and Ranked Battle modes. Technically, the level system is a combination of both modes, as you have both a level and a rank.

Name Description Extra Rules
See here for more information.
Six-Minute Madness Six-Minute Madness is a game mode in which you are forced to battle the other team for six minutes. The game mode always starts out in Turf War, but every minute, the game mode changes to a different mode from Regular or Ranked Battles.

In the case of the mode being Rainbow Domination, an Octoling will start out as the Rainbow player.

  • Random Rules

This is the only mode in the game to have one extra rule. When this extra rule is applied, there is a random extra rule that changes every minute based on the game mode.

Crazy Paint TBA TBA
Squid Ball Squid Ball is a mode similar to Tower Control and Rainmaker, but instead of carrying or riding the ball, the team must ink paths for the ball to follow. Four balls must enter the other team's goal to get a knockout. TBA
Splatcade TBA TBA

Roulette Battle

Roulette Battle is a mode that can be played after unlocking Insane Battles. This mode waits until 8 players are in the lobby to choose the game mode and map. They can have any mode in the game. Players may also limit the roulette when choosing a Roulette Battle in Private Battle mode.

Hero Mode


Hero Campaign






Map Description
Steelhead Tundra A large area with a lot of frozen and icy spaces and some water surrounding. The area has a rainbow tint to hit. It is generally harder to ink the ice here, and it is also incredibly slippery. After falling in water, your Inkling may be frozen for a few seconds.
Beluga Mansion A large house with several stairways, hidden paths, and rooms. Players are able to hide in certain areas such as wardrobes and paintings. This stage is technically split between two identical maps. You can enter the other map by going into a mirror. Both teams start out on opposite maps.
Tetra Carnival This is one of the largest stages in the game. There are several attractions that you are able to go to that allow you to play minigames. Beating certain minigames paints the attraction your team's color. There is also a ferris wheel in the middle that allows you to get to higher ground. Claiming more attractions gets your team more points no matter what mode is being played.
Pufferfish Diner This is a map based on a diner. There is a game mechanic here that allows you to order food. Getting the food takes a little time, but eating it can boost certain weapon stats, such as speed, attack, or efficiency. Both teams start out on opposite sides of a back room with many walls. This is among the smallest maps of the game.
Salmon Mines Salmon Mines is an underground stage. Painting special rocks will explode them with your team's colors, and mine carts can be ridden in.
Haddock Station Haddock Station is a pseudo-space station with anti-gravity switches that can flip the game to the ceiling or back to the floor. However, the side that the game is not being played on at the end of the match will only be counted towards inked turf half as much.
Classic Octo Valley Splatoon Tint.png
Classic Octo Valley
Like Beluga Mansion, this stage is split between two maps, the opposing team starting on the opposite map. Both maps are identical. To switch between these two maps, players must enter the kettles. The two maps are also exactly like the Octo Valley level selection map from the first game. Some features from levels are also present. Getting to boss kettles on the other team's map unleashes an NPC of the respective boss from the first game for a certain amount of time with your ink's color. These NPCs can be defeated by the other team.


Map Description Changes
Saltspray Rig Splatoon Tint.png
Saltspray Rig
A map where players start on either side of a large square. The moving platforms now move slightly faster.
Arowana Mall Splatoon Tint.jpeg
Arowana Mall
A basic map with players starting at both ends of the battlefield. N/A
Kelp Dome Splatoon Tint.png
Kelp Dome
A large map inside an indoor greenhouse. Several grates are in this area. The entire map is generally larger, the middle area's size is increased more than other areas.
Moray Towers Splatoon Tint.png
Moray Towers
An area filled with several diagonal ramps and shortcuts over a city. A shorcut made up entirely of invisible grates is added near the spawn of each team.


See here for the main article.

Weapons, as in the first game, are used to ink areas of the stage. You can also use them to splat other players.